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Week beginning 18/9/17

The rabbits have really worked on their focus and attention this week, All of the children are taking part in our maths and english sessions - they have really enjoyed the story 'Polar bear Polar bear, what do you hear?'  We have been practising making animal sounds, signing animal names and saying animal names.  Imogen and George already know our 'Silly Slippery Snake' song and they are both working hard on naming things that start with 'S'.   Lucy really likes to look at the book and it was great to see her turning the pages and looking at the pictures.  Jack is also proving to be a lover of books and really likes to share one with a grown up. 


In maths the children are working on saying number names and counting out amounts to match numbers.  Ryan is trying hard to count out 1 and 2 remembering to stop.


The class had great fun with Mrs Mason their Friday teacher, dressing up for winter in Science - the boys really suit the hats!


A special mention to Imogen who is always trying to work independently and was able to produce a wonderful Elmer the Elephant using her scissor skills! 


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 11/9/17

Hello and welcome to our Autumn term in Rabbits class.


What a fantastic start to the year - the children have settled quickly and our new boys; George, Huey and Jack are very much part of the class already!  Imogen, Ryan, Charlie and Lucy are showing the new Rabbits our routines. 

The children really enjoyed creating trees for our jungle animals using the pinecones - ALL the children enjoyed painting   Our topic this term is animals which I know all the children will really enjoy - the wilder the better!


Hydro starts next Tuesday so please send in swimming kit and any floating aids!  I hope the children really enjoy it!


Mrs Topping






We have had a very busy week despite being so close to the end of term, the children have loved using the climbing equipment in the big hall,  Charlie and Imogen are very confident.  Ryan loves to practise his basket ball skills. 

In music we practised being loud and quiet then fast and slow - loud and fast is very popular as you can imagine but the children also showed me that they can be quiet!  Charlie's focus in music was really great!


In English I was very pleased to see Imogen pick up our book 'Today is Monday' and follow the story as we listened to the song version on the whiteboard - Great understanding Imogen of how a book works and what each page shows!


May we take this chance to wish you all a lovely holiday together, we are really looking forward to working with the you and the children next year!


Mrs Topping and the team.


Hello Rabbits July 2017

What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had getting to know each other as the school has it's transition weeks.  Mrs Pearce has ensured that the new staff and the children all find out about each other and I have really enjoyed getting to know what the Rabbits like to do.  Happily they like singing as much as I do!  Five little monkeys is very popular in maths time!

It would appear I have a very creative class as I have watched Imogen LOVE to paint, Ryan is a good baker and Charlie LOVES water.  Lucy is a little organiser and enjoys moving the resources around!

I am really looking forward to next year and watching the children progress as much as they have this year!

Mrs Topping,

Mrs Pearce,

Miss Hastings,

Mrs Killeen

Miss Corcoran.

29th June 2017


Today marks the last day of Rabbits 2016-2017 We have had a fantastic year and have seen so much progress from the children. It has been a true pleasure to get to know all of the children and their families. We are definately a bunch of characters! Good luck with everything in the future


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team x

Week Beginning 5th June 2017

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

Week beginning 22nd May 2017


Another glorious sunny week and the rabbits have been making the most of it by taking their learning outside. This week the children have explored the trim trail and been practising their climbing and balancing skills, they enjoyed having access to a new environment.

Maths - we have been looking at applying our maths skills over the last 2 week. Starsan has been showing us his amazing tracking skills both with his eyes and his finger. Imogen and Sebbie have been sorting big and small dinosaurs and using language associated with size. 

English - the children have been choosing different songs using the interactive white board and visual props. Chase chose 5 little ducks and Ryan decided upon 5 little men in a flying saucer. 


Have a fantastic half term and we will see you all on Monday 5th June.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits staff 

Week beginning 15th May 2017

Week beginning 15th May 2017


The rabbits and staff have gone a little bit stir crazy this week with the amount of rain we have had and not being able to get outside! So on Thursday we took advantage of the sunshine and had an outside learning day with lots of maths, English and understanding the worlds activities. We engaged in messy play as part of science and the children loved putting their overalls on and getting messy! They made marks with whipped cream, filled containers with sand, splashed the water with their feet and mixed cornflour and water to make different mixtures. A whale of a time was had by all!

We have been concentrating on using and applying our maths skills. Chase has again loved playing shop keeper and Imogen has been grouping items together.

