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Week beginning 7th October 2019.


This week the foxes ūü¶ä took part in some activities related to National Mental Health Day. They looked at how film clips can help with understanding emotions and how we respond as individuals. They tried out some¬†mindfulness techniques and went on a mindful walk around school. We focussed on colours, sounds, movement and pattern. We finished our focus on the mind by watching the film ‚ÄėInside Out.‚Äôūü§©

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 Week beginning 23rd September.


We’ve had a great week in foxes this week. In Maths we have been looking at the points of the

compass and following directions using maps. In English we have been listening to poems by the poet Michael Rosen. Our favourite poem is Chocolate Cake and we had great fun joining in with the yummy parts! In Cooking we made mini chocolate cakes and at Forest Schools we made things out of bamboo sticks. In Art we painted Autumn Trees and made models out of boxes. Nicholas made a very impressive Battleship.

September 2019

Hello and welcome to our class - The Foxes ūü¶ä¬†

My name is Mrs Rigley and I’m the class teacher in the Foxes. We have three wonderful teaching assistants; Mrs Campbell, Miss Ball and Mrs Tomlinson. 


We’ve had a fantastic start to the term and the children have settled into their new class brilliantly.

We have PE on a Tuesday, Forest Schools on a Wednesday and Swimming on a Thursday.


Homework is set on a Friday.


Our topic for the first half term is Our School and Our Community. Here we are exploring our school habitat. We found animal prints, birds, plants, a caterpillar, feathers, rocks, sticks and a variety of different leaves. 




Exploring our school habitat.

Week Beginning 10/06/2019: Sports Week

The boys have had a fantastic week this week doing lots of different sports. They played boccia, wheelchair basketball, speed stacking and football. 


We we had a challenge to make a healthy meal too and the boys had to walk down to Morrison’s to but the ingredients before they could do their cooking!


on Friday the boys had great fun on the bouncy castle. 

Week Beginning 03/06/2019

It has been a busy first week back in Foxes Class. The boys had a great time using the atlases to name and locate different continents and seas of the world.


In computing, we have been learning how to program the Bee-Bots to create different shapes. The boys were great at predicting what shapes the Bee-Bots would make and then had lots of fun following them around the table with whiteboard pens to map their route!


The boys joined up with Bestwood Class this week too to play cricket which saw lots of smiley faces.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Jake for always being such a happy member of the class. Well done Jake. 

What a lovely week to end this half term! The boys made some excellent moving vehicles using a range of different art materials. They really enjoyed playing with these once they had made them.


We had a lovely trip to Crich Tramway Museum where they boys got to explore the history of trams as well as having a few tram rides. Asa said it was the best trip ever!


Ashton and Josh finished their incredible boats that they have been working hard on throughout this half term whilst the others have been at swimming.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Ashton for a much improved attitude towards his learning. Well done Ashton.

Another week, another birthday in Foxes Class! This week is was Rhys' turn to celebrate.


The boys have been working hard this week researching the different army vehicles. They have all been able to use the internet safely and effectively to find out facts that they then wrote down in the books. 


In computing, the boys have engaged really well with the online comic book creator and we have had some fantastic comics! Well done boys.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Josh for a great attitude when working in the zone. Well done Josh.

Week Beginning 06/05/2019

We have had another birthday to celebrate in Foxes this week. Thank you to Jensen for bringing ina delicious cake and lots of other treats to share with your friends!


the boys wrote some lovely versions of ‚ÄėAliens love underpants‚Äô this week and we had some very creative twists on the story. Did you know aliens love schools and McDonald‚Äôs?! Me neither until this week.¬†


In mathe the the boys have done some fantastic measuring using rulers and have shown that they can quickly and accurately order objects by size. 


Science was was fantastic this week with the boys investigating and sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials. They had so much fun with the magnets!


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Jack Mc for showing a great attitude at swimming. Well done Jack

Week Beginning 29/04/2019

What a week! Foxes had a great time celebrating Ashton's birthday and Monday. He brought in a lovely cake to share with his friends and he even let the staff have some too!


