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Squirrels Class

This was the week that we had a picnic on the moon! It was such good fun! 

We have been sorting and identifying letters in non-fiction books, emptying and filling containers and placing big and small objects in the correct containers. 


We enjoyed playing in a den during our Small Hall time ans as allways, we had a fab time at Forest Schools! 


We all made kebab rockets out of strawberries and banana which was yummy and we had a non-uniform day for World Health Day. Such a brilliant week to be a Squirrel.


Mrs Austin smiley

Squirrels have been looking at small and big animals and seeing if we can identify which are little and large. We have had a delivery of new equipment in the Squirrels' yard so we have been experimenting with that. Squirrels are really lucky that we can go to Forest School once a week, which is great fun! 
We made watermelon stars and moons and the majority of us had a little nibble of them too! We were impressed that Noah and Roman had a try! Well done boys! During P.E. we were in teams to climb under the bar and over the bench...we tried our hardest to balance on the bench too.
A fab week in the Squirrels' classroom!


Mrs Austin smiley x

Welcome back!! The Squirrels' team have been looking forward to having the children back and meeting the new ones too! We have had a fab start to the week; we made some chocolate Rice Krispies cakes and then ate them. This week, we were the first class on the new playground and it was amazing! We had such good fun!! We're so happy to be back! smiley


Mrs Austin x

Welcome to the Squirrels' Team: September 2020

Week commencing 15th June

Our focus this half term is food...yum! We have made animals out of fruit, we have used our fingers to eat (Never Use a Knife and Fork) and we have made cornflake cakes! Imogen, Tyler and Lewis have been practicing their writing. Lydia took a trip to the beach and all of squirrels have enjoyed playing with their mini teachers. Keep up the good work Squirrels and parents. :) 

Mrs Austin x

This week in the Squirrels class, we have been making fruit kebabs. The children did a fantastic job of cutting the fruit, dripping the melted chocolate onto the fruit (and eating the fruit and chocolate). 


We have been counting and matching the amounts to the number. The children have enjoyed playing with the sea creatures in the foam. 


Some of the Squirrels have had the opportunity to go to Forest school where they experiencing the outdoors!

We had a fabulous time at the Wharf Aquatics Centre in Pinxton. The children absolutely loved it and would love to go again (an amazing place to go for free!). We saw marine fish, cold water fish and tropical fish. Lydia was very excited that she found Nemo and Dory. It was such a good afternoon. 

We might even nip again next half term. 


Mrs Austin smiley

It's been another fabulous week in Squirrels. We've been exploring real coins this week and some of us have been identifying and naming the specific coins. We played dominoes with the coins and Connor beat us all.


We have just finished reading The Rainbow Fish therefore we changed the character and had a go at retelling the story with our new character. Some made a jellyfish, shark, turtle and a starfish. They were fantastic.


During our cooking lesson, we used our starfish biscuits that we had baked previously and iced them.


Looking forward to our next couple of weeks!


Mrs Austin smiley 

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and a relaxing break.

It's fantastic to be back and Squirrels have been amazing ALL week! 


We have been exploring water this week and identifying which containers are full and empty and  experimenting with the temperature of water. Some of Squirrels have been lucky enough to go horse riding which they absolutely loved!


This term we are learning about 'The Blue Abyss' so we have been focusing on The Water Cycle. Therefore, we made some mountains out of papier Mache and when they dried, we poured water on them to represent rain coming from the clouds, falling down the mountains and forming seas/rivers. Some of Squirrels also remembered that the sun dried up the seas/rivers to form more clouds. Absolutely fantastic week! Well done to all. 


Mrs Austin smiley

Squirrels have had a fantastic last week of November. We listened to the Diwali story of Rama and Sita and then we made Diwali sweets which Dennis, Ashton and Lydia absolutely loved!


As we have been reading 'The Stick Man,' we made our own Stick Men using pipe cleaners and then used them around the family tree. 


All of the children have enjoyed the new additions in our classroom; the spinners and the fire engine. I have really seen a massive difference when sharing these with one another, which has been lovely to see! 


We also made Christingles ahead of our trip to church, even though some of the children kept eating the sweets and raisins. We also looked at the meaning of each piece of the Christingle. 


Mrs Austin :)

A huge welcome back after the two week break and I can't believe it's November!!

Squirrels had a fantastic first week back and again, we were very busy. 


Our topic this half term is 'Let's Celebrate' so this week, we were focusing on Bonfire Night. Therefore, during our cooking lesson, we made chocolate apples and then took them home! They looked yummy. Some of the children even licked the bowls clean! 


In our Computing lesson, we used paint to create firework paintings...they were amazing! We also described the noises fireworks make by watching videos online and using bubble wrap to create the noises ourselves. We came up with words like; fizz, pop, crackle. 


In maths, we have been counting using different objects including numicon. Some of the Squirrels were counting up to 5, some were counting up to 10 and Connor even counted past 20 - great job everyone!!


Finally, it was a week full of cake as it was Dennis' birthday and Mr Austin turned a year older too! What a great week we have had!!


Week commencing 30th September

Another fantastic week in the Squirrels class. 


We all had a go at using the Beebots and seeing where we could end up on the mats. Harry was great at finding the treasure! In our cooking lesson, we made an apple crumble. Lucy and Imogen loved eating the ingredients. When the crumble came out of the oven, the Squirrels couldn't wait to try some. It was delicious. Some of us even had seconds. Yum!


As we've had lots of rain over the past couple of weeks, it was lovely to get outside on the field and play with our friends in the sunshine. Our main aim was to help each other and every single one of us was great at that!

Week beginning 16th September

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks in the Squirrels class - we have been extremely busy!

We iced our biscuits we made the week before and the majority of the children licked their plates clean, which was great! We had a go at praying like Muslims do in a Mosque. For Earth Strike Day, we made our own globes, using paper-mache and we enjoyed climbing on the apparatus in the hall and bouncing on the trampette. This week we went on our first trip (I think we were one of the first classes to go on a trip - yay!) we visited a Residential Home and played Bingo - it was lovely to see the interaction between our children and the people that live there!

We have had a really busy week in Squirrels. We have had three new children which has been fantastic. We have been practicing our names, using cheerios to help us count and making mushy peas. The children didn't really like the mushy peas, as it looked like slime. However, Harry enjoyed eating everyone else's. 

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