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Rabbits Class

I cant believe it is almost the summer holidays and I have finished my first year as Rabbits teacher.  It has been a pleasure to work with the children and watch them develop in every area.  They really are a funny happy group with huge personalities. 

The children are all proud of our under the sea display and I almost feel like I never want to take it down.  The shark and the octopus were defiantly a class favourite. 

As you can see from the photographs the children have tried hard in every area - Bradley loves to pick up a book and has enjoyed his maths focus time, listening to 5 little speckled frogs and starting to count.

Noah has found his interest in mark making and LOVES Hurrah for Fish, looking at it correctly and telling us what is on each page.  Lucy is trying super hard with her counting and understanding of 1 and 2.  She will use her counting finger to point at each object as we say the number.  Jack has enjoyed handling the Numicon and with each job time he has become more and more interested in the tiles and ordering them with help.  He also enjoyed watching Noah set up the ocean!   Charlie has certainly been Mrs Killeen's star in baking, over the year his interest and motivation have grown and grown.  Ryan has impressed us so much with his progress in maths especially his counting and how hard he tries to say the numbers.  Imogen and Huey have demonstrated great independence during job time and I loved watching them work along side each other without any support. 

I think Imogen has been watching me always taking pictures as she was taking photographs and asking us to say cheese!!!  


Thanks for all your support and see you in September.

Mrs Topping and the team

Week beginning 3/7/18

Hi, as you can see despite this week being shorter the children have been very busy.  They continue to love all our under the sea songs at carpet time and their focus is great, a well done to Charlie for his looking.  I can hear and see the children using our sea animal words and signs too.  Mrs Mason has been talking about the season of Summer in Science, the children really like the seaside clothes and toys - and at this time of year we all love to be beside the seaside!! 


In maths the children have been building and singing about frogs, well do Bradley and Noah!  Imogen is impressive with her sound talk in Phonics, I can see from the photograph how hard she focused matching words to objects with Mrs Mason.


In other news Huey and Jack needed a rest after running the outdoor café and Lucy has been teaching the sheep and dinosaur to climb!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 25/6/18

Hi and what a wonderful sunny week we have had! Although with such heat I decided the children all needed to go for a paddle at the beach,  they loved taking off their shoes and socks to enjoy the feel of the water and the sand between their toes.  I really liked how they all shared the space and were able to get along together, enjoying each others company.  The children were also very sensible around the water and I am happy to report there were no floods!!


Lucy had the right idea when she found some shade to read her book!  Lucy has impressed us again with her copying and willingness to join in with actions, she found her feet when we were singing one little finger!

And finally Noah impressed when he used the words 'traffic jam' to describe all the cars he had lined up!


Happy Weekend

Mrs Topping

Sports week was a big success for Rabbits Class and as you can see from all the photographs, the children tried lots of different and new activities.  I was very proud of them all for how they coped with the changes and also with being in different spaces meeting new people.

In dance the children enjoyed pretending to be under the sea, the jelly fish was a very popular look with the large chiffon scarves creating great movement.  On Tuesday the children met Helen from the Adventure Service, she helped them find natural materials in our outside space to create clay animals.  Helen commented on how impressed she was with the children's effort and focus.

Circus Skills with Miss Selby was great fun, creating animals and hats with balloons, also practising juggling and balancing, 

Of course the Friday bouncy castle was very popular, I do wonder where the children got the energy from to bounce and jump!   The week ended with some calm and quiet with Tai Chi, Mrs Mason was very impressed with how all the children responded to the teacher who had never worked with little children before. WELL DONE RABBITS!


Week beginning 4/6/18

Hello and welcome to the last half term of this school year! 

Just before the half term holiday, all the children were able to explore the Trent Barton bus in our car park.  The older pupils in secondary school practise independent travel every week and we thought the bus was a great introduction  and adventure for our class.  They really did love it even though the bus didn't go anywhere, the children enjoyed practising sitting still and being safe, but they REALLY enjoyed pretending to be the bus driver.  As adults I think we often forget how exciting public transport can be.