The boys are loving playing different card games and Jack Mc and Oliver had so much fun playing 'Slug in a Jug' and matching rhyming cards.


In music this week the boys had to listen to a piece of music and draw what they could imagine was happening whilst listening. Jensen, Jake and Asa really impressed Mrs Lakin with their imaginative pictures.


The group that don't go swimming have been getting creative to and doing some team building. The boys have made some great model planes and have started a lovely wooden Viking boat. Well done Ashton, Josh and Jensen.


This week Foxes Star of the Week goes to Jack W and Rhys for moving up into the deep end at swimming! Exellent stuff boys!

Week Beginning 22/04/2019

What a start to the Summer term! To kick off our topic on 'Transport', the boys have read, followed and even written their own instructions on how to make paper planes and boats.


Everybody enjoyed playing with the finished products and seeing which plane would fly the furthest. Unfortunately, the paper boats sunk straight to the bottom of the water tray. Apparently we needed to use waterproof material, who knew?!


Foxes Star of the Week this week was Jake for his wonderful swimming skills.

Week Beginning 01/04/2019


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The boys have continue to develop their skills around stop motion. This week they had a go at making their own 'Lego Movies'.

Week Beginning 18/03/2019

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The boys have worked really hard on their stop motion videos this week.


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Week Beginning 11/03/2019

We have had a very creative week this week in Foxes! The boys have displayed great team work skills when making their own beach models as part of our topic on the Better World Detectives. Ashton and Oliver worked really well together to create a beautiful beach.


In cooking the boys created their very own biscuit creations. There was lots of chocolate, sprinkles and even some cherries! Rhys, Josh and Jensen loved eating their masterpieces.


Oliver and Jake were very proud of their 3D shape monsters that they made using different 2D nets. All of they boys cold name some different 3D shapes and could group the shapes using different properties.


This week the boys learnt how to play balloon volleyball and Asa and Jack W impressed us with their great skills!

The boys have been working hard this week to create their very own under the sea bottles. Jensen continued to impress us with his knowledge of life under the sea and Jake worked really hard on his bottle.


All of the boys made and tried pancakes this week. Asa enjoyed the oranges and Jack Mc did really well with trying a blueberry. Everybody's favourite pancake was the chocolate spread one!


We have also done our 'Race for Life' run this week. Rhys was as fast as lightening and Oliver and Josh ran around with big smiles all the way.


In science we were investigating the different temperatures and how to measure this. Jack W got a bit of a shock with the very warm water and told everybody else to be extra careful.

Week Beginning 25/02/2019

It was great to see the Foxes boys again after a lovely week off.


This week we were asked to join the Better World Detectives to help them to solve the case of the missing turtles in Son Risa, Costa Rica. The boys had great discussions about the similarities and differences of life in England and life in Costa Rica.


The boys also made some moving turtles in art using different art materials. It was great to see such smiles throughout this activity!


We have also started a new science topic this week all about solids, liquids and gases and Rhys was the first one to guess our new topic by looking at the different things that I ad put out and asked them to sort.


Jake has now started full time in Foxes and what a wonderful addition to the team he is! He is our Start of the Week this week for settling in so well. Well done!

Week Beginning 11/03/2019

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This week we finish our topic on Myths and Legends with a trip to the cinema to watch 'How to Train a Dragon 3'.


The boys then did some fantastic film reviews to share their thoughts on the film.


This weeks Star of the Week was Oliver for showing great social skills. Well done!

Week Beginning 04/02/2019

This week the boys did some fruit tasting to see what fruits we would like to eat more of. Jensen, Rhys and Asa were a bit unsure of the lemons to start with but then kept going back for more!


The boys have continued their work on dragons this week and have produced some excellent descriptions of different species of dragons.


Jack W is our Star of the Week this week for his beautiful description of the 'Ice Dragon'. Well done.

