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Foxes Class

What an amazing few days! The Foxes and Owls had such a a fantastic time at Kingswood on our residential.


With activities ranging from low ropes to buggie building, from crate stacking to nightline, from campfires to movie night, and from fencing to archery there was lots to keep us entertained.


Lots of children had different highlights but for myself and the rest of the staff, seeing how well the children worked together to help each other and encouraging each other to push themselves and take risks can not be topped by anything.


The children coped so well with being away from their families and have got so much to take away with them from this wonderful residential.

Week Beginning 07/05/2018

It has been a very exciting week this week in Foxes Class because we have been making our own volcanoes!


The children really enjoyed making their volcanoes but they enjoyed making them erupt even more! We used some different combinations to see what would make the better eruption. We used fizzing tablets and water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar but our favourite was mentos and coke.

Week Beginning 30/04/2018

This week we have been looking at fossils in science and the children had a go at making their own fossils. The children used salt dough with coffee to make it look like rocks and then chose an animal to imprint in their mixture to make the fossil.


We had some great games of shape dominoes which really got the children thinking about the properties of different 2D shapes.


In cooking, we made meringue and some chocolate penguins to keep with our theme of explorers.

What an action packed week we've had in Fox's Class! We have been using different coins to make amounts and to add money in maths. Jensen impressed us all with his independent work on this.

In science we investigated different properties of rocks and Mrs Walker showed us that she knows so much about all of the types of rocks and what their properties are. Everybody was very interested and worked well in their teams.

In topic, we looked at Neil Armstrong and his exploration to the moon which gave us a fantastic idea. We made our own rockets and watched them explode! Jack and Jensen's rocket went the highest. Well done boys.

We continued our space theme in cooking by making different versions of rock cakes. We made 'Moon cake', 'Mars cake' and an 'Asteroid cake'.

Week Beginning 16/04/2018

We have had a wonderful first week back in Foxes Class.  It was great to have Chantelle back with us and she really enjoyed showing us all the picture from her holiday.


We have started our work on 'rocks' in science and it was lovely to see such enthusiasm from all of the children especially Jensen, Jack, Lee and Lewis who could tell us lots of facts about the different types of rocks.


In topic, we are now learning about explorers and this week we focused on Christopher Columbus. After researching him and finding out that he was a famous sailor, we made our own boats that moved and raced them against each other. It was so much fun!


On Friday we stated to learn some cricket skills and practised throwing and catching tennis balls. The children had to aim their balls at the wickets and trow from different distances. Haran surprised us all with his excellent aim!

Week Beginning 05/03/2018

Foxes Class were back in the full swing of things after our snow days last week.


We went to Ashfield School to take part in a Boccia competition and came 3rd out of 10 schools! It was fantastic to see everybody working together as a team and enjoying the sport so much. Well done Foxes!


We then enjoyed dressing in our home-made 'Supertato' costumes for World Book Day and we all wrote our own story using a different 'Superveg'. These stories were so lovely to read.

Week Beginning 26/02/2018

Even though the snow made our week much shorter than we would have liked, Foxes Class still managed to fit lots in!


We have been getting ready for World Book Day by making our own 'Supertato' costumes and 'mini-Supertatos' because we loved reading the book so much together as a class!


When the snow came down we made time to have some fun and play in it!

Week Beginning 12/02/2018

It has been a great end to the half term this week in Foxes Class. We had a lovely visit to the library to compare past and present photographs of Kirkby-in-Ashfield and Ashton even managed to find Bracken Hill on a map!


In science, we finished off our topic on electricity by making our very own switches. This helped us to remember the start of the topic and looking at complete and incomplete circuits.


We have been programming Bee-Bots in computing and to top it all off we made and tasted lots of pancakes!


Enjoy your break Foxes.

Week Beginning 05/02/2018

It has been a very eventful week in Foxes Class. We have been acting out the story of 'Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow' and then we wrote our own version of the story. To help us understand even more what life was like for Robin and his Merry Men, we made a 'Sherwood Forest Stew'.


We have continued our learning about electricity in science by going on a 'switch hunt' throughout school. Lewis noticed that the paddle switch was the most common and Edward found lots of different types of switches.


Our maths this week was all about collecting and representing data and at the end of the week we used our new skills to make pictograms about Haribo Golden Bears and of course we enjoyed eating the bears when our work was finished.


To top off this wonderful week, we had a great trip to the Coal Mining Centre and the children had a first hand experience of what it was like in the mines. 



Week Beginning 29/01/2018

Conquering fears has been a highlight in the Foxes Class this week. The children all had a go on the apparatus in PE and, even though some of the children were scared, they all completed the challenge with big beaming smiles on their faces. It was such a fantastic thing to see. Well done Foxes!


As well as this, we made a 'Newark Cut and Butter Cake' which most of us thought tasted great and was the perfect way to celebrate our achievements in PE.

Week Beginning 22/01/2018

This week in Foxes Class we had some special visitors from Wellbeck Class. We loved seeing the animals and were very sensible when we held and stroked them.


