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Active Notts Football activity pack

Balloon Games


  • Personal challenge – A range of Keepie Uppie challenges using hands, heads, knees, feet and / or a combination of them all.

  • Paired / team challenge – As with the personal challenge but with pairs / teams.  Balloons cannot touch the floor.  Try a challenging groups to achieve a set number of contacts, a set time or to travel a set distance

  • Balloon races – Balance the balloon on your nose or on a tennis racket or try waddling like a penguin with the balloon between your legs.  See how far each player can travel without dropping the balloon or set a distance to travel and see who can get their and back in the quickest time.

  • Pass it on – Experiment with balloon pass relay challenges.  The over under challenge is the most common of these but you can also try the sitting swivel where players have to use their feet the pass the balloon.  Throwing or racket versions are also good.

  • Balloon sports – Pretty much any sport can be played using a balloon but some lend themselves to it better than others.  Bench ball, volleyball, seated volleyball, crab football and balloon hockey are all worth a go.  Make the team numbers and rules up as you go along.  It’s really just for fun so no need to take it too seriously.  

Team Building Activities


Line up please – A simple sorting game that gets the group talking. Participants must line up in the order stated. E.g., Height order, by shoe size, by month of birth, alphabetically by last name. If you want to guarantee space place throw down spots on the floor for people to stand on.


All together now – Requires approx. 4 participants and a long stick (Broom handle / meter ruler). The group begin by holding the stick using just one finger each. Starting with the stick at chest height the group need to raise the stick above their heads, lower it to ground level and manoeuvre around a series of obstacles while all keeping contact with the stick. All participants must remain in contact with the stick at all times and if the stick drops the group must start again.