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Squirrels Class 2021/2022

Week Commencing 23rd May

The Squirrels have had a great few weeks; we are loving the warmer weather! As we are learning about plants in science, we have enjoyed dissecting and labelling flowers and looking for what plants and flowers grow in our school grounds. We have really enjoyed a couple of weeks learning about measure in maths, including full and empty and heavy and light. We also got creative and made Earth sun catchers as part of our Save Our World topic, which we are looking forward to learning more about after the weeks break. 


Have a great half term break everyone!


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels Team x

Week Commencing 9th May

We are still enjoying out Save Our World topic. We explored the impact of littler on small world habitats and practiced litter picking. In English we are learning about letter writing and enjoying writing and posting letters to our friends in class! In Science we are learning all about plants and what they need to grow. We enjoyed printing with flowers during art too. 


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrel's team x

Week commencing 25th April

The Squirrels have enjoyed the start to our new topic Save Our World. We are loving our new topic songs and sing along each day. In Maths we created patterns with shape and colour and we met Mrs Purdie's guinea pigs as part of our PSHE session too!


We are excited for a long bank holiday weekend! 


The Squirrels team x

Topic map Summer term

Week commencing 28th March

The Squirrels have had such a great half term and worked so hard! It was lovely to have T-Shirt weather last week... even if it has snowed the last couple of days! We enjoyed moving Bee-Bots in different directions durations maths and we performed poems in English all about Magic! 


Have an amazing, well deserved Easter break everyone!


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team smiley x

Week Commencing 14th March

The last couple of weeks have been a little different as lots of children and staff have been poorly BUT the Squirrels class have coped so well and we are all very proud of them smiley. We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day and Red Nose Day and we have continued to work really hard in our lessons too. We loved reading and acting out The Magic Porridge Pot in English- we even made and tasted our own porridge! In maths we learned all about colours and matched objects and pictures to the right colour. Playing with toys from the past was really fun as part of our topic lessons too yes.


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team x

Week Commencing 28th February

We have had a great couple of weeks back after half term. Our topic is Magic Box and we are learning about old and new houses, including toys and equipment that has changed over time. We were really interested to find out how houses have evolved from mud huts to the modern brick houses we have today. We conducted an experiment, comparing wooden and brick houses and found out that brick houses protect us much better from the wind, rain and sun (they are more fire-proof too!!!). Pancake day was on Tuesday and we LOVED making, flipping and eating yummy pancakes!


This week we said goodbye to our student teacher Miss Tant. We will miss her and we wish her all the best in her teaching career. 


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team x

Week Commencing 7th February

This has been such a great half term and the Squirrels have worked so hard! Over the last couple of weeks we explored magnets and found out which household items are magnetic or not magnetic. We developed our body control and co-ordination skills in PE and enjoyed moving in different ways. Continuing to learn about Florence Nightingale was fun too and we spent the last week creating a fantastic poster inspired by her. 


Have a restful half term break everyone!


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team x


Week Commencing 24th January

We have had another fun couple of weeks in Squirrels class! We are really enjoying our Forces topic in science and we investigated ways of making a car travel faster down a ramp. In D&T (cooking) we are creating fruit based recipes. This week we made (and tasted!!!) fruit skewers- YUMMY! We are really enjoying learning all about 3D shapes in maths and investigating their uses. As part of our topic work, we looked at lots of pictures comparing old and new hospitals and their equipment. 


Mrs Purdie & The Squirrels Team x



Week commencing 10th January

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Squirrels have had such a good start to 2022; we are learning all about Florence Nightingale which is a really interesting topic! We have took part in loads of hands on activities to do with nurses and hospitals- this included: treating a sick patient, exploring the contents of a first aid kit and building a hospital out of lego. In science we are learning about forces such as push and pull too... we can't wait to take part in an experiment next week!


