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Rabbits Class

Rabbits blast off into space! 15/10/20

We had a Space Adventure today - this half term's topic of 3,2,1 Blast off has been really engaging and motivating for the children. The space symbol is much loved and  we all enjoyed creating the space control centre which included a number display.  This will impress the head teacher alien, who will be able to see how good the children have become at counting backwards from 10 and joining in with 5 little men in a flying saucer.  Joseph landed in Rabbits wearing his full astronaut kit and along with Kaiden wore their NASA badges with pride!  They found some little alien girls but it was ok as they were friendly!  McKenzie and Preston shared a rocket (a big box always makes the perfect rocket) to get to the space centre and on arrival Preston loved being in control, turning on all the lights to find the way to the moon. Kaiden was able to walk on the moon and use a space touch to show us the way, whilst Max was in charge of the sensory switches to keep us all calm!  Oscar was very confident at telling us we were in space whilst Bradley very clearly told us he could see the moon.  Preston took his very small rocket and sent it into space.  What great language and understanding of space travel!  Joesph felt it was important to take some home comforts to the moon so traveled with his basket of small figures including several spacemen. Bradley found some moon mirror stones and enjoyed looking into them watching the light reflect. Once we were back on earth, Kaiden and Jorgie left the space ship to join us all having a much needed rest,

During the day we also enjoyed some alien bubbles, making aliens with slime green playdough and creating moon dust, McKenzie told us it was very messy and sticky.  Thanks for the adventure Rabbits!

Have a lovely half term holiday back on Earth! 

Mrs Topping, Miss Birch, Miss Hastings and Mrs Pearce. 

Week beginning 14/9/20

The Rabbits are well and truly back into their busy school days and we have been very impressed with the children's willingness to have a go at their work and we can already see progress!  Space remains a firm favourite and I think we all go home singing ' 5 little men in a flying saucer!' every day.

We are finding out that Joseph loves to sing and he did a great job of jumping the 5 speckled frogs into the pool at the correct time as Miss Birch sang to him.  Preston is developing his 1:1 correspondence and  his number words are getting clearer all the time!  He loves to count down from 10 - its all that rocket launching we have been doing!  

Demi and McKenzie decided they would like to do some extra fine motor practise together!  Demi, we were very impressed with how much you wanted to hold a pencil and make marks on the paper!  Mckenzie told me she was making an alien bed whilst she used the scissors with great skill to cut it out! Lovely!  

Kaiden enjoyed edible phonics impressing Mrs. Pearce when working on hearing the initial sound words begin with! He looks very pleased with himself!  Bradley's speech is becoming clearer and more confident, he was able to tell me all the space words when I asked 'what can you see Bradley?' He also likes to count down from 10 to launch his rockets.  Oscar was brilliant at completing a great big jigsaw, he is much more patient with it than I ever am with a jigsaw!

In science Jorgie explored a light up space rocket, she was very good at making it fly across the room as if going into space!  The children have also been working on sorting materials in Science, they all had a super go at sorting space stones onto the correct coloured rockets, Max was an excellent space colour sorter!  They have been working on understanding hard and soft materials too!  

Outside the children have been bouncing into space!  Look how high Preston can jump!  Great action photo!  

Well done everyone!

Mrs Topping and the team

The Rabbits team: September 2020

The Rabbits are back!!!!  Mrs. Topping and the team are so happy to see the children both reunited and getting to know the new little Rabbits.  It has been truly wonderful to see the children playing and  enjoying the company of each other!   Thanks to Hayley, Demi's mummy, who made us a welcome back cake, having discovered her baking skills during lockdown!

Our main focus has been the children's happiness after such a long time away but I'm slowly working towards focus and work so prepare yourselves Rabbits!  Although I can tell already the children are going to enjoy our Space topic this half term. 

The children have quickly got back into routines, with snack time and dinner time going particularly well! 

Please remember you can get in touch with us through both Seesaw or by telephone  - we are always here to answer your questions and help with any worries!

Mrs Topping and the team. 

At school the children have been practising their counting skills with ducks and balloons, the perfect counting resources I think!  Freddie has remembered the skill of adding one more and recounting to check how many, well done Freddie!  Jorgie thought it was funny when I counted balloons, especially when I went really fast and Oscar helped me to sing 5 little ducks, adding the 'quack quacks' for me.

