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In our transition weeks we have been exploring a mini topic on 'Changes'.  Today we found out about the life cycle of a butterfly and how it metamorphosis into different stages,  then consolidated this learning through creating the main stages using plasticine.  

Science - 11th July 2017

In Science today we have been exploring states of matter in the best way possible - with food mmmmmm.  Bestwood discovered ways of changing solids to liquids and then back to solids through making rice crispy cakes. A tasty lesson!

Book fair in school - 4th July 2017

Our book fair arrived today.  The children loved choosing books to buy and finding out about new authors.  

Goodbye to our Y9s - Thursday 29th June 2017

Today we said bye to our two Y9 students Joe and Harvey - they are moving on to KS4 next week when we start our transitions weeks.  I've taught them both for three years in Bestwood, and I am so proud of how they have developed socially and progressed academically.  Good luck in Sherwood class Joe and Harvey!

Bestwood have had an amazing week doing a range of sporting activities.  We didn't manage to get photos of all the activities, unfortunately, but the ones we have show some of the fab things we've been doing.  We've been outdoor cooking, team building, playing cricket, climbing, wheelchair sports, boccia and so many more.  It was lovely to see skills develop but also confidence grow with pupils trying new things.  
The whole school were off timetable today having an amazing day learning about Buddhism.  Bestwood created Buddhist art work and learned about creating sand mandalas, made vegan pancakes to understand why many Buddhists are vegan and vegetarian, explored the beliefs, and found out how Buddha became enlightened.  

Maths: Shape, space and measure day across the curriculum 6th June 2017

Today we have explored various shape, space and measure work across the curriculum.  We created symmetrical images using our bodies.  We translated points on a grid from one place to another.  We also explored positional language to give directions, which was fun even when it went wrong! 

Maths - w.b. 22nd May 2017

This week we have been exploring angles in triangles.  The pupils first worked on using a protractor to measure the angles.  Then they tore the corner off and saw how they could lay them on a straight line - proving that there 180 degrees when you add all the angles up.  They used this knowledge to find missing angles.  The next day we sorted different types of triangles by the types of angles they had on to a Venn diagram.  

SkillForce morning group - 19th May 2017

Some of Bestwood have been involved in a course each Friday called SkillForce.  The morning group today had a great camp experience on our school field.  They worked as a team to set up a tent, then cooked their own dinner. They really enjoyed the morning and showed great progress in their camping skills.

Key Steps - 9th May 2017

Key Steps is a qualifications by ASDAN which involves different challenges.  This week we have been working towards 'Idenitfy Challenge 6' in which we had to design a flyer about the school with information in it for new students. The students planned what their flyers would include, took photos themselves to include, used the computers to edit writing and put them together in a colourful and interesting way.  

Textiles - Apron Making 4th May 2017

Bestwood have been working hard for a couple of months in textiles with Mrs Harris to design and make their own aprons.  They have used lots of different techniques and sewing machinery to create their finished products. 

Sportshall Athletics Competition 26th April 2017

Seven members of Bestwood attended the athletics competition with pupils from schools all around Nottinghamshire.  It was amazing to see them mixing and communicating with the other pupils and trying their hardest at all the different sports.  

English wb 18th April 2017

In English we have started a new topic on classic poetry.  This week we focused on poems by Eleanor Farjeon.  On Tuesday they performed one of her poems, and I was so impressed how many of the students actually learnt the words by heart.  Then on Wednesday and Friday we explored language use through the poem.  Firstly looking at the use of prepositions (phrases that explain when or when something happens) then the use of description to create interest.  

Maths w.b. 27th March 2017

In maths the red group have been exploring the relationship between angles on a straight line, in a circle, in a triangle and opposite angles.  They have used this information to calculate missing angles and have shown good progress with this new skill.

The black group have been developing their understanding of large numbers.  They have compared numbers and placed numbers on number lines.  

Comic Relief 24th March 2017

Bestwood celebrated Red Nose Day in style dressing up in red or in their pyjamas.  We raised money in our favourite way - with a cake sale.  In the afternoon they took part in a scavenger hunt or football skills activities.  A great day!

Congratulations! Second place in a poetry competition. Thursday 23rd March 2017

Congratulations! Second place in a poetry competition. Thursday 23rd March 2017 1
School and home are so proud of Jayden who took part in Mansfield Music and Drama Festival today.  He has to learn a long poem by heart and recite it with expression.  He came second in his class, and only one point behind first place!  Well done Jayden.

English - Playscripts w.b. 13th March 2017

This week in our playscripts topic we wrote a short scene about some characters in a fast food restaurant.  The children then had to change the script into a story and use speech marks to punctuate the direct speech.  To develop this learning we looked at ways of making the description of speech interesting by using powerful or adverbs.  