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team x

Topic map: Inspire Us

Week commencing 29th November

Brrr our Frozen Planet topic continues... this week we explored frozen 'dinosaur eggs'. We investigated whether they would melt quicker in warm, cold or salt water. Continuing with our frozen theme, we made a frozen berry smoothie. It was SO much fun blending all the ingredients together and it tasted yummy. As always, we enjoyed a lovely calming and interactive session in the sensory room too smileyheart


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team blush



Week commencing 15th November

It has been another busy couple of weeks in Squirrels class! In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes which has been fun and in English we have started a new book called The Storm Whale in Winter. Science is super fun this half term because we are doing lots of experiments like investigating how polar bears keep warm. We are really enjoying practicing our balances and making shapes with our bodies during PE too. 


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team smileyyes

Week commencing 1st November

We're back after a well earned half term break! We are SO excited about our new topic: Frozen Earth. We enjoyed exploring sensory trays with lots of ice- it was FREEZING. We imagined what it would be like to be in Antarctica like the famous explorer Ernest Shakleton and we dressed up in warm clothes. In maths we are working on recognising and representing numbers with Numicon and other materials to support us. In English we are writing a diary; imagining that we are Arctic explorers! We enjoyed celebrating the festival of Diwali and creating artwork for bonfire night was really fun too. 


Mrs Purdie and the Squirrels team smiley

Topic map: Frozen Earth

Week commencing 20th September

It has been another busy couple of weeks in the Squirrels class! We LOVED exploring dinosaur and human skeletons and digging for fossils. We even made our own fabulous salt dough fossils using different parts of a dinosaur.

In maths we continued to learn to recognise and represent numbers and we learned about big and small objects. In English, we have been reading The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet. We enjoyed labelling features of the book and wrote a sensible shopping list of things we could feed hungry Dino. We love being creative too, and in art we used dinosaur’s feet to print with, creating a fantastic footprint trail!

Don’t forget that PE is on a Wednesday (send in a kit, please- we'll change at school) and on a Friday (come in in your PE kits).


All the best,


Mrs Purdie and The Squirrels Team smiley

Week commencing 6th September

Hi everyone!


It has been such a brilliant start to the term and the Squirrels team are so proud of how the children have settled in and adapted as we welcomed a new staff member and new pupils too! Our Jump into the Jurassic topic has been BRILLIANT so far and has provided many opportunities for creative learning. Making dinosaur biscuits, dinosaur masks and painting large scale dinosaurs was particularly fun. In maths we are learning all about number; counting, recognition and representations using lots of concrete objects. Our hook for English, was a dinosaur invading our classroom during play time!!! The children loved seeing the mysterious footprints and large dinosaur egg. 

Please remember that PE is on a Wednesday (send in a kit, please- we'll change at school) and on a Friday (come in in your PE kits). 

Also don't forget to label clothing, bottles, lunch and snack. 2 bottles - one for snack and one for dinner - would be great. 


Kindest regards, 


Mrs Purdie and The Squirrels Team 

Wow...the new Squirrels have been ever so busy! They have all settled in brilliantly. 


We have been looking at what items are magnetic and which are not. We have been doing lots of counting, making sure each of out athletes get one medal each. We have been using our turn taking skills to play games with each other. We were fabulous in P.E, when we had to roll the ball to one another. The children enjoyed taking selfies on the laptops, as if they were athletes! It's been such lovely weather that we have been doing some maths and English outside and we have had fun at play time. All of us were fantastic at creating the Olympic Rings, using tissue paper. 

It was lovely for the class to meet their new teacher, Mrs Purdie, and altogether, we took part in a skittles Science experiment. It was great to see all of the colours! 


Fabulous Squirrels - Well done to everyone!!


Mrs Austin smiley

Our Summer Transition Topic is The Olympics. See the overview for more information.

Summer Transition

Squirrels 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Squirrels!

There are a few new faces in the Squirrels' team.

Mrs Austin is currently the class teacher, however, Mrs Purdie will be joining us from September, which we are excited for! Also in the team, we have Miss Birch, Miss Makanji and Miss Maxwell.

We will be doing PE on Thursdays and Fridays so please ensure your child wears the appropriate kit on these days. 

Swimming will take place later on in the year, but more information will be coming to you about that closer to the time. 

Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform and brings a drinks bottle and a healthy snack every day. 


Thank you smiley


Wow! We had such a busy week as it has been Sports Week! 