Lets hope for more sunshine next week.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team 

Week beginning 8th May 2017


This week Rabbits class have taken full advantage of the lovely sunny weather. We have had a picnic outside, explored the water tray, emptying and filling containers. The children have had lots of physical opportunities including the climbing frame and also exploring the wider school by going down to the trim trail.

We have seen some fabulous social and communication moments this week including Sebbie attempting to put Lucy's shoes and socks on for her and Starsan and Sebbie playing with the space toys co-operatively.

The Rabbits have continued to enjoy 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story and Ryan has even been asking for the story when he comes into class in a morning.

Well done Rabbits


Mrs Summerell and the Class Team 

Week beginning 1st May 2017


Maths - The children have been exploring shape, space and measure this week. Exploring and manipulating different shapes and matching big and small objects. Imogen and Sebbie were both able to identify big and small and then sort the teddies into the correct groups. Charlie and Starsan worked really hard to find the missing toy that was hidden under the cup.


English & Topic - we have started to look at the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' the children listened to the story and we had a dance to the very hungry caterpillar song. We all did some fruit tasting where the children identified which fruits they liked eating and which ones they did not. Ryan, Sebbie, Chase and Imogen did some excellent matching of symbols, pictures and real objects. Starsan, Charlie, Lucy and Theodore were very good at making choices about their likes and dislikes. 


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team 

Week beginning 1st May 2017

Week Beginning 24th April 2017

Week beginning 24th April 2017 


English - the class have been exploring different types of books including non-fiction. Ryan, Sebbie, Chase and Imogen have clearly identified 5 different symbols and have attempted to sign or say the words. Starsan, Theodore, Charlie and Lucy have been making choices about the activities that they wish to explore and focusing on them for short periods of time. 


Maths - Starsan, Theodore and Charlie have been hunting for the missing teddy. Starsan turned out to be a whizz at this, never taking his eyes off the cup and finding the teddy every time! We have also been exploring more and less, the number 1 and also been doing some ordering of numbers. Sebbie has shown us that he can order and recognise numbers up to 5.


Some of the class have also been to the college cafe this week. Lucy, Ryan and Starsan enjoyed ordering their food and then superstar Ryan paid and said thank you. 


Super work Rabbits


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team

Week beginning 17th April 2017


A huge welcome back to the Rabbits children and I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate.

Joining us in class is a new pupil - Lucy who has already settled in really well and is enjoying all of the different activities that we have on offer.

This term we will again be looking at the 3 areas of maths with shape, space and measure, number and using and applying. In English we are starting to look at non-fiction books and then moving onto Jack and the beanstalk, which links nicely to our topic of growing.


I will let you know next week how we are settling back in.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits staff 

Week beginning 20th March 2017

Week beginning 20th March 2017 


Rabbits class have been looking at using and applying their maths skills this week. We have been sorting and categorising objects, solving puzzles and enjoying playing role play with the shop. Chase has loved being shop keeper selling his pizza and charging lots of money.

In English we have continued with 'Handa's Surprise' we have been doing lots of signing and speaking of different fruits and animals. We have also begun to identify pictures of ourselves.

The Rabbits were very welcomming of a new little person that will be joining us after Easter. Lucy was soon adopted as a Rabbit and the children were very nice and polite to her. 


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits staff

Week beginning 2nd January 2017


Happy new year and welcome back to Rabbits class.


This term we are going to be looking at number, shape, space and measure and also applying and using maths. This will include sorting objects, identifying numbers, sequencing and counting. 

In english we will be exploring one of our favourite - 'walking through the jungle' this will also link to our topic which is 'around the world.' We will be exploring a hot and a cold country and having a look at the different animals that we find there.


Just a reminder - PE is Monday and we will be encouraging the children to independently get changed.

Hydrotherapy is Tuesday - please send in appropriate swim wear, swim nappies and flotation devices if required.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team.

Week beginning 28th November 2016

Week beginning 21st November 2016


The children have been exploring different cause and effect toys and experiences this week. Starsan and Charlie have enjoyed the buzzers and the different sounds that they make. Charlie, Chase and Imogen enjoyed mixing the water ans tea bags together. They explored using different utensils to pour and mix. 


Maths - We have been developing our counting skills this week and the children have been having a go at counting using their fingers. Ryan and Sebbie are really getting the hang of using their fingers for 1:1 correspondance. Imogen has been counting backwards from 20 and Chase has been matching the numicon tiles to the correct number. Charlie and Starsan have been sorting different objects into colours.


