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Students From Bracken Hill win East Midlands Consent competition

Earlier this term a large number of year 9,10 and 11 students took part in a PSHE Programme on the topic of consent that was funded and supported by East Midlands Police Force.

The students were asked to think about what consent means, why it’s important to ask for consent and what you should do if you don’t want to give your consent to something. They were also asked to consider what the police, other adults or organisations can do to help.

As part of this programme the students were asked to make a short radio advert to spread the word to young people just like them about consent. They were helped by two workers from Collaborate Digital Ltd, who helped them with the technical side of making a radio programme.

Schools from all over Nottinghamshire were asked to take part in a competition to make a radio advertisement explaining the importance of consent. One of the radio programmes made by 8 of our students from Bracken Hill School came first in this competition. As this was chosen the best advert it will be shared online and broadcast on the radio too. So listen out for our famous super stars on the radio!

If you miss the broadcasts on the radio, you can listen to them on our KS4 page on the school website.