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Hedgehogs Class 2021/2022

Week Commencing 09/05/2022

This week in Hedgehogs we have focused on preparing different foods, we created our own cheese and ham sandwiches by following instructions and making choices. The children were amazing at spreading the butter on the bread and really enjoyed eating them afterwards! 

We also had Top Yard this week and we all loved having a climb and a run around on there!

Wow! Hedgehogs class have been super busy since returning from half term. 

In Maths, we have been looking at emptying and filling containers filled with water and sand and using the words "empty" and "full." 

In English, we have been focusing on marking making and writing our name. All the Hedgehogs have tried so hard with their mark making and I am so proud of their progress. 

In PE, we have started our new MATP targets for this half term and its all about throwing. We have started throwing bean bags in buckets and balls through the nets and we are all currently working on our aim. 

We have started our new lesson on Friday around self-care and for the next couple of weeks we will be learning how to look after our teeth, learning all about brushing them! 


Summer 1 Curriculum Map

Week Commencing 28.03.2022

Happy half term! 

I hope you all have a lovely break.

See you all on the 20th April. 

Week Commencing 14.03.2022

As part of our newest topic Magic Box, in cooking we have been looking at old time recipes using dough. We have been learning how to manipulate and knead dough to make pizzas, bread and dough balls. The Hedgehogs have thoroughly enjoyed feeling, smelling, touching and kneading the dough to make delicious meals. Well done Hedgehogs! 

This week in Hedgehogs we have had a wonderful trip to the park! 

We did some practical counting and enjoyed counting how many swings we can do, how many times we can go down the slide and how many jumps we can do! 


Spring 2 - 2022


This half term our topic is Magic Box - and each week in our magic box we will be exploring a variety of old objects and comparing them with new ones. For more information about the whole curriculum this half term, have a look at our map below

Spring 2 Curriculum Map

This week the Hedgehogs had a very special visitor - PC Bramley! 

He came in his uniform and the children loved exploring his jacket, camera and radio! Some of them even tried on his jacket and hat and looked amazing! 

For our physical wellbeing, we borrowed the exercise bike for a couple of days and most of the children had a go at pedalling on it, we really enjoyed having access to this in our classroom. We also had Top Yard this week so have a look at the Hedgehogs climbing and playing above! 


I wish you all a happy half term! See you all on 21.02.22 smiley

Week Commencing 24.1.2022

We have really been enjoying our "Inspire Us" topic this half term and the class have tried particularly hard with our PE sessions. This half term we are focusing on body balances that can be used during yoga and all the Hedgehogs have their own individualised MATP targets. See the pictures above to look at what we have been getting up to! 

This week we have been starting to look at 3D shapes in Maths. 

We have mainly been exploring Spheres, Cones and Cylinders.  We played a game of skittles to see whether or not they can roll and started matching up the shapes to pictures. In English, we have started to explore our Police Officer book and find out what Police Officers wear and where they wear specific parts. In Art we have started to explore mixing primary colours and how to make different colours using a chart and in DT we have been creating our own Super Hero mask by using scissors and collage materials. We also had a fabulous music lesson with Mr Hill who played the guitar and keyboard for us. We are really enjoying this topic so far!

Spring Term 2022

Welcome back. This half term our topic is Inspire Us and for the Explorers this will have a strong Superhero and Police theme.  See Curriculum Map below for more info.

Week Commencing 13th December 2021

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you all. 

See you on January 5th 2022 smiley

Week Commencing 29th November 2021

This last couple of weeks we have been exploring the Postal Service and looking at what Postmen and Postladies do daily . We tried on some Royal Mail clothing and created our own post cards to post in our very own post box!

In Maths, we have been exploring numbers and some of us have been working on numbers to 15! We have been matching up Cotton Wool Balls (snow balls) to the given number and our Polar Bears have been helping us!  



Week commencing 15th November

Over the last couple of weeks in PSHE we have been exploring different job roles and money. 

We have been exploring our "Hedgehog Class Shop" and practised buying as the customer and selling as the shop assistant. Today, a few of our Hedgehogs went to the McColls shop just up the road from school to try it for real!


Week Commencing 1st November

Happy Diwali 2021 

This week in Hedgehogs class we celebrated Diwali. 
We made and tried our own Diwali sweets, explored some clothing and listened to the story of Diwali. 
We tried creating some Rangoli patterns from pasta and we all really enjoyed it. 

Week commencing 1st November 2021

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Please find below our Topic overview for this half term. 

W/C 11th October 2021

This week we have been focusing on Money.  

