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Owls Class

Week Beginning 04/09/17

Welcome back!

Owls class have come back so grown up, they have all settled in well and are ready for this academic year. This term we are looking at rainforests and are having a big push on healthy eating smiley 




It is time for all the children to start a new school chapter as all of the children get new teachers.  We are so proud of the children and everything they have achieved both in their work and socially.  We will miss them very much but I know they will all continue to make progress and entertain their new classes.




Mrs Topping, Miss Hastings and Mrs Killeen.


As you can see from all our fantastic photos, it has been a very busy week indeed!  The children have behaved so well and coped with all the changes! The week has been varied to say the least from balloon making and circus skills to bike riding to orienteering to human hungry hippos to name just a few activities. The class all enjoyed the orienteering which we have never done before, searching for numbers and letters in the park - they worked really well together as a team. 

Hungry hippos is always fun especially when the children get pulled around on a skateboard by me! I have to have a little lie down after! 

Bike riding is hugely popular and I love to see how happy the children are when on the trikes and bikes.



Mrs Topping

Week beginning 12/6/17

Week beginning 12/6/17 1

The children really enjoyed Buddhism day on Wednesday, the meditation music really did chill us all out.  I asked the children to be as quiet and as peaceful as they could be when carrying out their art work when listening to the Buddhist music, do you know there were moments I could hear a pin drop! 

We looked at Mandala art which uses a lot of spots, so the children used bingo dabbers and sticky spots to create their own art - and as Freddie said when he had finished - 'Oh beautiful!'  I love how different all the patterns are and the children really focused on using the very small stickers.


Sports week next week, so look out for lots of photos.  The children's PE kits will be sent home this Friday so that they can come in them every day next week.


See you at sports afternoon on Wednesday hopefully!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 5/6/17

WOW!  the last half term before the summer - where did that time go!

This week the children have worked really hard in their shape space and measure targets, thinking about 3D shapes that can roll and stack - we had a lot of fun building with the large 3D shapes and watching them fall over.  Freddie has been working on his sorting skills using the words hot and cold, well done Freddie , this was easy peezy for you! 

In English the children have been role playing Hansel and Gretal, Alex and Louise really enjoyed creating the gingerbread house and the cage, it is quite a scary traditional tale but all the children enjoyed listening and good always defeats bad in the end!


Hope this rain stops soon and it actually starts looking like June!

Mrs Topping

Food Bank Shopping 26/5/17

WOW Owls, children and families, you raised an incredible £182 for the food bank - Miss Hastings, Mrs Killeen and I think this fantastic and all the volunteers at the food bank will be so thankful as will the people who need the items.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

The children enjoyed going to Aldi to pick the correct goods to send to the food bank, as you can see from the receipt we got a huge amount.  The children are pictured with just 2 bagfuls, we had over 10 bagfuls.



Mrs Topping and the team.

Owls Fundraising Afternoon 18/5/17

WELL DONE OWLS!  You were amazing when taking part in your sponsorship activities and I am sure we will raise lots of money to buy items for the food bank.


Ebony Loved chilling in the jelly.  Alex, Louise and Nathan never gave up on their scooters. Freddie, Haran and Olivia were bouncing very fast as you can tell by several of the photos!  I do like how Freddie added a comedy prop!!


I will keep you updated on how much the children raised and what we bought.


Thank you!

As part of our growing up topic we went to visit Mansfield Fire station to find out what it is like to have the very important job of being a Fire fighter. I think that now all of Owls class would like to join the fire brigade when they are adults.  Everyone agreed that although they enjoyed putting on the safety uniform and helmet, that it was heavy and it must be very hard work putting out fires and rescuing people from car crashes. 

The children all loved using the water hoses and again found they needed to be very strong to hold the water hose and control the water.  Miss Hastings and Mr Dore had great fun too finding out what being a fire-fighter feels like.

Week beginning 8/5/17

This week in cooking with Mrs Killeen, the children created their own pizza faces as part of our topic - growing.  I really like how all the faces are different and how some of the children have added features such as eyebrows!  I wonder if you can guess which pizza face belongs to which Owl!


In English I was super pleased with everyone's writing, Alex, Ebony, Olivia and Louise all demonstrated great letter formation and final sound knowledge following on from last week's learning.  Freddie wrote some really neat sentences about the animals in our big book, having a go at words such as scary and perfect.



Sponsorship forms will come home this weekend and hopefully the children will raise lots of money for the food bank as part of our PSHE topic.  Photos of all the action will be posted next Friday.


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 2/5/17

HI everyone,

A short week but still a busy one with lots of achievements by the children.

First of all I would like to congratulate Freddie on being the first Owl to model the new school uniform, doesn't he look smart in the red and blue and I can tell from Freddie's face he really likes it. Hopefully as the children see lots of the pupils in the new uniform all of them will be happy to swap by September.