English - Playscripts w.b. 6th March 2017

In English we have started to explore playscripts, focussing on scripts by Roald Dahl and then writing their own.  This week we have studied the use of adverbs to describe the actions in stage directions. The pupils then acted out lines using a given stage direction to understand how these can change the meaning of spoken lines.  They then created their own playscript in pairs to include adverbs if possible, and the structure of a script.  I have been very impressed with their ability to understand the key features of this genre.

World Book Day 2017 - 2nd March

On World Book day the pupils took part in a competition to guess the book characters of the staff.  Mrs Wright was The Worst Witch and Mrs Stubbs came as Wally - but then we spent the whole day looking for her!  We talked about our favourite characters or favourite books and the pupils completed work to explain their views.  That night they took home a voucher that can be exchanged for special books in lots of book shops.  It was lovely to see so many of the class dressed up as their favourite characters too.

Kingswood Residential 27th February to 1st March 2017

Six pupils from Bestwood went to Kingswood Peak Venture centre for a three day residential and had an amazing time.  They took part in lots of activities designed to develop team work, resilience, problem solving, independence and communication.  They were a credit to the school and all pushed their boundaries to try new things.

Maths - w.b. 20th February 2017

In Maths this week the black have been learning about the different parts of a circle, including the radius, diameter and circumference.  They used a pair of compasses to draw circles to a set radius, then used string to measure the circumference.  The red group have been looking at different methods for multiplying numbers with decimals in them.  

Computing - inputting code to control devices 31st January 2017

Students were allowed time to get used to the Beebots and how far they moved.  They were then asked to move to move to one object and then to another. 

If pupils made a mistake or a ‘bug’ in the code, they were then asked to ‘debug’ the code themselves to correct the instructions.  

All the pupils were able to input complex instructions and debug any errors they made.  

Maths - w.b. 23rd January 2017

In Maths the red group have been learning about algebraic expressions.  They have been simplifying expressions by putting like terms together.  The black group have been progressing with their multiplication and division by using written methods and number facts to complete calculations.

Computing - Creating Code 17th January 2017

In Computing this week we started looking at code by creating verbal and written instructions.  The pupils first followed and gave verbal instructions to create patterns with coloured cubes - some pupils made mistakes giving instructions and were able to 'debug' their errors.  They then progressed to written codes to create a pattern and tested other people's codes to see how accurate they were.

RE - 11th January 2017

In RE this half term Bestwood are exploring important people, both from Holy books and more recent times. Today we looked at one of the stories surrounding Jesus - where he healed a blind man.  We started by experiencing what it might be like to be blind, then found out how Jesus was able to cure someone of their blindness.  The pupils then picked out the key parts of the story and summarised it in their own words.  

Happy New Year 4-6 January 2017

It was lovely to be back in school this week, although it did take until Thursday for the children to be fully awake!  In maths the black group have been recapping written methods for subtraction and the red group have started exploring frequency tables for discrete and grouped data.  In English we are starting a new non-fiction topic where we will be creating a tour of the school.  This week we compared virtual tours of two different museums to see the features they included, and began to think how they could have been improved.  

Christmas Concert 19th December 2016

Christmas Concert 19th December 2016 1
The school had a lovely time celebrating Christmas by performing their concert at St Thomas' Church.  Bestwood did a fantastic performance of 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree' on the hand chimes.

Christmas Around the World Day - 6th December 2016

Each class in school were assigned a country - Bestwood had Finland which was amazing as this is where Santa lives!  We found out that they usually eat a special rice pudding for breakfast or dessert on Christmas day - so first we had a go at making it.  It tasted lovely and creamy, with a bit of cinnamon, and you could have some with raisins too.  We then created a special place on the stall to write to Santa, who lives in the north of Finland.  We found out some facts about Christmas in Finland - did you know they don't have Christmas trees in their homes until Christmas Eve?  In the afternoon each class set up a stall to show the rest of the school what they had found out.  Everyone who tried the rice pudding loved it, and lots of people wrote to Santa to let him know if they had been naughty or nice this year.  

Computing 29th November - e-safety

Today we have been learning how to create a safe profile on social networking sites.  We explored part of 'The Cyber Cafe' on the 'Think U Know' website.  The site allowed the pupils to make choices about what to include on a social network profile, what details are safer than others, and what sort of photos to include.  We will be sharing our learning with the rest of the school in Assembly on Thursday.

Computing 22nd November 2016

In computing over the last few weeks we have been learning to communicate using video.  The pupils worked in small groups to plan an informative video on a topic of their choice.  They then used a video camera to record the footage themselves.  This week they used 'Windows Movie Maker' to edit the clips together, and then add a title page and credits.  I was so pleased at how well they managed with this program and how they worked well in teams.  

