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Foxes Class 2021/2022

Week Beginning 09/05/2022

Week Beginning 02/05/2022

Week Beginning 25/04/2022

Week Beginning 18/04/2022

Week Beginning 21/03/2022

Week Beginning 14/03/2022

This week we decided that as the Pharaohs were the most important people in ancient Egypt, we all wanted to be one! We learnt about famous Pharaohs and created our own headdresses and necklaces so we could show just how rich and important we were too! 


On Thursday we had a lovely treat of going to the College Cafe and the children had the best time ever. It was wonderful to see the children ordering independently and working out how much they needed to pay. I think we might have to make this a regular thing!


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Josh for being such an independent learner. Well done Josh! smiley

Week Beginning 28/02/2022

This week we took our science learning to the next level and introduced the concept of friction. After learning about forces - pushes and pulls last week, we spent time investigating how to slow moving object down by increasing the friction. We found that rougher surfaces were better for this.


We continued with fabulous hands on learning in our topic and art lessons by making some beautiful Egyptian death masks. The children worked so hard to cut out and add detail to their masks. It was lovely to see the concentration and care that took place.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Till. for having a great attitude towards her learning. Well done Tilly! smiley

It is great to be back! And straight away the Foxes have been hard at work.


We have had a bit of a change to our timetable this half term as we now do cooking instead of swimming and the children have responded so well! Plus what better way to start our cooking that by making pancakes. smiley


We have also started our new topic all about 'Ancient Egypt' and the children have loved exploring the different artefacts and researching about them.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Logan for his amazing research. Well done Logan!

Week Beginning 07/02/2022

What a lovely end to the half term! We celebrated the wonderful Mrs T's special birthday on Wednesday and the children were very excited to share some cake with her! smiley


To end our topic on 'Inspire Us' we have been reading lots of biographies about inspirational people including; Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. We discussed what made them all special and what things they had in common. 


In maths it has been great to see an increased level of independence this week with the children applying their addition and subtraction skills in problem solving situations.


We also made our own switches this week to build on our learning about electrical circuits. We learnt that when the switch is on, the circuit is complete but when the switch is off the circuit is incomplete. When using the buzzers, the staff definitely preferred it when the switches were off!


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Thomas for his incredible swimming. Well done Thomas! 🦊🌟

Week Beginning 31/01/2022

It has been another great week for learning in Foxes Class this week. We have been so impressed with the independent writing about different characters using adjective, powerful verbs and adverbs. It was lovely to see the range of vocabulary that the children used.


In maths, the children continued their work on measuring everyone worked so hard when using rulers to remember to start from 0, and some children even challenged themselves to measure each other! 


Mr Bramley was in school working with some of the other classes this week so he popped his head around to say hello to our Fabulous Foxes!


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Josh for his amazing maths work. Well done Josh! 🦊🌟

This week we have been reading the story 'Be More Bernard' and discussing what makes us special. It was lovely to hear the children talk about what makes them unique and why it is important to be ourselves even if that means we are different to our friends. 


The children loved using natural resources in our art lesson this week - we made life-size leaf people and had great fun doing so.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Evie for her amazing writing. Well done Evie! 🦊🌟

Week Beginning 10/01/2022

We have had a fun-filled week this week in Foxes! The children continued to listen to 'Malala's Magic Pencil' and were very inspired by her story.


In PE we have continued to develop our gymnastics skills with some partner balances. It was great to see the wonderful teamwork between the children.


You might spot some interesting looking children through in the photos because we have been exploring and editing photos using the iPads. It was great fun and the children had an amazing time with this.


We have also continued to explore with colour in art and have had lots of fun with mixing colours.


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Chester for Some fantastic partner balances in PE. Well done Chester! 🦊🌟

Week Beginning 03/01/2022

We have had a lovely start to the new year in Foxes!


Although we have only been in a few days this week, the children have had a lovely time. Especially when exploring and mixing colours in art.


It was fantastic to hear all about the children's Christmas holidays and to have everyone back safe and sound! smiley

Spring Term 1 - Inspire Us!

Week Beginning 13/12/2022

Merry Christmas from Foxes! 


We have had a lovely week doing Christmas crafts, Christmas baking and general Christmas merriment!

Week Beginning 06/12/2021

It has been so lovely to see the confidence levels rise in all of the Foxes during their PE lessons this half term. They have all been so brave and challenged themselves when using the apparatus and developing their gymnastics skills!


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Koa for some excellent talking in class. Well done Koa! 🦊🌟

Week Beginning 29/11/2021

It has been a lovely week in Foxes this week. We have been doing some amazing multiplication work in maths and have been so impressed by how well all of the children have done. 


