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Week beginning 22nd July 2018

Squirrels class are the proud winners of Bracken Hills Got Talent

Bracken Hills Got Talent

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Squirrels have had such a fun filled week. We took our maths to Morrisons and explored the market street in Morrisons, tasting  lots of different foods and can you believe it they even let us play on the tills we were all super excited.


For lunch we walked to the park for a picnic with our friends and sharing special times on the park.

Week beginning 10th July

Squirrels have been enjoying our money work especially with our mini supermarket. We have also enjoyed using the beebot making it move forwards and backwards. The children have enjoyed taking their learning outside this week.

Week beginning 3rd July

This week we have focussed on patterns in maths and some children have been able to follow a pattern while others like to make there own.


In English week are working on rhyming words and this is proving slightly tricky for us but we are giving it our best.


We welcomed some new faces this week and can't wait until our 2 new starters are with us full time in September until then we will enjoy their mini visits.

Another busy week in Squirrel's class learning all about empty and full in maths. In English we have been practicing our hand writing and spelling.


Our under the sea topic is coming along we have added turtles to our display and made a beautiful seabed collage from fabric.


We had a lovely party for a special young man this week with candles and cake.

This week we really have got into our new topic 'Under the Sea'

The children are really enjoying looking at all the different creatures that live under the sea and we have begun a new display with a fabric mosaic seabed.


In maths we are working on 1 more and 1 less getting really tricky now.


We are still enjoying our Friday morning café in the classroom sharing with our friends. 

Wow what a fun filled week! We have done Tai Chi, climbing, riding bikes, yoga and bouncy castle just to name a few.


It was lovely to see so many parents at sports week and I was super proud of Squirrels class, they are great sports people.


Watch out Olympics Squirrels are on the way.

Week beginning 4th June 2018

It was lovely to hear all the news from the Squirrels class this week after their week off, some children really did have a fun packed week.


In maths we have been working on our counting out objects skills.

In English we have listened to the story about a boy called Billy who wanted a bucket for his birthday, can you believe it? All he wanted was a yellow bucket.

In Science we have been learning about electricity and went on a switch hunt around school.

This week in Squirrels class we have put the finishing touches to our space topic and we love our space back packs and spaceships.

We had a great time dressing up for Post 16's fundraiser although someone took their role of policeman seriously.

Have a good holiday and look out for our next topic of Under the Sea.



Week beginning 15th May

This week we have been learning to count in 5's and we have used 5p coins to help us.


We have continued with our lovely space topic and enjoyed activities in the sun.

In Squirrels class this week we have been counting on from numbers up to 10 and counting in 10's.

In English it's been all about following instructions and some of our lessons have been out in the sun.


We  are continuing with our space topic and added stars to our photo booth, we made back packs and found to Alien eggs which Jack wrote a brilliant sign for saying do not touch so watch this space for pictures when they have hatched.


This week Tommy went to the big assembly in school and sang his counting by 2's song and everyone was so impressed

Our Star of the week was Lewis for amazing talking and overcoming challenges.


We finished off the week celebrating Tommy's birthday with a party and party games including musical chairs.


Squirrels class have had a very busy week, our photo booth rocket is nearly finished so we hope to have it up and running for next week., Lewis did draw a fabulous rocket.


In maths we are working on double numbers and some have been working on half numbers.


In English we read the story about a little boy who wanted a star as a friend it's called 'How to catch a star' we then worked on our at words.


On Wednesday we went to visit Mansfield fire station with Rabbits class and had an amazing time we got to try out the radio and sit in the fire engine, Jack got to be the chief fireman and everyone got to play with the hoses, we think the firemen at Mansfield are fabulous and write a thank you note to them and Tyler did a fabulous picture of the fire station.

This week Squirrels class have been working on the properties of shapes in maths we have counted the sides and corners.


In English we read a story called 'We're off to look for aliens' and then did lots of practice with are letter formation.