The children went on a climbing wall, took part in an obstacle course, made smoothies, went on The Sensory Bus, made chocolate bananas, dancec, rode didicars, play different games and went on the bouncy castle. 


It was such a fun, but tiring week!! 


Mrs Austin smileyheart

As always, it's been a busy week in Squirrels and we have enjoyed the sunny weather. 


We made rainbow fruit skewers, which were tasty, we listened to a different stories about Jesus, (Jesus Walking on Water and Jesus Heals the blind), and we tried to see if we could walk on water and we tried to place a ball in a bucket whilst blindfolded. We weren't very good at it! 


We went on the school's new trim trail on the field, which was fun, we created a class poster about the explorer, Christopher Columbus and we had fun in the sun during our P.E lesson, using our batting skills. We have created Father's Day to the special men in our lives and we have explored different remote control cars in our Computing lesson. 


Such a fab week - well done Squirrels!! 


Mrs Austin smiley

Our last week of term and we have been looking and learning about diary entries. The children had a really good try at writing their own. Noah said he found meerkats and armadillos! We have been weighing different items to see which items were light and which were heavy. We have enjoyed time in the small hall. Throughout the week, we have been creating our own islands and they look AMAZING! Well done Squirrels! 

Bestwood hid Kindness rocks around the school and we found some. It really made our day. The children played with them on the field and then rehid them! Thanks Bestwood! 


Such a good week this week Squirrels! Have a lovely and safe half term! 


Mrs Austin :) x

We have had another busy week in Squirrels. We have been sorting cars into colours and objects into certain categories. We have been learning all about different explorers and we have been learning about Ernest Shackleton this week so we made a sleigh! 

We really enjoyed sorting different food and drinks into which had the least sugar and which had the most sugar. During Computing, we used shapes to create different modes of transports for our explorations. On Friday, we took part in Pyjamarama, wore our pyjamas whilst we listened to stories and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate. It's been such a fun week! 


Mrs Austin :) x

Squirrels were able to go on the Top Yard, which was so much fun! We also worked on our patience, whilst playing with the parachute. 

In P.E. we were able to take turns, as we played catch Tennis, however some of us needed a little more support with this. Noah, Leo and Dennis enjoyed dressing up as pirates!

We learnt a new game called 'Table Cricket' and the children absolutely LOVED it!

As we are learning about different explorers, we made some binoculus and used them to look at key objects around the school. 


We had such a fun week together! smiley


Mrs Austin heart


Welcome back!


We hope you had a fabulous Easter!

We are looking forward to having everyone back in school smiley.

Our topic this half term is Land Ahoy which we are really looking forward to.

Land Ahoy!

We've had a very egg-citing time in Squirrels this week (as always)! 


We have made Easter cards for our parents, decorated eggs and rolled them down the hill to see whose egg was the fastest. We're not sure who won that race but Mrs Riley's egg survived and is still in one piece so she was the real winner! 


The Easter bunny then came and hid some Easter chocolate lollies around the room and the children had to find them. Then they could eat them.


It's been lovely to be outside in the sunshine this week! 


Happy Easter everyone!! Have a good break! 


Mrs Austin smiley x

We have had a fabulous week in Squirrels this week. 


We have been recognising items that are different colours. This week's book we have been reading is 'The Queen's Knickers' and the children have enjoyed designing their own knickers and then placing them in places we asked them to...they were good at it too!

Squrriels also read sentences and placed the princess or prince in the correct place. 


It's also been nice to spend some time in the outdoors, whilst it's been dry and sunny.


We had fun during Comic Relief completing the challenges. Leo held a haribo on his tongue the longest and I held a book on my head for the longest. 

We were also great at doing squats and bouncing on the peanut ball. We then made Miss Makanji into a Boxtroll model and the children enjoyed playing with the box afterwards.


Mrs Austin :) x 

This week has been all about one book: 'The Squirrels who Squabbled!'

We have been reading the book and doing lots of squirrel art. We then made squirrel feeders, using apple, peanut butter and squirrel food. We experimented with a pine cone, to see what noise it made on different surfaces, when we rolled it, spun it and dropped it. We have been continuing our work with money, which has been fantastic! The children in school and at home have been working hard! 

