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Week commencing 30th September

Another fantastic week in the Squirrels class. Can you believe it's October already?!


We all had a go at using the Beebots and seeing where we could end up on the mats. Harry was great at finding the treasure! In our cooking lesson, we made an apple crumble. Lucy and Imogen loved eating the ingredients. When the crumble came out of the oven, the Squirrels couldn't wait to try some. It was delicious. Some of us even had seconds. Yum!


As we've had lots of rain over the past couple of weeks, it was lovely to get outside on the field and play with our friends in the sunshine. Our main aim was to help each other and every single one of us was great at that!

Week beginning 16th September

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks in the Squirrels class - we have been extremely busy!

We iced our biscuits we made the week before and the majority of the children licked their plates clean, which was great! We had a go at praying like Muslims do in a Mosque. For Earth Strike Day, we made our own globes, using paper-mache and we enjoyed climbing on the apparatus in the hall and bouncing on the trampette. This week we went on our first trip (I think we were one of the first classes to go on a trip - yay!) we visited a Residential Home and played Bingo - it was lovely to see the interaction between our children and the people that live there!

We have had a really busy week in Squirrels. We have had three new children which has been fantastic. We have been practicing our names, using cheerios to help us count and making mushy peas. The children didn't really like the mushy peas, as it looked like slime. However, Harry enjoyed eating everyone else's. 
Welcome to the Squirrel's page! I'm Mrs Austin (the teacher of Squirrels) and we have three Teaching Assistants; Mrs Riley, Miss Brown and Miss Cheetham. We can't wait to get started!!

What a busy start for the new Squirrels class.


We are really enjoying our mini topic all about Great Britain, we have so far looked at the royal family and read the story 'The Queens Hat' in English.


Great excitement this week was the arrival of our eggs, fingers crossed for our chicks.

The highlight of the week in Squirrels was our happiness walk, we loved playing with the umbrellas and pretending we were Mary Poppins.


We finalised our pirate topic with walking the plank it was great fun.


Wow what an epic sports week, maybe the weather could have been better but we still manage to enjoy a wide variety of activities.


I think taekwondo was the favourite,the children were amazing and really engaged with the instructors.


we had yoga, flag making and of course the bouncy castle. We learned about healthy outdoor cooking and enjoyed a variety of healthy breakfasts.


We didn’t get our traditional sports afternoon but watch this space you never know.

Squirrels have been working on tallest and smallest this week and have measured lots of thing and counted how many bricks they are.


We have also been working on our writing this week especially our names and we are getting really good at remembering to use a capital letter for the start of our names, We also enjoyed the story 'Katie Morag delivers the mail' which helped us understand why it is important to be able to read and write your name.


In topic we made some lovely sock monkeys which was great fun.


In cooking this week we made some bread robots.


Welcome back everyone.


We have been counting and ordering numbers in maths using lots of different items.


We kicked off our pirates topic this term in English with the story 'Pirates in the supermarket' it's a story about pirates hiding in a supermarket so we dressed up as pirates and pretended to hide.


In cooking we made fruit pirate ships, Jack really enjoyed using the special chopping board.

This week in Squirrels class we have been working on our counting skills, we have been using our numicon to help us with our counting and putting figures on and off our toy bus.

We are really enjoying our computing topic this term as it involves remote control cars and we even got to take some out in the sand tray.

In our topic time we made our own slime which did get a bit messy!


In cookery we enjoyed making cake pops!

Another busy week in squirrels we have made some fabulous robot sandwiches, watch out bake off here we come!


We really enjoyed using the remote control car in computing I think we are getting the hang of directions.

Week beginning 30th April

Squiirels have been working on their correspondence counting this week or shall we call it 'the oneness of one'!

We also enjoyed a story about a lost bear and the cheeky teachers hi our bear and we had to find it, I have to say the squirrels are fabulous bear hunters.

Week beginning 23rd April

Welcome back everyone.


I think the children are going to enjoy our topic this term its all about toys, we will be sorting toys and looking at toys from the past.

What a busy week we have had!


In cooking we made jungle animal biscuit they were a roaring success!


Th highlight of the week was our whole music day, we experienced lots of different music activities but I have to say the highlight of the day was using the instruments in the music room, watch out Britain's Got talent here come Squirrels!

We have continued to expand our money recognition this week and I think the shop was a winner although we did enjoy using the padlocks too.


We have had a sensory feel to out Jungle topic this week although the rice crispies in the tough spot didn't last very long.


In English we have been making and following instructions using directional words so we made lego mazes and tried to follow each others instructions.

Week beginning 18th March

Squirrels class have been finding lots of ways to learn about money. We have played money games on the board and worked with real money and enjoyed playing shops.

We have been very busy in Squirrels working on the very important issue of counting our pennies in maths and as you can see we are really getting to grips with it so next week we may include 2p coins.


In English we have enjoyed the story 'Not now Bernard' and focussed on writing our names and recognising our names and photographs from a selection and I can honestly say what a bunch of super stars we have in Squirrels.