We have been looking and playing with a piggy bank, matching coins to symbols and playing money games on the interactive whiteboard. 

We have also been making Dinosaur nest cakes and creating our own Dinosaur eggs. We enjoyed getting messy!


We hope you all have a lovely half term and we will see you on 1/11/2021. 

After half term, please can you send your child to school in PE kit on Tuesdays and bring their kit with them on Friday (we will change at school). 



W/C 27th September 2021

This week in Hedgehog's class we have been focusing on 2D shapes. We have been exploring them, matching them and even learning how to sign a Circle, Triangle and Square. 

We have been creating and making our own Dinosaurs and then describing the features they have. 

We have enjoyed playing games on the OMI (the interactive floorboard). Balloon Pop is our favourite! 

Hedgehogs have also enjoyed making Swamp Juice and making our very own cup to drink it from.   All of the Hedgehogs gave the juice a try which is amazing!

In Music, we focused on the Dinosaur Rap and copied some of the movements the Dinosaurs made with the drum. 

Great work Hedgehogs!

W/C 6th September 2021

This week we have started our new topic 'Jump to the Jurassic.'

Our focus book has been 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' and Hedgehogs class have really enjoyed  watching the story and designing their own pants. 

In Maths, we have been focusing on number recognition using footprints, Dinosaur eggs and different types of Dinosaurs. 

We have been decorating and labeling our own Dinosaurs and we even created Dinosaur cookies!

In PE, we have been moving like Dinosaurs, learning how to Plod, Jump, Fly and Stomp over the equipment. 

Well done Hedgehogs!




Topic for Autumn 1

Here in Hedgehogs class, we are focusing on 'Jump to the Jurassic' for our first half term topic. See our Topic map for more information.

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone and a big welcome back to you all. 

We are very excited to see Hedgehogs class on Wednesday 01/09/2021. 


Just a reminder that PE days are Tuesday and Fridays and children are to come into school wearing PE kit. 


Week Commencing 26/07/2021

Have a lovely summer everyone - thank you for being so supportive throughout this strange year!  The team look forward to seeing you back in September!

Be safe and have a great summer.


Miss Jones and the Hedgehogs team.

Week Commencing 19/07/2021

Wow, what an amazing few weeks we have had in Hedgehog class. We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and establishing new routines. 

 We are really enjoying our 'Olympics' topic and exploring Volleyball and Australia. The weather has been on our side too!☀️

Hedgehogs Class have been enjoying music, exploring the drums and the shakers and following   instructions such as loud, quiet, stop and go. In English, our story has been 'The Frog Olympics' and we have loved creating Frog art, wearing our hats and finding different ways to jump like Frogs in the movement room.  In Maths, we started exploring different types of 2D shapes, focusing especially on circles and matching them up in our tuff spot.

Hedgehogs class has enjoyed exploring our beach themed tuff spot and the animals that we could see at the Australian beach. 





Week commencing 5/7/2021

 We have three weeks to get to know each other and develop our routines before the summer break in Hedgehogs class. Our topics for this is the Olympics and we will be focusing on Volleyball and Australia, see the overview for more information

Welcome back Hedgehogs 2021-2022!


Welcome back!  It has been so wonderful to see everyone back in school and a huge welcome back from all the staff.  There are a few new faces in the Hedgehogs team.

PE days are Tuesday and Friday so please can you bring the appropriate kit.

Swimming will take place in January but more information will be coming to you soon.

Week beginning 14.6.21

Week beginning 14th June 2021

This week the children have been looking at iconic symbols in English and we have seen some very excited children when shown a Greggs or Mcdonalds symbol. They have really blown us away with how much they are taking in, when out and about in the community.  In maths we have been choosing our favourite maths song, 10 fat sausages appears to be a real favourite.

We have really enjoyed our week on top yard, making the most of our time on it by using it for computing and driving our remote control cars around the track and in RE this week, we have been looking at photos of our favourite celebrations.

Week Beginning 7.6.21

Week beginning 7.6.21

Welcome back after the May holiday. Good to be back for our last few weeks before we begin to transition to our new class teams. The children have had a wonderful week, carrying on with the Pirate Topic.  In maths we have been sorting out similar objects by different criteria including shells, gems and coins, and in Maths we've been brushing up on our reading skills, practicing turning the pages, and looking at the pictures and where the words are.  The children have really enjoyed exploring one our of new paw patrol remote control cars outside in the sunshine, the best way!

