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Week Ending 21/04/17


Wow! The first week back has flown by! It sounds like the children had a good Easter break and enjoyed lots of chocolate eggs!


This term in maths we are starting by looking at data and graphs. This week we have been conducting an investigation into the most popular colour of cars owned by people at school. We are going to be looking at different ways we can present the information including bar charts and pictograms.


We have a new exciting English topic! We are going to be reading and doing some work around the classic story Wind in the Willows! We have started by researching the story and identifying who the main characters might be. We will eventually be writing our own adventure story staring Mole!


Science this term is all about animals and their habitats, we have started by investigating different ways in which we can groups animals based on their features. We will  be looking at where different animals live and how they survive in their environment.


The Welbeck Team

Week ending 3rd March 2017

Another exciting week has flown by! This week included World Book Day.


In maths this week we have been looking at time! The children have been getting to grips with 0'Clock and half past times and quarter to and quarter past. We then used our knowledge to allocate times to activities during the day.


In English we have been carrying on with our information text topic, making observations and thinking about how we could use adjectives to describe the different parts of the insects.


It was World Book Day on Thursday and Welbeck had a Harry Potter themed day, we made Dragon's Blood, Troll Snot and Witches Eye potions (smoothies) and then in PE we played Quidditch! The children had a great day!



Week Ending 24/02/17

Great to welcome the children back to Welbeck class after the half term break! They are all excited to be back! Especially with the arrival of some new class pets! Bobby (the hamster) has joined Welbeck and the children have been excited to see him crawling around his tank! Unfortunately at the minute he does a little bit more sleeping than crawling! We have also been joined by some tanks full of creepy crawlies which will help us with our English topic.


We are focussing on writing an information text over the next few weeks and this will be centred around the minibeasts we have in class. We will be finding out about their diet, habitat and hopefully will be finding some fun facts out about them.


In maths we are looking at odd and even numbers and calculating half price of money amounts.


In science this half term we are focusing on States of Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases! The children were brilliant at identifying and sorting materials based on their state!




Week Ending 20th January 2017


Welbeck Class have had a brilliant week this week. Some of the children got the chance to experience horse riding, they absolutely loved it and it quickly became clear that we have some future cowboys in our class!


We had an exciting visit in English from Bob. Bob is the astronaut who's story we have been reading, he is known as "The Man on the Moon"! The children came up with some fantastic questions to ask Bob during the interview and a personal favourite was "How do you go to the toilet on the moon?".


In Science we have been studying rocks, last week the children made some excellent scientific observations using magnifying glasses and this week we researched how many different types of rock there are. We discovered that there is only 3 main types of rock; Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.


Thanks for reading, The Welbeck Team





Week ending 6th January 2017


Happy New Year everyone! We have had a great start to the new year this week and the class have returned full of enthusiasm and are eager to get learning.


In English our topic is the space! We are reading a story about Bob, an astronaut who's job is to look after the moon! The class knew lots about space and came up with some brilliant key words that we can use later in the topic.


In maths we are starting the term looking at measurement, we will be learning to use a ruler to accurately measure things, weigh different objects and we will also investigate capacity!


Welbeck Team




Christmas Week! End of the First Term


Firstly let me apologise for the lack of updates this term but it has been an extremely busy term! We have covered a lot of exciting things. In English we have looked at the David Walliams story Gangsta Granny and we even had a visit from Granny herself!


We focussed on writing instructions  and used our skills to tell Granny how to make a jam sandwich. We also created instruction on how to brush our teeth correctly, not how Ben does it in the story!


In maths we have spent a lot of time working on recognising money and importantly understanding the value of it. We have been creating different amounts of money using the least amount of coins and working out how we can pay for different items. To finish off the term we have been focussing on number bonds and the children are now becoming very quick at recognising them.


We have had lots of birthdays this term and have celebrated them in the Welbeck style by having a traditional tea party with cake and tea.


The run up to Christmas has been very exciting, we practiced hard and gave a brilliant performance at the school carol concert of our chosen poem 'Winter Time'. All the children took part and amazed us all with their performance. We learnt all about in another country Russia and shared this with the rest of the school at the Christmas Around the World day.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Welbeck Team.


Week Ending 21st October - End of the first half term!


It's the end of the first half term! WOW that has gone fast! Welbeck have been extremely busy during September and October and definitely deserve a rest over the break (but they still need to complete their homework!).