Some of the children have started horse riding at Kirkfields stables in Blidworth, the horses are beautiful and very patient.  Look at how happy the children look sitting up on their horses!  Some of the children are much braver than I am.

Just to let you know the children who didn't go this time will get a chance next year.


During social time I have been very pleased with Alex and Louise who are playing noughts and crosses together, there is such concentration when they share Alex's busy book to play the game.  Louise also shared her Lego Land bear with Alex - it was nice to have the bear visit this week!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 24/4/27

This week the children have been using describing words in English comparing themselves to animals.  There was some excellent sentence work from Haran who wrote independently using neat letter formation, finger spaces and full stops.  Freddie also formed his letters beautifully and remembered to use lower case letters correctly.  I was super impressed with Nathan who is working on using the keyboard to type the sounds he can hear in words - excellent listening for the phonemes Nathan! 

Alex, Olivia, Louise and Ebony all tried so hard listening for the final sound in animal words and describing words.  This group of children really do impress me with their determination.  After reading all the sentences it was quite clear that being as large as a whale was a favourite!


In science with Miss Moy the children went on a material hunt matching objects around school to plastic and wood, they all look very pleased with themselves.


Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs Topping

Summer Term

Week beginning 18/4/17

It was great to see all the children this week, they were well rested after a lovely long Easter break.

I really enjoyed watching how pleased the children were to see each other too, laughing with each other and still remembering to use kind words when speaking to each other.


In topic this half term we are going to be looking at growing especially how the children will grow and change as they get older.  The children will also be thinking about the job they would like to do as an adult.  We are planning a trip to the fire station at Mansfield as I know at least 3 of my class would like to be fire fighters.  (I have a connection there too as Mr Topping is a fire fighter!)


In PSHE the class are going to be fundraising through sponsorship to raise money for a local food bank in order to learn about how money can be of great value to the children and others.  Watch this space for sponsorship forms. 

As ever there will be many photos on here to show you how busy the children are during their school day.


Can I remind you about £2 for cooking this half term please!


Mrs Topping and the team


Week beginning 27/3/17

This week the children have continued to work hard developing their reading skills in english and mental maths skills in number.


Ebony and Louise have cracked knowing what 1 more than a number is and can write their answer really quickly.  Freddie is an addition wiz and is very good at finding the biggest number from a choice of 2,  Nathan has worked really hard on understanding more and was able to complete his work really quickly this week.  Haran practised adding 2 bigger numbers in his head and despite finding this a challenge he tried really hard. Alex and Olivia happily practiced their taking away skills remembering to count slowly to find the answer.

In english Freddie and Louise enjoyed finding pairs of words that rhyme as this helps them with their reading and spelling.  Ebony, Alex and Olivia really impressed me with their letter and sound knowledge finding all of the letters really quickly.  Well done to Haran who used great language when we practiced talking about the book we were reading, showing me he had listened really well.  Nathan another great result as he was super quick at matching objects to pictures as he develops his early reading skills.



Have a fantastic Easter Holiday!

Mrs Topping, Mrs KIlleen and Miss Hastings

Owl class have been showing off their art skills this week, over the year I have seen all the children progress in this area. They are all thinking about what they want to produce, taking their time and show a real pride in what they produce.  The children have worked hard with Miss Hastings creating their clay African animal, their finished products all look like the design they drew back at the start of this half term.  The animal patterns they added really completed the look.  We will be sending them home soon, hopefully in one piece! 


Miss Moy was very impressed with the children's creative skills when creating a flower using all it's different parts in Science.  The class were able to work as a whole group sharing the art tools and trying really hard to be independent.  The same can be said for our mum's day cards -all very individual and wonderful!

Hope the children remember to at least  wash up on Sunday! 


Mrs Topping

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


What a wonderful and happy day we spent at the wildlife park finding all the animals we had been studying in our 'All Around the World' topic.  Lots of the big animals such as the tigers and the polar bears were being very lazy and just sleeping but all the children loved looking at them, waiting for some action.   The Giraffes were very entertaining and we watched their wonderful movements for a long time.  There was great excitement when the zebras came up to the fence to see us. As for the baboons, cheeky monkeys!


The children were so well behaved and really enjoyed spending time with each other.. I saw lots of positive teamwork at the fantastic play area. 


Finally thank you sunshine for giving us such amazing weather.


Mrs Topping, Mrs Killeen and Miss Hastings.

Week beginning 6/3/17

The children have enjoyed lots of hands on learning this week - 

 In art they all worked really carefully , creating their African animal using clay.  The children drew their animal last week and used their design this week.  I was very impressed with all the detail the children added such as tails, trunks and teeth. 