Week Beginning 17.5.2021

Week beginning Monday 17th May 2021

This week the children have really enjoyed exploring pirate objects, trying on hats and making telescopes.  We've done lots of mark making, making some brilliant treasure maps, coping patterns, symbols and words.  In maths, we've been recognising numbers. finding them hidden in the sand and matching ones that are the same.  The children have LOVED making boats and seeing if they float or sink in science this week.  They did a fantastic job, check out the photos.

Week beginning 4.5.21: Movement with Paul

Week beginning 4th May 2021

This week we have enjoyed the story 'Pirates love Underpants'.  The children have enjoyed looking at the pictures, especially the crocodiles and sharks.  In maths, we have started looking at capacity, filling and emptying containers with water, sand and even cornflakes.   The children have really enjoyed working with Paul in movement this week, and we saw some very big smiles when they were doing it.

Week begininng 26th April 2021

This week has been our turn on top yard, and we have made the most of it, getting down twice a day.  The children absolutely love going and are showing lots of independence and confidence in their movement while on there. 

The children have enjoyed completing more work about pirates, and in English we have been exploring sound buttons, finding the sound sources, listening to the recordings and trying to record our own ones.  In Maths, we have loved our Attention Autism bucket helping us to focus on instructional language such as in, on and under.  

Week beginning 19th April 2021

Well the children are really loving our pirates topic already. Lots of new words being used in the classroom and a very popular small world tray has really got them off on the right foot.  In maths, the children have loved counting out gems and coins and putting them into treasure chest and piggy banks, and in English, we've been exploring our personalised communication boxes which have all of their favourite activities in, and encouraging them to choose.  It's been a lovely first week all back together.

Welcome back for the Summer Term!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and managed to get outside and spend some time together.  We are really hoping for a full term in school so that we can work on getting everyone happy, calm and back into routine.  This term our topic is Land Ahoy and for the Hedgehogs, the focus will be mostly around Pirates. Have a look below at what we will be working on.


Land Ahoy

Curriculum Map Overview

A little bit of sun!

Week beginning Monday 29th March 2021

Having lots of children working at home last week, it has been great to get the Hedgehogs all back together this week and in time for Easter.  We have not completed as much Easter based activities as we normally would as we have felt it is very important for the children to have as much consistency as possible.  Plus it has been our last few days on our Rocking Royalty topic which the children have really enjoyed.  Our maths work has been focused around size and the children have been comparing different sized Queens, Kings and jam tarts, and we had lots of fun mark making our Easter cards for English. We also had a great time this week using our brand new polaroid style camera, taking selfies and watching them develop. 

Week beginning Monday 15th March 2021

This week, we have continued with our Rocking Royalty topic and begun to move away from our focus around the Queen and started to look at castles.  This has complimented our English work around The Frog Prince, and making choices.

In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, building castles and seeing if any of the 3D blocks will roll.  The children have been really confident at matching symbols to 3D shapes, and done a great job of it.


World Book Week meets Peppa Pig in the Hedgehogs

Week beginning 1st March 2021

Having started our new Rocking Royalty topic last week, we had a slight shift of focus for World Book Day week and spent this week exploring Peppa Pig books.  We kept slightly on target by looking at Peppa Pig meets the Queen in English and our maths has focused around sequencing numbers.  Our Peppa Pig focus has led to some pretty fun sensory trays including chocolate angel delight for splashing in muddy puddles and a food based picture of Peppa Pig herself.  The children have really enjoyed exploring the sensory trays and playing with the Peppa Pig toys.   We have also had an exciting week as it's been our week on the top yard playgroud, the first time for some of our children.  Their climbing got better every day.

Week beginning 1st February 2021

This week our topic focus for disaster has moved away from Fire and Fire Service, and onto Ambulances and getting hurt for the rest of the half term.  The Hedgehogs have been working on new words, symbols and signs for doctor, pain and medicine and in Maths we have been looking at number and numicon recognition.  This week is was the Hedgehogs turn on our new top yard play scape and we had a fantastic time exploring!

Week beginning 25th January 2021

Well Hedgehogs are now firing on all cylinders! We have some working hard at home, some children in school and some doing a bit of both but we are all trying our best to make sure that everyone is as safe as they can be in this difficult time.

The focus for Maths this week has moved on from shapes to counting and we've started to explore a new story called Birdie and the Fire in English.  As our topic is still Disaster, we are mostly focusing on fire, the fire brigade and asking for help. The children are really enjoying different activities such as squirting away the foam with a water spray, making a burning building for the tuff spot and pushing things over in science.