We have also created our very own post cards that we have sent to each other, so look out for the post man over the next few days! The children typed their message on the post cards and tried really hard to write the address on them in beautiful and neat handwriting. 

Week Beginning 15/01/2018

This week in Foxes Class we have been reading the story 'Katie Morag Delivers the Mail'. We learnt about how letters are sorted and delivered. 


In maths, we have been practising telling the time and have made our own clocks to help us with our learning.


We also explored electrical circuits and how to make a complete circuit so that our light bulbs light up. We know that if the light bulb does not light up then our circuit might not be complete.

Week Beginning 07/01/2018

It has been a great first week back in Foxes Class.


The children have been spelling and ordering the days of the week and the months of the year and have used some songs to help them remember.


In PE, the children started to do some gymnastics and made different shapes with their bodies. Some of the shapes were star, tuck, arch and dish.


In computing, we have started to learn about programming and the children made Lego models to show the importance of writing specific instructions.

Week Beginning 27/11/2017

This week we have continued with our maths topic on measuring but we have been investigating capacity. We had to use measuring jugs to find out how much of each colour water we had.


In topic and art, we made some amazing sarcophagi out of clay and decorated them so that they were fit for a king! Or a pharaoh. 

Week Beginning 20/11/2017

It was another creative week in Foxes Class this week. We have been learning all about measuring length in maths. To help us with our learning we measured our feet and our arms and then we measured our jumping skills.


In science we recreated the digestion process and made our very own version of poo. It was great fun even if it was a bit disgusting!


The children have been hard with Mrs Lakin in Spanish over the last few weeks. They have made their own pinatas and this week they got to get some sweets out of them.

Week Beginning 13/11/2017

We have had a very creative week this week in the Foxes Class. 


In topic we were learning all out the mummification process used by the ancient Egyptians and what better way to help us learn that to wrap each other up as real life mummies! We also learnt about what the ancient Egyptian's used to eat and made some delicious date balls.


In science, we continued to learn about the human digestive system and used play doh as a tool to make a model.



Week Beginning 06/11/2017
It has been another super week in Foxes Classes this week. We have been comparing numbers using sweets and crocodiles! We have created some beautiful firework pictures and to top it all off some children got their insides out! This helped us with our science learning about the digestive system.
Week Beginning 30/10/2017

It has been a great first week back after the half term holiday for Foxes Class. We have jumped straight into out new topic on Ancient Egypt.


The children took part in an archaeological dig to find some Egyptian artifacts and then they all become professors and taught the other children about the artifact that they found. 


We had some very tricky words to learn like sarcophagus and Tutankhamun.

Week Beginning 16/10/2017

Wow! What a great end to the half-term we have had in the Foxes Class.


We had a lovely time taking part in a Hindu workshop on Monday where Chantelle enjoyed becoming an Indian princess. 


Tuesday was was our trip to Sherwood Forest which saw all of the children showing just how much they have developed in the area of orienteering this half-term. In the afternoon the children displayed super team work skills to build houses for the different animals that live in the forest and we even had a class photo in front of the famous Major Oak. A big well done to Billie-Jo on this day as she stayed with the class for her first full day! How fantastic. 


Enjoy your half-term break. 


Week Beginning 09/10/2017
This week we have been continuing our work on shape in the Foxes Class. The children had to work out whether shapes were 2D or 3D and they even had a go at sorting using Venn diagrams. There were some excellent discussions about each of the shapes and how they could be sorted.
Week Beginning 02/10/2017

Wow! The Foxes Class have been working so hard in their science lessons this half term. We have learned all about solids, liquids and gases. The children were great scientists when we were investigating how to melt chocolate and were fascinated when we investigate how water changes from a solid to a liquid, a liquid to a gas and back again. It was fantastic to hear the conversations that the children were having about what they could see.


On Friday we went to Morven Park to continue to develop our orienteering skills. The children had such a positive attitude and it was very impressed with their resilience particularly Lewis who had a break half way through but still managed to find all of the letters.

Week Beginning 25/09/2017
It has been another fantastic week in the Foxes Class. We have used our knowledge of different foods to design some healthy food plates and have loved sharing some non-fiction books with each other. It is lovely to see all of the children sharing so well and taking such an interest in our topic.
Week Beginning 18/09/2017
In the Foxes Class this week we have been enjoying the stories by Lynne Cherry. The children really enjoyed taking on the characters of the different animals in 'The Great Kapok Tree' and were eager to learn about the medicines of the forest in 'The Shaman's Apprentice'.
Week Beginning 11/09/2017

Hello and welcome to our Autumn term in Foxes Class.


We have had such a fantastic start to the year. The children have settled extremely well and are already showing me that they are very interested in our topic this half term which is 'Rainforests'.


The children really enjoyed trying lots of tropical fruits in cooking and have been showing me their amazing number skills.


Next week we are hoping to make some rainforest boxes so if you have got a spare shoe box at home, it would be wonderful if you could send it in. Thank you to those parents who have already done so.


Miss Doherty.

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