This week the children have continued to enjoy learning outside,  Bradley was very interested in our numbers.  Jack has been practising fishing for sea creatures , he makes a very good fisher man!!! 

Noah and Huey have given us their best cheeky smiles!!! 


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 21/5/18

Wow where did that half term go!  Time flies when you are having fun whilst learning!  The children continue to develop and grow in every way, developing their communication, friendships and creative skills.  I love to observe the children as they decide how to use all our resources or how they interact with each other or the staff.  The boys enjoyed riding on the scooters together and having a fall down on the trampoline!!  The rocket into Space is making its last few journeys before we go under the sea next half term! 

Well done in maths everyone, the children really enjoyed using our Numicon and it is a tool we will continue to use next half term! 


Thank you as always for your support and enthusiasm.


Happy Holiday

The Rabbits Team


Continuing with our space theme this week, the children all enjoyed creating a number rocket and playing in space slime (rice pudding and food colouring!).  Huey gets a special mention for his enthusiasm about making his rocket,  he copied my model all by himself and was very proud of his finished result.   

In computing some of the children were able to complete jigsaws by moving the different parts across the screen,  brilliant concentration Imogen, Ryan and George. 

In Rabbits class it is very important the children are encouraged to communicate using speech, signs and symbols - this is something Lucy, Jack and Charlie are working hard on.  Lucy has become a whizz at signing green as it is her favourite colour!  Jack is amazing at signing biscuit, I wonder why!!! Charlie is starting to understand what symbols can represent - so well done all! 

We love to sing as you know , Bradley and Noah really enjoyed music this week, actually belly laughing at our 'do you like broccoli' song especially when we all pretend to be sick!!!  Bradley also did a very good performance to 'one little finger'

The children continue to enjoy outside and sharing the climbing frame.

Happy weekend

Mrs Topping and the team

Week beginning 8/5/18

This week during English time an alien came to visit , she was very friendly and went by the name of Imogen !!!! 


During focus time the children have been looking at photographs and symbols practising answering questions and making choices. 

In maths we have been shopping, filling and emptying the shopping basket with lots of food. 


Outside everyone enjoyed experimenting with ice cubes, watching them melt, spraying them with the water bottles and even eating them.  All the children are getting better at focusing on  an activity and engaging with all our learning resources and tools.


Mrs Topping

This week Rabbits and Squirrels went to visit Mansfield Fire Station as part of our people who help us topic.  Our class were super excited to see real fire fighters and a real fire engine,  They couldn't wait to climb up into the front cab and try on the clothes.  Huey and Ryan took their driving duties very seriously , Huey even fastened his seatbelt for safety.  Imogen was very keen to wear the full outfit and despite it being on the large side she knew how important it was to keep it on. 

George and Lucy took control of the command vehicle and look very serious in their duties. Meanwhile Bradley worked on the command computer ensuring they went to the correct emergency.

All the children loved using the fire hose with fireman Mick - Charlie, Jack and Noah look very professional yet also like they are having lots of fun.

The hardest part of the visit was when it ended as the children had enjoyed it so much!


Mrs Topping 

Week beginning 23/4/18

The children are all really enjoying our Space topic and as you can see they are really engaging with the resources.  Ryan and George are fantastic at blasting off once we have counted down from 10.  Imogen, Jack, Noah and Charlie really enjoyed making stars on the walls with the torches.  Lucy and Bradley LOVE the space songs and Huey is very much our space scientist experimenting with the torch and space paper. 

Linked to our space theme the children made rock cakes in cooking.  Mrs Killeen is really pleased with the children's progress over the year, they are all using the tools and ingredients correctly now.  They are all much better bakers than me!

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 16/4/18

Hello and welcome to the summer term.  Rabbits class are very happy that Bradley has joined the class, he is settling in quickly,  On Bradley's first day at big school he had PE, he happily got changed and showed us that he is good at climbing.  Like all the children Bradley enjoys our songs on the interactive whiteboard.  This half term we are learning space songs, 'Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon' appears to be a favourite.

