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Key Stage 4 and 5

Welcome to KS4 and KS5


Students in KS4 study the core subjects of English Maths, Computing and Science. Students work towards national accreditation, suitable to their level of ability. This includes GCSE, Entry Level and Unit awards. Students also study Skills for Working Life, Careers, Independent Travel Training, PE and PSHE.

Work Related Skills is a really important aspect of our learning and permeates in subjects across the curriculum. Friday afternoons are dedicated to careers, where the students participate in activities such as work experience, enterprise skills, visiting local businesses and industries and listening to guess speakers. All students are offered at least one careers interview with our Support for Schools Adviser from the Department for Work and Pensions. Parents are invited to these interviews.  Students are also encouraged to learn work skills by volunteering to work in areas around school, for example; running the school’s tuck shop, delivering milk to the different classes, helping serve and clean up for breakfast club and supporting midday supervisors and TA at lunch times with younger children.

Students rotate through vocational courses in their Work Related Skills sessions, to widen their skills and interests for work. There is a wide variety of subjects from First Aid training, to horticulture, farming to child care and outdoor activities to Duke of Edinburgh. All the while, focussing on their transferable skills for working life.

This year there is a big focus on being healthy, both physically and mentally. In Key Stage 4, this is taught in subjects across the curriculum. Students learn about diet and good food preparation in their Skills for Working Life and PSHE lessons. They are taught skills and strategies to keep fit, learn about the importance of good mental health and happiness through the 'My Happy Mind' programme and the positive consequences of having high personal aspirations and living fulfilling lives.



At Bracken Hill our Post 16 provision is housed in a separate building to the main school site. This is accessed via a private gate and the students walk over every morning and afternoon. This gives our Post 16 students a sense of responsibility and allows them to feel that that have moved away from school life to a more grown up approach to learning.

The building houses a number of small learning bases as well as two large classrooms. Downstairs there is a fully equipped catering kitchen and here students work together on a rota to run our very successful post 16 tuck shop at break times, suppling our students with healthy breakfast snacks and hot drinks.

Upstairs we have a smaller kitchen which includes a washing machine. Students are able to help to wash items required for the two kitchens.

We also have a replica bedroom with many items to support our students in learning the skills to look after themselves independently. From hanging up clothes to washing and ironing and making beds.

The post 16 curriculum focuses on practical skills and preparation for adulthood.

Students study accredited functional skills courses in Maths and English at a level that is appropriate to their ability.


The PSHE course focuses on skills for life enabling students to:

· Learn how to manage their emotional wellbeing.

· Learn how to manage sexual health.

· Develop their interview skills and learn how to write CVs and present themselves for job.

· Look at safe use of the internet and social media.

· Financial understanding and management.


We also undertake independent travel training, and run a small enterprise project. Students also work towards the ASDAN personal development award, which incorporates cooking skills, leisure time, the environment and social responsibility.


During both Y12 and Y13 we focus on enabling our students to make informed decisions about their futures after they leave us. We have very good connections with local colleges and make regular visits so students are familiar with what is on offer from these institutions.

We engage with outside agencies and providers to help us deliver the curriculum. We are supported by The Evolve Transitions Trust who help our student to prepare for interviews.

Students have the opportunity to continue to follow their own personal interests through our vocational courses covering topics like first aid, child care, our door sport, hospitality and catering and animal care. These lead to accredited qualification.

We also offer work based learning and were possible tailored work experience. Students get a full day of work based learning every Friday, this is provided by external providers. We currently have students at Sam’s work place in Rainworth and the YESS project in Forest Town.

We are also very lucky to be supported by local business who help us by giving our students meaningful work experience in such areas as mechanics retail, catering , hospitality and animal care.

We also organise a residential experience ensuring that every student in post 16 has the opportunity to take part. We ensure these trips incorporate independence and responsibility with fun and adventure .

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