We have focused on a new story ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ which the children have interacted really well with. The pictures throughout the story are beautiful.  πŸ³ ❄️ 


In art art we continued to look at the work by Pablo Picasso and had a go at creating our own Picasso style self portraits using different shapes and colours. 🎨 


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Logan for always having a positive attitude towards his learning. Well done Logan! 🦊🌟

Week Beginning 22/11/2021

There has been so much going on is Foxes this week! 


We have continued to investigate ice through our topic ‘Frozen Earth’ and have been using some lovely scientific vocabulary in these lessons. 🌨


One of of our favourite things each week is Forest Schools and this week the children even had a go at making fires πŸ”₯. 


Foxes Class Star of the Week this week is Chester for being a good friend and bringing such happiness to our classroom. Well done Chester! 🦊🌟

Week commencing 15th November

Foxes have had a very busy couple of weeks.

We're all very proud of how well they are doing in swimming every Thursday. Henry has particularly impressed us and Evie has moved up a group!

Everyone has enjoyed Forest School. They've all developed their teamworking skills and we're seeing this being used back in the class room. 

Week commencing 8th November 2021

Welcome back after the two week break. We hope you all had a good rest and stayed healthy.  This half term our topic is Frozen Earth, please have a look at our curriculum overview which can be found below, and that will give you a good guide as to what we will be learning about up until Christmas.  Fingers crossed it doesn't get too cold, too soon!

It has been another week of birthday celebrations this week. This week it was Logan's turn to celebrate. Thank you for sharing some lovely chocolates with all of your friends. I hope you all have a lovely time at your party.


The children had a great time learning all about how the dinosaurs became extinct and we even started to make our own volcanoes to show this!


Foxes Class Start of the Week this week is Logan for trying really hard with adding and subtracting with his maths work. Well done Logan!


Have a lovely weekend. smiley

Week Beginning 27/09/2021

There have been lots of birthday celebrations in Foxes this week! A huge thank you to Koa for bringing in and sharing a lovely cake and treats. The children had a fantastic time celebrating with a 'party in the forest'.


We are so proud of all of the effort that Foxes put into their work, especially their incredible writing this week!


Foxes Class Start of the Week this week is Chester for showing excellent independence in his maths work. Well done Chester!


Have a lovely weekend. smiley

Week Beginning 20/09/2021


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Week Beginning 13/09/2021

This week the Foxes have taken on many new job roles! We have been reporters - warning the school about dinosaurs that have been on the lose, palaeontologists - digging up fossils and researching dinosaurs using their bones, and artists - copying some of the work by Henri Rousseau.


It has been an action packed week full of fun, excitement and lots of learning.


Foxes Class Start of the Week this week is Connor H for his fantastic art work. Well done Connor!


Have a lovely weekend. smiley

Week Beginning 06/09/2021

It has been another busy week in Foxes Class!


The children really enjoyed going back to forest schools this week and the much anticipated reutrn of schools swimming!!! It was fantastic to see all of the children have such a great time in the pool. It was like they had never been away.


In PE we are learning all about invasion games including football, hockey and basketball. The children showed off their amazing dribbling skills for each sport and had big smiles throughout.


Foxes Class Star of the Week was both Koa and Connor P. Koa for settling well into life at Bracken Hill and Connor P for making some good choices and working hard in class. Well done boys! smiley

Week Beginning 31/08/2021

Welcome back Foxes!!


We have had a lovely first three days to the new school year. Our new topic is 'Jump into the Jurassic' and the children had a great time getting their magnifying glasses out to explore what we could find out about those wonderful creatures.


We celebrated lots of birthdays this week Tilly and Connor P's (who were in the summer) and Thomas' whose was on Wednesday.


Enjoy your weekend. smiley

Click on the link to see our topic map for 'Jump into the Jurassic'.

Week Beginning 26/07/2021

Week Beginning 19/07/2021

Week Beginning 12/07/2021



Week Beginning 05/07/2021

It has been a lovely first week as Fantastic Foxes! 


It has been so nice to see the children playing well and working hard. A big thank you to Josh and Connor for showing us all how to be 'Foxes' and a huge well done to all of the old 'Owls' for adapting to our new routines so quickly and for welcoming Josh and Connor.


We have had some amazing lessons this week linked to our topic of The Olympics. We have learnt about the skeleton and enjoyed drawing around each other and placing the bones in the correct places in our bodies. We learnt lots of facts about the Olympics and where they have been held across the world. And most importantly, what better way to learn about the Olympics than to engage in some events with our good friends Mario and Sonic!