Miss Moy, who teaches the children science, was thrilled with how engaged all the children were when using the magnifying glass to investigate the parts of plants.  The children are really enjoying watching their bean grow - despite all this wet weather!  I really love the photos that Miss Moy took of the children.  I'm sure you will agree they all look like little scientists.


We are all looking forward to our visit to Doncaster Wildlife park next Wednesday, lets hope for some sunshine.


Mrs Topping

World Book Day - 2/3/17

Owls class have enjoyed dressing up as book characters, Ebony and Haran were a perfect match as Wally and Wendy, Alex looked wonderful perched in our reading chair as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Freddie had the biggest hat despite being the smallest Owl.  Louise was a wonderful Umpa Lumpa - it's not everyone that suits an orange face.  What can I say about Nathan as Spiderman - he looked every inch the super hero. 


The children shared our big books together and it was lovely to listen to Louise reading 'Little Red Riding Hood' to Lydia and Olivia.  Freddie has lots of favourite books but his favourite page is one from 'Pants' cheeky monkey! 


We performed a little puppet show of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and Alex remembered all the words for his role as the littlest goat.  We finished the day with 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' two class favourites.


Happy Reading

The Owls Team

Week beginning 20/2/17

Hi everyone.


As ever we are straight back into learning and work.. The next couple of weeks in maths will be all about shapes, especially understanding the difference between 2D shapes and 3D shapes.  We learnt a new word this week - rhombus - which Haren was able to remember to describe a diamond 2D shape.  Ebony really likes our silly song about the 3D shapes.


In English we are going to be looking at the fantastic author Nick Sharatt, he writes funny books and uses really bright funny illustrations.  Freddie quickly realised that this week's text 'The shark in the park' looked the same as some of his other favourite books 'Pants' and 'Socks'  also written by Nick Sharatt.


In art this half term the children are going to work with Clay and as you can see from their faces they all really enjoyed this medium to create with.  Most of the children made a birthday cake for Freddie as it was his 10th birthday on Monday.  The children will be using clay to create an animal from one of the continents we have been studying.


See you soon

Mrs Topping



Week beginning 6/2/17

It has been a lovely week in Owls this week with everyone trying hard to be kind and talk to each other. Unfortunately Nathan wasn't very well on Tuesday and the staff were so impressed with how caring the other children were, especially trying hard to be quiet - so well done everyone. I have also enjoyed reading stories to the whole class at the end of the day, which the children are getting so much better at listening to!

In maths the children have been using size to compare objects especially shapes, buckets and animals.  it gets quite tricky when sorting 6 objects from big to small but Haran did eventually crack it!

In English the children had fun given Antarctica  penguins silly names using their segmenting skills to spell ch and sh words.  Alex had a penguin called cheese, Louise has a penguin called chocolate, Freddie liked the name chomp, Ebony liked sheep for a penguin and Olivia spelt chop to name her penguin!  Great fun!


Have a lovely week off and I look forward to next half term.  Look out for details about Comic Relief day and World book day - both happening in March!


Mrs Topping and the team

Week beginning 30/1/17

Hi and welcome February!  lets hope we start to see a glimmer of sunshine soon!


Over the last few weeks the children have really focused on understanding simple programming through using the wonderful Beebot!  Thanks to everyone for supporting the children with their 'Beebot direction' home learning, it really did help the children to understand which instructions to give the robot bee in order to get him safely around the maze without getting lost.  Of course he did crash a few times but that is how the children are learning to debug and try again. 

Haran and Alex were able to tell each other what control buttons to press on the Beebot, remembering that sometimes the forward button can be pressed more than once to get to it's destination, but not too many times that it falls off the table!!

Freddie really enjoyed getting the Beebot around corners and his maths brain helps him understand how many times to tell it to do something.  Louise, Ebony and Nathan are all much better now at understanding the Beebot and how to instruct it to move to a specific place.

Well done Owls

Mrs Topping




Week beginning 23/1/17

As you can see from our photos the children have been very busy practising lots of different academic and social skills. 


In maths the children are developing their subtraction skills and as with addition practising their mental maths skills.  Nathan loves maths and has been working on 1:1  matching and understanding sometimes there is something left over. He can also count backwards from 10!  Well done Nathan!


In English, our text is 'If you were a penguin'  the penguins are proving to be very popular especially how much fun they have in the snow.  Freddie and Louise enjoyed using the rainbow letters and were able to find the correct sounds such as 'ch' and 'ph' to spell different words.


It has been lovely to observe the children enjoying being with each other to play games.  Alex was showing Haran how to play the very popular card game Uno, whilst Olivia and Louise made some very delicious sand pancakes together.  Ebony is very good at keeping our story books organised!


Mrs Topping



Week beginning 16/1/17

This week the children have been to the continent of Africa, creating wonderful animals in art and trying fruit from Handa's Surprise.