In maths we have covered lots of things including addition, subtraction and some work on 2D and 3D shapes! The children used their learnt knowledge of the properties of the shapes to hunt around school for shapes in everyday objects. We have also been focussing on counting in 2's as this will help us to count objects a lot quicker than counting them individually.


English lessons have kept us very busy too, we have planned and created superhero comic books and looked at different peoples jobs including astronauts, animators and authors. We acted out a space shuttle launch and used this to help us think about the personal qualities we would need to be an astronaut, we had some great suggestions such as brave, intelligent and strong. We then used our knowledge of jobs to create questions which we used to interview the school caretaker to find out more about his job, we used his answers to create a fact file about the job!


We have also taken a whole day to experience various elements of the Hindu religion. The children enjoyed creating God pictures and Rangoli patterns but definitely enjoyed the food tasting the most!


All in all it's been a great half term. Enjoy the break and see you in November!


Mr Simpson, Miss Kirk and Mrs Seaford.

Week Ending 30th September 2016

Welbeck class have been extremely busy the last few weeks. We have been learning lots of valuable skills and knowledge that will help us in our everyday lives.


In Maths we have been focussing on adding single digit numbers, we have learnt that we can swap around the numbers to make the calculation easier to answer. We are now moving onto subtracting single digit numbers, this is a little more tricky but we have already made a good start!


In English we started by researching Superheroes. We then used this information to help us create our own Superhero (such as Electricman and Firegirl). We have written a comic book for our Superhero including designing a front cover and writing an exciting blurb. We have been focussing on using capital letters and full stops correctly in our writing.


Science has been extremely exciting, we started by looking at healthy foods and discovered that a fruit smoothy contains more sugar than a bottle of Coke! We then moved onto learning about the circulation system and we acted out the flow of blood around the body!


Week ending 9th September 2016


Hello, my name is Mr Simpson, I am a new teacher at Bracken Hill School and the new teacher of Welbeck class. In Welbeck we also have some new children who have already fitted in brilliantly and who have started making new friends straight away. We are lucky in Welbeck class to have some great teaching assistants to help us with our learning, Mrs Seaford and Miss Kirk have both been at the school for a number of years and are fantastic at their job.


                   Mrs Seaford                                  Mr Simpson                                     Miss Kirk

At the end of a very busy term Welbeck class enjoyed planning, shopping for and making their meal to share in their Social Skills lesson. All pupils contributed effectively and worked hard to make their last week together a time to remember. Pupils showed off their social skills during the meal and improved their skills in the kitchen. During our shopping trip pupils were able to located the exact ingredients they'd previously chosen online. The staff were very pleased with the level of independence pupils showed throughout this unit and the end product was delicious. Very well done to all!

Welbeck's 'Plan and make a meal to share'

Welbeck's 'Plan and make a meal to share' 1
Welbeck's 'Plan and make a meal to share' 2
Welbeck's 'Plan and make a meal to share' 3
Welbeck's 'Plan and make a meal to share' 4
Pupils in Welbeck have been immersing themselves in the book 'Stig of the Dump'. This term they have written their own role-roles and acted them out as part of their speaking and listening assessment. Pupils have also enjoyed writing comic strips and you can see the lovely creative work that has been displayed in class. Jordan has brought the story into the 21st Century by writing his very own modern day adaptation.
Picture 1

RE Festivals -Palm Sunday (8.6.16)

Welbeck are now studying Festivals in RE (Religious Education) with Mrs Wright.  They explored the story of Palm Sunday, then made their own palm leaves to wave, like they did in the story.

RE Trip to St Thomas' Church

RE trip to St Thomas' Church - 27th April 2016

As part of our Religious Education lessons Mrs Wright took Welbeck to visit St Thomas' Church in Kirkby.  Neil, the vicar, showed us round the church and they learnt about the special objects there and ceremonies that take place in the building.  It was lovely to be able to explore and see parts of the church that most people don't get to see.


Welcome to Welbeck class where the start of the Summer Term has seen change with a new class teacher Mrs Denman. Pupils in Welbeck have made a very good first impression with all their hard work and team spirit. This term pupils will read the classic book 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King in English and will have the opportunity to be creative through role-play and writing their own versions of the story. Pupils will also plan and make a meal together during their social skills lessons. Watch this space for updates and progress of Welbeck throughout the term.

Mr Simpson

Class Teacher