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Clumber Class Week ending 15-9-17

Well what a great first full week! In Maths we have been working at improving our place value and our subtraction skills. In English we have been looking at three different topics. One of the things we have been doing in English is reading a story called ‘Storm’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland. In the pictures below you can see some of the children ‘hot seating’. This is when they take on the role of one of the characters in the story and give answers to questions asked by their peers.

Clumber have now worked with the ‘Adventure Service’ on two Thursday afternoons. Andy who comes in from the adventure service has guided the children in two practical activities. Last week they made some soap which was really impressive (ideas for Christmas). This week they made a chicken curry outside on the field. However, not many of the children could eat this as they made burgers in DT in the morning and ate those so they were pretty full!

Last week I was very pleased to say that Kelcy got Star of the Week for coming back to school in a very positive manner. This week Sky was our Star of the Week for being very mature in school and at home.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Clumber Team

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Week ending 10-3-17


We have had a good week this week. As you can see from the photos we have been making some aprons. On a Thursday morning our class work with Mrs Harris, Mrs Parish and Miss Mann in Design Technology. The students made a design on paper of what they wanted their apron to look like. They went to buy their own material in Kirkby and then they started to make the apron. I was so impressed with what they had made I used it for our assembly on Thursday. The children spoke about the process of the project and modelled their lovely aprons.

In English we have started our Poetry module. The students are really enjoying ‘Aliens stole my underpants’. In the pictures we were passing different objects around describing them without actually saying what they were. We were trying to get the children to use adjectives to describe nouns and they were really good at it.

It’s not long till we go to Kingswood! By now you should have received a letter with the kit list on and about the medication.

We hope you all have a great weekend.

The Clumber Team

Picture 1 Aprons made by Clumber Class
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Week ending 3-02-17

This week in maths we have been continuing with our money work. We have had two pop up shops running in the classroom. The students have taken it in turns to be the shop keeper which was a very popular job. The pupils had to work out the total of three items from the price list and then what change they needed from the shopkeeper. They really enjoyed ‘playing shop’ (as you can see from the pictures) it certainly helped them to work out the change they needed.

On Monday in our ‘out and about module’ we went down into Kirkby to visit our local pet shop. Some of the students had been before but for others and for myself it was our first visit. It was a lot bigger than I imagined it to be and the variety of reptiles and fish was really good. They had a big Macaw Parrot that was out of his cage that worried a few of us!

As you can see from the photos Connor Shannon has been working hard on his fitness outside school and has been awarded his 100m swimming badge and certificate. Star of the week was Dominic who has been trying to work more independently in English this week.

Hope you all have a good weekend,

Love The Clumber team

Week ending 20-01-17

Well it’s been an interesting week! In Maths at the moment we are continuing our work with money. Although the children can recognise the coins they find it difficult to make amounts of money especially using as few coins as possible.

In English we are looking at traditional tales and how a narrator and characters dialogue differ. We are improving but it has become more apparent that some of our younger students need more help with their phonics.

Hopefully your children will be coming back speaking Spanish after this week. Spain is our topic at the moment and we have been looking at maps of Madrid this week. They seem to like the Spanish language. Some of our students have said they have been to Spain on holiday so they are aware of some of the words we have been discussing.

On Thursday the students went with Mrs Harris to ‘Boyes’ to choose the material to make their aprons for DT. I was really proud of them as Mrs Harris came to see me and tell me how wonderful they had been! I can’t wait to see the finished products.


The Clumber

Week Ending 13-01-17

In Maths this week we have started learning about money. When we go to Morrisons as part of our travel training we have noticed that the majority of our students find the working out of money and change difficult. In class we are using real money to work out money problems so that it is more realistic.

