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EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2

Welcome to the Primary Phase


The primary phase at Bracken Hill caters for children from 4 to around 11 yrs of age.  The broad curriculum is underpinned by an in depth knowledge of each individual child and how they learn and therefore develop.  All children have access to a personalised, exciting, challenging and vibrant curriculum taught within a caring and relaxed atmosphere. Improving communication skills is of prime importance, Makaton, PEC’S and signs and symbols are used throughout.  Teachers and pupils are well supported by a range of professionals including speech & language and occupational therapists.


Younger children follow a scheme of work that is based on the Early Years curriculum with an emphasis on learning through play and practical work. Children enjoy a wide range of hands on and often messy activities such as water play, experiencing different textures during sensory play, singing songs and relaxing in the sensory room.


Older pupils follow the National Curriculum where possible, and most subjects are integrated into topic-based work.  They are able to investigate and discover the world around them with frequent opportunities to lead their own learning and apply it to real life.  There is an emphasis on social skills, developing independence and resilience, self esteem building and working as team across many aspects of their work.


The curriculum is enhanced with the opportunity for children to take part in horse riding, hydrotherapy, TAC PAC sessions as well as working with music, movement and play therapists.  The Primary Years is a fun and exciting place to learn where we want all children feel safe and valued.  Children are well prepared for and supported in their transition to the secondary phase to make it as seamless as possible.


We are currently updating our curriculum and have created a new three year plan of themes (see below) that aims to work across curriculum subjects.  Within the new curriculum, pupils will be working on different pathways, Explorers, Adventurers and Pioneers.  All three pathways will follow the same theme, but access the theme in a way that meets the individual needs of the pupils.  The new themes should be much more motivating and exciting for pupils and allow for linking of knowledge and development of skills in a more joined up way.



Curriculum Overview 2019-2022