At home Demi has been exploring her lovely sensory toys and has become a huge fan of 'Finding Nemo.'  Max's beanstalk is very impressive, I wonder if it is the tallest one grown from the magic beans I sent home!! Leo is looking very grown up and enjoyed a visit to see his Nanna, whilst Preston has been practising his ball skills, great hand eye coordination! 

Back at school Noah discussed lots of fruit with Mrs Pearce asking her to draw some exotic ones such as a papaya and a mango. Kaiden made a very important phone call, remembering to press the buttons to dial a number, whilst Bradley enjoyed some relaxation with some of our items from the class happy box.  Outside the boys enjoyed throwing, kicking and bouncing on our super big ball.

Mrs Topping 

Rabbits at home and at school Summer 2020

Despite not all being together for quite some time the class has remained very connected through the wonderful Seesaw home school communication app.  I  feel very proud of the children, they have adapted to a new normal and have amazed me with big and small achievements whilst being at home and when back in school.  The outdoors has featured a lot and thank goodness for plenty of sunshine - although the rain has also been welcome for the plants.  A special well done to Demi's mummy who has discovered she is rather a star baker through the lockdown!  

Back in Rabbits those children that have returned have adjusted quickly back in to the daily routines, trying hard to focus and work hard on their maths and english jobs.  We have been finding out about tropical fruits as part of the 'truly scrumptious' Summer topic too!  WELL DONE EVERYONE!  Both big and small Rabbits! 

Its been a very busy 2 weeks in Rabbits and despite these strange times , the children have continued to learn and enjoy all of our activities.  The children are SO good at washing their hands now and have a great attitude towards cleaning them more often, Preston's face says it all!

Demi has found the giant peanut ball and is practising sitting on it although she is very little but determined!  

I love the photograph of the boys sharing the laptop in computing - rather like an internet café!  We are very pleased with Freddie as he has now cracked using a mouse pad on a laptop to click and drag items on the screen which is a hard thing to do when the children are used to using interactive screens. Oscar and Max shared the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' whilst Miss Birch read it to them.  

In Science the children went to 'pond' dip as part of our final Blue Abyss activities. The children really have enjoyed learning all about water and the animals that live there.  Noah and Kaiden can name different types of whales now. In the pond Bradley was very interested in the lily pad and how it kept floating, Oscar could name the ducks whilst Preston found all the fish to sit upon a lily pad.  Kaiden was able to tell me he saw a frog, snail, fish and a duck, he was able to copy me when I said grasshopper. 

In Science the children have also explored their faces whilst looking in the mirror, Oscar pulled a funny face and Noah very much enjoyed his happy face.  

In English Demi and Jorgie are really trying hard to extend their focus on mark making and there has been some great looking at the tools and the paper which is always very useful! Some of the boys have been practising recognising and naming iconic symbols, of course McDonalds and CBeebies are a firm favourite.  They have also practised finding and naming the artic animals, I've been very impressed.  Leo is now practising his high frequency words, super well done Leo on your progress with reading. 

Maths has been all about finding the same, the boys have matched artic animals of course!  They have then moved onto matching household objects.  Max has been working on his jigsaw skills as he does find putting 2 pieces together hard but well done on your perseverance!!  Leo has been developing his addition skills using bricks.  Whilst Jorgie enjoyed being tickled by Incy weensy spider. 

Whatever the next weeks and months bring for all of us please be reassured that the staff team will continue to support you and the children in the best ways possible!

Mrs Topping and the team. 

The children have loved singing about tropical fish and we now all know a Nemo fish and a Dory fish are also known as a Clown fish and a Bluetang fish.  Noah is very keen on the Bluetang, I wonder if he will be the new David Attenborough.  The next few weeks will see us find out about Artic animals. 

In Maths Freddie has worked so hard on his slow counting of amounts up to and over 10, whilst Bradley's number words are super clear now, he is so confident when counting up and down from 10.  Max and Preston have found different objects to count to 3, trying hard to match amounts to the number labels.  Demi listened to me sing 3 little ducks and enjoyed popping the ducks on the floor!!