Happy New Year! Welcome back! Week beginning 11th January 2021

So another year has begun but lots of the challenges from 2020 have stayed with us.  Some of the Hedgehogs are coming into school and others are learning from home, some are doing bits and bobs of both.  I think that you are all doing a fantastic job and I want to say a huge thank you to all the children, parents and staff for doing their best in such a difficult situation.

For the Spring term, our Topic is 'Disaster' and for our hedgehogs that is going to look like Fire and the Fire Service and moving on to road safety and Ambulances/ Doctors.  We have begun by lots of play with our dolls house and Fireman Sam toys, and the children are already having a great time.  

This week we have started off with some shape work in maths and it's been great to see how the children have got on with it at home and school.


Week beginning 14th December

This week the Hedgehogs have got in the Christmas Spirit!  We made lots of wonderful Christmas crafts such as toilet roll Christmas trees and hand print wreaths.  We made some delicious gingerbread men and enjoyed stickman, we might even spend our last day making our very own Stickmen. We watched a very special online Christmas Panto and even had a virtual visit from Santa.  We hope all the Hedgehogs and their families have a wonderful Christmas time, and look forward to 2021.  

Relaxation time!

Week beginning 30th Novemeber 2020

This week we have begun looking at making groups of the same amount in maths and thinking about the repetitive phrases in 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have really enjoyed exploring the different sensory trays we have out reflecting the story and also the fantastic rainforest that the children built together.  Our favourite time of everyday is relaxation and although it has taken us sometime to get into it, have a look at the photos and see how well we are doing.

Week beginning 16th November 2020

This week has been another busy one and we've had everyone child in everyday! 100% attendance! Well done to all of our families :)

For the past two weeks we've been looking at size in maths, sorting objects that are big and small and the kids are starting to get the hang of it.  We've been keeping it nice and hands.

In English this week we have visited one of Julia Donaldson's classic's Monkey Puzzle which has been a great reflection of Wally visiting the Rainforest. Lots of the same animals keep popping up and the children have been getting really good at identifying them.

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

Welcome back after a lovely two week break.  This half term our new topic is Where's Wally.  In Hedgehogs, Wally is off to South America, exploring the river, rainforest and mountains in the region. This week the children have enjoyed meeting Wally, and practice following some positional words, putting him in different places on and under things.  

We've also been enjoying Enterprise Week, beginning the making of our products for the Virtual Christmas Fayre and exploring money.  The children have loved using the different piggy banks and purse, and had little goes at spending money in our shop.  

Colouring Matching

Week beginning 5th October 2020

This week in Hedgehogs we have been looking at colour matching in Maths and the children have been so fantastic at it.  Check out the photos!

On Friday was Hello Yellow day to promote positive wellbeing, for our Hedgehogs we were very lucky to have a super movement session with our special therapist and then we has a super relaxation session in class.  The children were really calm and happy and it did us all a world of good.


Starting off 3,2,1 Blast off!

Week beginning 21st September 2020

It has been so wonderful to have all the children in Hedgehogs getting to know us, the routines and meeting each other.  Although some are returning, it has been so long apart, it feels like a whole new bunch. And what a marvelous job you have all done at home as the children are all so happy. 

Jack, Huey and David are chattier than ever! The children are also more interested in playing and exploring so we've had lots of small world toys out, and Ryan has developed a new love for threading; we've had to go in search of more things for him to thread.  

We've been joined by Lucy and Lewis from Squirrels who have settled in beautifully, getting to know us and how it works in the Hedgehog classroom, and we've had a brand new little boy called Zac join us and he has been so brave and is just cracking on with it.  A super bunch! 

Hedgehogs Class team

Hedgehogs 2020-2021

Welcome back!  It has been so wonderful to see everyone back in school and a huge welcome back from all the staff.  There are a few new faces in the Hedgehogs team (see below) and some big news from me. I got married over the summer and am now called Mrs Austin.  Very confusing for the children, so huge apologises. 

Lockdown continued!

What a world! So although some of our hedgehogs have returned/ are planning to return, some of us are still at home.  I have been so impressed with all the hard work our families and children have been doing to keep going in such a strange time.  They really are fantastic, have a look below and you'll see too x

Home learning during Lock Down!

As time keeps sneaking on, we've started a brand new topic at home! Our learning for this term will focus around 'Truly Scrumptious!' We will be looking at all kinds of foodie treats, sweet and savoury, from all around  the world, and discovering lots of healthy treats too.  Although regular ideas are being shared with parents, this is obviously a challenging time for many and there is no expectation on children to complete this work.  We are missing our children greatly and really looking forward to being together again.  Until then, here are a few photos of what they have been up to.



