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Bears Class

Bears are back!

Welcome all to Bears class!

We have made a great start back, we are all loving our space topic and the weather has been kind to us this week, so we have enjoyed some lessons outside! We have made some star biscuits, built rockets and started circuit training to be an astronaut.

Miss Barnett's story

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Mrs Watson's Attention Autisim video 

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Darwin class have been busy at home and in school exploring delicious foods. We have children picking and eating scrumptious strawberries, to children cooking fantastic cakes in school. We have also had a shape focus this week, so one child and his parents made and cut toast into different shapes. Super work Darwin children and parents, your amazing!

Darwin's truly scrumptious adventures!

Mrs Watson making nachos

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Mrs Watson reading ‘The children who loved book’

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Week ending 14th February 2020.


The last two weeks have passed by in a flash but we have had some fun.  We are still on the topic of The Blue Abyss and we have been looking at the artic seas.  We have looked at the animals that live in them and created art around them.  We  have had lots of sensory experiences with warm and cold and icy colours which has also helps us investigate liquids and solids.  In cooking, we even got to make (and then eat) out own Marshmallow igloo and we have also practiced  making sandwiches and wraps.  In Maths, we have been practicing grouping, making groups of lots and groups of one and in English, we have been reading the wonderful book 'The Snail and the Whale' where we even got to make out own sparkly snail trails. We've had fun all round but are looking forward to our half term break.

We have had a lovely week in Darwin class, we have been talking about different types of weather and experiencing some rain and even snow during playtime on Wednesday!

The pupils have been sorting clothes you might wear in different types of weather. 

During cooking this week the pupils have made some delicious cheese or ham wraps independently making choices of topping, grating cheese and rolling and enjoying!

Week Beginning 27th January 2020

Week ending 17th January 2020


Well we have returned from our Christmas break feeling fresh and have got straight back into the swing

of things.  


We've welcomed our lovely, returning teacher into Darwin (Mrs Robinson) who is now working at the beginning of the week and Mrs Watson, working the latter.


We've been working really hard in  Maths practicing our counting by putting counters into containers and taking them out.  We have also done some fantastic work in English where we have got to meet 'The Singing Mermaid' and look at the book written by Julia Donaldson. And, we have done great job of   practising our communication using symbols and learning signs that reflect our Topic.





Our theme for this term is the Blue Abyss. So far we have looked at the different forms of water and had lots of sensory ice experiences.  We've looked at hot and cold and the different states of matter..... we even added heat to crayons and we were blown away by what happened.  This week, we have been looking at the weather and learning the different signs and symbols to help us identify what is going on outside.

Week ending 29th of November.

We have had a really fun two weeks.  For maths, we had a week of  practical maths were we made sandwiches and looked at the different fractions that we could cut it into.  We also looked at how heavy things weighed using scales and played shop keeper whilst using  money.  We then  went on a trip to the shop to buy something. 


In English, we have been looking at stories and we began our sensory journey on the Polar express.  On our moonlit journey, we get to be different characters, we travel through dark forests and over cold mountains.  We try new snacks on the train and then at the end, we get to meet Santa.


For Topic, we have continued our journey of celebrations by looking at Thanks giving and Birthdays.  We've had great fun, trying different foods and working out which we liked and which we didn't.  We've made sensory art work whilst looking at textures and enjoyed lots of music making.  We even celebrated one of the pupils birthdays this week and we had a little party which included a fun game of pass the parcel.


Week ending 15th November 2019


We've had a really great, fun two weeks since returning from our half term holiday.  Our topic of celebration has given us lots of opportunity to try new things.  So far, we have celebrated bonfire night where we made fruit fireworks with chocolate... yum!  And we even made Miss Hallam's favourite Parkin.  We have watched fireworks and then painted them and made our own firework music.  We also looked at Remembrance and had our two minutes of thought.  We painted poppies using pumpkins and baked poppy cookies. 

In Maths, we have been working on our numbers.  We have been counting and recognising numbers whilst counting matching amounts into pots.
In English, we have been looking at books.  We've looked at Day Monkey and Night Monkey and The Stickman who we loved meeting!

Week ending 18th October 2019


The first half term is nearly over and we have had so much fun.  We have all settled into our brand new classroom really well and enjoyed getting to know our new class.


This half term, we have been reading the hungry caterpillar.  We have enjoyed watching the story (we especially like when the hungry caterpillar himself comes to visit) and have done really well at learning and matching food symbols to pictures.  We have also learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly.


In Maths, we have done lots of work on our numbers and on shapes and patterns.  We even tried making patterns in music.


During Topic, we have learnt about ourselves and our community.  We looked the colour of our eyes and hair and made a collage of our faces.  We also made gingerbread men and managed to identify the different body parts..... we especially enjoyed eating those!  When looking at our community, we have looked at our families and identified the members in it and we have looked at people and places within the  wider community around us.  We managed to identify special buildings from our community and identify what we use them for.


Throughout, the half term we have had lots of sensory fun which has included us learning about different animals and the environments that they live it.  


We are really looking forward to next half term!







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