Please return trip money £8.55 and consent forms by the 30th November 2016


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team

Week Beginning 21st November

Week beginning 14th November 2016


This week the Rabbits have ventured out to the college cafe. They have been developing their awareness of the wider world and exploring new environments. From the pictures you can see that they enjoyed sitting with their friends and making a choice about what they would like to eat and drink off the menu. Chase decided that he would like everything smiley


In maths the children have been consolidating their learning on size. They have been sorting big and small objects and matching the symbols to the correct sizes. Charlie and Starsan have been manipulating shapes to fit them into the correct spaces in the jigsaws.


The bear hunt story continues and the children are really enjoying hearing this story over the week. We have seen them attempting more language and signing. They have been sitting for longer periods of time and really paying attention to the pictures. 


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team 

Week beginning 14th November

Week beginning 7th November 2016 


This week in Rabbits class we have seen huge progress in the children starting to develop friendships with each other. Chase has been dancing with Imogen and Starsan, Sebbie has been hugging his friends and Ryan and Starsan have been sharing their snacks. 

Maths - some of the children have been exploring big and small, matching the big ball and the small ball to the different size boxes. The children have then been applying their learning in the classroom, matching the symbols to the different sized toys. The children have also been looking at jigsaws and how they can manipulate the pieces to fit in the correct shaped area.

English - we are continuing to look at 'We're going on a bear hunt' the children love this story and we have seen both Sebbie and Ryan attempting to say the words along with the grownups. Chase and Imogen have loved doing the actions to the story, sploshing in the river and tripping in the forest.


Can I please remind parents to send in swimming nappies if your child requires one for our hydrotherapy sessions on a Tuesday. 


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team



Week beginning 7th November 2016

Week beginning 31st October 2016


Welcome back to the Rabbits class, the children were most definitely pleased to be back at school and we got lots of smiles and laughter as they came into class. Our topic for this term will be festivals and we have started out this week by taking a look at Halloween, the children listened to a Halloween story and then completed an activity where they had to create a pumpkin face, practising their painting, cutting and sticking skills. 

In maths Starsan and Charlie have been listening to maths songs and then trying to find the missing items that have been hidden from them, this was an easy task for both of them and next week we will increase the challenge. The rest of the class have been exploring the concept of exchanging 1 for an item so we have been spending time with 5 current buns, making them and then selling them. Well done to Sebbie for exchanging all of his pennies for the buns! 

In English this term we are going to be looking at one of the children's favourite stories - We're going on a bear hunt. This week we have spent time listening to the story and exploring the book. Chase has done some fantastic signing for the bear.

All of the children have been developing their independence skills this week have been accessing the different activities that have been set out for them. The play dough table has been a very social area with three of the children spending time together and sharing resources.

Well done Rabbits a fantastic start back to school.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team

Week beginning 31st October 2016

Week beginning 10th October 2016


We have had a very strong maths focus this week and have been looking at both number and shape, space and measure. Charlie and Starsan are becomming more confident in making a choice about activities that they enjoy and are spending longer periods of time engaging with these activities. Charlie has also found the light switch this week and loves to demonstrate his skills of turning the lights on and off. 

Ryan, Imogen, Chase and Sebbie have been exploring the number 1 and numbers after this. Imogen has been counting up to 10 and matching the numicon tiles. Sebbie correctly matched some of the numicon tiles to the number cards.


Ryan is our star of the week this week - he has made us very proud as he has been trying really really hard to say lots of new words. This week we have had trousers, shoes, apple and he has now counted to 3, ordering the numbers and saying the words. What a super star!

On Wednesday next week we will be having a day to celebrate Hinduism and will be having lots of sensory experiences in Rabbits. 


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team.



Week beginning 10th October 2016

Week beginning 3rd October 2016


This week in Rabbits we have seen delivery of our climbing equipment and water wall. The children are so excited about this and have been spending lots of time exploring how it all works (see the pictures below).

Maths this week has seen Chase continue to give a penny for a current bun. Starsan, Imogen, Sebbie and Ryan have also started to exchange a penny for a current bun and we will continue to develop and extend on this. We have been looking at big and small with the majority of the class being able to choose the big bear and match it to the correct symbol. Charlie has been making a choice between different activities and has independently been accessing the books and spending time exploring this smiley.