We have had a fantastic World Book Day and we finished it off by baking Squirrel biscuits...yummy!!


Mrs Austin smiley

For the last two weeks, we have been reading The Gruffalo and we have followed instructions to create a Gruffalo mask. We have also followed instructions to make jam sandwiches. Tyler asked The Gruffalo lots of questions! Freddie has been doing his maths and identifying the biggest number. We have been making fossils, in school and at home! 

Using the laptops, we took used Mash Cams on PurpleMash to take photos of ourselves and changed our Avatars to look like us, in aid of Safer Internet day.


Well done home and school Squirrels!! 


Mrs Austinsmiley

It's been an unusual start to the year but you guys have coped so well with it!! I'm so proud of you all!


The Squirrels that are at home and school have been so busy this week and we have seen lots of each other via Microsoft Teams, which has been lovely. 


We had a new addition this week - Bradley, who has settled into Squirrels amazingly!!


We have been making rock cakes, exercising with Joe Wicks, playing musical instruments, (dancing to 'Shake Your Sillies Out,' which Dennis and Noah absolutely LOVED! 

We have been sharing and turn taking, playing dominoes and snakes and ladders with one another.


We also had SNOW!! So we have been playing in the snow and made a mini snowman! 


At home, Harry has been sorting 2D shapes, Tyler has been writing what a disaster is and painting a house on fire, linked to our topic, 'The Great Fire of London.' Imogen has been making rock cakes and Freddie had a lovely walk in the sun. Leo joined in with a treasure hunt that Ms Cheetham ran! 


Such a weird, but wonderful week! Well done Squirrels! 


Mrs Austin smiley x

This week, we have created art pictures of penguins and igloos to represent the Antarctica, we made our own musical instruments and we enjoyed Forest Schools on our school field. I enjoyed getting muddy with the children this week! smiley


Squirrels were fab at building a tower strong enough to hold a figure and making a train track to carry our teddy bears across. The problem solving skills of the children were fantastic! 


Another busy week - well done Squirrels!!


Mrs Austin :) x

Squirrels have had a busy week this week! We have been following instructions to program the Beebots, we have created pyramids and ostriches in topic for our 'Where's Wally' topic. We have been doing a great job at sharing and turn taking, when playing games with one another. We even tried fig rolls and dates...they weren't a fan of the dates but some of them LOVED the fig rolls!


Mrs Austin :) x

Welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing half term. I'm so glad that we're back...I missed the children!

This week, we have been up to lots of different things. We have been matching the quantities to numerals, exploring the Beebots and digging during forest schools, which we all love! 

We also made chocolate apples for Bonfire Night and our favourite part was licking the chocolate out of the bowls. 

This was our week on the top yard equipment too, which we missed! We can't wait to be on it again! The children have done a great job of settling back into the school routine!


Mrs Austin x

This was the week that we had a picnic on the moon! It was such good fun! 

We have been sorting and identifying letters in non-fiction books, emptying and filling containers and placing big and small objects in the correct containers. 


We enjoyed playing in a den during our Small Hall time ans as allways, we had a fab time at Forest Schools! 


We all made kebab rockets out of strawberries and banana which was yummy and we had a non-uniform day for World Health Day. Such a brilliant week to be a Squirrel.


Mrs Austin smiley

Squirrels have been looking at small and big animals and seeing if we can identify which are little and large. We have had a delivery of new equipment in the Squirrels' yard so we have been experimenting with that. Squirrels are really lucky that we can go to Forest School once a week, which is great fun! 
We made watermelon stars and moons and the majority of us had a little nibble of them too! We were impressed that Noah and Roman had a try! Well done boys! During P.E. we were in teams to climb under the bar and over the bench...we tried our hardest to balance on the bench too.
A fab week in the Squirrels' classroom!


Mrs Austin smiley x

Welcome back!! The Squirrels' team have been looking forward to having the children back and meeting the new ones too! We have had a fab start to the week; we made some chocolate Rice Krispies cakes and then ate them. This week, we were the first class on the new playground and it was amazing! We had such good fun!! We're so happy to be back! smiley


Mrs Austin x

Welcome to the Squirrels' Team: September 2020