In topic we made animal cupcakes and it was so much fun and we made some fabulous jungle pictures on the computer.

Well we certainly have had a bus week in Squirrel's class.

We have ordered numbers in many different ways in maths from sorting numbered eggs to pegging out the football shirts.


In English we have focused on our writing skills and labelling pictures.


In topic we made caves from clay and when Mrs Harris added broccoli for trees and kale as vegetation to our jungle tough spot we enjoyed eating them, well it is one of our five a day.


We made pancakes for pancake day and enjoyed a spot of pancake racing which was great fun.


In science we are looking at how different plants grow so did a bit of planting and watering.


The Grand Finale this week was celebrating world book day, we visited other classes and took part in different activities and then enjoyed tea with the tiger from 'The tiger who came to tea'

Welcome back everyone.


We have got straight back to learning in Squirrel's this week working on getting our numbers in order and some writing practice and thanks to the great weather we were able to take our learning outside.


We have begun a our new topic this week, the jungle and began with the story 'Walking through the jungle' followed by a jungle animal hunt outside.


In English we have read the story 'The snail and the whale' and found out some interesting facts about whales.

Week beginning 11th February

Hello from Squirrel's class


This week we have been working our questions as you can see we really enjoyed using our Headbanz game to help us build appropriate questions, although you may think we look a little funny.


We have made shape pictures in maths and in Topic we have planted beans hoping for something magical to happen.



This week has been all about shape in Squirrel's class, we have looked at different shapes then gone on a shape hunt around school matching 2d shapes to shapes in the environment.


In English we have been looking at poems about feelings and practicing our emotion faces. We have looked at different ways we can tell people how we feel and used the communication boards to help us.

What a fun packed busy week in Squirrels class. We started the week with a visit from Zoo Lab and the children were very brave stroking the animals.


We have continued to work on our patterns and really enjoyed making patterns with music on purple mash.


In English we have been following and sequencing instructions for brushing our teeth, Jake really lied the giant toothbrush.

This week we have been making patterns in maths and also joining in with our pattern song and the very physical all time favourite Banana Banana Meatball.

In English we are learning to following instructions, I know you can see some funny photo's of chairs on tables but we were listening to instructions and following what we were asked to do. We also wrote some instructions, can you believe we have been writing on the tables? Our story this week has been about a crocodile 'Open Very Carefully' it's about a crocodile who ate the words in a book.


We have enjoyed sharing books with each other this week too. 


Our topic display will look fabulous when we add our painted castles.

This week we have really got into the swing of things!


In maths we have done lots of counting out and number writing and in English we have been role playing the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


I don't know if you can spot a theme here for our topic................. its all about Fairy Tales.


We are moving on to independence skills  with our café and are working on our spreading skills and washing up.


Week Beginning 7th January

It was lovely to see everyone's happy faces this week.


In maths we have been looking for missing numbers in the number lines and in English we have been acting out the story of the three little pigs.


The children have also enjoyed making different arrangements wit the wooden train track.

Week beginning 10th December

We are getting into the Christmas spirit in Squirrels class, the tree and decorations are up, Tyler enjoyed decorating himself!


We made some lovely chocolate logs in cookery and got creative decorating hats for Christmas dinner day and didn't we look fabulous in our Christmas jumpers!


Lots of practicing for our upcoming Christmas production and looking forward to sharing our very special song with you all.

What a busy week in Squirrels class!


Our mischievous elf has returned and is loving our fake snow as much as we are.


In maths we have been counting everything to improve our counting skills and enjoying our favourite pattern song 'Banana Banana Meatball' tricky actions involved but it keeps us active.


In English we have been reading the story 'Dream Snow' and finding animals in our snow.


Do you like our igloo? we loved decorating it.



Week beginnining 26th November

Highlight of the week has been our fake snow, the children have loved sensory play in the snow and the classroom smells lovely!


In maths we have been working on ordering things by size and understanding vocabulary linked to size, big, small, biggest, smallest etc


In English we have been working on our name writing skills ready for writing letters to Santa.


Our super chefs enjoyed using their chopping skills to make pasta this week.

We have had another busy week in Squirrels class.

We have been ordering things by size in maths and learning to find things using positional language.


In English we have a new story called 'Dragon Post' which we are enjoying as we get to read letters.


In cooking we made hot and cold sandwiches , we are getting very good at spreading.


On Wednesday we had a lovely wellness day and we did lots of fun activities and all the children had a great time doing yoga with Mrs Mason.

Wow what a busy week we have had!


We went on a trip to Build a Bear and chose a new bear for the primary classes, it was great fun we got to play with the stuffing machine and learnt lots of bear facts.


We made some coconut treats to celebrate Diwali and made some Diwali lamps.


In maths we were counting and adding, we love the game 'Bus stop' because you have to teake away too.


We did some lovely sharing outside the squirrels staff were so proud of the children.


For Children in need we enjoyed breakfast together and joined in lots of fun activities including a disco. 


Week beginning 6th November

Welcome back everyone I hope you had a lovely half term.