In English we have started to look at Goldilocks and the three bears, the children have listened to the story, played with the bears - putting them on the correct chairs and matching the porridge bowls. They have also been identifying the correct symbols and pictures for the different characters and some of the class have been identifying pictures of themselves.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits Team 



Week beginning 3rd October 2016

Week beginning 26th September


The Rabbits class team are always proud of the children in the class but this week we are extremely proud. The children have demonstrated learning in so many areas and shown us so many magic moments this week that it has been an absolute pleasure.

Highlights include, Chase giving me a penny and taking a currant bun away. Imogen, Ryan, Sebbie and Chase sorting different objects in the classroom into 4 different colours. Ryan and Sebbie taking turns with each other and beginning to understand how this is important. Starsan independently pouring himself a cup of juice.. Charlie and Theodore exploring the shapes and placing the edges together, and finally Ryan role playing approrpiately with the house. These are only a few of the moments but gives you a flavour of how hard the children have been working this week.

Next week we are going to be looking at size and shapes, we will also begin to explore the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team.

Week beginning 26th September

Week beginning 19th September 2016


In maths this week the class have been exploring big and small, making a choice between the big teddy bear and the little teddy bear. Sebbie was very quick at choosing the big bear. Starsan and Charlie made huge progress in sitting for a period of time and focusing on an activity that they had chosen.

In English we have been working on mark making and with support forming the first letters of our names. Well done to both Chase and Imogen who tried really hard to write their first initial. Imogen was then able to tell me the name of the letter.


Our star of the week this week is Starsan for trying new things in class and also interacting with his friends - well done Starsan.


Mrs Summerell and the Rabbits team. 

Week beginning 19th September

Week beginning 12th September 2016


It has been a busy week in Rabbits class, as well as our normal learning we have had visits to the hydrotherapy pool and a walk round to the college cafe to further develop our social skills and explore new environments. 

In English this week we have continued to look at the 'Three little pigs' Ryan and Imogen have loved exploring the different materials. Imogen especially loves the hay and how it feels, Ryan was able to put the pigs with their different houses and blew them down like the wolf.

In Maths we are building on our repetoire of number songs, concentrating on '5 little ducks' and '5 current buns'. Well done to Chase for using amazing signing and joining in with the songs. Sebbie was able to remove all of the current buns as we sang along to it. A super well done to Starsan and Charlie who over the week have built up to sitting at the table for longer periods of time listening to the different activities that we are doing!


Well done everyone - The Rabbits Team 

Week Beginning 12th September

Week beginning 5th September 2016


Welcome back to Rabbits class.


The children have all made a very positive start back to class and have coped extremely well to the changes that have been made in class. We also welcome two new starters Imogen and Charlie who now seem like they have been with us forever!

Our topic for this term will be Houses and Homes, and we will be exploring different places we can live along with tying this is in with some traditional tales in English. Some of the class will also get to explore horse riding this term which we are very excited about. 


We will let you know what we have been up to next week.


Mrs Summerell 


Rabbits class timetable

Rabbits Staff Team

Rabbits Staff Team  1 Mrs Summerell - Class Teacher
Rabbits Staff Team  2 Mrs Pearce - TA
Rabbits Staff Team  3 Miss Gibbons - TA
Rabbits Staff Team  4 Mrs Riley - TA
Rabbits Staff Team  5 Miss Gospel - TA

Summer 2 Week 4 - On Thursday we had a little party in Rabbits Class to celebrate the end of the year. Some children and staff are moving to different classes so we grasped the opportunity to have some fun. The children decorated gingerbread men biscuits, played with balloons, played pass the parcel and had some party food. We had a lovely afternoon.

Summer 2 Week 3 - Our Art topic of using paint and colour continues. This week the children stuck masking tape onto paper, painted over the tape then finally peeled off the tape to create colourful pictures

Summer 2 Week 3 - In English this week the children have been listening to and having opportunities to play with 'small world' characters from the Peppa Pig story, "Sport's Day".

Summer 2 Week 3 - Sports Week in school. Lots of fun was had with opportunities to play lots of sports and even do some outside cooking over a fire pit.

Summer 2 Week 2 - Some more colour explorations this week in Art. We used bicarbonate of soda and coloured vinegar, the children were fascinated by the fizzing and created interesting colourful patterns.

