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Welcome to Spring 2019, and a big hello to our new Rabbit Bobby.  Bobby is already enjoying the routines and songs of our class - I'm very happy that he likes singing and music because as you know I do too!  Our topic this half term is Traditional Tales and we have started with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as you can see there was great fun around the porridge table, I think all the children think they are Goldilocks, eating baby bear's porridge.  At carpet time, the masks have proved very popular with Imogen, Noah, Huey and Bobby enjoying stepping into the character roles.  As well as listening to the story the children have looked at the books too, Leo has tried so hard to remember the tales to tell us all. 

In maths the children have impressed with their confident number work, finding number labels and counting out small amounts of bears.  Bradley and Kaiden used their big voices to say 1 2 3 when looking at the number labels and Kaiden counted the bears whizzy quick!  Lucy is getting the hang of number 1 whilst Leo has been writing the numbers.  Imogen finds counting out amounts to 10 easy now and is Miss fast fingers when showing the amounts on her hands.

In cooking the children made bear house sandwiches, I really love the photos of them all, what super concentration when using the tools, Mrs Killeen is working hard on their independence.

In other news Jack is practising putting on his coat all by himself, Charlie pulled funny faces in the mirror and Noah really tried to crack using scissors. 

Always busy in Rabbits.

Mrs Topping

PS The Chad are coming today to take our photograph, I will let you know when it is in the paper.  

Week beginning 17/12/18

The children have enjoyed all things Christmassy this week and we have been very impressed with how they have coped with lots of changes and everything that this time of year brings!

The Christmas show was a huge success and I know I am biased, but I must say even though Rabbits Class are the youngest in school, they were amazing! 

The boys worked together to decorate our class tree and I have been very happy that once the tree was up it stayed intact and safe for us to enjoy.  Owl Babies continues to be a favourite and I think all the staff in Rabbits can read it without looking at the words now! 

There were some cutting skills involved in the making of our Christmas cards, which Noah and Lucy really concentred on, I can see the focus in their face.  Bradley and Huey were our chief bakers making Christmas biscuits for our stall at the school's annual Christmas market on Wednesday.  Imogen provided the very green Christmas tree, excellent independent painting Imogen whilst Lucy was very good at helping Mrs Mason run the stall demonstrating how to decorate the Christmas tree.

Charlie and Kaiden defiantly got into the Christmas Sprit wearing their reindeer hat and then posing for a selfie.   Leo is head snowman maker at the playdough table! 

All of the team want to send a big thanks for all your support this term and we wish you a very happy Christmas .

Mrs Topping, Mrs Mason, Mrs Pearce, Miss Hastings, Mrs Killeen, Miss Corcoran.

PHEW!   What a busy week the children have had, not only are we thinking about Christmas and practicing for  the sing song next Monday, but the class have continued to develop all their curriculum skills. 

Charlie loved asking for a huge crumpet using his communication board, great looking and pointing, he ate the lot too! 

At morning register time I ask the children to find their name card on the floor, all the children are starting to do this now but Imogen and Leo are the quickest, Imogen can often find her friends names too. Also in English the children have been developing their early writing skills through mark making, the ever loved koala was created on the interactive whiteboard and using felt tips, Noah continues to try with his interest in using different writing tools, he was very good at putting dots on the koala.

In maths the shape monster was very popular, and as you can see Huey, Lucy and Bradley were able to find the correct shape monster mouth to eat up the 2D shape - the children found this game very exciting.  If you would like to try it at home Google 'Topmarks shape monsters.' The children then made their own shape monsters, Imogen's monster was really good, she knew exactly which  shapes she needed to create a face. 

Some of the children have started to use the laptop and the keyboard, Leo looks like he is in a very important meeting with Donna as he types away, his meeting mainly concerned going to Disney Land!

Huey and Jack continue to be very modern men, helping make the toast at snack time , and washing up.  Jack has ben very busy 'cooking' with the playdough, He is certainly going to be a chef when he grows up, 

Lucy not only wiped her own nose but also made sure Bob the Builder had a tissue too! How very kind Lucy!  Bradley discovered that he really likes to try and cut - such concentration with the snow flakes !

Finally ALL the children have discovered a love for the book 'Owl Babies' We watch it or listen to it every day - so if you need any last minute ideas for Santa, Owl Babies is it! 

