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Week beginning 8th May 2018

Bestwood are learning about volunteering in Citizenship this half term, so today we went to visit the YMCA Charity shop in Sutton.  The staff there were very helpful, explaining why they volunteered and what jobs they had to do.  They showed the children how to use the till and the preparation areas upstairs.  Some of the children even brought in donations and bought some goodies to take home.

Week beginning 30th April 2018

Our topic this half term is on the geography of 'Coasts, Rivers and Mountains'.  This week we looked at the effect of coastal erosion on Hemsby after the storms earlier this year.  The students created news reports scripts then acted them out to explain what had happened to the homes by the coast and how the lives of the people living there had been changed.

Week beginning 16th April

Bestwood have started a poetry topic in English.  We are reading and creating poems about festivals in England and around the world.  This week we have been creating acrostic poems based on our favourite festival.  The children had to make sure the poems used interesting words, such as adjectives.  

Week beginning 26th March - Sports Relief

We celebrated a belated Sports Relief today by stepping out in style.  We walked up and down the hall in different ways including ballet dancing, tightrope walking, sleep walking, moon walking and side stepping.  We walked a total of 753 steps each, 9036 for the class.  well done Bestwood for raising some money for such a good cause.  

Week beginning 19th March 2018 - Textiles

Bestwood have been working hard this half term in textiles making cushion covers.  They chose the material, measured them, cut them out and used sewing machines to put them together.  They worked very hard and the finished results are amazing.  

7th March 2018 - World Book Day

We had a great delayed World Book Day today.  Lots of the class dressed up as their favourite character.  We wrote a short story in only 10 words.  We created a freeze frame from 'Harry Potter' who was joined by some very unusual friends! We discovered a new fact from a non-fiction book.  We also explored a character from a book.  Well done everyone for making the day so enjoyable and well done to one of our class for winning the Spelling Bee.  

Week beginning 5th March - English Roman Myths

In English the pupils read a version of the myth 'Romulus and Remus'.  We then compared this to another version of the myth we read in topic lesson, looking at similarities and differences between the two stories.  In the next lesson we acted out the argument between the brothers and used this role play to help generate writing using speech punctuation.  

Week beginning 12th February 2018 - Trip to Beeston Hindu Temple

As part of our Key Steps qualification, Bestwood visited a Hindu Temple.  We learned about their gods and watched a priest pray and give people who wanted to a blessing.  The pupils were allowed to explore the temple and ask questions about the shrines and artefacts.  It was lovely to see the pupils showing respect to the place of worship and behave so sensibly.  

6th February 2018 - Safer Internet Day

We explored different ways of giving and receiving good and bad attention, both in person and online.  We discussed where on the 'slider scale' different scenarios would be and why.  We summarised by deciding what we would do if we were getting bad attention online from somebody.  

Week beginning 5th February 2018 - Maths

In maths this week the red group have been progressing with their understanding of fractions, moving into multiplying with them to find fractions of amounts.  The black group have been bringing together their understanding of number to aid multiplication, including mental methods, written methods and rounding.  

Week beginning 29th January 2018 - Researching French cities

This week we have been learning about French cities.  We first created bar charts to explore the populations of main cities.  Then we worked as groups to research information about a particular city using the internet and books.  

France Topic 17th January 2018

We all completed a passport on a template to use in a role play later in the lesson.  We then chose an airport to travel to from a French map, and found out how long it would take to get there.  Mrs Wright taught us some simple phrases to use as a greeting for our passport control airport role play.

In the role play I used the phrases: Bonjour, comment ca va? , merci and au revoir.

Science - 16th January 2018

In  Science we have started a new topic on materials.  Today we were learning about electrical conductivity and put this into practise by wiring a plug correctly.  

New Year, New Topic - Countries and Cultures: France 10th January 2018

Bestwood have started their new topic today, learning all about France.  We started by exploring Google Earth to see where the country is, and they loved the 3D image of The Eiffel Tower.  Our work focused on how we can travel to France and we learnt some new French vocabulary for modes of transport.