Week Beginning 28/01/2019

This week Zoo Lab came to visit! We saw lots of different creatures including a scorpion and a snake which was a little bit scary but the boys were very brave. Josh loved the snake and would have taken it home if he could and Jensen was so interested and knowledgeable about the different creatures. Asa was a little unsure to start with but plucked to the courage to hold the snake by the end.


Oliver was a little bit upset when Rhys was poorly at the start of the week so Jack Mc showed great friendship skills and played with Oliver to cheer him up. 


The boys continued to work hard in their gymnastics lesson and Ashton and Rhys impressed us with great balance and technique. Rhys even had the confidence to 'reach for the sky'.


Jack W was our 'Star of the Week' this week for his amazing report about the Ice Dragon. Well done!

Week Beginning 21/01/2019

It has been another busy week in Foxes Class this week. The boys have been using different resources in maths to solve addition problems including number bonds to 20. Jack Mc, Jensen and Asa were very speedy when finding matching pairs to make 20 with the numicon whilst Jack W and Ashton impressed us all with their ability to add 3-digit numbers using column addition.


In English we found out that a Thunder Dragon had been spotted near Bracken Hill so we had to become dragon experts to find out as much as we could about this species. Oliver asked some great questions and was very enthusiastic about this topic.


The boys all enjoyed cooking some pancakes this week and some were adventurous and added raisins and lemon to their pancakes. 


Rhys and Jack W and worked really hard together to complete a range of jigsaws and they were really proud of themselves. Great team work boys!


Our Star of the Week this week is Jensen for having such a positive attitude towards his learning. Well done.

Week Beginning 14/01/2019

What a fantastic week it has been this week in Foxes Class. The boys made some delicious banana bread in cooking and Rhys was so impressed that he asked for the recipe so that he could make some more at home!


The boys made some amazing 3D dragons using egg boxes after listening to some different stories that included dragons including the story of George and the Dragon. 


We continued to learn that animals can be grouped into different groups in science and Jensen impressed us all with his knowledge of mammals and amphibians.


The writing that the boys have produced about different Toy Story characters was very impressive this week and a special mention must be made to Ashton's use of alliteration in his writing! And to Josh for really trying hard to form his letters.


In PE this week we got out lots of equipment to help us to develop our gymnastics skills. Oliver and Asa loved jumping off the beams and Jack W grew in confidence so much throughout the lesson, well done!


We also had a fabulous time celebrating Jack Mc's birthday and Ashton, Josh and Jensen even made some cakes for him that we all shared in the afternoon. 


Our star of the week this week was Jack Mc for coming in to school smiling each day.

Week Beginning 17/12/2018

The children worked so hard on their nativity performance this week. A big well done to all of our readers from Foxes Class. You had such lovely, clear reading voices!

Week Beginning 10/12/2018

It was great to see so many of the Foxes Class in their festive jumpers this week. The boys did really well with trying different foods for their Christmas dinner. Well done!


We also made some fantastic 3D solar systems this week in science. The boys worked really well in their pairs to thing about the order, the colour and the size of the different planets.

Week Begining 03/12/2018

On Wednesday morning, Foxes Class went to the Fire Station with Newstead Class.


We learnt lots of things about fire fighters and their equipment. We went to the fire station to help our learning about the Great Fire of London. We already knew that they didn't have fire engines in 1666 and the equipment was nothing like what we saw on our trip!


The boys had a fantastic time exploring the fire engines and we would like to say a big thank you to Mr Topping for inviting us to his fire station.

Week Beginning 26/11/2018

The Foxes have worked so hard this week to become news reporters reporting on the Great Fire of London. They had to read and research about the Great Fire of London before writing their own report about what happened.

Below are the recordings of the children reading their news reports. I'm sure you will be as proud as we all were when the children made these.


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Week Beginning 19/11/2018

Foxes Class have been very busy this week. The boys have been solving lots of length problems in maths using a range of different resources. It was great to see the boys working together to compare their heights using meter sticks as well as bricks.