Mrs Topping  

Week beginning 3/12/18

Rabbits have been exploring cold colours in art this week, sometimes it's wonderful just to give the children a paint brush and the paints to see what they will do, Leo told us he had painted Rosie the dog. Noah enjoyed painting his hand to make cold prints on the paper and Kaiden is getting very confident with the paint brush.

Imogen has continued to work on her 3D shape knowledge, sphere and cylinder are not always easy words to say!  Charlie loved using the snack communication board to eat a huge crumpet, this class are defiantly  crumpet lovers! 

In other news Bradley has enjoyed finding out about kangaroos in our non-fiction book, he really cant get enough of our reading corner.  Lucy and Huey have been busy in the home corner, I'm not sure if Lucy was tidying the area or untidying it!!  Huey and I went shopping, with Huey playing the shop keeper, his shop is very cheap!   Charlie, Huey and Jack had fun in the water, thanks for washing up Jack!

Mrs Topping

What a wet and windy week it has been!  

The children have impressed in computing with their engagement and understanding of making things happen on the fantastic interactive whiteboard. All the children knew how to pop a balloon or make a 

firework whizz into the sky.  I liked how independent they were and how all the children tried to take turns.  Bradley has taken over as the DJ at the CD player, he knows how to change the song and make the music loud or quiet!

There was lots of fun in the ice play, the children rolled, poured, threw and even tasted the ice shapes.  Leo and Imogen could tell me it was cold. Jack was very impressed with Mrs Killeen's penguin display!

Charlie really enjoys coming to the carpet for our hot and cold topic, look how patiently he is waiting for this learning to begin. 

Leo is starting to enjoy little jobs and sometimes he helps take the name basket round at register time, well done!  Noah gets a special mention as he is now able to find his name card and pop it in the basket on his own. 

In maths we have explored shapes and the very early idea of capacity, with Kaiden enjoying filling and emptying different containers with pasta.  Huey was fantastic at sorting his 2D shapes into groups of the same, Lucy found all the pentagons too in her free play, she must like the shape!  Imogen is now exploring 3D shapes and found out which ones will roll!  

As always well done everyone and lets hope for some blue sky next week!

Mrs Topping 

This week as the weather has turned very cold, we have been singing about putting on your jacket, hat and scarf,  Noah takes it very seriously and as we work through the song it is very important he is dressed correctly in my big fleece and woollies!!!  

Imogen has impressed us very much with her number fingers in maths and she is able to quickly show us an amount along with saying the number too.  The penguin number song remains very popular and Leo was able to tell me how many he could see in the non-fiction book.  Jack, Bradley and Charlie practised joining in with 5 little penguins at focus time, Jack was very engaged and is trying so hard to use his fingers to show an amount.  

The love of books continues to grow and Kaiden happily told me each number he could see in the animal counting book, whist Charlie sat down to have a quick read just before home time - Lovely! 

The girls in my class both helped me to set up for topic carpet time and obviously have been watching me put out our hot and cold resources,  Lucy was very patient with the material as it wouldn't do as she wanted and then eventually placed kangaroos and the koalas in the correct place.  Imogen could then finish the job sorting the cold animals and symbols too, thanks girls!  Noah then enjoyed being right in the cold and hot places!  Bradley found the snow wolf and enjoyed copying my wolf howl, it was lovely to hear.  Kaiden is a fan of the polar bears and loves to sing our 'Paw paw paw Polar bear ' song.  

In other news Huey did a marvellous job of pegging out the washing and his school jumper was certainly not going to blow away in the wind, whilst Jack busied himself outside building a obstacle course.  Happy days!  

Mrs Topping 

Since coming back from the half term holiday the children have been working on listening to stories and enjoying looking at books.  The book corner has never been so busy!  I love to see all the children relaxing there and looking at both story and non-fiction books.  The library service has lent us some books about animals that live in hot and cold countries, Lucy really likes the kangaroo and quickly picked up the sign, do you know the sign for kangaroo?  Jack has remembered how to sign dinosaur and tried to scare Mrs Pearce! Charlie was very interested in his own maths book and I do think it looks like he is checking my marking skills in his photograph!!!  All the children are happy to look at books with an adult and will now even let us get to the end of a story! 

In maths it's been all about ducks and frogs in our number songs.  Bradley is really enjoying helping to count ducks and knows when he needs to add them to the pond.  Leo has been super clever counting objects and quickly giving us the right amount of minions when asked.  Kaiden is very good at making teddy bears fall out of bed, he knows exactly when each bear needs to jump! Noah likes to put the speckled frogs in the post box pretending its a pond.