In Maths the children have been working on their 1 to 1 correspondence skills, giving the teddies one of each item in order for them to have a picnic. 

The lovely sunshine has meant the children could engage in lots of outside learning, there really is no better classroom than the outdoors. 

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 26/3/18

Although it has been a very short half term with some snow days thrown in, the children have once again worked hard and progressed well.  Our Fire Truck song has defiantly been a firm favourite, even the staff admit to singing it all the time!  Next half term we will be looking at space so hopefully the children will learn a new rocket song to replace it!


It has been lovely to get outside now that the days have become longer and we are seeing a little more sunshine.  The children love being outside and the learning that takes places is brilliant.  I have observed gross motor development, I was very impressed to see Lucy using a scooter and Huey riding the balance bike.  Ryan has enjoyed developing his balance skills and loves the see-saw.  The chalk mark making was a huge hit, and so much more fun than using a pencil.  George's drawing skills are very good, he loves to draw animals.  Charlie and Noah were interested too in using the chalk, and our playground looked very colourful after we had finished. 

I really liked Imogen and George's copying game, which demonstrated some lovely social interaction as George enjoyed following Imogen's actions.  There was much fun on the see-saw and trampoline too, fantastic sharing everyone!  Jack's favourite thing to do outside is to sort the seating so he can get a good view of everyone playing!


Happy Easter and thank you as always for your continued support!

Mrs Topping and the team


This week in Rabbits class all the children have worked hard on their interest in numbers and counting. Imogen, Ryan, Huey and George are very confident with numbers to 5, George and Imogen can go even higher.  Imogen enjoyed working by herself to match bears to numbers, excellent independence and motivation Imogen.  Jack, Charlie, Lucy and Noah have been playing pass the number bag around and have enjoyed looking at and handling the number labels.  The number bag makes a great sound too doesn't it Jack!


In English we are looking at The 3 Little Pigs,  that big bad wolf is very popular with our children.  I love to see the children engaging with the props and enjoying getting into character. 


In other learning areas, Charlie is developing all the time in his use of our sensory resources,  he loved playing in and sharing the sand with his friends, using it correctly and getting some practise in at building sandcastles. Outside where our children love to be, Imogen showed us some very good circus tricks , copying Mrs Killeen whilst balancing - WOW!


Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to put the clocks forward!

Mrs Topping and the team

What a lovely happy week we have had in Rabbits this week.  The children are enjoying the topic of fire fighters and I think we all agree that they all make very good fire fighters themselves and would take the job very seriously! George, Jack and Lucy really enjoyed making their fire hats too.


In maths we have been looking at Using and Applying, the focus this week has been building and knocking down towers using different materials and techniques.  Imogen really finds it funny when she uses her feet to knock down her tower but she isn't very impressed when her friends knock down her tower and I can t say I blame her.  Huey and Ryan used the ball roll technique to create a game of skittles.  A super well done to Charlie who was really engaged and motivated to carry on building his tower even when Miss Hastings said he could stop! 


In cooking the children made shape biscuits and Noah was very happy to be creative with the flour, he even got some on the pastry!!!


Mrs Topping

World Book Day was a very busy day for Rabbits class.  We read stories, listened to and watched stories, enjoyed role play and got creative. 

I was very pleased to see Ryan looking at lots of different books, he does enjoy a story with a bear in it which is lucky as I was dressed as a bear for the day so of course we went on a bear hunt, we weren't scared!!!

 I was very happy that all the children looked at a book at some point through the day.  They all have a favourite - Charlie and Lucy enjoying Peppa Pig.  Noah showed his book to his dinosaurs!   Imogen and George are great at turning the pages to match the story we are listening to and continue to work on their reading skills. 


The Three Bears porridge was very popular and the children enjoyed filling up the three bowls and eating it!  I like that Lucy made The Very Hungry Caterpillar a cup of tea,  we had pom pom fun in the afternoon creating him too!


