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Week Beginning 04/11/2019

It has been fantastic to have all of the Owls back in school this week. They were all very excited to see their friends after the half term break. 


We have started are new topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’ and the children loved doing some Bonfire art. Jack and Chester got very creative with their firework paintings and Henry and Tommy took a leading role in making our chocolate covered apples. 


In science, the children have been exploring light. Evie and Miley worked really well as a team to investigate how to turn the bulb on in a circuit. George and Logan loved playing the game ‘Whatks in th bag?’


Owls Class ‘Star of the Week’ this weeks Logan for his incredible addition work in maths. Well done! 🌟

Week Beginning 07/10/2019

The Owls had a great time celebrating Logan’s birthday this week! Thank you for bringing in some sweets to share with your friends!


The children have been doing some excellent sorting and grouping in maths. Logan, Jack and Henry spotted my mistakes when I was grouping incorrectly and George and Evie names and sorted using a range of colours and shapes. 


Baking apple pies pies was a big hit with the Owls. Tommy was super at mashing the apples and Miley and Chester worked hard to make sure we completed each step on the recipe. 

Week Beginning 30/09/2019

Owls have done some fantastic habitat exploring this week. We compared the polar regions to the jungle and helped to put the animals in their correct homes. George rescued the penguins and Miley and Chester became super jungle explorers. 


In maths, the Owls have been creating some beautiful patterns using shape and colour. Logan impressed us all by using the same colour but having a big, small, big, small pattern. 


Evie and Henry have been doing some great sharing and turn taking this week and Tommy baked some delicious cookies. He even wrote some instructions to help his friends!


Owls Class Star of the Week this week was Jack for his super swimming. Well done!

Week Beginning 23/09/2019

Owls Class have been busy making their very own clocks this week! We have used them to help us with our o’clock time telling and Miley, Jack and Chester were even having a go at half past times! Tommy impressed us all when he was showing us the times on his clock. 


The habitats that we were looking at this week were the polar regions. Evie, George, Logan and Henry had a fantastic time exploring our polar sensory area and all the children made lovely habitats for the penguins to live in.  


Owls Class ‘Star of the Week’ this week was Henry for settling really well into Owls. Well done!



Week Beginning 16/09/2019

Owls Class have had another action packed week. 


In maths we we have started to do some work on time. George, Logan, Evie and Henry had a fantastic time playing the ‘Days of the Week’ game and Chester sang the ‘Days of the Week’ song beautifully. 


The habitat that we focused on in our science lesson this week was the desert. Jack and Miley had a great discussion about the different animals that live here including meerkats and camels and reminded me that it is not the habitat of sharks!


Tommy made some delicious cornflake cakes on Thursday with Miss Gibbons. 


Owls Class Star of the Week this week was Logan for trying really well with his reading. Well done!

Week Beginning 09/09/2019

It was birthday week this week. We celebrated George’s birthday and Miss Gibbons’ birthday. The children enjoyed playing some party games and loved eating some cake!


We continued our work on numbers and Jack and Miley did some great ordering of numbers to 100. 


This is Week we made some cherry Bakewells and Tommy did a fantastic job of icing and putting the cherry on the top. They were sooooo tasty!


logan and George really enjoyed making their ocean boxes to show us all the habitats of different nimals and they even taught me that elephants and ostriches don’t live in the sea. Thanks boys. 


On Thursday, Owls Class welcomes Henry and all of the children were very welcoming. Evie and Chester helped Henry to find the shells in the sand which was lovely to see. 


Owls Class Star of the Week this week is Chester for telling us all the his fantastic version of ‘Meerkat Mail’ staring Tracey the Pussycat. Well done!



Week Beginning 02/09/2019

What a wonderful first week back it has been in Owls Class! It has been great to see so many happy, smiley faces in the classroom. 


We we had a special visit from Sunny the Meerkat who shared his story ‘Meerkat Mail’ with us. All of the children were fantastic at joining in with the story, especially Tommy and Chester. 


In maths, it was great to see the children working together to practise their numbers. Evie was ordering her numbers to 10 all by herself and Logan and Miley had to fill in missing numbers on a 50 square and a 100 square. They all worked really hard. 


Jack and George impressed us all with their knowledge of different animals and the habitats that they lived in during our science lesson. 


Owls Class Star of the Week is Miley for doing some excellent standing. Well done Miley!

Week Beginning 08/07/2019

It has been a very busy week in Owls Class this week. Chester is back with us which has been fantastic and we celebrated Lydia’s birthday!


The children have been showing off their shape knowledge this week in maths and Logan and Lydia really impressed us with the shapes that they know.