We have started the term by getting to grips with counting out the correct number of objects to our numbers, this can be a bit tricky but we are trying lots of different ways to get it right and we love a good game of bingo.


In English our story focus if 'No Dragons for Tea' it has a fire safety link to it but it is about a little girl who invites a dragon for tea and then he sneezes, well can you imagine what happened?


In topic we are looking at Fire and Ice this term and began with talking about fire safety.


In art we made some poppies to remember the fallen.


We finished the week off with a party for a special little boy who will be 7 this weekend.

Wow what a fabulous way to bring our dinosaur topic to a close, our trip to Jurassic World at Wollaton park was amazing. The children were so well behaved and a credit to the school and parents.

They climbed on and interacted with the giant dinosaurs we had so much fun and ended the trip with a quick play on the adventure park.


Earlier in the week we made healthy dinosaur fruit models and enjoyed tasting the different fruits, hope you enjoyed them at home too.


In maths we certainly nailed the patterns and get very adventurous with them too.


Hope everyone has a safe bonfire night.


Week beginning 8th and 15th October 2018

This week we have has great fun making patterns, our pattern songs are Banana,Banana,Meatball and the Pattern Song by Scratch Garden, the songs can be found on You Tube and they have really helped us focus on our patterns.


In English we are looking at the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham it's a fabulous story about a boat trip and we had great fun and can you believe it we all got wet when Mrs Harris told the story as she got us with her water spray! It was fun though.


Our computing topic is 'Make something happen' and we enjoyed using the remote control on the pass the parcel, it was trick to stop it in the right place.


We are all looking forward to our visit next week to Jurassic World at Wollaton Park.

This week in maths we have been working on capacity with a focus on empty and full some children have progressed to half full. We have learnt a song call 'Fill it up' and have been using water, coloured salt and rice crispies  to fill and empty different containers.


In English we have been looking at rhyming sounds and words and trying to find words that sound the same, it's a bit tricky but we are giving it our best shot!


We are looking after ourselves with our daily mile and have been brushing our teeth after dinner.


We celebrated another birthday this week and had fun with pass the parcel and musical chairs.


We had great excitement this week when we found and egg, we put it in water and waited for it to hatch, we had to wait until the next day and a tiny dinosaur hatched out, can you believe it we hatched a dinosaur in our classroom!

This week in maths we are trying to find the next number, it's a bit tricky but we are getting there.

In English we are talking about what we like and don't like. Lot's of the children like the happy land train set and love sharing with their friends.


We have begun our daily mile this week and have enjoyed finding things on our walk, we have managed a walk evryday and sometimes we can have a little play on the trim trail.



What a start to the week with the school photographer in school, we struck some lovely posers!


In maths we did lots of counting activities, we counted people getting on and off our bus, skittles knocked down and lots of other objects.


In English it was all about saying if we liked or didn't like something, some of us could sort the fruit and vegetables into like and don't like but some of us have a little more work to do!


In computing we continued with making things happen and we used the happyland train set putting the driver on to make it stop and start with an additional focus on turn taking.


We have continued to complete our daily mile and found more balls this week we will have a great collection soon.


Our topic this week focussed on sorting the dinosaurs into those with 2 legs and those with 4 legs.


We have also been perfecting our cutting skills.


Hope you enjoyed your apple crumbles we had fun making them.



Week beginning 10th September 2018

Wow another busy week and another birthday. can you believe it?


This week we celebrated Miss Gibbons birthday with a party of course!


We continued to work on our counting skills in maths using the balance scales on the clevertouch and balancing numicon.


In English we continued to practice our writing.


Our topic was a roaring success this week when we made dinosaur sandwiches.


Our songs this week included 5 currant buns exchanging a penny for a bun and baby shark .



Hello everyone and welcome back!


We have been working on our correspondence counting this week and recognising numbers in maths.


Our maths song of the week has been '10 little dinosaurs' to link with this terms topic about dinosaurs.


In English we have been practicing writing our name and telling each other our name singing along to 'Hello hello what's your name?'


We have begun our topic with some fabulous bingo dabber dinosaurs.


We celebrated a birthday party on Friday and enjoyed sharing games with our friends, we have nearly got the hang of musical chairs.



Welcome to Squirrel's class page.


The team consists of Mrs Harris class teacher, supported by  Miss Presland and Miss Hallam  Monday to Friday, Miss Gibbons Monday and Tuesday , Miss Price Wednesday to Friday. Andy (Mr Machalski) Thursday mornings.


Mrs Moy teaches science and music on Thursday afternoons and Mrs Brown teaches PE  on Friday afternoons.


We have cookery on Tuesday and enjoy our social café on Friday mornings.


Breakfast club is 50p and is available Monday and Tuesday.


Tuck shop is 20p and is open Tuesday and Wednesday.


In Squirrel's class we operate a nurturing educational experience , we celebrate birthdays with a small function and enjoy hands on learning. We enjoy singing songs and a lot of learning takes place through our songs.




Contact Mrs Harris