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Week Commencing 19th June 2017

Sports Day 2017

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing time Newstead had for sports week. The children have enjoyed so many different activities including Boccia (Luke and Molly are going to be pros!) Tuesday we participated in Yoga, Dylan and Connor were very good at the different positions. We then went to the activity centre to do some climbing, Dylan and Baylee loved this and got very high using the harness. We also enjoyed having lots of fun on the bouncy castle Cory and Kieran really liked this. Marissa was amazing and loved being our photographer for a lot of the activities she also enjoyed the circus skills. Lauren also loved this as well as being a pro climber on our apparatus at school! All children were amazing and had a go at everything! Well done Newstead!



Sports Day 2017

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Week Commencing 5th June 2017

Welcome Back

Newstead children have come back for the final term this year. The children have come back refreshed and really eager to learn.


On Wednesday we had a walk to Morrisons to the recycling centre and we sorted all of our rubbish into the correct bins. We then had a walk to the leisure centre to look at what sports and activities they do there.


Our star(s!) of the week this week are Luke and Molly. They have come back to school really positive and eager to learn. Well done.





Week Commencing 8th May

Staying Safe

This week has been very exciting in Newstead. On Monday some children cashed in some of their reward tokens for a trip to bowling. Newstead were amazing and we all got at least one strike!

On Wednesday we had a visit from 2 police officers and their police van! It was really interesting to hear what job the police do and we got to ask questions about how to stay safe when we are in the community as well as when online. We then went outside to look at the van, we decided we wouldn't like to go in there because it looks quite scary.


Week Commencing 1st May 2017

We've had a busy week in Newstead. Our topic is growing and we have watched our plants grow from a tiny seed to a small plant. We are very proud!


Some children also made omelettes in cooking. They said they were so yummy!




Week Commencing 17.04.2017

Welcome back Newstead

We hope you enjoyed your Easter break. The children have settled brilliantly back into school life.

This week the children have planted pepper and flower seeds so we can watch them grow. Some of the children went to Portland College this week to take part in a table cricket competition, great fun was had by all!






20th March 2017

New Horizons - Anti Bullying

The children in Newstead had a group discussion about what bullying is and how it would make us feel if someone was unkind to us. We talked about what we should do if we see someone being bullied and how we can be a good friend to each other. Here's what we thought...

Week Commencing 20th March 2017

Around the World

In topic this term we are looking at different places around the world. This week we are learning all about France and so far we have looked at the famous buildings. On Monday we got to try some of the different foods they eat in France.Rather than snails and frogs legs, Newstead opted to try different cheese, croissants and some French yogurts and bread. Some of the cheese was really smelly and strong but a lot of the children loved the Brie and Roule!


Newstead have also been looking at how to be a good friend so they thought that it would be nice to invite some of Welbeck to join us for our French Feast.



Week Commencing 13th March 2017


This week children in Newstead did some excellent work in Maths all about 2D shapes. The children have learnt all about corners, sides and names of shape. Children also looked at triangles and how even if they look different they are still the same type of shape.

Our Star of the Week this week is Molly! Well done Molly.


Week Commencing 6th March 2017

World Book Day

Some of the children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters as part of World Book Day. We spent lots of time looking at books and we even ran into the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. We had to follow a map to get to Grandma's House to take her some biscuits because she was unwell. We walked around the school, around the school field and up to the music room. The big bad wolf was at Grandma's house so we ran away!


Week Commencing 27th February 2017

Newstead Kingswood Residential


Newstead class enjoyed residential at Kingswood. The children were really excited to have a sleepover with their friends! Children took part in a number of physical activities including; Rock Climbing, Laser Tag and Archery. We also enjoyed a disco and film on the evenings. Here are a few pictures of us all, we have sent a few home of your child.




W/C 5/12/16


Today Newstead visited Nottingham. As part of our topic'Celebrations in different Cultures and Religions' we looked at 3 different Places of Worship; Jewish Synagogue, Buddhist Centre and a Catholic Church. As part of Christmas we then visited the Market where the children had the chance to buy a small gift. 


On Tuesday we also celebrated 'Christmas around the World'. Newstead class looked at what happened at Christmas in France! We looked at the French Flag, what foods people eat in France and even listened to some Christmas songs in French. We could recognise 'Jingle Bells'.


This week our 'Star of the Week' is Molly for being so eager to learn, especially in Maths! Well done Molly.


Newstead at the Jewish Synagogue  

Newstead at the Church

Not everyone was looking at the camera.. But here we are outside the Ice Rink and the BIG Christmas tree!



This week Newstead have been learning all about Thanksgiving. The children put on an AMAZING assembly to show the other children and teachers what they had learnt. Newstead made Pilgrim and Native American hats.

Our star of the week this week is Kieran for amazing letter and number recognition. Well done!

Look at our amazing hats!

Our trip to Wollaton.

Comparing size and knowing more size words.

We have been making a sensory garden

This week we have been looking at features of shapes

This week we have been practising Numicon

Newstead have been working hard this week.