The highlight of the day for me was the children all engaging in building a house of sticks from The Three little Pigs,  Huey started the process and all of his class friends came to help.  The adults tried hard not to help and we loved observing the children problem solve and share, Jack loved moving his stick about and finding places to put it. Great evidence that resources don't need to cost a lot of money to motivate the children.


Happy reading

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 25/2/18

WOW what a week with all this snow sent from the Beast from the East!  Despite all the snow and how it exciting it can be, Rabbits have been able to stay focused and carry on with their learning.


All of the children are interested in shapes and we have enjoyed singing ' Pass the shape bag around' taking it in turns to pull out a 2D shape to explore or name.  The children are all really good at using the bag correctly and enjoy putting their hand in, remembering to pull out just one shape at a time.  Imogen and George worked well together at the shape table, and Noah came for a look too!  Ryan discovered he could roll 3D shapes and created his own mini skittles game with the cylinder. Jack explored the 2D shapes in his own sensory way, giving each one a little sniff before placing in the box.  

Charlie was encouraged to extend his interest in books and worked on exploring sound button books, understanding that he had to press the buttons to make the noises.  


Our topic this half term is 'people who help us' and as you can see Lucy makes a wonderful fire fighter, George is very interested in our emergency vehicles and is starting to understand the job of a firefighter. 


Outside the children worked as a team to build with the large round tyres,  Huey was defiantly the group leader and can be very logical in his thinking.


Our playground is now covered in snow and although very pretty, can be a nuisance for the adults!


Mrs Topping 

Week beginning 12/2/18

This week I thought i would share our music session with you as the children really have become not only great listeners but they are also using the instruments with purpose and trying so hard to play along to our music and songs.  The concentration on the children faces demonstrates how hard they are trying.  Huey, Ryan, Imogen and George can all add sounds at the correct point in our "I hear music' song, they are also able to play fast, slow, loud and quiet.  'Noisy neighbours' is another favourite.  Charlie and Lucy are much better at using the instruments correctly and can produce sounds by banging and shaking.  The fact  that we practise the songs every week is really paying off and I am very proud of all the children.  


In other areas Huey's pretend play, with the pirate ship, really impressed Noah as he observed one of his new friends being very sensible with our small world equipment.  Jack who loves to make play dough balls, really enjoyed a counting activity with Mrs Killeen, I don't know if he thought her counting was very funny or he was just very happy to have 10 play dough balls to himself! 


A great half term Rabbits, have a lovely week off! 


Mrs Topping and the team.  

week beginning 5/2/18

A very cold but bright start to February, I am very happy the days are starting to be a little longer now!  


The Rabbits have been very industrious this week, in maths some of the children have been looking at and ordering number labels to 10.  Huey is becoming very confident with his number recognition and sorted 1 to 10 all by himself.  Ryan, Imogen and George are all trying hard to remember to help me count at whole class carpet time.

 I have been very impressed with all the children's focus and listening skills at carpet time.  During music this week the children engaged for 40 minutes - WOW!  

In english we are enjoying 'We all go traveling by'  it has some great sound effects which are lovely to encourage all the children to make different noises.   Ryan, George, Imogen and Huey continue to practise their individually created reading books using symbols and words to encourage speech and reading like behaviour.  Imogen who is a huge lover of reading likes to check her class friends are reading correctly and will keep a very close eye on them.  Charlie is now using his finger to point at pictures in his favourite book and will focus on individual pages for a little longer now.  Jack is a very purposeful user of a story book now and will even let a grown up read to the end sometimes!


Lucy and Noah our youngest Rabbits have continued to show us how they can use our play resources correctly and that they can pretend play a little.  Noah enjoyed using the cars and garage correctly,  he is really carful with all our toys.  Lucy made a lovely cuppa and when she was finished went to get our dinner time song book to let me know it was almost dinner time!   


A special mention to Huey and Imogen who tried really hard to share the Mr Tumble jigsaws without adult support, not something that our children always find easy  - sharing!  


Happy Weekend 

Mrs Topping and the team. 