The children were fantastic in Art with Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Hastings - drawing their own African animals, then printing with different colours to create wonderful patterns.  It was great to see the children controlling both how big they drew the animals and how carefully they printed.  Freddie's parrot is better than any drawing I could do and I really like Nathan's zebra effect.

Olivia was brilliant with Miss Killeen making her yummy fruit jam tarts!


In English the class were very motivated to role-play Handa's surprise especially as we had the real fruit to use and eat.  I did struggle to find a guava in the local shops I must admit!

All the children enjoyed being an animal and pretending to take a fruit from Handa's (Ebony's basket).  They all remembered which animal took which fruit.


Ebony, Alex, Haran and Louise all enjoyed trying the fruit and finding their favourite.  Mango was very popular whereas passion fruit, we all decided,  was a little strange!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 9/1/17

The Owls have been very busy this week impressing me with their writing and their improving mental maths skills.

They have all enjoyed writing about the animals from our book 'Handa's surprise' Freddie had a super attitude again to writing his sentence and wow he could spell elephant!  He didn't even mind practising writing with lower case letters rather than capitals. 

In maths Louise, Alex and Olivia have improved their quick recall of 1 more than to numbers to 10.  Well done to Louise for her attitude to her work -  a great new addition to Owls class.  Nathan is starting to crack understanding more when looking at groups of objects.


All the children enjoyed their new PE sessions with some keep fit specialists.  Haran, Alex, Ebony, Freddie and Louise were all fantastic listeners and very enthusiastic  when joining in.

In art there was some fantastic printing to create our giant continent map, fabulous concentration so as not to go out the lines, and in cooking Freddie again impressed with his baking skills when making his fruit jam tarts.

The children are all practising building their jigsaw skills too, how wonderful to see them all concentrating without any help!


Happy Weekend!

Mrs Topping





Welcome to Spring 2017!  

All the children came back from the festive season well rested and raring to go!  Im sure most of them have grown at least half an inch!  

This half term our topic is 'All around the World'  and we have started to learn the names of the 7 continents through the use of songs (of course!) Freddie is already interested in Antartica, I think he rather likes the idea that there is snow there.  Alex and Haran remembered North America and South America, and Alex could tell me our story 'Handa's Surprise' is set in Africa - Brilliant!  


In maths I'm having a big push on addition and subtraction skills this half term, Well done Ebony for remembering 1 more than with numbers to 10 using your mental maths skills! 


In english,I would like to see the children writing a little more independently and develop their sentence and story writing, not only developing handwriting but word processing skills - Nathan practised using the keyboard to find the letters to match sounds in words. 


​​​​​​​Swimming starts again next Thursday and a big thank you to everyone for remembering to send the PE kits back in to school.  Can I ask that a contribution be made towards the children's cooking again this term - just 3 pounds would be great!  THANK YOU!


Mrs Topping and the team 






Week beginning 12/12/16

Here we are almost at the end of our first term!  Christmas is a fun, busy and sometimes anxious time for our children. We have been practising our performance for the sing song next Monday, I do hope the children don't get stage fright because they are listening so well and taking part with real confidence in the practise sessions. 


Christmas dinner on Wednesday was very different , the children were in the hall and it was very busy but wow they coped so well and had a lovely time.  Ebony, Haran and Alex really enjoyed their turkey dinner,  Nathan liked the icing on the cake and Freddie enjoyed his Christmas toast.


We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas performance next Monday, the mince pies the children have made with Mrs Killeen are yummy!!!


Mrs Topping

It's been yet another busy week and well done to all the children for coping with lots of changes and the excitement that Christmas brings. 


 Both english and maths have been linked to our Australian Christmas, with the children learning the 'Aussie' version of The 12 days of Christmas.  For example the 5th day of Christmas bought 5 kangaroos and the 1st day of Christmas bought an emu up a gum tree.  Some of the animal names were not easy to remember but all the children tried hard to create their animal posters for our Christmas Around The World day, also to be featured in our Christmas Sing Song. 


In RE the children made Hanukkah wish stars as part of their lesson on Jewish celebrations.  Alex wished for peace and quiet, whereas Freddie, Ebony Nathan and Haran wished for fun.  Olivia wished for happiness. All the children looked just the part in the traditional Jewish hat, the Kippah.  Ebony really liked the Hanukkah candle holders too. 


Our trip to Sherwood Pines on Wednesday really was wonderful, we were lucky with the weather and were able to have our picnic outside sitting together.  The children listened well and stayed really safe, how fantastic to give the class the freedom to rome and explore the outside environment.  All the children enjoyed den building, Ebony, Alex, Olivia and Nathan trying hard to work together to build a house.  Freddie enjoyed climbing on the tree trunks and Haran searched for squirrels, we finally spotted one high up in tree just before going back to school.


Have a lovely rest this weekend Owls, you deserve it!


