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Consent Workshop Adverts

Earlier this term a large number of year 9,10 and 11 students took part in a PSHE Programme on the topic of consent that was funded and supported by East Midlands Police Force.
The students were asked to think about what consent means, why it’s important to ask for consent and what you should do if you don’t want to give your consent to something. They were also asked to consider what the police, other adults or organisations can do to help.
As part of this programme the students were asked to make a short radio advert to spread the word to young people just like them about consent. They were helped by two workers from Collaborate Digital Ltd, who helped them with the technical side of making a radio programme.
Schools from all over Nottinghamshire were asked to take part in a competition to make a radio advertisement explaining the importance of consent. One of the radio programmes made by 8 of our students from Bracken Hill School came first in this competition. As this was chosen the best advert it will be shared online and broadcast on the radio too. So listen out for our famous super stars on the radio!

Consent workshop advert 2

Consent workshop advert 3

Consent workshop advert 4

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Guidance - Summer Term

Welcome to KS4 and KS5


Students in KS4 study the core subjects of English Maths and Science. Students work towards national accreditation, suitable to their level of ability. This includes GCSE, Entry Level and Unit awards. Students also study computing, design and technology, food technology, and PSHE. These are also nationally accredited courses.

Students take part in vocational courses culminating in AIMS awards, courses cover a variety of subjects from first aid training, to horticulture, farming and outdoor activities. KS4 students also undertake PE and enrichment activities. These include Literature appreciation, ice skating, horse riding and learning about animal care.

In KS5 students transition to Bracken Hill College. Students bridge the gap to young adults and the modern college facility is separated from the main school building. Students have greater freedom at the college with facilities including a common room and their own kitchen.

The post 16 curriculum has a bias towards functional life skills and subjects which will encourage them to develop independence.

English, Maths and Computing are studied and accredited through the Functional Skills Awards. Students also cover such skills as interviews, CV writing and personal budgets both through lessons and skills workshops provided by outside agencies. Independent travel is practiced every week and assessed under the TITIAN system. Students also undertake work experience each year and regularly attend courses at local colleges and employment providers.

As part of the college we also run the college café. This provides opportunities for students to apply their learning in a real life situation, engage meaningfully with others and learning valuable lessons in the areas of customer service, money handling and practical skills in the kitchen.