In English the children have continued to develop their fine motor and writing skills, Kaiden looks very professional sitting in the writing corner, whilst Leo has discovered he is very good at cutting.  Bradley and Demi ventured to the sensory mark making table and it was great to see Bradley enjoy painting in the bubble paint.  Preston and Oscar look like they are engrossed in the story Mrs Pearce is reading, great focus and sharing boys.  Jorgie has been developing her looking skills and interest in what we are doing with her.  She handled the instruments in music and loved pat a cake with Mrs Pearce!

In music Oscar and Preston had such fun making different noises, Oscar was very good at stopping and starting when shown the symbols. 

Freddie and Leo continue to progress with their mouse skills when using a laptop.  They were able to complete online jigsaws, Leo could do the really hard ones!

In other news Kaiden and Noah made us laugh with their penguin actions during brain gym, great copying boys!  I like your attention pose!  Bradley was very impressed too.  Demi thought Max needed a drink after all the movement, very helpful Demi!

Mrs Topping and the team


On Tuesday it was E-Safety Day and Rabbits class made a poster with some of their favourite games and apps on.  We talked a little about how the internet is great fun but the children must stay SAFE! Leo was very proud of the cutting and sticking skills he used to create our poster.

In maths the children have been shopping, practising their role play skills and handling  money.  Kaiden and Noah shared the till and were very interested in the scanner and the credit card zapper!  Then along with Bradley and Max they played the baker in 5 current buns supported by the Tweenies .  The boys really were great at taking a penny one at a time before giving their customer a delicious bun.

In English the children have practised their communication skills using words, symbols and communication boards.  Preston's favourite nursery rhyme was Incy wincy spider and he quickly realised that every time he pointed to the symbol I would sing the song.  Oscar and Noah were super at choosing a balloon colour using 4 symbols. Oscar showed great focus and Noah knows all of his colours, he can say  them too. Our new favourite books are the 'OI' books which are phonic based.  Kaiden could tell me the name of all four books.  Our new English book is 'There's a hole at the bottom of the sea'  Preston and Max were very impressed as you can see!  Jorgie has been working on her engagement at focus time, she loves to handle the rainmaker feeling its vibrations, Jorgie is also very fond of being tickled! 

In Science the children have continued to recycle, something which is so important and an issue very close to my heart.  Freddie, Bradley and Oscar were able to sort plastic, paper and food.  Freddie asked when the recycling bin lorry was expected!!  I'm not sure Bradley was very impressed with handling the old fruit but he was able to name it all! 

In computing Oscar used the whiteboard to make sounds on chrome music lab whilst Leo was able to use the mouse pad on the laptop to make sounds - well done Leo!!

Miss Birch was very pleased with Freddie and Demi in cooking as they both tried to use the equipment and were happy to give their sandwich a try!

A big well done to Jorgie who is building her confidence to bounce on the trampoline now!

Have a lovely week off everyone

Mrs Topping and the team


Have a lovely half term everyone! 

The wonderful water theme continues in Rabbits, the water and weather songs are very popular especially when we use our weather props!  Its very useful to have an umbrella when it is pouring down! The Noah's Ark song continues to be a huge hit!  The children never cease to amaze me!  Our Noah likes it when the hippo gets stuck in the door, and we heard Preston singing some of the song too. 

In Science creating rain clouds in a jar proved really interesting, great early investigation skills.  What concentration on Bradley, Leo's and Max's face!  In art the children created rain clouds too but using their collage skills, Jorgie is developing her looking skills which is great and both Noah and Max practised using scissors, Noah could use them on his own!  Everyone was very pleased with Jorgie at the water play as she was able to stand and concentrate for 10 minutes. Leo created a sunshine in our ice water outside - beautiful!  At the counting sea creatures table Preston said 'Snap Snap' when playing with the crabs. 

In English the children have developed skills from handling books to listening to whole stories to working on their phonic skills.  Oscar and Kaiden love the alphabet and all the boys are working on their knowledge of letter sounds not just the names.  

In maths I have been so pleased with the children's work on sorting big and small objects.  Bradley and Oscar have been sorting big and small objects onto symbols and into buckets whilst Noah and Kaiden have been able to sort 3 objects into big bigger biggest, I think its the size song that we sing that helps!  What would I do without songs!!  