Christmas Concert - 18th December 2017

Bestwood have had a great last week of term.  On Monday afternoon we had our school concert.  Bestwood wrote a poem together, and 4 pupils read it aloud; we played 'Little Donkey' on the hand chimes; and sang 'Feliz Navidad'.  It was lovely to see the pupils all being so brave to perform in front of the school and parents.

Christmas Around the World Day - 11th December 2017

The whole school celebrated Christmas Around the World day today.  Each class were given a country to learn about in the morning, then in the afternoon we set up a stall to share our learning with the rest of the school.  We were given Sweden, which was amazing as Mrs Wright has a friend who teaches English in Sweden.  The Swedish students sent us a special video with some Christmas phrases to say, we learnt about the traditions of St Lucia day and the Scandinavian Elf, then also gave out the tradition ginger snap biscuits (thank you Ikea!).  

Computing - 4th December 2017

In Computing we have been developing our problem solving through coding with the 'Code and Go Mouse'.  This allow pupils to create their own mazes for the mouse to navigate to get the cheese.  They have to plan their code using the small cards, and if they make a mistake 'debug' the code to correct it.  Bestwood loved using this brand new resource and showed good progress in these skills.  

Creswell Crags Trip - 21st November 2017

Bestwood, Welbeck and Clumber went to visit Creswell Crags today as part of our Stone Age topic.  We explored caves they used to live in, found out about how they ate and which animals were about in that era, then became archaeologists and found lots of artefacts.  It was a fantastic learning experience and the pupils gained a better understanding of how people lived in that time.

Anti-Bullying Week 14th November 2017

It's Anti-Bullying week this week so in PSHE we explored the issue.  First we discussed different ways that people can be bullied - considering that bullying is an on-going issue, not just a one-off incident.  We then watched a video that showed how sometimes people bully other people as they are actually hurting inside, for example due to a bad home life.  The pupils then created top tips to help people if they are experiencing bullying.  

Topic - Stone Age to Iron Age Britain w.b. 30th October 2017

This half term we have started a new history topic.  On Monday we used non-fiction books to research dates and created a timeline of this period of history.  On Wednesday we researched how archaeologists discover information about the past and uncover hidden artefacts.

Hindu Day - 16th October 2017

Today we had a fun day exploring Hinduism.  A Hindu lady led a workshop for us; she taught us about the story of Rama and Sita, and why Hindus celebrate Diwali.  She showed us some dancing, Hindu outfits, fans and puppets.  Back in class we tasted some Hindu food and evaluated it.  We learned about the Hindu views of life after death.  In the afternoon we had an arty time making diva lamps out of clay and painting Rangoli pictures.  

Maths - 2-5th October 2017

In Maths this week we have been exploring numbers.  The black group started off by learning about negative numbers and the red group by understanding place value in seven digit numbers.  Then at the end of the week both groups moved on to learning the rules of Roman numerals.  We were all so glad we don't use this system today.  

Topic - Robot electronics 27th September 2017

Bestwood have been exploring what is inside a robot.  The pupils had to follow circuit diagrams and work out how to build specific circuits.  If they didn't work they had to analyse why.  

Topic - Robot Art 20th September 2017

Our topic this half term is Robots.  This week we have been exploring the art work of Eric Joyner, who paints pictures with robots in them. On Monday we evaluated his work, then today created our own robot pictures using the ideas from his paintings.   

English - 13th September 2017

Bestwood have started a non-fiction topic exploring the death of Tutankhamen.  The pupils have been picking out key information to create a crime incident board and scanning the text for information about Ancient Egypt.  They then used evidence from the text to justify their ideas and create a story using different tenses.
In our transition weeks we have been exploring a mini topic on 'Changes'.  Today we found out about the life cycle of a butterfly and how it metamorphosis into different stages,  then consolidated this learning through creating the main stages using plasticine.  

Science - 11th July 2017

In Science today we have been exploring states of matter in the best way possible - with food mmmmmm.  Bestwood discovered ways of changing solids to liquids and then back to solids through making rice crispy cakes. A tasty lesson!

Book fair in school - 4th July 2017

Our book fair arrived today.  The children loved choosing books to buy and finding out about new authors.  

Bestwood Class Timetable 2017-2018

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