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Our focus this term has been on developing our communication and independence skills, and working together as a team. We sing songs and play lots of games together. We go shopping and then cook simple meals such as beans on toast, trying to be as independent as possible. We visit the college café, where we all use signs symbols and words to ask for the food and drinks we want, and we try to find the correct money to pay.

In English we have had a lot of fun reading "We're going on a bear hunt" We love getting wet in the water, feeling the mud, creating a snowstorm and stumbling through the jungle. We love creeping through the gloomy cave by torchlight to discover the bear. We scream and run away to hide together under the bedclothes.

It is so wonderful to see the progress the students are making. Joe, Sophie, Owen and Ollie are all talking more. Ebony is using more signs to communicate what she wants.  Jamie  is building his confidence using symbols. All of the students are getting faster and more independent when getting changed for swimming and PE. They are learning to look after their belongings. Jamie and Owen won the Head Teachers Award for being so helpful and independent collecting the class register and their lunchboxes.

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