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Week commencing 30-10-17

It’s been a good week this week. At the start of the week we went to Portland Park which is somewhere I have never been before. We had four students missing on Monday so the students who went had a lot of research to do. As part of our ASDAN qualification we have been looking into facilities in the local community. Next week we are going to Kingsway park to look at the provision for teenagers in the local community.

In computing our students are currently working on animation. They have decided in their groups which story they wanted to do make into an animation. They have made a story board of the story they chose and now they are working on adding the sound and text onto the pictures they have chosen. You can see Hazel, T-Jay, Sky, Freya and Zac in the photographs below sourcing pictures from the internet.

In the pictures you can also see the students pointing at a ‘chain of talents’. The students had to write two things that they do really well and their friends had to write two things that they do really well. Each child then had four things that they do really well so they made a chain with four connecting hoops. We then attached them all together so that the students could see that when we work together we are stronger.

The Clumber team are pleased to announce that the Star of the week is Ethan Platts. Ethan has been award this for being more focused in lessons and therefore making good progress, well done Ethan.

Have a great weekend.

Clumber Team

Clumber Class week beginning 25-09-17

Lots of things have been happening this week. On Monday as part of our PSHE lessons we did some relaxation. It was really interesting, as although all the children enjoyed it some of them found it very difficult to relax. Freya, Miss Shipley and myself on the other hand found it very relaxing and took a while come round!

In the photos you can see some of the students sat facing each other. This was in English when they were having to argue the case about the ant and the grasshopper. The students were very passionate about the cause especially T-Jay who would really got in to character. You can see pictures of some of the students Robots which is the topic we are covering at the moment. Students also supported Macmillan this week by attending the coffee morning and buying some lovely cakes.

Next week I need to remember to take the camera to the Festival Hall Gym. Every Friday some of our class go there as part of their PE module. They are doing really well at improving their fitness and acting in a mature way in the community.

I am pleased to say that this week Zac was our Star of the week. He is really trying hard in all lessons achieving things that he couldn’t do before. Well done Zac!


The Clumber Team

Clumber Class Week ending 15-9-17

Well what a great first full week! In Maths we have been working at improving our place value and our subtraction skills. In English we have been looking at three different topics. One of the things we have been doing in English is reading a story called ‘Storm’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland. In the pictures below you can see some of the children ‘hot seating’. This is when they take on the role of one of the characters in the story and give answers to questions asked by their peers.

Clumber have now worked with the ‘Adventure Service’ on two Thursday afternoons. Andy who comes in from the adventure service has guided the children in two practical activities. Last week they made some soap which was really impressive (ideas for Christmas). This week they made a chicken curry outside on the field. However, not many of the children could eat this as they made burgers in DT in the morning and ate those so they were pretty full!

Last week I was very pleased to say that Kelcy got Star of the Week for coming back to school in a very positive manner. This week Sky was our Star of the Week for being very mature in school and at home.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Clumber Team

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