The Foxes also had a super time at forest schools this week with Mrs Brown.


Well done for an amazing first week. Enjoy your weekend. smiley

Welcome to Foxes 🦊

We are very excited about this year in Foxes 🦊. Please have a look at this information about staff and routines. 😊

Good luck Foxes 🦊. Enjoy all of your new adventures in your new classes. 

Week beginning 14th June 2001.


Foxes have settled right back into the swing of things this term and are looking forward to all the exciting changes that will be happening this term. We’ve started our work on relationships education and have written letters to Ava and Alfie giving them advice about puberty.  Foxes have been super sensible and shown how mature they are. 😊 In art, we made some beautiful tea light holders. Hope you like our designs. 

Week beginning 24th May 2021.

This week the Foxes have been experimenting with colour. We made some great patterns and talked about the different colours, shades and tones. The children followed the instructions carefully and worked in pairs with Mr Mills.

Happy half term holidays everyone and good luck Mr Mills! We wish you every success in your new post. 

We look forward to seeing everyone totally refreshed on the 7th June. ☺️🦊😍

Have fun everyone! 
















Week beginning 17.5.21

This week we’ve been baking ‘Viking bread’. It was great fun and we all took turns. Some of the Foxes 🦊 took the recipe home to have a go. We gave it a try with some tasty honey 🍯 it was delicious πŸ˜‹.

In topic we have been learning about the foods the Vikings would have eaten. They liked many of the foods we eat nowadays. A Viking menu would include bread, butter, cheese and meat. They also liked the occasional drink of beer. 








Week beginning 10th May 2021.

It’s been a very busy week in Foxes 🦊 this week! The children have been very busy. We’ve been learning how to use Venn Diagrams in Maths and have been investigating how to clean water in Science. The children were given equipment and some guidance to get them started. Working in pairs, the children experimented with their ideas and came up with their own filters. Fabulous work! 🀩

in Art, we’ve modelled some Viking Longships out of clay. They look amazing! πŸ‘Œ


Week beginning: 26th April 2021

Foxes 🦊 ventured off to Forest School this week. It was in a new location within the forest, so lots of new things to explore. It was fantastic to be able to explore the great outdoors again as a class. πŸ₯ΎπŸ₯ΎπŸŒ³πŸΎπŸͺ΅


Foxes have settled in to the new term brilliantly. They are enjoying our new topic 'Land Ahoy' and have been very excited to start Forest Schools again. The weather has been kind so far, so fingers crossed! Please see above for information about our new topic and areas of learning. blush

Week beginning: 29th March 2021


Happy Easter πŸ₯🐣🐰everyone from all the Foxes.🦊 

We look forward to seeing everyone again after the holidays ready to start a new term full of exciting opportunities and brand new learning. Our new topic will be Land Ahoy. 

A quick reminder that Forest School will start again after the holidays on the first Wednesday back. 

Foxes will need a change of clothes, suitable footwear and a waterproof coat. πŸ₯ΎπŸ₯ΎπŸŒ³πŸŒ²β˜ΊοΈ

See you soon! 

Week beginning 15th March.


Foxes had great fun celebrating Red Nose Day on Friday. We all joined in with the challenges, played games and designed superhero 🦸🏼‍♀️ capes! Everyone played fairly and took turns. There was a lovely atmosphere in Foxes 🦊 Class. 

Take a look at our beautiful mother’s day cards. Now they’ve been delivered and received we can show them off on here. 😍🌼


Week beginning 1st March 2021.


Foxes are fully immersed in their new topic ‘Rocking Royalty’ and have chosen the Horrible Histories Book ‘Cruel Kings and Mean Queens’ as their World Book Day text. All week we have picked different themes from the book and have enjoyed learning new facts. We especially liked the Gorgeous Georgians, Terrible Tudors and Slimy Stuarts. On World Book Day, we prepared an afternoon tea fit for a King or Queen. We also made crowns and created Royal names for everyone in class. King Arthur even knighted a few lucky Foxes, who had proven their worth through hard work this week. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ€΄πŸŒŸ


Week beginning 8th February 2021.


Foxes have thoroughly enjoyed their Disaster topic this term. We’ve made exploding volcanoes, followed the tornado hunters, looked inside a hurricane, discovered that there are tornadoes in the UK!

We have listened to a story about Pompeii and recited it using new vocabulary and actions.  

All the children whether in school or working at home have worked extremely hard. They really do deserve a week off next week. Happy Half Term EVERYONE and Happy Valentines Day too. β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ

Week beginning 25th January 2021.