Socially the children have progressed too!  Freddie and Leo where able to share the tent and look at books together, taking a rest from racing each other in the playground.  They have both spent time with Demi too, sharing and encouraging her to play!  Demi loves all the attention!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Topping and the team 

Our watery theme continues with the children creating puddle footprints and big raindrops during creative time, Jorgie, Max and Noah went for a splash, Jorgie wore her own shoes, Max went barefoot and Noah wore Mrs Topping's wellingtons.  Preston and Leo really enjoyed using the blue to create rain,  Leo enjoyed mixing colours and he told Miss Hastings his raindrop was beautiful!  Freddie enjoyed sorting our weather resources onto the correct weather symbols, Freddie is very knowledge about the weather and he knows the wind will mess up your hair!  The children are all enjoying the 'Who built the Ark' song and Bradley of course had a really good look at the book too.  In Science we explored ice and melting, Preston found out it was very cold when he had a taste!

Demi made us all happy when she went to look at a Peppa Pig book for a little while, turning the pages and smiling. 

In maths Freddie and Leo have really worked hard together looking at numbers and deciding which is more and which is less, its very serious work!!  Jorgie has been working on her focus during work time, practising looking at and picking up our number song resources!  she is worn out after such concentration!  Kaiden was very clever when he gave each spider's leg one bug each at maths time, great 1:1 correspondence. 

Meanwhile Bradley enjoyed cooking and told us it was a tea party, we think Bradley is expecting the tiger from 'The tiger who came to tea!'

Outside, the boys have been enjoying racing each other, of course they always beat me!  What brilliant talking and turn taking!

Mrs Topping and the team


Week beginning 7/1/2020

Happy new year everyone!

This term's topic is 'The Blue Abyss' so we will be exploring all things weather and water based.  I think the children are going to enjoy this very much.  In Science on Wednesday the children loved being in the water together making it rain and thinking about rain clouds. There was even a storm or two!!  The song we were all singing was of course 'rain rain go away!'

Mrs Topping

In English the children continue to practise their writing and mark making skills.  Leo shows real concentration when copying letter forms from our Jolly Phonics card, he is now going to practise writing letters without looking at a prompt, well done Leo!  Jorgie is developing her fine motor skills with our inset jigsaws, she is getting better at looking at the puzzles as we help her to do them.  Max did some terrific mark making on the interactive whiteboard, he created a very sparkly Christmas jumper with his finger.  Oscar has become very interested in the Jolly Phonics as he has observed our older children engage with the songs and the letters.  He can now found the matching letter as he hears it's song.  

In maths the children have been working on their sorting skills and we found that Kaiden is a sorting whizz, even being able to sort objects that are very different such as cars and bears.  He can say the words too. 

In Sensory Science the children all enjoyed Christmas foam , they were able to share the bottle and  squirting the foam until we had a great big unicorn mountain.  Preston and Demi were very brave not only watching the other children but touching it too.  Noah thought the foam was very funny as was playing Hungry Hippos at Circle time.  Noah, Freddie and Oscar tried so hard to take turns, Freddie took it all very seriously and was able to follow the rules even when the smaller Rabbits sneaked in to steal the marbles!!!  

Bradley has been very busy playing with our resources correctly, he created a wonderful Mr Potato Head and could tell me where his nose, eyes and shoes were. Mr Potato head went on all kinds of adventures.  Bradley has also been exploring our Nativity saying 'Baby Jesus' and 'king'. Oscar and him then sang one of this term's favourites 'Daddy finger where are you?'  but with a Christmas theme!! Very clever!  

Sending you all a very happy Christmas and a safe new year.  Thankyou all for your support this term, it is always very much appreciated.  

Mrs Topping, MIss Hastings, MIss Birch and Mrs Pearce. 

Week beginning 2/12/19

In maths we have been exploring shapes.  Max was very interested in the 2D shapes especially the triangles, he could match the shapes to their symbols. Leo was able to sort the 3D shapes and he is getting really good at naming them, he knew he had sorted cubes and cuboids.  The children have been finding out which 3D shapes roll, Noah has started to remember that a sphere and a cylinder roll whilst Freddie has took it a step further finding everyday items that roll, he knew the milk carton was a cylinder too.  

Oscar has found a real love of books and chooses to look at his favourites now, he is getting very good at telling our 'From Head to Toe' story . Freddie is enjoying our new Barefoot Books and will always check with me first if he can read them first. Lovely manners Freddie!  