Zoo Lab 14th November 2016

Bestwood really enjoyed 'Zoo Lab' coming in to school today.  They brought some different animals for the children to meet and taught them where they were from, what they eat, if they were warm or cold blooded and also some interesting facts about them.  Did you know an African giant snail has metallic teeth?

English 1st November 2016

In English we are studying the book 'The Iron Man'.  We have been reading it for a while, but our focus this week has been punctuating direct speech.  The pupils have been identifying speech in sentences from the book by highlighting, then writing the sentences out using the correct punctuation.  Some have found this quite tricky, but I'm really pleased with the overall progress and effort from everyone in the class.

Hindu Day - 19th October 2016

We had a really interesting day today learning all about Hinduism instead of our normal timetable.  We started the day exploring Diwali and what happens during the celebration, then creating our own Diva lights.  We then learnt how to cook a traditional Hindu pudding called Atta Ka Halwa, which Mrs Wright's neighbour had taught her to cook.  Nearly all the pupils tried the dish, which was like a fudge/porridge.  In the afternoon we had a go at Indian dancing, then found out about the different gods that Hindus pray to.

Maths across the curriculum day - shape, space and measure 11th October 2016

In maths we made 2D and 3D models of shapes using plasticine.  In English we used specific maths vocabulary to create verbal sentences describe the different properties of the shapes.

English w.b. 3rd October 2016

In English we have been developing our grammar.  We first explored pronouns and how they are used to avoid repeating nouns, but then how they can be confusing if not used in the right way.  We also learned about how sentence structures change when the noun is changed from being in the singular to being a plural.

Maths - 21.9.16

In Maths we have been developing our calculation skills.  The red group have been learning about how to calculate with negative numbers, and the black group have been practising written methods for multiplication.

English - 16.9.16

In English we have started a non-fiction unit learning about 'The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China'.  Today we have been reading a few pages of the text to find out information about family life and farming.  The children then had to match up the start and end of sentences with information they had just discovered.  They showed good progress with their independent reading skills, and good understanding of whether something 'makes sense'.

Bestwood Class Timetable 2016-17

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International Market event - Argentina

Bestwood's stall at the International Market event was all about Argentina.  We made some decorations, including images of the country, windmills, and bunting based on the flag and the name of the country.  We also baked Argentinian biscuits, which were shortbread with a caramel sandwich filling - these went down very well with the other students!  The students also made their own jigsaws based on images from Argentina, including Lionel Messi and the capital city.  Finally, to show our work on the language spoken in Argentina (Spanish), we made caption cards to pair up to their pictures.  The event was a great success and we learnt so much about the different cultures round the world.   

Music Workshop - Brazillian Drumming (12.7.16)

Some of Bestwood class had the opportunity to take part in a music workshop.  It was Brazilian drumming and they loved showing off their rhythm.  The rest of the class made Brazilian masks.  It was part of our whole school Olympics topic - a mini international topic to cover our three transition weeks in July.

English - Dictionary Work (12.7.16)

Today we have been developing our dictionary skills.  Some pupils have been using an illustrated dictionary and using the first two letters of the alphabet to find the meanings of words.  Our pupils who are more confident with alphabetical order have been using adult dictionaries and finding the meanings of words using up to four letters from the words.  I was very impressed with the progress made and how pupils quickly could think where in the section a word may be found, for example 'dye' would be near the end of the 'd' section due to the 'y' being at the end of the alphabet.

Welcome to the new Bestwood Class - 4th July

We've had an fabulous year with the old Bestwood Class, but it is time for my Y9s to move on to KS4 and to welcome some new faces into the class.  The teaching assistants are now Mrs Stubbs and Mr Tomlinson, who have been so pleased with the ability of the class and amazed with how independent they can work.  We have 3 new Year 7 pupils, one from Foxes class and 2 joining us from other schools, and 2 pupils who have moved from Thoresby class.  All the new pupils have settled well, especially the pupils new to school who absolutely love it and can't wait until they are here full time in September.  It looks like it will be an exciting year for work and new friendships.  Mrs Wright

Sports Week - Wheelchair Rugby (24.6.16)

One of the most fun activities this week was wheelchair rugby, run by an instructor from Portland College.  The pupils showed so much skill with the chairs and with the ball, it was a great pleasure just to watch them.  

Sports Week - Cooking (23.6.16)

We have enjoyed some fantastic activities today, including climbing, seated volleyball and cooking outside.  The best photos were from the cooking, which are above, but I was so pleased to see the class really push themselves when at the climbing wall.  Well done Bestwood!