Mrs Topping 

Week beginning 28/11/16

Its been a lovely week as the staff have observed the children trying really hard to be kind to each other and use happy words and actions.  A visitor on Tuesday said how lovely it was to hear such laughter. Olivia asked Alex to help her and Miss Hastings put the laptops away and Nathan ensured all his friends had a drink at snack time without being asked.


Our Owls celebration went well and all the children enjoyed everything that was sent to school, such as food, balloons, banners and hats, all common at festivals and celebrations.  The Owl hats the children made in art proved very popular.  Dancing and fun was enjoyed by all, even if Haran and Ebony just preferred to watch.  


In maths all the children have been practising careful counting of different objects - it can get very tricky after 10 if the children don't remember to count slowly.  What wonderful effort all the children put in to their maths work  Several of the children can count amounts up to and past 20.  Haran could group objects into 2s so he could count them faster.  


​In English I tried some poetry with the children 'The Moon' by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The children then thought of and wrote some descriptions of the moon. Freddie had a brilliant attitude to his writing this week and could tell me the moon was white, bright and in a blue sky - excellent hand writing Freddie!  Alex thought the moon would be cold and Ebony wrote star.  


​Can you believe it's December!  Im sure many of you are looking forward to putting up your Christmas trees.

Happy weekend!

Mrs Topping and the team

​PS Don't forget our Sherwood Pines trip next Wednesday 7th December. 



Week beginning 21/11/16


This week in Computing, as part of our digital media topic, the children practised importing photographs into an image.  We talked about what we would like to be when we grow up, I said I would like to be a super hero and Ebony agreed!  The children used the fantastic 'Purple Mash' software - choosing a job using the 'Mashcams.'   They then took their photo and had to ensure it was in the correct place within the image - they all enjoyed using the magnifying tool. 

The finished results really make me smile - Freddie wants to be an astronaut, Alex a brave fire-fighter, Haran has a dream to be Santa and Olivia would like to work in the circus. Nathan would rather like to be a builder I think!

Hope the photos make you smile too!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 14/11/16

This week in maths has been all about guessing and estimating amounts.  The children all tried really hard even though it is very tempting to count the amounts they can see rather than have a good guess at how many especially when the amounts get bigger.  Freddie was quite amazing in that he could just have a quick look at amounts to 20 and always get his estimate correct.!  WOW!  I cant even do that! 

Alex and Nathan both practised counting amounts to check an answer really well! remembering to count slowly and then finding the matching number label on the number line.


In English the children continue to practise their reading and spelling skills, Ebony wrote her b's and d's beautifully remembering which way the letters need to go.  The children are enjoying the big book 'I love animals' what wonderful farm animal noises they can make.


Haran particularly enjoyed Zoolab's visit on Monday and the weird and wonderful creatures did not bother him at all!  Nathan would have been more than happy to have taken Sophie the Snake home!


Happy Weekend

Mrs Topping and the team

Week beginning 7/11/16

What a fabulous week Owls! 


We all enjoyed looking at the children's baby photos sent in for last week's home learning task, as part of our 'changing' topic in PSHE.  Thank you parents for your fantastic response, I know I'm biased but the Owl children were very cute babies


In English the children have been using the spelling monkeys to practise their segmenting skills ( spelling skills).  Some of the children like Haran were practising words that contained ai and ay - Well done. The other children were practising unfamiliar 4 letter words. Olivia could spell frog and Freddie could use sh, ch, ll, and ss. 


In maths we have looked at time and movement words.  It is very important to know when it is time to get up and go to school!  Alex can tell the time when a clock face says O'clock.  Freddie and Nathan were moving pretty fast when following my movement words, Nathan could listen to stop, go, up, down, fast and slow.


Keep it up everyone!

Mrs Topping



Week beginning 31/10/16

Here we are in November already!! Lets hope this sunshine sticks around and the children continue to get lots of opportunities to be outside exploring and playing.


​Our new big book this week is 'Don't Forget the Bacon" the children love it and I have been very impressed by their understanding of how silly the book gets as the little boy gets mixed up with his shopping list.  I was also pleased with the childrens own food shopping list, some lovely letter formation and spelling of lots of words.  


In maths the children have been building on their knowledge of counting in 2s.  Grouping different objects into 2s and using the Numicon to begin to work on understanding multiplication.  

A special mention to Freddie, who is fast becoming our class maths whizz - reading and answering X2 number statements with no help at all, then counting and writing up to 100 in 2s!  Well done - as you can see he is rather pleased with his work! 


On a Wednesday the children take part in 'Dance Write' which is a multi sensory approach to developing fine motor skills. mark making and letter formation.  This week the children used bath foam to create shapes and patterns on the table, whilst listening to music.  Not only huge fun but a great way to encourage focus and listening skills.