Summer 2 Week 2

On Monday we went to White Post Farm along with Squirrels Class. We had a lovely time despite the weather!! We have been learning about animals in our science topic so we wanted to have a look at some real animals on a farm. We saw ducks, fish, snakes, tortoises, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and lots of others too! We did lots of signing, naming and sounds of animals as we went around. Neo liked the fish. Sebbie liked the Peacock. Ryan liked the goats. The animals were very tame and the children enjoyed stroking and interacting with them. We also played together on the indoor and outdoor play equipment. Lots of physical play and social interaction meant that two children fell asleep on the bus back to school!! It was a fun packed day for everyone. The children engaged, played and behaved brilliantly. It was great to see them having a lovely time in a different environment to our school.

Summer 2 Week 1 - In art the children are exploring the use of colour. They enjoyed using finger paints on tin foil.

Summer 2 Week 1 - The Train Ride by June Crebbin

Still image for this video

Summer 2 Week 1

Welcome back after half term. This term our topic is ‘Journeys’, in science we shall be investigating different materials. In English we shall be focussing upon the story, “The Train Ride” by June Crebbin and in Maths we shall be comparing size, sorting and matching. In Art we shall be exploring colour and paint. The 13th to the 17th of June is also our school’s Sports Week so we expect to have lots of fun taking part in sports activities too. 

Mrs Moy

Summer 1 Week 6 - We have been playing with animals in supported small world play this week. The children have been encouraged to name, match, sign and make animal sounds.

Summer 1 Week 6 - We play outside in our Rabbits garden everyday, developing physical and social skills and practising what we learn in adult led sessions. Lots of play in the sunny weather this week!

Summer 1 Week 5 - We are always singing counting songs in Rabbits Class. In maths this week the children have been using different resources to act out the songs.

Summer 1 Week 5 - We are always singing counting songs in Rabbits Class. In maths this week the children have been using different resources to act out  the songs. 1 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer
Summer 1 Week 5 - We are always singing counting songs in Rabbits Class. In maths this week the children have been using different resources to act out  the songs. 2 Ten in the bed
Summer 1 Week 5 - We are always singing counting songs in Rabbits Class. In maths this week the children have been using different resources to act out  the songs. 3 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer
Summer 1 Week 5 - We are always singing counting songs in Rabbits Class. In maths this week the children have been using different resources to act out  the songs. 4 5 Little Speckled frogs

Summer 1 Week 5 - This is a favourite in Rabbits Class!

Still image for this video

Summer 1 Week 5 - As part of our 'Spring' Science topic the children made playdough birds this week.

Summer 1 Week 4 - As part of our "Spring" Science topic the children made their own bird nests, a real one and an edible one!

Summer 1 Week 4 - The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter (Barefoot Books)

Still image for this video
Please share these videos with your child.

Summer 1 Week 4 - Walking in the jungle by Stella Blackstone (Barefoot Books)

Still image for this video
We have now moved on to using the books, “Walking in the Jungle” by Stella Blackstone & “The Animal Boogie” by Debbie Harter (both from Barefoot Books). We are sharing the stories with the children, singing and doing the actions and signs together. We are also giving them plenty of time to play with the different animals, to name them and learn the signs. We shall be investigating the different settings of the books, for example, the desert, the sea and the ice, letting the children explore using their senses and make connections in their experience.

Summer 1 Week 3

The children have really enjoyed reading and getting to know the story, "We're going on a bear hunt", as part of our English and 'Explorer' topic. The children have loved playing with our big bear in the cave and bed. We also have seen great engagement from the children as they explored using their senses; grass, mud, water, sticks, wind and snow which all feature in the book. The children have joined in with the actions and some have used words or phrases from the story. We also made Bear Snacks which you can see below. Next week we move on to the book, "Walking in the jungle" I can't wait to see what the children get up to!!

Mrs Moy

Summer 1 Week 3 - We have been making and eating Bear snacks.

Summer 1 Week 2 - In maths we have been stacking, sorting and matching.

Summer 1 Week 2 - We made bird feeders as part of our Spring topic

Summer 1 Week 1 - We have been reading and playing around with the story, "We're going on a bear hunt".

Summer 1 Week 1- We had a visit from the Library Van. We all chose a book to take back to class.

Welcome to Rabbits Class page


Each week please have a look at what we have been doing. 


This half term our topic is “Explorers”, we shall be using the book, “We’re going on a bear hunt” as a starting point. Our mini topic in science is “All kinds of animals”, we shall be focussing on small animals and minibeasts during the first half and then larger animals in the second half of this term. 



Please use this form to contact me if you have any queries or comments. Thanks, Mrs Summerell.