Our Science work this term is ‘Forces.’ This week we’ve been exploring air resistance. To find out how important this is, we designed our own parachutes and tested out different designs. Our brief was to create a parachute that ensured a soft, gentle landing for our Lego person. Here are some of our creations. Some of our children working at home also had a go! We think everyone did brilliantly.🀩

The finished results! πŸŒ‹πŸŒŸ

Week beginning 11th January 2021.


Our new topic this term is called Disaster. We are focussing on Volcanic eruptions to begin with and have started our learning journey finding out about the ancient city of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

On Friday we began making our own volcanoes out of papier-mâché. It was great fun but quite messy! 

Here are our models so far......🀩

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from all the Foxes 🦊 

Week beginning 14th December 2020.


Check out our fabulous Christmas Jumper designs. πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈπŸŽ…


Week beginning 7th December 2020.


We have been busy, busy in Foxes this week. We have been learning about digestion and how amazing our bodies are! On Tuesday, we did an experiment to see how our stomachs work and how the intestines help us to digest our food. We worked well in pairs with a bit of help from Mrs Rigley and Mr Mills. We have also travelled virtually with Wally to China. The Foxes loved trying out Mandarin and were really good at it! We know lots of facts about China now. 


Week beginning 16th November 2020.


An eventful week in Foxes 🦊. Wally has kept us very busy every morning. He’s very able at finding secretive hiding places but the Foxes are nearly as good at finding him! He won’t be able to outwit them for much longer! This week we have been making repeated patterns in Maths and in English we have been learning about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the ‘New World’. In Science, we started our journey through the digestive system; starting in the mouth and working our way through some of the main organs of the body. We found it all amazing and couldn’t quite believe how long the intestines really are! As it was also Anti-Bullying Week we designed a pair of odd socks and thought about what positive friendships look like. We are becoming much clearer about the kinds of friends we like to have in our lives and how important they are for our well-being. 😊

Week beginning 3rd November 2020.


It was great to see the Foxes 🦊 back after the half-term holiday and eager to start our new topic Where’s Wally?

We will be following Wally’s travels around the world; stopping off in Australia, the USA and China.

We’ll also be learning about teeth and digestion in Science and positive relationships in PSHE. 

The BeeBots made a visit to our classroom on Wednesday and the children had great fun programming them and seeing where they ended up.

PE will still be on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

The field can be quite wet and muddy, so if any of the Foxes would like to bring wellies in to change into at playtime that’s absolutely fine. 😊



Week beginning 5th October 2020

We’ve had a busy few weeks in Foxes 🦊 learning about Space. We’ve been exploring 2D and 3D shapes in maths and learning about positive friendships in PSHE. Today was our Hello Yellow day thinking about our own Mental Health. We dressed in yellow clothing and tried out calming activities and enjoyed doing things we really like.☺️

Week beginning 21st September 2020


Foxes have been learning all about the first Moon landing this week and the awesome astronauts that made the journey and became the first to walk on the Moon. The children have been writing about the event and learning about the Saturn V rocket πŸš€ that blasted them into space.

We’ve also enjoyed exploring the new play area. Some of the Foxes pretended it was a space rocket and they were going on a journey to a far away planet! It was lovely to see the children having fun and playing together. Well done Foxes! πŸ¦Š 





Week beginning 7th September 2020


A big welcome back to all the Foxes 🦊 and a huge hello to our new Foxes!


There’s a new team in Foxes this year joining Mrs Rigley and Miss Ball 😊. We would very much like to welcome Mr Mills, Mrs Peters and Mrs Stubbs to the Foxes 🦊 team and look forward to working with them this school year. 


We have had a positive week back in school. Everyone has been very excited to see their friends and teachers again after what has been a long break from school and learning. 

Our new SPACE topic is sparking our imaginations and curiosity. Many of the children have asked some fantastic questions about our solar system and are looking forward to finding out more.


Here is our timetable for the Autumn Term and a few photographs from our first week back. ⭐️🌈

Mrs Rigley, Miss Ball and Mrs Campbell would like to wish all the wonderful Foxes 🦊 a happy, healthy and sunny 🌞 summer holiday!

We look forward to seeing you all again in September. Take care everyone xx 🌈


Remember to check seesaw for any messages over the summer πŸ‘©πŸΌ‍πŸ’» Bye πŸ‘‹ for now! 



Week Beginning 29th June 2020.


Here are some of our projects we’ve been working on this week at home and at school. 🌈⭐️

We’ve had everything from unicorns πŸ¦„ to frogs 🐸 to Godzilla and lots more.