In the morning at self register time, Noah waits for all his friends to arrive and hands them their photo saying their full name, its very helpful Noah - Thanks! 

As part of our 'Let's Celebrate' topic we looked at the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, singing songs and handling resources.  Bradley was very taken by the Menorah candle stick and he had a super try at saying it too.  Preston and Jorgie used their creative skills to make Dreidels which are the spinning tops that the Jewish children play with.  Great focus and concentration. Kaiden really liked the word Hanukkah and enjoyed holding on to the symbol whilst listening to the songs.

Happy Hanukkah everyone! 

The children have continued to develop their counting skills over the last week.  Noah is really confident when counting to 10 using his fingers, I like that he will always show us this skill now when we ask him to.  Oscar and Bradley have been using number lines to recognise numbers to 10 and to count out loud, great talking boys!  Leo has cracked counting amounts and he can quickly tell me how many he has in groups to 10 now.  Freddie has completed the Numicon puzzle working out how to fill the 100 square with tiles, some of us grownups cant do that yet!  Max has been counting pompoms, he can correctly count out up to 3 it must be because he is 5 now.  Look at Oscar's colour tower, we realised he was building in colours too, a very wonderful rainbow.

Jorgie is becoming very interested in her photograph and that of her friends.  She will have a little look at our self register in the morning.  The boys have LOVED looking at the Eric Carle books and its wonderful that they want to enjoy the books with an adult not just with the whiteboard animations.  Max, Preston and Leo loved to listen to the story and I know Preston is enjoying the books at home too. Kaiden and Noah can tell the stories and have a great memory for the words. 

In other news, Bradley popped to the shop and was able to tell me he had a 'coin' when working the till.  Demi also enjoys exploring our cafe home corner, picking up all the food and even trying some of to!  Kaiden enjoyed a birthday party as part of our lets celebrate topic, whilst Max and Preston designed a birthday cake. Jorgie likes going to look at our balloons on the display and thinks the ribbons are great. Every time Noah sees the celebration display he breaks into the happy birthday song!  In art the children created their own faces thinking about their skin, hair and eye colour.  We are going to make puppets for our shadow play in Science. 

Mrs Topping and the team

This week the children have been very enthusiastic about their counting especially using their fingers.  Leo and Freddie are very confident when showing different amounts to 10, whilst Kaiden has been helping to count the finger puppets.  Kaiden is very much an animal lover and enjoyed counting sets of different creatures with Mrs Pearce.  Oscar likes to look at the children's photographs on our self register board and did a very good job of counting to 10.  He also enjoyed putting the Numicon tiles in a row as Miss Birch counted them, he got as high as 48!  Max showed me that he likes numbers to 5 and was able to pick them up in order as I said the number words.  Noah can count his fingers too and find numbers on a number line practising his rote counting.

In English, we have been listening to and looking at Eric Carle books, along with, as always, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'  We have been thrilled with how interested the class have been and I do think the older boy's, Bradley, Noah and Kaiden,  love of books is having a positive influence on the younger boys.  Jorgie looks very grown up studying her favourite Minnie Mouse book, without an adult sitting next to her.  Preston and Leo were able to copy the actions of the animals in the 'Head to Toe' book, I do like their kicking donkey actions. Freddie read his reading book to me with confidence, I was very impressed! 

Our topic this half term is 'Let's Celebrate' so we have sang about the noises fireworks make this week, and used giant pipettes to create beautiful and colourful patterns in the sky. 

I hope you are impressed with the children's light and dark investigations in Science!  Miss Hastings has captured the children really engaging with the torches to create shapes and shadows.  I think Jorgie and Demi were trying to catch the light!  Bradley was everywhere with his torch whilst Max found out it was very bright on his face.

In other news, Freddie created a birthday party which Demi came to and enjoyed an icecream.  Noah showed Max how to use a communication board and the 3 boys tried so hard to share the new garage and cars.

Never a dull moment in Rabbits

Mrs Topping and the team.

As always its been a very busy two weeks in Rabbits, we are creating a wonderful song display which of course features 'The Wheels on the Bus' as the centre piece. Along with singing, bubbles continue to be a much loved shared activity and with it being World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October, it is great to show the children doing two of their happiest things.  It makes me happy to see the children playing together and sharing time together.  Leo and Freddie enjoy being silly together, well i don't blame them, Preston joined in too with hide and seek.  Oscar practised peddling with a little passenger and then the boys all went off to play catch the number bugs together with the spiders.  Dr Freddie checked on Jorgie whilst she had a rest outside - all was fine!  Demi has been very happy when at school and we hope to see her back soon.  I love the photo of the little boys sharing a story with Bradley who is our class book worm.