Week beginning 29/1/18

This week the children have continued to practise their turn taking, talking and listening during carpet time with our 'magic mic'.  The class love to have a turn using the microphone and the other children enjoy listening to each other.  Noah finds it very funny when his classmates make funny noises into the microphone.  The children ALL sit really well for whole group carpet time and we are very proud of them for how hard they are trying to improve their waiting skill.  George, Ryan, Huey, Imogen and Noah are very good at using words to say Good Morning and to tell me the day.  Lucy, Jack and Charlie are trying hard to use their voice to make sounds.


In maths the children have been practising rote counting to 10 and looking at number labels.  George can now make groups of 1 and lots of on his own.


In English we continue to develop the children's love of books encouraging them to use them correctly and to talk about what they can see in the pictures. 


There was much fun to be had at the green water during messy play, I love to see the children all being along side each other sharing and using the resources correctly.


Finally thanks to Jack for offering to help sweep up the playground - he thought he could do a much better job than me! 


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 22/1/18

In Rabbits this week we continue practising communication skills both talking and signing.  With the help of the 'magic microphone' the children are being encouraged to answer questions, copy a word or make noises.  Jack and Lucy are trying so hard with their signing. 


Noah continues to join in with more of our class routines,  he LOVES several of our carpet time songs especially the train song at dinner - it gets very fast and a little bit silly and it makes him laugh a lot!


I thought I would share photographs of the children in the sensory room.  They all love going in there and from the photos you can see why - it looks quite magical!  It helps the children to develop their language skills, focus and attention.  It also encourages sharing and being happy around their peers.


Mrs Topping


PS Please continue to send in any home learning activities - we really enjoy finding out about what the children are doing at home.

Rabbits children have started to settle back into the class routine after the busy holiday period.  We welcome Noah to the class, he is one of our F2 children and  he has done so well in his first weeks at school for someone so young.  Noah has shown us that he is interested in lots of things and happily loves songs and music as much as we all do! 

The children continue to develop their mark making and pencil control skills.  Imogen, Ryan and George are able to hold a pencil well not only tracing patterns but copying them too!  Lucy enjoys mark making so much, she often chooses it during our free flow.

Charlie has being exploring our inside classroom a little more ( I think it is too cold even for him!)  I like how he found a good place to look at his favourite book.  Maybe he thought we couldn't see him!!

In maths for shape, space and measure the children have been playing hide and seek with objects to develop their knowledge that things still exist even when they cant see them.  Huey was great at finding the animals and his focus at jobs time is improving all the time.

Jack has been enjoying a little peace and quiet at school since the arrival of his new baby brother - he is finding ways to be calm and really likes our big cushion.  He did have a giggle with the dinosaurs yesterday.

The pink moulding sand was a huge hit and the children were able to share.  It did create a very pink classroom!!!!

Mrs Topping


A Brilliant First Term

The Autumn term is now at an end and the class team are very proud of the children's achievements over the last few months.  For me I have enjoyed watching the children become aware of each other and start to develop relationships,  sharing and playing alongside each other.  Their attitude to learning is really super and all of the children are keen to engage in our English and Maths jobs. 

Ryan is trying really hard with his talking and enjoys showing us his favourite pictures in books and saying the words.  George has become really confident in maths, counting amounts consistently.  HIs love of books is lovely and he remembers all our English stories.    Imogen has found a love of reading and is remembering some words consistently without symbols.  She reads her own book and her friends too - WELL DONE!  Huey has really tried with his talking and is finding lots of ways, including symbols, to express what he wants and needs, he also makes us laugh a lot!   Charlie has developed his focus and is showing an interest in more activities now, he still loves being outside though!  The dog walking enrichment staff are thrilled with Charlie's calm sensible walking.  Lucy and Jack have not only developed a lovely little relationship  but are trying so hard with their signing,  Both can sign their names and please.  Lucy can sign jump when she wants to go on the trampoline and she is able to request snacks using the Pecks book.  Jack is signing drink, yes, finished and I pad, he is even trying to say some words such as 'again'.    AMAZING RABBITS!

Thank you for your support this term and we look forward to the Spring Term!

Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Mrs Topping, Mrs Mason, Mrs Pearce, MIss Hastings, Mrs Killeen and Miss Corcoran


Week beginning 11/12/17

WOW!  What a fun week with all the snow, although very cold and messy for adults, the children have loved playing in the snow, it really does make beautiful photographs.  I think Lucy and Ryan thought it was rather cold though, judging by their faces!  Imogen, Huey, Jack and George had such a good time finding the best kind of snow to throw snowballs.  Jack's waterproof trousers mean he can sit in the wet snow and be lovely and comfortable!

I think Charlie must have been moving too fast to catch him in a snow photograph but a special mention to him for his amazing focus at mark making time - he used all the different coloured crayons with purpose and intention! 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Topping

Week beginning 4/12/17

On Wednesday we all went to Vickers Water in Mansfield.  I must say the children behaved so well, they were safe, kind and when it was time to leave the park all of the Rabbits came straight away - this is fantastic for such young children. 


It was great to see the children sharing the equipment and being together.  Huey in particular quickly got the hang of sharing the zip wire with his friends.  Charlie was really calm and safe, he loved the high climbing frame and was a good role model for Lucy, who was very brave and eventually got on to the higher equipment. Imogen and Ryan really are good friends and loved being on the seesaw together.  George was amazing and tried everything, he is great at sharing and even helped take the zip wire back to his friends.  Jack just took it all at his own pace, he loved swinging high though.


Well done Rabbits.!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 27/11/17

These photographs of the children really make me smile.  Our topic is African Tribes this half term and the Rabbits all really enjoyed making their own tribal necklace using their collage skills.  Imogen was very keen on the stars and all the children were able to create very individual designs.  Jack was happier to look at his jewellery rather than wear it!


Our book in English is 'We're going on a lion hunt'  an alternative version to the classic bear hunt story.  The class are really enjoying it although it is very tiring looking for lions every day.  They do like getting wet when we splash through the river!


We are looking forward to our adventure at Vickers Water next Wednesday, I do hope we don't find any lions!!!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 20/11/17

This week all the children have been developing their interest in books and stories,  the class enjoy a story presented on our Interactive whiteboard but I also want them to have a love of actual books and enjoying handling them and looking at the pictures on each page - all very important pre-reading skills.  

Animal books continue to be a Rabbit favourite and I was really pleased to observe Ryan, George and Imogen work as a small group with Miss Hastings.  They listened well to the story and worked together to name all the animals they could see in each picture, fantastic language development.  Huey and Lucy enjoyed 'Waking through the Jungle'  what great focus when looking at the pictures.  Huey could name several of the animals and was very pleased with himself.  Jack and Charlie are building on their attention skills and willingness to listen to a short story until the end.  Jack likes to get comfortable when reading with an adult!


It was lovely to see Huey and Lucy choosing to sit at the mark making table together, this week, they even let Mrs Pearce join in!


​​​​​​​Great big well done to Charlie who has become our chief tidy up man at carpet time,  great focus on putting everything away in our tidy up bucket.  


Happy weekend

Mrs Topping and the team. 


Week beginning 13/11/17

This week the children have been thinking about sharing and taking turns as part of anti-bullying week.  Rabbits class are actually a very kind class and are starting to think about the feelings happy and sad, how it feels for them and how other people may look when happy or sad. 


Ryan and Imogen enjoyed spending some time together at the colouring table, it is good to see the children becoming interested in each other.  Both Lucy and Huey have been practising sharing the tea set, Huey makes a lovely cup of tea!  Outside all the children are sharing the equipment, practising waiting for their turn and also using signing or their words to ask for a turn.  George is trying hard to be assertive in order to get his chance on the scooter.  Charlie worked really hard to figure out how to move the car himself. 


Big mention to Jack who really enjoyed focusing on building at maths time!


THANK YOU for some lovely home learning - I really enjoy looking at the books.