Happy Bonfire Weekend

Mrs Topping 





Week beginning 17/10/16

Wow!  What a busy half term it has been, the children have earned themselves a week off school!


The Owls really enjoyed their visit to St Thomas Church in Kirkby In Ashfield, they found the church fascinating and being a very hands on group of children they really wanted to explore all the spaces and the symbols of the church.  Vicar Neil was very patient with us!

All the children loved pretending to be the vicar up in the pulpit and Alex could tell me he had found a cross.  Nathan was very interested in all the candles and the lovely wax they produced after being lit. 

Freddie was very taken by the stain class window he could see up high in the roof.  A great experience all round!


On Wednesday we then explored another religion, that of Hinduism.  It has very colourful and vibrant traditions, Alex and Ebony enjoyed dressing up as Prince Rama and Princess Sita,  Haran remembered how the evil king was killed by Rama so that Sita could be rescued.  The Asian Bollywood dancing in PE,  was very popular with the Owl boys, Haran, Alex and Nathan were very skilled with their scarves, Whilst Freddie enjoyed being the band. 


Have a lovely half term everyone.

Mrs Topping, Miss Hastings and Mrs Killeen.    

Week beginning 10/10/16

This week has been all about shapes in maths and animals in English.

The class have been naming 2D and 3D shapes, finding different shapes in pictures - the triangular prism was a particular challenge - but one of our clever owls could find it before me!  The children have also been guessing a shape when I described it's properties.  The semi-circle caught all the children out with it's straight and curved side!  Next week the children will be working on sorting shapes using different criteria.


In English we are using the wonderful text 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do you Hear?'  It has a lovely catchy tune and the children are enjoying listening to and then making the noises especially the peacock and the walrus.  


In cooking Freddie and Olivia really enjoyed stirring and mixing, they look very pleased with themselves!


Look out for photographs from our church visit next week!


Happy weekend!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 3/10/16

This week I have found myself saying ( a lot)  how much the children have achieved in their work, despite only being 5 weeks into term.  I am very proud of the fact that despite finding things a challenge at times all of the Owls carry on trying with their work and social skills.


During topic time, the children used different types of construction resources to build houses, castles and train stations.  I really liked how the children were able to share the resources and I enjoyed listening to their conversations.  The buildings had chimneys, doors, roofs, windows and Nathan was particularly good at creating walls that didn't fall down.


In english the children continue to develop their word and sentence skills, their letter formation is progressing all the time.

In maths we had another push on adding and taking away.  Some of the children were able to answer missing number addition statements using their number bond knowledge.


Keep it up Owls!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 26/9/16

Look at our family portraits!  In RE the children have been thinking about belonging.  All the children, as part of their home learning, bought a photograph from home of a family member.  We all enjoyed seeing each others mums, grandparents, brothers and sisters.  When painting their pictures the children were encouraged to paint the facial features really carefully.  Haran even remembered to put eyelashes on his mama!


In English the children are enjoying Owl Babies, They all like Bill, the smallest owl and can remember he says 'I want my mummy' all through the book.  Lots of work on letter formation and sound knowledge this week.  Some of the boys are working on the 'ow' sound. 


Lets all enjoy a  lovely rest this weekend!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 19/9/16

Owls really enjoyed their visit to the cinema to watch The BFG,  their behaviour, on our first  trip out as a new class, was fantastic, great listening and focus everyone!


In maths it has been all about finding 1 more and 1 less.  The children have been able to do this practically with the  counting people and the jumping line.  Some of the children have also been able to read simple addition statements and add 1 in their head - excellent!   


In English the children have begun some simple sentence writing all about The Napping House and the animals that slept on the bed,  well done to Ebony who tried so hard to write her own sentence, some great spelling.


Computing is all about digital books this half term, this week the children took a sequence of photos to retell the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'Walking Through the Jungle.' Freddie was very good at adding some effects such as the crocodile biting his finger!!!


Keep up the hard work Owls!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 12/9/16

it's our second week together as a new class and I am happy to report as the week has gone on I can see the children starting to come together as this year's Owls class. Our routines are become easier and all the children are getting used to listening again after their 6 weeks of relaxing. 


In English the children really enjoyed being a character from our big book 'The Napping House' pretending to go to sleep and then listening for their turn to wake up, Ebony and Haran were a very good dog and flea. 


In maths we have tackled capacity, understanding words such as full, empty, half full and almost full.  All the children could sort empty and full cups and some of the children could compare 6 cups ordering them from full to empty.  Well Done!


Everyone is looking forward to going to the cinema on Monday to see The BFG as part of the celebration of Roald Dahl.


Have a lovely weekend and happy 10th birthday Ebony.


Mrs Topping

Welcome back Owls!

Autumn Term 2016


It's been a busy first week as the children settle back into their routine and try hard to remember our school rules to keep everybody safe and happy.