On Wednesday we had a wellness day and the boys took part in lots of different activities throughout the day. We talked about what makes us feel happy in and out of school and how we can make our friends happy if they are feeling sad.


The boys really enjoyed using bubbles as a way to control their breathing and loved taking part in a yoga session with Mrs Mason.

Week Beginning 12/11/2018

It has been another exciting week in Foxes Class. The boys have done some fabulous research about the Great Fire of London. They worked in groups to compare pictures of London from the past and present. Then they used collage to create their own pictures to represent the Great Fire.


In science we have continued to learn about the Earth, moon and sun. The boys enjoyed listening to a catchy song about the phases of the moon and found it very tasty when we represented these phases using Oreos!


Keep up the good work Foxes!

Week Beginning 05/11/2018

What a fantastic week in Foxes Class! We have been enjoying reading 'Whatever Next' in English and the children have done some amazing role play to retell the story.


The children showed brilliant understanding of equal groups in maths and they have impressed all of us with their confidence when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


In science we have started our topic on Earth and Space. The children made some beautiful models of the Earth, Sun and Moon and we had great discussions about them.



This week we have designed and created our own pumpkin designs in Foxes Class. We had some very creative ideas!

On Friday Foxes Class had a fantastic trip to Morven Park for a dinosaur hunt! It was great to see the children running around so enthusiastically using their orienteering skills to find the hidden dinosaurs around the park.

After the hunt the children had a play on the park. All of the children played beautifully together and had big smiles all day. What a way to end our first half term together!

Week Beginning 15/10/2018

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This week in Foxes the children have all become paleontologist! The had to create their own fact sheet which has gone in a class book all about different dinosaurs. 


Once the children had researched their chosen dinosaur and learnt some facts, we used green screening to record our new knowledge! IT was amazing to see the children speaking with such confidence and they all had so much fun doing the recording. I'm sure you will love the clips just as much as the children.

Week Beginning 08/10/2018

Considering this week was only a short week, we still managed to fit in lots of exciting things in Foxes Class.


We made herbivore cups using lots of different vegetables and humus. They were very tasty and we think the dinosaurs would have loved them. Although we might have had to make them a bit bigger to feed some dinosaurs!


We also made some doves of peace in RE and the children told me about all of the kind things they do for others and the kind things others do for them. It was so lovely to hear!

Week Beginning 01/10/2018

This week in Foxes Class we have been using atlases to help us to find out where dinosaurs lived and how the earth has changed since the times of the dinosaurs.


It has been great to see the children sharing ideas and working together.

Week Beginning 24/09/2018

This week the Foxes have been looking at and learning about shapes.


We were so impressed at what the children could tell us about different 2D and 3D shapes and when the children went on a shape hunt, they were even better than the adults! The children made some lovely images with their shapes and then started to sort them based on different properties!

Week Beginning 17/09/2018

All of the children in Foxes Class are really working hard on our Dinosaurs topic. This week we researched some dinosaurs and wrote facts that we found really interesting.


In cooking we made some 'Dinosaur Mud Cups'. The children thought these were very tasty and even the dinosaurs wanted to try them!

Week Beginning 10/09/2018

We have had another busy week in Foxes this week.


In English we have been looking at the story 'Chalk'. There were no words in this story so we had to write them ourselves!


We also baked some lovely Dinosaur Footprint biscuits which looked and tasted fantastic.

Week Beginning 03/09/2018

What a lovely start back we have had in Foxes.


The children shared all of their exciting stories from over the 6 week summer break which was lovely to hear. They children enjoyed asking each other questions about what they all got up to.


This half term we will be learning about dinosaur in our topic lesson and the children did some fantastic talking about what they already know and what they are excited to find out about.


In science we are going to be looking at the human body. This week we learnt about different food groups and enjoyed tasting some examples from each. Some food groups were much more popular than others!

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