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 6/11/17

The children this week have been working hard in maths looking at shape.  George, Imogen, Huey and Ryan are very confident now with matching two objects that look the same even if they are a different size.  The children are also starting to use the words big and small to describe objects.  Charlie, Jack and Lucy have been working on their focus around using bricks to build with.  Charlie tried really hard to use the large Lego even though it was hard!   We are very pleased with Charlie's improving focus and how he is trying really hard to use resources correctly.


Lucy was very impressive in English as she has really engaged in some purposeful mark making and is choosing to write at free flow time.  She also spent a lot of time making sounds with the instruments, she really was trying to use them to make sounds rather than  just sort them!  Imogen who loves creative time enjoyed producing work inspired by the artist Kandinsky, who uses a lot of circles in his work. 

This week I have also observed the boys enjoying looking at books, George is proving a real role model and Huey sat next him in the book corner to also use books correctly.  Huey also enjoyed sharing the trampoline with Ryan.


Happy Weekend

Mrs Topping and the team.




Week beginning 30/10/17

This week the children all did really well at swimming on Tuesday.  I am not lucky enough to go so it was fantastic for me to see photographs of the class making progress and really enjoying the water.  Every week the staff team report back to me and told me that this week was the calmest and happiest they have seen all the children.

Ryan and George are trying so hard to become swimmers, lifting their feet up and moving in the water without adult support - well done!

Our two girls Imogen and Lucy are very confident and the small hydro pool means they are able to float about in the water safely.  I do like Imogen's mode of travel.

Huey and Jack have really progressed since September - Huey is now coming away from the side and his big smile shows me he is feeling more confident.  Jack is now wearing his armbands and float aid which means he can also float about independently in the pool - looking for balls!



Mrs Topping

Week beginning 16/10/17

Wowzers!  What a busy half term we have had,  the children have settled in well and have started to get to know each other and enjoy being together.  All of the children are happy to carry out their work jobs in english and maths, I have also observed the class using our resources during continuous provision correctly too.  Huey is obviously a future architect as he loves to build towers and has some great problem solving skills working out how to add pieces to the top.  Charlie's focus improves all the time and he is showing interest and motivation in his classroom a little more now.  Jack is getting better at using his hands to explore different textures and along with Lucy loved playing in the rice crispies!

On Monday the school had a Hindu day and the very creative Rabbits enjoyed all things arty along with a workshop where they got the chance to dress up and hold different resources.  George who loves animals really liked the Indian tiger.  Imogen and Ryan looked beautiful in their Bindi,  Ryan, Imogen and George are working so hard on their counting skills and can say number names, George and Imogen can count to 20! 


Have a lovely week off with the children and happy birthday to Jack, Charlie and Huey who are all 6 in the half term!!


Mrs Topping and the team






Week beginning 9/10/17

We have had lots of magic moments this week as the children continue to work hard in english and maths.


George has cracked always counting out 2 objects to the question ' give me 2'  he remembers to stop which is a very important skill in early maths.  His name writing is improving every week and i was thrilled with George's pencil control today.  

Huey, Ryan and Imogen have excelled in their naming of friends when looking at photographs - they can all name every Rabbit friend, and Ryan tried super hard with his clear speech.  Huey was able to show Mrs Pearce he could count jumping circles to 10 this week too!

Charlie and Jack continue to develop their interest in different objects - Charlie is exploring lots of different things and is focusing much better at 1:1 work time.  

​​​​​​​Lucy is proving to be a dab hand at jigsaws and shape sorters - easy peezy! 


​​​​​​​I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of just some of the things the children have enjoyed this week, never a dull moment in Rabbits!


Mrs Topping 

week beginning 2/10/17

I cant believe it is already October!  Time flies in Rabbits Class when you are so busy learning and having fun! 


Mrs Mason (as seen in the photo)  is enjoying teaching the children on a Friday and each week she can see a big difference in how the children are progressing as a whole class.  All of the children are starting to practise saying or signing each other's names.  Lucy was able to sign her own name during our morning carpet session.  Imogen really enjoyed looking at all the children's photographs as part of her reading practise.  Keep working on remembering your new class friends names Imogen. 