The children are looking forward to finding out about castles for our home topic and this week have practised typing their address.  Look out for a letter coming through the post soon!


In maths the children have really enjoyed working on counting in 2's and finding pairs, all the children were super quick at sorting my washing out!!


In Computing the children have practised taking action photos for our digital class book.  It's not easy taking a photo when your friends are moving!


Please get in touch with me at anytime if you have any questions or worries. 


Sharon (Mrs Topping)

Week beginning 18/7/16

Happy Summer Holidays  smiley 

Its been a fantastic year with all the children progressing both in their work and socially.  Although we all look forward to the summer holidays, and a well earned rest for the children and the staff, I feel excited about September and everything the new year will bring. 


Thanks for all your on going support and everything you do to for the children and the school!  Home learning was a great success and will return in the Autumn!



Mrs Topping, Miss Hastings and Mrs Killeen

Week beginning 11/7/16

This week we have travelled to Mexico in maths, learning to count to 3 in Spanish - uno, dos, tres. Owls  have loved learning the traditional Mexican 'Bate Bate Chocolate' song, and love that the counting to 3 gets faster and faster - rapido!!


As always in our class the children have enjoyed role-play, dressing in the Mexican traditional sombrero and poncho dancing to La Cucaracha.  Some of the children even remembered that La Cucaracha is a cockroach.  It has been an excellent opportunity for the children to not only learn new vocabulary but to experience  a different language to English too!



Mrs Topping



Week beginning 4/7/16

Well done to the Owls for how they have coped with all the changes in our first week of transition!


Our mini topic over the next couple of weeks is the Olympics and our class is finding out about Mexico, it's music, language and traditional dress.

When I first asked the children what they thought the Olympics was they couldn't tell me but after just one week some of the children can name some of the sports that they will see at this year's Olympics in Rio.


In english the children have used musical instruments to create the voices of the three bears from the fantastic traditional tale of Goldilocks, we all agreed that the drum was excellent for sounding like daddy bear who is always very angry in the story.


In maths all the children have been able to order several objects from smallest to biggest with confidence , several of the children were then able to transfer this skill to ordering numbers smallest to biggest! Excellent!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 27/6/16

Week beginning 27/6/16 1

It has been our last week together before four of our Owls move to their new classes next Monday, although it is always a little sad to say goodbye I look forward to watching the children continue to grow and thrive with their new teachers and class friends.  Good Luck Molly, Chloe, Dylan and Matthew! 


Work has however continued despite preparing the children for lots of changes. In English we have had great fun with Eric Carle's From Head to Toe, it isn't always very easy copying the actions of a buffalo or a donkey but we 'could do it!' The children had a super try at using describing words to talk and write about the animals from the story, i am happy to report that some of the children now know a camel has humps.  


​In Maths we revisited positional words and it was with great delight that I was able to observe all the children listening to and following my instructions using words such as in, under, in front of and in-between.  A great favourite when playing 'ready steady position' is sit under the table!!  The children did however remember to come back out and sit on their chairs for me, great listening! 


Mrs Topping 

Week beginning 20/6/16

Sports week

WOWZERS!  What a busy action packed week full of new experiences and energy.  Owls class as always have made me very proud with their attitude to all the sports activities, welcoming our outside providers and trying so hard to learn new skills and rules. 

It has to be said Owl class would probably become champion Boccia (seated bowls) players if we were to  enter national championships.  Great aim and power behind the ball Owls.  I have noticed over the week all the children develop their gross motor skills and their hand eye coordination.  Table cricket again demonstrated how powerful an aim some of the children have.

Bike riding was very popular and Chloe was thrilled to sit on and ride a two wheeler bike for a short time - great determination!

Then of course we had the ever popular Hungry Hippos game with Foxes and Squirrels - what silliness and fun, but absolutely brilliant turn taking!


Thanks to everyone who came to watch our sports afternoon, I am sure you agree all the children cope really well with such change and all the different games with lots of different people!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 13/6/16

Owls class love books and stories and one of their favourites is Pants by Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt. It's a brilliant and silly book which really engages the children, encouraging a love of books and words.  The class had such a fantastic time designing their own pants with Mrs Tomlinson, then creating that design on actual pants.  I was really pleased with how all the children were able to transfer their ideas to their art work.  Look out for the pants coming home soon!


In english the children have been getting creative about what their own magic beans could grow into, this was hard at first for the children as when I asked them for their ideas they wanted say a beanstalk (of course!) Happily by the end of our creative writing session we had some amazing ideas such as a rainbow, chocolate cake shop and a magic tree.!  WOW!


We are looking forward to sports week next week!  I will be wearing my running shoes!

Mrs Topping.