In maths the children have been exploring shape and sorting into sets.  Jorgie enjoyed picking up the 2D shapes at carpet time whilst Leo has started to think about shape properties, counting sides.  Max is very good at colour matching and we have discovered he can read colour words.  At carpet time the boys were able to count using their fingers.  Kaiden really enjoyed sorting pompoms into colour sets and he could say the words too.  

In english it has been all about mark making and letter formation, Max loves to use a pencil and pen whilst Oscar, Leo and Preston enjoyed creating letter and number shapes with the bingo dabbers.  Jorgie had a think about mark making and if it is for her!  Freddie and Max showed me their reading skills, Max even sat with one of our governors, who came to visit, to show her his love for words.  

Noah and Jorgie enjoyed our songs about school, Noah can find lots of different school equipment and does a very good pencil dance!!

Computing saw the children exploring Beebots and making them move, as you can see Oscar and Preston were fascinated. On the whiteboard the children were able to make things happen such as making the cars move, which Bradley and Oscar really enjoyed.  Kaiden was able to give the teddy bear lots of cakes.  Max has discovered the on and off buttons on the CD player!!

In science the children had great fun whilst learning - exploring their face with face paints, what a happy time we had.

Mrs Topping and the team. 

The Rabbits continue to build their relationships and playing skills. I love to see them spending some time together without adult intervention.  Freddie enjoyed showing his younger class friends how to share the skateboard and then went to build with Noah and Leo.  Once again I have a class that enjoy books and I just loved how the boys sat together quietly looking at fiction and non fiction books. 

Some of our brand new Rabbits, Preston and Demi are getting used to carpet time, looking very grown up on the red chairs.  

In Science we are looking at animals and their habitats, this is Noah's favourite topic.  He found the pigs on the farm very funny.  He did talk about jungle animals with Miss Hastings but is very much a fan of ocean animals.  Last Friday we explored the earth and keeping it safe!  Bradley liked looking at the globe and I do like his concerned face.  Freddie and Leo were able to talk about the melting ice especially in the hot sunshine.  

In maths the children are developing their jigsaw skills and shape knowledge.  Well done Preston and Max on your focus with inset jigsaws especially colour matching the fish.  Jorgie was happy to see Kaiden who came to help her with her caterpillar jigsaw.  Oscar was very interested in the 2D shapes and built towers of shapes that were the same!  Very Clever.  Bradley is practising saying the names of the shapes whilst Leo is going to think about how many sides the shapes have.  

In other news we have discovered Jorgie loves bubbles, well who doesn't!!! Kaiden is the music man on the xylophone, Demi is an outside girl and Oscar LOVES eggs.  

Mrs Topping 

Its has been a really lovely start to the year for Rabbits Class, we have lots of new children and  I can see the class forming relationships already.  My aim for the first week was to have a happy, settled snack time as it is so important for social skills and communication.  As you can see from the photographs the children are very happy to sit together, they do like to 'share' each others food though!!  Freddie and Leo are enjoying playing outside and they have lots of good ideas such as flying off to space in their giant cardboard box.  Happily all the children love music and songs, Oscar and Freddie even played us a tune on the instruments.  Sharing of toys is very important in Rabbits Class , Preston and Noah loved sorting through the animal box together, whilst the boys were also able to share the playdough along with Leo.  The big boys have been showing Max the ropes with the wonderful interactive whiteboard and he quickly picked up the idea of pointing to a picture to get his favourite song played.  Demi and Jorgie our two little girls enjoyed the more physical side of school, they both love the trampoline and Jorgie was really grownup about changing into her PE kit on Monday. 

In maths I have been thrilled and amazed with how quickly the new children have picked up using our Numicon tiles, Preston quickly realised how to match the tiles to the number line.  Bradley enjoyed looking at himself on the Ipad whilst he told Mrs Pearce what number labels he was holding, what a lovely clear voice Bradley.  Freddie had a super go at writing numbers to 8. 