Hedgehogs at Home!

Week beginning Monday 9th March 2020

This week we have begun looking at local bodies of water as part of our topic.  The children have reall enjoyed exploring a river based sensory tray and have had a go at making noises for ducks, frogs, fish etc. to add to the tray.  

In English we have been looking at happy and sad faces and matching these to an emotion symbol picture.  We have encouraged the children to make their own happy and sad faces.

In Maths we have begun looking at size, sorting things into big and small and this is going to grow into comparing more objects.  The children's homework this week is based around more of this.

On Thursday we had a trip out to Newstead Abbey to have a look at the different bodies of water there. The children were really interested in the waterfall, especially going behind it.  They loved having a play on the park and we are hoping to go back next Thursday for more fun :)

Hopefully we all stay fighting fit and can have lots of fun and learning together next week.


Week beginning Monday 24th February 2020

We hope everyone had a fun and restful half term week.  Our Blue Abyss topic is continuing for this half term and this week we have moved onto tropical water, looking at the different kind of animals live in warmer waters and in our science, looking at the different parts of these animals bodies. In English, we've been looking at colours in stories and focusing on The Rainbow Fish.


Now that our turn has finished with Forest Schools, we've got our favourite session, PE, back on a Wednesday afternoon and the children have really enjoyed getting back in the swing of things.  Although our focus is invasion games and we are starting to move in each other's spaces, the children get so much out of large movement, we always begin our sessions with lots of gross motor skills.

Week beginning Monday 3rd February 2020

This week we are looking at Polar Seas.  The children have enjoyed looking at the different animals that live in frozen oceans, and exploring icebergs and how they float in water. We've explored stories such as Barry the Fish with Fingers and an online story called The Runaway Iceberg. 

How we use water: washing up and keeping clean

Week beginning Monday 27th January 2020

The past couple of weeks we have been looking at weather as part of our topic.  We have enjoyed different kinds of songs, explored clothing for different weathers,enjoyed stories such as Raindrop Bill and even used shaving foam and coloured water to make a rain cloud.  Our Maths has focused on sequencing numbers and the children have really enjoyed showing how much they know.


Making a raincloud

Getting the hang of Forest Schools - 15.1.20

Welcome back! Week beginning 13th January 2020.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and have managed to shake off all the illnesses that were around.  We are looking forward to 2020 and starting the new year off with a very exciting topic: The Blue Abyss.  We will be looking at water, ice and steam, the weather, tropical oceans and polar seas, local bodies of water (definitely some pond dipping!) and water transport.  Its going to be a busy term.

We are also very lucky because the Hedgehogs will be taking part in Forest Schools this half term which will give all the children a great opportunity to explore the woods every Wednesday afternoon.  They will get messy so please make sure you send in waterproofs and wellies.

We love 'The Snail and The Whale'!

Week beginning 9th December 2019

Although Christmas is fast approaching, we have tried to keep it on the down low.  In our celebrations topic, we have explored celebrations such as Hannukah, Thanks giving, Birthdays, Bonfire night and now Christmas.  The children have really enjoyed our sensory trays and songs during each weeks focus.

This half term we have been trialling a new carpet time strategy which is aligned with 'attention autism' and it has really engaged the children at carpet time.  Have a look at the photos below, you can see they LOVE it!

Carpet time!

Week beginning Monday 18th November 2019

This week we have been continuing our celebrations theme by learning about birthdays.  The children have been really enjoying exploring our sensory tray themed with different birthday objects and in maths weve been thinking about age and how old we are.  Its been really engaging for the children!  

Week beginning 4th November 2019

Now that our tablet is up and running, I'm hoping to be able to share much more of our learning on our class page. This week has been a busy first week back after half term and its been so lovely to see all the children cope so well with getting back and into routine, especially Ollie who is now able to sign our afternoon song! 



Still image for this video

Our topic this half term is 'Let's Celebrate' and its a perfect opportunity to look at lots of our own celebrations and celebrations from around the world.  For more information about this, our topic maps can be found on the Phase 1 page.


With our new sensory room and movement rooms up and running, the children have had a great time exploring those.

Movement Room

The Hedgehog's Team

Hello and welcome to our brand new class: Hedgehogs!

Not only are we a brand new class at Bracken Hill School, we are lucky enough to be in a newly renovated classroom with our own separate calm room and work room.

My name is Miss Clerkin and I am really excited to get started.   We have two fantastic teaching assistants, Miss Corcoran and Mrs Killeen. Swimming is on a Monday and PE is on a Wednesday.