Week beginning 6/6/16

In maths this week the children have worked really hard on their subtraction skills; understanding that when they takeaway the number gets smaller and that they need to be really good at counting backwards in order to takeaway in their head.  The children loved the subtraction game on the whiteboard which not only helped them to practise reading subtraction statements but also made a very silly noise when the drink was taken away!!  By the end of the week all of the children were taking away using objects and several of the children were using the splat number square to takeaway 1 in their head. Well done!


In english we have been up the beanstalk with Jack.  The children LOVE this story and they have all got very good at being the big scary giant shouting FEE - FI - FO - FUM at the correct point in the story.  This week we have talked about 'who' and 'what' when deciding on what to write in a sentence.  All of the children could tell me the names of the  characters in the story and most of them could tell me about what that giant did to Jack!


I have also been talking to the children about being kind to each other and we are learning a new song to encourage lots of lovely kindness in our class. The children are all remembering to say please and thank you to each other.



Mrs Topping




Week beginning 23/5/16

It has been a little scary in Owls this week as we have found out about Amazon Animals particular the dangerous ones. All of the class were gripped when we watched a video clip about the 8 most dangerous animals and we couldn't believe how many of them eat crocodiles, the children now all know that actually the crocodile isn't as dangerous they thought.

For English the class then completed some non-fiction writing about their favourite dangerous animal, remembering new facts they had learnt and describing the creatures.


In maths it has been shape week, the children are trying hard to use shape words and to understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.  One of my maths groups can name the cylinder, cube, pyramid and the big favourite, the cone.


Thanks for working so hard this term Owls, there is always something exciting happening and we have lots of fun and laughs.

Have a lovely week off school!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 16/5/16

This week in maths, Owls class have been building on their number knowledge to 100.  I am very pleased with the progress all the children have made when it comes to using 2 digit numbers, being able to put the digits in the correct order using our number fans, to match the number I have called out. 


In English the children have practised their confident speaking and performing in front of their class friends.  All deciding which jungle animal they would like to be from our much loved story 'Walking Through the Jungle.'  Molly was a fantastic elephant and demonstrated to the other children how to perform with expression.


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 9/5/16

Our Kingswood residential has been truly wonderful!   With all the children developing their independence, communication and determination.  I was constantly amazed by how all the children listened to the Kingswood instructors and tried so hard to follow all the rules for the different activities.  On our last day all the staff team commented on how much more the children were able to work as team throughout Nightline, guiding each other and waiting for each other, compared to when we first arrived on the Monday. 

Owls class behaved so well when in the dormitory, and realised that they needed to get along with each other and be trusted to talk and play games in their rooms really sensibly.

WELL DONE OWLS, it has been a pleasure and a thrill watching you grow and develop!


Mrs Topping, Miss Wakefield and Miss Gospel.  

Week beginning 3/5/16

As you can see from our photographs the children are enjoying working with our robot bee, the beebot.  They are finding out how to give it instructions in order to get it to different places without crashing, it is tempting to just pick the beebot up to get it to its destination but the children now know this isn't allowed.  They must use the direction keys!  

In english the children have focused on their writing skills, letter formation and segmenting to spell familiar and unfamiliar words. Some of the children were getting ee and ea mixed up but now they are able to remember when to use the different graphemes.

In Maths the children have worked really hard on their counting skills.  I am very pleased as most of the children are able to match groups of objects to number labels up to and above 20.  A few of the children are even starting to count larger amounts by making groups of 10. 


I hope all the children have a lovely relaxing weekend in preparation for our Kingswood adventure next week.



Mrs Topping


Week beginning 25/4/16

It really is none stop in Owls class, this week in maths the children have been working in groups of 3 practising their independence.  They have been using Numicon to find number bonds and to develop their number label knowledge. I am very pleased with how they are working with bigger numbers now too.

In English we travelled to the bottom of the sea and explored the animals there.  Talking and writing about the wonderful but sometimes scary animals that live there. We also dared to start exploring the Jungle, we heard some loud and strange noises!


Don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions about our exciting Kingswood trip after the meeting on Tuesday, Thanks for coming everyone!



Mrs Topping

                                                         Summer Term Begins

Week beginning - 18/4/16

It has been a very busy first week back and how lovely to have enjoyed some sunshine at playtime.  

​In English the children have all really thrown themselves into their animal characters for 'Our Little Red Hen' role-play, practising speaking and signing clearly along with writing words and sentences to match their photos from the story.  

In Maths the children have been trying really hard to name the different coins and to practise telling the time using o'clock and half past.  Both of these very important life skills. 

We are looking forward to our Exploring topic, we will be off to visit the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon Jungle. We may forget to come back!


Lets hope this sunshine continues.


Kind Regards

Mrs Topping 


​                                                          Owls Class - Superstars

Week beginning -18/4/16

The children really enjoyed using the Library Van for the first time this week, I was very proud of how they behaved and how they were able to listen to instructions on how to use this brilliant service. 

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