In English Leo worked on his phonic skills, finding pairs of letters and telling me what sound they made, whilst Kaiden really has enjoyed mark making in lots of areas inside and outside, Max joined in too!  Oscar enjoyed looking at the pirate and knight books, looking for the pictures to match the sound buttons.  

In computing Noah was really interested in the laptop and was quick to realise whatever keys he pressed on the keyboard showed up on the screen!!  AMAZING!

PHEW!  What a busy start to the school year!

Mrs Topping and the team. 

Happy Summer

Its been a fantastic year in Rabbits Class and I have been very lucky to teach this funny and enthusiastic class. It's time to say goodbye to our big boys Bobby, Charlie, Huey and Jack, and although we will miss them they really do look very grown up in Rabbits now!  Good Luck Boys!

They now hand the baton on to Kaiden, Bradley, Noah and Leo as we welcome lots of new children in September.  

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Mrs Topping, Mrs Pearce, Miss Birch and Miss Hastings. 

Week beginning 14/7/19

In music this week the boys have really enjoyed wearing their jazzy pants to dance to 'Pants' by Nick Sharratt, who is defiantly one of our favourite authors this year.  Its a very silly song and that suits us perfectly.  I think you will agree the children wear their underwear well!!   Although Bobby much preferred to wear his prince crown than a pair of pants over the top of his trousers!  I mean Mrs Topping really!!!!  Charlie, Jack, Huey and Bradley liked their pants so much they kept them on,  Charlie climbing in his, Jack bouncing in his, Huey playing and Bradley reading in his!! 

Leo found it much more comfortable to wear his on his head, and why not!!! Noah enjoyed showing us where to find the song whilst wearing his pants and Kaiden took dancing and jumping to the music in his snazzy pants very seriously.

Mrs Topping

This week the children have worked really hard despite it being so near the end of term.  In maths they have all impressed us with their effort and determination.  Noah asked for the big numbers when outside and with Huey's support they sorted them into a number line, of course Noah knew all the numbers too!  Kaiden confidently counted knights for Mrs Pearce, pointing to each one.  Leo loved finding out about the + symbol and remembered it meant add 2 groups of knights together!  Huey was super confident naming numbers and could give1 knight every time - Yes Huey!!! We have found that Bobby is very interested in the number 1 if he is matching food to the number label - funny that Bobby!!!  I am super impressed with Charlie as he was asked several times to put only 1 knight on the label, he did this every time and really quickly!!! 

KIng Jack and Prince Charlie joined us at carpet time - the children love this royal topic, next week we will travel to the seaside in class - well as long as the great British weather behaves!

Kaiden and Bradley practised their jigsaw skills - trying so hard with a 12 piece dinosaur jigsaw, not always easy!  Huey asked Miss Birch to read Owl Babies and he could remember the words 'I want my mummy.'

In other news the children have been painting jazzy pants for our dance to one of our favourite books 'Pants.'  Watch this space for the actual dance!

Happy weekend

Mrs Topping


This week we have had royalty visit us in Rabbits as we have sang about kings and queens as part of our Great British Values topic.  Queen Lucy has spent her last week with us before she moves up to Squirrels next week!  I think the move is going to be harder for the staff than Lucy!  King Noah has enjoyed wearing the crown whilst prince Bradley has enjoyed a cape.  Kaiden visited the Castle small world area and thrilled us with his use of words such as dragon, witch and princess.  During focus time Lucy was brilliant at copying the new royal signs and Bobby was very interested in the dragon and the symbol.  He even roared like a dragon and tried to say the word.

Of course another great British tradition is going to the seaside, and as you can see Charlie and Jack love to dip their feet in water and relax just like a couple of grandads on holiday!! 

Leo impressed Miss Birch with his focus when sharing a book and telling a story using the pictures to help him - great speech Leo!  In maths Kaiden was able to use a 10s frame to place a minion in each box, understanding only 1 per box, well done! 

There was great fun to be had with a box too,  Noah and Leo asked for pens to decorate it and I was very pleased with Noah's smiley faces, he remembered 2 eyes and a mouth.

The boys have really progressed with their copying dance actions this year.  Kaiden and Leo showed us the actions to our animal story, whilst Bradley could find his eyes and ears when listening to the 5 senses song.

Well done everyone!

Mrs Topping

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