We have been invited to the Queen’s party and she has asked us to take a special animal with us. Miley, Jack, Charlie and Chester did some lovely writing about the animals that they wanted to take. 


In science the children made made their own phones this week. George, Evie and Tommy made beautiful phones and everyone enjoyed investigating how they worked!


Owls Class Star of the Week this week is Logan for his amazing independent maths work! ⭐️

Welcome to Owls! Week Beginning 01/07/2019

Welcome to all of the new Owls this week! George, Logan, Lydia and Tommy Lee have joined us from Squirrels Class and Evie has just started at Bracken Hill. 


It has been great to see new friendships forming already!


All of the Owls have showed great counting skills this week in Maths and enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Queen’s Orang-utan’ in English. 


In cooking the children decorated biscuits with British flags and in science they investigated how to make circuits. 


Owls ClassStar of the Week this week is Evie for settling really well in to her new school. 


Sports Week! 10th - 14th June 2019

The Owls have had a fantastic Sports Week, completing so many different activities and doing a fantastic job, even with the terrible rain.  We begun the week by tasting some lovely fruits and making healthy omelettes and climbing on the climbing wall. The children were so brave and all gave it a great try.  Later in the week the children had a go at golf, went to Portland College for some sports such as wheelchair Basketball, played football with a footballer from Mansfield Town and even had a go on the bouncy Castle.  We're already looking forward to next year, hopefully with a bit more sunshine :) 

Week beginning 20th May: Transport topic trip to Crich Tramway Museum

This week we had the most fantastic trip to Crich Tramway museum.  After a cool start to the day, the sun came through and it was beautiful.  The children really enjoyed riding the trams and using old pennies and half pennies to pay.  We had a good look around the exhibition of old trams and how they worked throughout history.  At lunch time we went for a lovely woodland walk and ate our picnic on blankets and tables in the sun.  The children loved exploring the park and spending their money in the old world town.  The children were so fantastic and it was a brilliant day!


Our community in PSHE

Our community in PSHE 1

Week beginning 13th May

This week we’ve been focusing on Grandad’s Island in English, and 2D shape in maths, especially ways that can help us remember shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, heptagons and octagons.  In our topics we ve explored some significant flights in history including the wright brothers, Amelia Earhart and the miracle on the Hudson. The children re really enjoying the transport topic. 

Our trip to East Midlands Airport

Week beginning 7th May 2019

This week we have been to East Midlands Airport, and the children had a great time exploring the arrivals and departures and a super role play area.  And on the way back, we even filled up the mini bus with petrol all as part of our transport topic.

Week beginning 29th April 

This week in English we’ve been looking at the features of a non-chronological report, starting to learn about Titanic and beginning to write our own reports about it.   In maths, we’ve started taking tally’s and the comparing our results.  As part of our transport topic, the children have had a great time this week creating pictures of transport with tissue paper. 

Week beginning 24th April 

Welcome back after the Easter break, hope you all had a lovely rest and we are so happy to see everyone back.  This week we’ve had a great PE session led by our occupational therapist on sensory circuits which the children have really enjoyed and we will be doing much more of. 

Lots of estimating and checking!

Week beginning 1st April

This week we’ve been looking at card layouts and making and writing our own Easter Cards and in Maths we’ve been estimating objects and pictures. Busy busy busy

Amelia’s starfish

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Miley’s Turtle

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Chester's fish

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Lewis’ Crab

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Jordan’s fish

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Nicholas’ Octopus

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Week beginning 25th March 

This week we’ve been very busy looking at how far we’ve come with our learning! Our phonics assessments have shown we’ve been listening and trying really hard with our work.  And had a go at creating our own animation videos in computing.

Animating our own characters

Week beginning 18th March 2019

For our animation computing sessions this half term we are going to make and animate our own clay characters, and having designed them last week, this week we made them. Wallace and Gromit here we come 😍

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day - Clothes that make us feel happy 😊 15th March 2019 

For Red Nose Day, Owls have been wearing clothes that make us feel happy. You might notice that we’ve got extra large smiles today! 


Our Race For Life Book Day Fun Run

Week beginning 4th March

As our kitchen slot is a Monday, we made some fantastic pancakes with lot so of yummy healthy toppings!  The children really led the way, doing most of the mixing, pouring, flipping and definitely tasting. Fantastic skills! 

Active Maths!

Week beginning 25th February 

Welcome back to the second half of the spring term! This half term our topic is Costa Rica and we’ve started it off by looking into the differences between Costa Rica and our local community.   In maths we’ve been looking at sorting and patterns, and making our learning as active as possible.  Have a o9k for yourself 😁


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Week beginning 11th February 2019

This week we had a very exciting trip to the cinema to finish off our Myths and Fables topic.  We've been doing lots of writing about dragons and the perfectly timed release of How to Train a Dragon 3 seemed a perfect opportunity for a green screen film review.  Enjoy!