March 23rd - June 23rd 2020


Hi everyone, 

Foxes 🦊 have been so busy over the last couple of months working really hard at home and finding creative ways to access their home learning. We’d like to share some of our wonderful work and super achievements with you.🌈⭐️

Week commencing 2nd March 2020.


Welcome back Foxes 🦊 

What a busy week. The foxes had a great World Book Day and enjoyed listening to new stories.

It was lovely to see the children in their costumes too. Here’s a few pictures from the day.

Week commencing 10th February.


A very busy week in Foxes 🦊. We have been interpreting graphs and charts in Maths and have thought of creative ways of sorting objects using Venn diagrams. In English, we entered a Young Writers competition; writing poetry about our favourite things. We used a diamanté style, thinking of suitable adjectives and verbs to make our writing exciting. On Wednesday, some of the Foxes went to Hucknall Academy to join in with a speed stacking competition. Everyone performed really well and Nick came back with a medal for being a great sport and a speedy stacker.

We have made Valentine biscuits in our cooking sessions and made cards ♥️ for those special people in our lives.


Happy half term holidays everyone! 


Week commencing 27.1.20


This week we have been learning about money in maths and gases in science. We attempted to make carbon dioxide and looked at a chemical reaction using fizzy drinks. We also heard the story linked to the Chinese New Year and made up a short play, where each child (and staff) took on the part of one of the animals.😊🦊


Week commencing 13.1.20


Happy New Year! 🦊

The children have returned after the holiday full of enthusiasm and eager to learn about our new topic ‘The Blue Abyss.’  We have researched and wrote about our favourite sea creatures and located all the oceans of the world 🌍 using maps and a globe. We have started to think about what we can do to help protect the oceans. Many of the children have been thinking about how they can reduce their use of single use plastics. 

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting and learning new written methods. 

A great start to 2020 🀩.

Week commencing 16.12.19.


Team Foxes 🦊 would like to wish all our families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ₯³ Have fun and enjoy the Christmas holidays. We look forward to seeing you all happy and refreshed ready for our first term of 2020.


Highlights from December 🦊

Week commencing 2.12.19


The Foxes have had a fantastic two weeks learning about celebrations πŸ₯³. We have been writing descriptive sentences using adjectives and our use of capital letters and full stops is improving everyday. In Science we have started to learn about sound and the journey of a sound wave through the ear. In cooking, we baked gingerbread people and made salt dough decorations in preparation for our up and coming Christmas celebrations. Last Monday, we visited St Thomas’s church in Kirkby, where we learned about the tradition of Christingle and what it represents to Christians.

Week commencing 18.11.19


We’ve had a very practical week in Foxes. We’ve been participating in active maths; measuring distances using rulers, metre sticks, tape measures and trundle wheels. We’ve estimated and weighed objects and measured liquids using measuring jugs and cylinders.

We’ve baked quiches in cooking, started to make wooden toys in DT and exercised and stretched our bodies in PE. 

Week commencing 4.11.19


Welcome back to a new term. It’s going to be a busy time in Foxes class. 🦊 We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to. Our topic this term is Let’s Celebrate, which will take us all around the world; learning about different celebrations and cultures.


This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. All the children wrote a short story about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Their stories were brilliant and so well written. Super vocabulary and stunning sentences. Well done Foxes ⭐️We have made shelters at Forest Schools and made model fireworks in Art. We’ve also looked at how to keep safe around fires and fireworks and learned the firework code.πŸŽ†


Week commencing 7th October 2019


This week the foxes 🦊 took part in some activities related to National Mental Health Day. They looked at how film clips can help with understanding emotions and how we respond as individuals. They tried out some mindfulness techniques and went on a mindful walk around school. We focused on colours, sounds, movement and pattern. We finished our focus on the mind by watching the film ‘Inside Out.’🀩

 Week commencing 23rd September


We’ve had a great week in foxes this week. In Maths we have been looking at the points of the

compass and following directions using maps. In English we have been listening to poems by the poet Michael Rosen. Our favourite poem is Chocolate Cake and we had great fun joining in with the yummy parts! In Cooking we made mini chocolate cakes and at Forest Schools we made things out of bamboo sticks. In Art we painted Autumn Trees and made models out of boxes. Nicholas made a very impressive Battleship.

September 2019

Hello and welcome to our class - The Foxes 🦊 

My name is Mrs Rigley and I’m the class teacher in the Foxes. We have three wonderful teaching assistants; Mrs Campbell and Miss Ball.


We’ve had a fantastic start to the term and the children have settled into their new class brilliantly.

We have PE on a Tuesday, Forest Schools on a Wednesday and Swimming on a Thursday.


Homework is set on a Friday.





Contact Mrs Rigley