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Squirrels Class

Week beginning 8th and 15th October 2018

This week we have has great fun making patterns, our pattern songs are Banana,Banana,Meatball and the Pattern Song by Scratch Garden, the songs can be found on You Tube and they have really helped us focus on our patterns.


In English we are looking at the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham it's a fabulous story about a boat trip and we had great fun and can you believe it we all got wet when Mrs Harris told the story as she got us with her water spray! It was fun though.


Our computing topic is 'Make something happen' and we enjoyed using the remote control on the pass the parcel, it was trick to stop it in the right place.


We are all looking forward to our visit next week to Jurassic World at Wollaton Park.

This week in maths we have been working on capacity with a focus on empty and full some children have progressed to half full. We have learnt a song call 'Fill it up' and have been using water, coloured salt and rice crispies  to fill and empty different containers.


In English we have been looking at rhyming sounds and words and trying to find words that sound the same, it's a bit tricky but we are giving it our best shot!


We are looking after ourselves with our daily mile and have been brushing our teeth after dinner.


We celebrated another birthday this week and had fun with pass the parcel and musical chairs.


We had great excitement this week when we found and egg, we put it in water and waited for it to hatch, we had to wait until the next day and a tiny dinosaur hatched out, can you believe it we hatched a dinosaur in our classroom!

What a start to the week with the school photographer in school, we struck some lovely posers!


In maths we did lots of counting activities, we counted people getting on and off our bus, skittles knocked down and lots of other objects.


In English it was all about saying if we liked or didn't like something, some of us could sort the fruit and vegetables into like and don't like but some of us have a little more work to do!


In computing we continued with making things happen and we used the happyland train set putting the driver on to make it stop and start with an additional focus on turn taking.


We have continued to complete our daily mile and found more balls this week we will have a great collection soon.


Our topic this week focussed on sorting the dinosaurs into those with 2 legs and those with 4 legs.


We have also been perfecting our cutting skills.


Hope you enjoyed your apple crumbles we had fun making them.



This week in maths we are trying to find the next number, it's a bit tricky but we are getting there.

In English we are talking about what we like and don't like. Lot's of the children like the happy land train set and love sharing with their friends.


We have begun our daily mile this week and have enjoyed finding things on our walk, we have managed a walk evryday and sometimes we can have a little play on the trim trail.



Week beginning 10th September 2018

Wow another busy week and another birthday. can you believe it?


This week we celebrated Miss Gibbons birthday with a party of course!


We continued to work on our counting skills in maths using the balance scales on the clevertouch and balancing numicon.


In English we continued to practice our writing.


Our topic was a roaring success this week when we made dinosaur sandwiches.


Our songs this week included 5 currant buns exchanging a penny for a bun and baby shark .



Hello everyone and welcome back!


We have been working on our correspondence counting this week and recognising numbers in maths.


Our maths song of the week has been '10 little dinosaurs' to link with this terms topic about dinosaurs.


In English we have been practicing writing our name and telling each other our name singing along to 'Hello hello what's your name?'


We have begun our topic with some fabulous bingo dabber dinosaurs.


We celebrated a birthday party on Friday and enjoyed sharing games with our friends, we have nearly got the hang of musical chairs.



Welcome to Squirrel's class page.


The team consists of Mrs Harris class teacher, supported by  Miss Presland and Miss Hallam  Monday to Friday, Miss Gibbons Monday and Tuesday , Miss Price Wednesday to Friday. Andy (Mr Machalski) Thursday mornings.


Mrs Moy teaches science and music on Thursday afternoons and Mrs Brown teaches PE  on Friday afternoons.


We have cookery on Tuesday and enjoy our social café on Friday mornings.


Breakfast club is 50p and is available Monday and Tuesday.


Tuck shop is 20p and is open Tuesday and Wednesday.


In Squirrel's class we operate a nurturing educational experience , we celebrate birthdays with a small function and enjoy hands on learning. We enjoy singing songs and a lot of learning takes place through our songs.




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