Topic work this week involved the children trying hard to name or sign animals and then match each animal to it's symbol.  Ryan was very pleased with himself as he could match all the animals.  Lucy and Jack were very interested in the animals and were able to match the elephant, snake and duck.  


In computing some of the children demonstrated how good their are at making something happen on the interactive whiteboard by using their finger to choose a favourite song.  Huey and George have a really good understanding of how to do this and are able to use the board very carefully without confusing it!!!!


Keep up the hard work Rabbits

Mrs Topping

week beginning 25/9/17

Happy Birthday to Lucy and Imogen who turned 5 and 6 this week!


Rabbits have been very busy using their creative side to develop their focus and sharing skills. Charlie impressed us with his willingness to sit and share his attention, he really enjoyed sitting with the Peppa Pig boat and we shared some great eye contact.  Huey and Lucy enjoyed being drummers in music and where able to wait their turn when using the instruments.

For our Write Dance session, which encourages the children to develop their fine motor skills through their senses and music, all of the Rabbits where able to share the water and sand - it was lovely to see Imogen and Ryan using the car wash carefully.  George, Huey and Jack LOVE the sand.


A special mention to George who was able to create a wonderful leaf face and talk about all the features of a face!


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 18/9/17

The rabbits have really worked on their focus and attention this week, All of the children are taking part in our maths and english sessions - they have really enjoyed the story 'Polar bear Polar bear, what do you hear?'  We have been practising making animal sounds, signing animal names and saying animal names.  Imogen and George already know our 'Silly Slippery Snake' song and they are both working hard on naming things that start with 'S'.   Lucy really likes to look at the book and it was great to see her turning the pages and looking at the pictures.  Jack is also proving to be a lover of books and really likes to share one with a grown up. 


In maths the children are working on saying number names and counting out amounts to match numbers.  Ryan is trying hard to count out 1 and 2 remembering to stop.


The class had great fun with Mrs Mason their Friday teacher, dressing up for winter in Science - the boys really suit the hats!


A special mention to Imogen who is always trying to work independently and was able to produce a wonderful Elmer the Elephant using her scissor skills! 


Mrs Topping

Week beginning 11/9/17

Hello and welcome to our Autumn term in Rabbits class.


What a fantastic start to the year - the children have settled quickly and our new boys; George, Huey and Jack are very much part of the class already!  Imogen, Ryan, Charlie and Lucy are showing the new Rabbits our routines. 

The children really enjoyed creating trees for our jungle animals using the pinecones - ALL the children enjoyed painting   Our topic this term is animals which I know all the children will really enjoy - the wilder the better!


Hydro starts next Tuesday so please send in swimming kit and any floating aids!  I hope the children really enjoy it!


Mrs Topping






We have had a very busy week despite being so close to the end of term, the children have loved using the climbing equipment in the big hall,  Charlie and Imogen are very confident.  Ryan loves to practise his basket ball skills. 

In music we practised being loud and quiet then fast and slow - loud and fast is very popular as you can imagine but the children also showed me that they can be quiet!  Charlie's focus in music was really great!


In English I was very pleased to see Imogen pick up our book 'Today is Monday' and follow the story as we listened to the song version on the whiteboard - Great understanding Imogen of how a book works and what each page shows!


May we take this chance to wish you all a lovely holiday together, we are really looking forward to working with the you and the children next year!


Mrs Topping and the team.


Hello Rabbits July 2017

What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had getting to know each other as the school has it's transition weeks.  Mrs Pearce has ensured that the new staff and the children all find out about each other and I have really enjoyed getting to know what the Rabbits like to do.  Happily they like singing as much as I do!  Five little monkeys is very popular in maths time!

It would appear I have a very creative class as I have watched Imogen LOVE to paint, Ryan is a good baker and Charlie LOVES water.  Lucy is a little organiser and enjoys moving the resources around!

I am really looking forward to next year and watching the children progress as much as they have this year!

Mrs Topping,

Mrs Pearce,

Miss Hastings,

Mrs Killeen

Miss Corcoran.

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