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Erewash museum as part of our topic on the Victorians. We went to take part in a Victorian washday. We were shown all the different stages of how Victorians did their washing. The children and staff were able to take part washing and drying the clothes. We soon realised how difficult it would be to do the washing in Victorian times. The students really enjoyed the practical washing and listening to the history of the museum. You can see the different stages of the washing process in the slide show below. The children grated some soap into the washing they had to use a ‘dolly’ to rotate all the washing which was really quite tiring.  Then we used a ponch to plunge the washing for over 100 times (we did five goes each) then we used a ‘mangle’ to get the excess water out of the clothes. As you can see from the pictures below Zac really enjoyed using the mangle. Although all the children were well behaved and seemed to enjoy the experience Zac was really fascinated by the whole experience asking question and wanting to take part at every opportunity. Zac’s enthusiasm was one of the reasons why he is star of the week.

On Thursday my PE group (which is not all of Clumber class) will be outside for PE. My group need to have warm clothing on in order to take part in the lesson comfortably.

We all hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Clumber team

Week Ending 6-01-17

Well what a brilliant start to the New Year. I am really pleased to say that Clumber class have come back really happy and enthusiastic! It sounds as though everyone has had a lovely Christmas.

The slide show this week has got pictures from different lessons and events from the run up to Christmas as well as some from the last three days. As a class we made Christmas cards for the other classes in school. You can see Zac holding the card he had made.


On the week before Christmas we had ‘International day’. We were all given a country and we based our lessons around that country’s traditions, food and culture. Our country was Canada. After researching about Canada and it’s traditions at Christmas we made some cookies and put red icing on them. In the afternoon we held a market place where all the different countries had a stall showing what they had been working on in lessons. Our cookies were very popular and went very fast!


On some of the photos you can see students with Maths blocks. We have been doing ordinal numbers in Maths. Some of the students had to show that they understood placing by ordering blocks in first, second and third etc.


Yesterday we did table tennis in PE. As you can see from the photos the students enjoyed it. We had a lot of laughter and students certainly improved from the beginning of the lesson.

Next week we are going on a trip to Erewash Museum. Before Christmas our topic was ‘Victorians’. We are going to Erewash to partake in a Victorian wash day.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Clumber Team

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Week ending 16-12-16

It’s been a great week in Clumber. Christmas has certainly arrived in clumber class. Not only has Andy increased the amount of decorations he has also had Christmas songs on in the classroom every morning.

On Tuesday 13th we went on our Christmas trip to Mansfield. We went shopping and the students bought some presents for their families. We did chat to them about who they might buy for and to be perfectly honest the majority of them chose to buy something for their pets – we did try! We went to MacDonald’s for our lunch and then returned to school to wrap the presents. We were all really proud of the class as they were really well behaved and enjoyed the day out.

On Wednesday we all had Christmas dinner together in the hall, it was lovely. We have also been practicing our Christmas Concert ready for the church next Monday. We had a really good practice on Thursday in the school assembly so hopefully you will be treated to a spectacular performance.

We all hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Love from,

The Clumber Team

Week ending 9-12-16

This week has been a fairly good week. We have continued to put the Christmas decorations up – well Andy has!

Four students from Clumber class went to Derby to see Alice in Wonderland. The students said the acting was really good and they did some audience participation. They returned to school happy and in the mood for Christmas.

Our star of the week was Harry. He has been trying really hard to get this award so it was nice for him to succeed.

We have a really busy week next week. On Tuesday the 13th Clumber class will be going on our first trip together to Mansfield. We will be doing some Christmas shopping and then going to MacDonald’s for our lunch. The students are really looking forward to the trip and am sure they will be a credit to the school when they are out in the community. We will also be practicing for our church performance for the week after. It is also the Christmas lunch on Wednesday which is also something we look forward to.

Have a great weekend,

The Clumber Team

Week ending 2-12-16

This week in Clumber we have started working on the festivities! The students have been drawing and decorating Christmas cards as you can see from the class photographs. Andy was told he could not put the Christmas decorations up until after the 1st of December. He just contained himself and he put them up on the 2nd of December. The class room now has a nicely decorated tree, the advent calendar and other festive decorations.