Imogen and Jack enjoyed the feathers in our snowy tough spot - I was very happy that Imogen realised the feathers were snow and she enjoyed saying the word and throwing them up in the air as did Jack. Noah prefers the hot country of Australia and he is very caring with our cuddly koala-la-la! 

Huey has become the class DJ, working out how to put on our CDs for the other children to listen to, I like how he knows that the volume mustn't be too loud!  Imogen was very sensible with the interactive whiteboard, I can trust her to use it on her own. Finally Bradley spent a morning pretending to be a vet looking after our dog, he really liked it when we pretended to give the little dog a drink from his bowl.

Phew what a bust 2 weeks also celebrating Diwali and making cakes at the playdough table!  The children never stop!

Mrs Topping


The half term has been a full and busy one, as you can see from our wonderful display, the children have tried really hard with their creative activities to make dinosaurs and our brilliant palm tree.  This week all the rabbits used the bingo dabbers to add pattern and colour to a stegosaurus.  The staff were really happy that ALL the children wanted to complete their art job with independence and focus.  Look how pleased Jack is with himself!!  Hope you enjoyed the stegosaurus fruit salads! 

Leo enjoyed sitting under the display looking at our 'Dinosaur Rap' book, he was very good at telling the story.  

In other news Huey, Imogen and Kaiden worked hard during their phonics time, There is no stopping Imogen with her reading of CVC words matching them to objects, Mrs Mason says she needs more post its to write lots more words for her to read.  Huey was able to multi task, ringing the doctor, jumping the monkeys on the bed and counting at the same time.  Kaiden was really interested in animal bingo and we continue to find out how many words he knows and how many sounds he can make like an animal.

Noah has discovered a love for the sensory room and asks to go every week with clear speech and a spring in his step!  

Lucy had a little bit of a cold last week and I loved how she went to get her own tissue from my drawer and blow her nose!  Just need to practise putting the tissue in the bin now Lucy!  

Charlie has started to practise playing 'Pop up Minion'  he wasn't sure at first about how to add the little swords to the holes but with help and determination he started to get it!.  

Bradley invented his own game of run across the trampoline with me, after I said 'ready steady go' a few times Bradley then tried super hard to say 'ready!'


Next half term we leave the dinosaurs behind as our new topic is 'Hot and Cold'  so we will be exploring the weather and the animals that live in hot and cold countries - I have a feeling the penguin will be very popular!  


Have a lovely half term and Happy Halloween!!

Mrs Topping and the Team. 



week beginning 15/10/18

This week Rabbits have been proving how independent they can be and also how they like to have fun and enjoy school.  I do like Kaiden in his fluffy rabbit ears and we can all agree Imogen looks like she is loving life being outside enjoying the Autumn sun! 

On Monday the children ate their lunch in the classroom and despite this big change they all coped really well and as you can see from the photographs they are becoming very independent when eating.  Charlie made us laugh as he chose to have dinner for 1 but we were so impressed he didn't need an adult with him to help him to remain seated!  Well done Rabbits!   

Lucy has been super brave this week despite her poorly foot and she has continued to practise hanging her own coat up every morning.  Huey is a wonderful register monitor and takes the job very seriously.  Huey was also a very good role model for Kaiden in art this week, showing him how to be independent with the collage materials. 

Charlie is the main man for listening when it is carpet time, all we have to say to him now, even when he is outside, is 'Charlie it's carpet time'  and he is always the first to walk in and get himself to his seat!  Brilliant!  Bradley is using our snack time communication board without help and he has quickly realised how to point at the thing he would like. 

Leo is so good at coming to join us at carpet time now and he was able to tell his friends what was big or small when looking at images on the interactive whiteboard, all the children have started to use the words or the signs for big and small now.  Noah is really enjoying mark making at our writing corner -he wants to use the area independently, which is great as little boys are not always keen on writing!

Finally welcome back to Jack who has been very poorly but has come back to school ready to sign and sing.

Mrs Topping


week beginning 8/10/18

This week in maths the children have been using the words and signs big and small to compare animals. The children really like BIG!  Imogen was super quick at sorting the animals into 2 groups, well done!  Jack and Charlie enjoyed exploring the animals, Jack was using the symbol big and Charlie enjoyed having a taste of the big lion and tiger -brave boy!!!   Leo played with the small minions and was able to use the word bigger and smaller although he did tell me the minion was bigger than the lion so the lion ate the minion!!!!