In Science we have looking at how plants grow and planted  lots of seeds that I am sure if we take care of will grow into plants to eat.

We have had a great start back to school this week after a long rest for Easter.


In maths our focus has been counting, writing and ordering numbers, we have made lots of towers and some of us have been counting back from 20.


In English we are enjoying the funny story 'Aliens love underpants' and matching rhyming words.


We have made some lovely sandwiches in cooking practicing our spreading skills.


We have started a new topic all about space and began by preparing a photo booth rocket,


We are practicing a bit of cosmic yoga too to give us healthy minds and bodies.

Squirrels have had so much fun this week learning about ordinal numbers, we have had egg and spoon races, mmm  it was a bit tricky keeping the eggs on the spoon shhh don't tell anyone but we did resort to using a bit of blu tac. We raced inside and out and ordered ourselves right up to 9th position phew that was hard work.


In English we have been practicing our names and remembering to start with a capital letter.


We had great fun making hot cross buns I hope you enjoyed sharing them and we had an Easter egg hunt.


We finished off the week with a party to celebrate Jacks birthday.

We have had a busy week in Squirrels class, in maths we have been making pairs and counting in 2's, we found pairs of socks and sang along to the socks sock.


In English we have been sequencing a story and sequenced the story from train line about a little boy who lost his teddy on the train.


Our final week of topic saw us being very busy sorting and delivering letters.


We celebrated World Downs Day by wearing odd socks can you spot the children from their odd sock pictures?


We continue to work on our independence and social skills in our Friday morning café, sharing snacks and serving each other and of course doing a bit of pot washing, we are getting really good at it.

Week beginning  12th March 2018

This week in maths it's been all about money, we have been counting pennies, buying currant buns from the bakers shop and working out how much in our purses we had to spend.


In English we have read the story of Dogger, it's about a little boy who has lost his favourite toy but all ends well, we have been trying to remember the different parts of the story.


Our topic focus this week was 'Police' and we enjoyed looking at all the different ways the police can help us.


On Thursday we celebrated Lewis's 10th birthday with a cake and a game of musical chairs.


We had a little café on Friday to support our money work.


Star of the week was Lydia for her independence skills.


Wow Squirrels have had a very busy week and I have uploaded so many photo's we wanted to share with you.


Maths has been great fun this week we have been comparing weights and learning about heavy and light, the see saw was so much fun.


In English we had world book day. everyone looked amazing and our book choice was 'room on the broom' we had great fun making a potion and it bubbled over.


It was Matthews birthday and he bought a cake to share with his friends.


Our topic focus this week was 'The Vet' and we enjoyed role playing being a vet and had 2 real guinea pigs to examine, Buster and Ginger from Welbeck class, we listened to their heartbeat, looked at their ears, weighed them and had lots of cuddles too.



Week beginning 26th February 2018

This  week in maths we have been finding numbers on a number line and trying very had to work out one more, some of  children have also been working on one less!


In English we have been looking at initial letters and matching pictures to letters.


We have a new and exciting topic this term 'People who help us' and this week we have looked at the role of the fireman. I think this will be a fun topic with lots of dressing up.

Week Beginning 12th February.

Week beginning 12th February

This week in maths we have been learning all about symmetry, we have used mirrors and bricks to see lines of symmetry.

In English we have been following instructions and enjoyed making sandwiches and pancakes they were yummy.


We are working on our turn taking skills in PHSE and have enjoyed playing games with our friends.


Week beginning 5th February

Week beginning 5th February


In maths this week we have been trying to follow and create patterns, we have made shape patters and colour patterns.


In English we are learning all about instructions and have been playing lots of action songs.


In topic we explored the school grounds and some of us even managed a sneaky play on the trim trail.


For internet safety day we learned that you cannot always be sure who you are talking to on the internet and we dress up in disguises can you spot who's who from our photo's?