Sports Week - Boccia, Cricket and Team Building (21.6.16)

Today has been a varied day playing Boccia, Cricket and doing Team Building skills.  Their hand to eye coordination is really developing, and they were communicating effectively to achieve the tasks when working as a team. 

Sports Week - Circus Skills and Table Cricket (20.6.16)

Bestwood have enjoyed learning new skils today.  Miss Selby taught them different circus skills, and Portland College staff came in to school to teach them table cricket.  It was lovely to see them all have a go and trying something different.

Sports Week Maths (20.6.16)

For Maths this week Bestwood are going to be looking at different sports related maths to link to our Sports Week.  Today we have been playing darts and adding up the scores using our number bonds to 100,  looking at patterns in numbers to aid mental addition.

Topic - The Maya, skills learned in childhood (14.6.16)

We found out about how children learned crafts and skills from the older generations in their lives.  We compared this with things we have learned from our parents and grandparents.  One of the skills the children learned was weaving.  We tried this skill for ourselves creating our own woven mats.

Computing - Stop Motion Animation (13.6.16)

The pupils have had a creative week using a stop motion animation app on the iPads.  Last week they explored the app and worked out how to use it, then planned an animation of their own.  This week they created the animation developing their understanding of sequencing and repetition in programs.  The animations were excellent and they showed good progress with this fun to use app.

Maths Work (6.6.16)

In Maths the black group have been learning Roman Numerals to 100.  They explored the patterns in the numbers and the different letters used in this system.  They then created a snakes and ladders game to revise the numbers in a fun way.

The red group have been developing their understanding of shape by studying reflection and translation.  They have progressed really well with these concepts.

People and Places Topic - Exploring The Alps (23.5.16)

Bestwood Class have been researching The Alps, how they were formed and what the vegetation is like on them.  We used newspaper and Modroc to recreate the mountains, then paint to show the vegetation and climate.  The pupils were able to describe the changes in the mountain as the altitude increased and show this through their use of paint.  

People and Places Topic - Researching The Alps (16.5.16)

We have been developing our research skills by reading books and searching the internet to find out key facts about the Alps.  This led on well from our English lesson this morning where we learnt the difference between facts and opinions.  

Computing - creating a database 9th May

In computing each pupil decided what information they wanted to gather for a database. They learnt how to create a paper record card, using set fields, then asked people questions to complete the information.  The next session Mrs Wright modelled how to use 2Investigate, a database program, and pupils then tried to work independently to input their information on to the computer. The last stage was to use the different functions of the database to sort their data and create graphs.  

Incredible Sports - English non-fiction comprehension

We have moved on to a non-fiction unit exploring different and incredible sports.  Today (4.5.16), we read a text about disc golf.  First we looked at the features of a non-fiction text, such as the captions.  The pupils then completed a comprehension work sheet on the text, where they had to skim and scan the text to find the answers to questions.  It was lovely to see these skills progressing where pupils are able to find the answers quicker.

Stop... Grammar Time!

Bestwood are getting much better at identifying and using different features of sentences, such as fronted adverbials, adjectives, verbs, nouns and prepositions.  Many of the pupils now can explain the terms in their own words.

Maths this Week (2.5.16)

In starters we've been playing games to consolidate our learning.  Some of us have been playing 'Measures lotto' to practise our reading of different scales (weights, lengths and volume).  Others have been playing number bingo to practise a range of mental maths sums, including times tables, divisions, fractions and place value.  The quick recall of times tables is developing well, and pupils are now using these more consistently to work out division sums.  

Maths this week (25.4.16)


The Red maths group have been working on types of lines and angles.  They have been identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, and acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles.  They then progressed to measuring and calculating angles up to 360 degrees, using a protractor and knowledge on how many degrees are on a straight line and in a turn. They are becoming more accurate with their measuring...well done!


The Black maths group have been mastering written methods for hard subtraction and multiplication sums.  Some have progressed to using these written methods to solve problems.




Bestwood are really enjoying reading their new books from the mobile library van.

Bestwood are really enjoying reading their new books from the mobile library van. 1

English - List poetry April 2016

English - List poetry April 2016 1

Bestwood have been studying list poems in English.  We have been looking at the use of similes on poem, then creating our own.  We moved on to analysing the poems for their use of nouns and verbs, reflecting on the patterns of suffixes in verbs to change the tense.

English - Myths and Legends March 2016

We have been learning about myths and legends.  We explored merpeople, stories about mythical beings, then read 'Beowulf', the legendary hero.  The work finished in writing our own myth following the genre's themes.  The children used excellent adjectives to describe their monsters and were able to match the genre in the plot lines.  

Bestwood Class Timetable 2015-2016