Lucy continues to be fab at using her counting finger and is very good at listening when we ask her to count slowly and show how many.

Bradley has proved to be our master builder, he really enjoyed using the Duplo, he would have carried on all day if we could have let him! 

The love of books continues with Kaiden and Huey proving to be book worms this week, Kaiden looks at a book every opportunity he gets.  Huey loved telling me he had found a Cbeebies book.

Noah has been such a chatter box this week and his language around the dinosaurs and the animals is fantastic!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Topping and the team.

Week beginning 1/10/18

As you can see from the photographs this week, Rabbits class have been super busy.  The dinosaurs have been painting and the triceratops appears to be the favoured one this week! 

It is always exciting when our children choose to read books or 'write' without being asked to.  I'm sure you will agree the children look very studious when sitting and enjoying a book in the peace and quiet. One of our little boys even found parrots in two different books and realised they were the same! 

Another of our little Rabbits enjoyed telling me he was writing his name using the chalk outside, I said this was brilliant and I liked that he was using the floor and not his clothes!!! 

At snack time the communication board is a huge hit and all the children enjoy using it although I do think they would like crumpets on the menu everyday!!!  We ae also showing the children how to indicate if they don't want something using symbols and words rather than jut pushing it away.

As ever songs are featured every day and there was a wonderful moment when one of older boys sang 5 little monkeys and performed the actions all by himself.  At carpet time the minions came to join in with our 'shake' song - they were very good at the actions. 

In maths we are concentrating on using construction materials to build towers, houses and trees for dinosaurs to eat. 

In Science our big girl did a super job of matching body parts to their labels.  WELL DONE!


Mrs Topping



On Monday as part of our RE curriculum, we celebrated the Chinese Rabbit in the Moon festival which felt very appropriate given it's name!    The children really enjoyed listening to the Chinese version of our classics such as twinkle twinkle, and on the Interactive whiteboard I was able to show Chinese characters and writing.

The golden moon balloons were very popular especially when the children realized once they popped, lots of golden circles fell to the floor and could be played in. 

It didn't take long for the class to work out how to open the beautiful flower fans and some of the children even realized what they were for.  Our two little girls looked beautiful wrapped in a traditional Chinese patterned scarf, it made a very good cape too!

Mrs Killeen put her cuisine skills to the test making Chinese wraps with the children. I have to say how impressed I am with some of the children's chopping and their safety around the cooking tools.

We hope you enjoyed eating the wraps at home.


Rabbits Team


This week the class have continued to enjoy everything Dinosaur, our Dinosaur Rap book is proving very popular and I am really pleased that the children are choosing to look at it aswell as listen to and watch the song on our interactive whiteboard.  Sharing and reading books is a huge love of mine and I am very happy the children like it too! 

Carpet number time has been wonderful this week, with all the children trying really hard to count dinosaurs and recognize number labels.  There has been lots of clapping and cheering, all of the Rabbits enjoy praise and we love to give it. 

In Science the animals were given the chance to play in soil and grass, I think the children enjoyed it too! 

Friendships continue to develop and grow, three of the children practiced playing 'pop up minion' which is great for turn taking and patience.  There was some practice at sharing dinosaurs and playing with them rather than carry them all around in a big bucket. 

Outside the trampoline remains a huge favourite and it was lovely to see two of our older Rabbits take each other to it for a bounce! 


Mrs Topping and the team


PS Don't forget the photographer is coming on Monday 24/9/18

What a wonderful start to the school year!  We are very happy to welcome our two new little Rabbits and I must say they have had a brilliant first week, joining the class for carpet time, well done! I hope you can see from the photographs how busy and engaged all the children have been both in their learning through play and their focused work. There has been counting, reading, writing, sharing and DINOSAURS! 

I am very happy with the children's communication, there is some super talking and signing and as always there is a lot of fun!

Mrs Topping




Welcome back everyone!  I will continue to update our class page every Thursday so you can see what the Rabbits have been learning each week.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or the team with any questions or worries!  We look forward to a another brilliant year!

Mrs Topping,

Mrs Mason,

Mrs Pearce,

Miss Hastings,

Mrs Killeen

Miss Corcoran.

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