Week beginning 29th January

Week beginning 29th January


In Maths we have been looking for shapes around school, we found a lot of 2d shapes in unusual places.


In English we have been finding initial letters in words and beginning to build cvc word. We are enoying our daily phonics session and really love Phonics Bug games.


We are still working on directions with the bee bot but I think we have just about got the forward and backward movements.


In cookery we made some rather unusual smoothies.

Week beginning 22nd January

Week beginning 22nd January


In maths this week we have been learning all about the different 2D shapes and how we can tell the difference between a rectangle and a square.


In English we have a new book called 'The way to the zoo' it is about a little girl who finds a magic door in her bedroom that takes her down a corridor to the zoo, it is getting funny as she has started to take the animals home with her and we are not sure what her Mum will think of that!


In topic we have been trying to match staff in school to their jobs, some were a little tricky.


We are still working on friendships and sharing toys with our friends.


Our 'Star of the Week' this week was Lewis for fabulous swimming.

Week beginning 15th January

Week beginning 15th January 2018


In maths we have been practising our 1:1 correspondence counting in as many ways as we can.


In English we are trying to get really good at our handwriting and letter sounds.


We have  been getting to grips with our new topic this week and have been finding different places in school.

Our  art this week was all about using chalks and blending them together.

It was great to have Tyler join us horse riding this week he really enjoyed it.





Week beginning 8th January 2018

Squirrels have had a great start to the new year. We welcome Tyler to the school and look forward to getting to know him.


In English we are reading a funny book 'This book just ate my dog' and we are working on our hand writing.


In maths we are looking at matching the correct number of objects to the number and we are getting really good at it.


Our new topic is about our school and our local area and we are trying to find places in school that we are not too familiar with. We will also look at the different jobs people do.

Week Beginning 6th November

This week we have been working on  long and short and tall and  short in maths. In English we have learnt all about how important labels are and have been labelling the puppets.


Horse riding is going amazing and the children are getting really confident.


This week we made beautiful poppies as an mark of remembrance.


Week beginning 30th October

Squirrels class have made a great start to the term. We have been role playing our number songs and Ashton certainly played the part very well.

On Wednesday some of Squirrels class went on their 1st horse riding lesson and we are super proud of them, we had a great ride through the woods.


In English we are learning all about labels.


Our new topic this term is African tribes and we all enjoyed the tale of Handa's surprise and those sneaky animals who stole the fruit.

16th October


This week we joined in a whole school Hindu day and Squirrels class all enjoyed  a variety of activities including designing our own mehndi hands, making rangoli patterns using natural ingredients and joining in a Hindu workshop.

Week beginning 9th October


This week we have been focussing on understanding yesterday, today and tomorrow in maths and have used the symbol timetable to help jog our memories.


In English we have had great fun acting out the story of 'The 3 Billy Goats Gruff' and we even had a bridge and masks, the children are really good at remembering the repetitive phrases.


Socially we are working on playing and sharing together. We are also learning how to look after our teeth and enjoy singing along to the brush your teeth song and brushing the rather big set of teeth.

Week beginning 2nd October


Squirrels class have had another busy week and this week we have been working on initial letter sounds and getting to grips with writing our names, some squirrels children can also write their surnames.


In maths we have been getting to grips with our numbers and finding lots of fun ways to understand the value of numbers.


We have also been working on turn taking and sharing games with others.

Week beginning 25th September.


Our maths learning this week has been all about following patterns. We have used blocks cars and shapes to make and follow patterns.

We also enjoyed sorting the zoo animals into their different environments.


Cooking this week was all about pizza making.

Week beginning 19th September 2017


Squirrels class have had a lovely start to the new school year getting to know all our new pupils and staff.

In English we have really enjoyed reading and joining in with the story 'We're going on a bear hunt'.

In maths we are getting to grips with counting objects and sequencing numbers.

Our topic this term is Zoo animals and we have read 'Dear Zoo' and made some masks of zoo animals.


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