Week beginning 4th February 2019

This week we have done lots of writhing about heroes and thinking about describing words in English. And maths, we been looking at grouping and money.    On Wednesday afternoon the children tried lots of different foods in DT and looked at what part of the EatWell cycle they fitted into and how our body needs differenttypes. 

Week beginning 28th January

This Monday we had a very exciting visit from Zoo Lab.  The children were so brave and loved the giant snail, gecko, scorpion, snake and millipede that they got up close to.

Making healthy toast toppings!

Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week in English we have started to look at Dragons.  Today, we pretended a Thunder dragon had been seen flying near school and then drew pictures of the dragon.  They did a great job.  In Maths, we are focusing on problem solving, focused on sorting, patterns and word problems.  Today, in D&T food, we've made some toast with different healthy toppings and looked at healthy food using the Eatwell Guide.



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Picture 7

Week beginning 14th January 2019

This week we're continuing with The Tortoise and The Hare in English and size/ measurement in Maths.  The children have enjoyed using laptops this week to explore different search engines such as yahoo, bing, google and kidrex.  To help keep them safe, we've been adding 'for kids' to our searches.

Week Beginning 7th January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back after the Christmas break.  We hope you've all had a wonderful break with your loved ones.  This half term our topic is Myths and Fables.  This week, we've been learning about The Tortoise and The Hare in English and the children have really enjoyed it. In Maths, we been comparing size and looking at tall and short.  We did this by building lego towers and comparing them and searching around school for objects than can be measured with a ruler or a metre stick.



Maths! 1
Maths! 2
Maths! 3
Maths! 4

Our wonderful Christmas show

Hope all of you that managed to come, enjoyed our show.  Thank you to everyone that managed to be there, the children really enjoyed it and we thought the children did a fantastic job! Next year, no straw! 

Our fantastic Wise People (The Guys with the Camels) and Mary and Joseph!

Week beginning 10th December

This week we've started to think about Christmas, with our Christmas dinner and preparing for our Nativity next week.  We've decorated our sanctuary room into Santa's Sanctuary and made some lovely star decorations to put on our tree. We've also taken some photos and made us look Christmassy!

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Children in Need - 16th November 2018

We had a great day on Children in Need.  The children really enjoyed the healthy breakfast and the ramble around the local community.  Then children also completed a Teacher Hunt around the school looking for filtered faces.  The children enjoyed these so much, they wanted to make their own filtered selfies! Can you spot who's who?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week Commencing the 14th October 2018

This week in topic, we've been looking at Dinosaurs and their teeth! We've looked at the different shapes and what they were used for, and then made some from salt dough.  

Picture 1

Week commencing 1/10/2018

This week we have been very busy, as usual.  In English, we are using a new method to help the children decide what they want to write using a method called Rainbow Grammar where children used coloured cards to build their sentences.  Initially the cards are ordered green (the predicate - what the sentence is about), amber ( what you are telling me about the predicate) and red (the punctuation) at the end of the sentence). The children have really grasped the concept and it is increasing their independence really well!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week Commencing 23rd September


Sorry for the lack of updates so far.  We've spent lots of time focusing on getting everyone settled in and into routine in these first few weeks.  This half term our topic is Dinosaurs and the children are really enjoying it so far, I hope they are starting to communicate all the new vocabulary they've been using.  Many of the children have really enjoyed playing in our new role play area, palaeontologists lab ( and so have we!) - photos to follow.


A big thank you to all those who sent in photos of their child 'getting caught reading'.  They sure have made us chuckle.




Our Palaeontologists Lab!

Our Palaeontologists Lab! 1



Bracken Hill's Got Talent

We had two wonderful acts in this year's Bracken Hill's Got Talent and one of those acts came third! The majority of the class joined in and we could not be more proud of them. So brave to stand up in front of the whole school and perform. A fantastic start to our year!

Welcome to Owls 2018/2019


Hello everybody! My name is Miss Clerkin and I am the new class teacher in Owls.  I am so excited to be back after my maternity leave and get to see all the children again.  Many of the Owls already know me, and I've been so impressed to see how they have grown and progressed in the past year.  Helping us in Owls this year is Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Birch and Mrs Campbell, and we're really lucky to have them.  Parents are welcome to come and meet the team on Wednesday 11th July, at 3.45 pm and have a look around our learning environment.  Hope to see you there!



Miss Clerkin

Miss Clerkin 1

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