We had some good news this week. Hazel Clark in Clumber class has won the Christmas card design prize. In the Ashfield area schools were asked to enter a competition to see whose Christmas card had the best design. We are all really proud of Hazel as it was a lovely design. At the time of writing this we are waiting for the Chad to come and take Hazel’s picture.

Our Star of the Week was Jamilee. He is really working hard in lessons and he has improved his behaviour.

Over the next couple of weeks we have lots of things happening. Tonight is the Christmas Fair which the children are really looking forward to. Next week some of our class are going to the theatre to watch the Pantomime.

Have a great weekend,

Love the Clumber team

Clumber week ending 25-11-16

Before we talk about this week I need to mention what happened last week as I was not in school on Friday. The highlight of the week was certainly taking our class down to festival hall in Kirby. The students had completed an action plan that included two of their own questions to ask at the venue.

When we got to Festival Hall we were greeted by Alan one of the managers. He showed us around the centre. We looked in the gym, the upstairs hall and the sports hall. Our children were a credit to us they were well behaved and they were very good at asking Alan questions about the facilities. In the sports hall there were some older ladies and gentlemen playing badminton. Our children were fascinated by how good they were to say how old they were!

This week has been a good one in terms the work our students have completed. They have been focused in lesson times generally. In maths we have been developing our work on time. Although some of the class are ok using the digital clock they have found the analogue clock more of a challenge.

In English the students have been working on improving their sentences. They have started to use conjunctions to join sentences together. They have also been using information from the internet to improve their knowledge about certain wild animals.

PE was good this week. The class is split into two groups in PE and my group is working on dance/gymnastics. We have been using the gangs from West Side Story as a stimulus. The movement they have created has been brilliant. I will put some pictures on the class page when we do our final performance.

This week Hazel was our star of the week. This was due to her attitude to learning in all her lessons especially maths.

We hope you all have a good weekend,


The Clumber Team

Week ending the 11-11-16

I firstly need to apologise for the lack of consistency with writing this blog! There has been a number of times where I have wrote about our week and forgotten to download it onto the web site!

This week has been a really good week. In English we have been continuing with our research on Orang-utans. In our Fiction lessons we have been looking at another new story, ‘Operation Night Monster’. The children have found it funny and have enjoyed the work we have completed on it so far.

The children have found the work we are doing about the Victorians very interesting. We have been listening to a number of audio clips about Jimmy who was an 11 year old boy who worked down the mine. They were fascinated to hear is stories and relate the type of life he led compared to their own.

This week in ASDAN the students have been completing their action plan on facilities in the local area. They have been researching the local sporting facility, ‘Festival Hall’.  Next week the students will be walking down to Festival Hall to c

arry out their action plan.

I am pleased to say that Jamie Lee was our Star of The Week. He has been working really hard to improve both his behaviour and attainment.Have a good weekend from The Clumber Team.




We have had a great time this week. Unfortunately I forgot to write the blog last week!

One thing I need to mention from last week is that our class helped to organise the McMillian coffee morning. They were amazing throughout the morning helping Miss Mann to set up the dining hall. The morning was a great success raising £281.55p.

In lessons this week we have been working really hard. One of the things we did this week was some work on first aid. The students loved doing the roll play demonstrating what types of injuries could be treated by a first aider.

Our star of the week was Dominic. He has been really working hard in lessons producing a good standard of work.

A reminder that next week our class will be visiting Mrs Grice’s on Thursday morning. Over the years Mrs Grice has raised lots of money for Bracken Hill. She opens up her home up and has lots of items to buy and win. There will be a Tom Bowler that is 50p a go and a prize every time! There is always lots of Christmas gifts to buy and a raffle. The children will also be able to buy refreshments if they wish. If you would like your child to bring some money they are allowed to do so.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Love the Clumber Team


Clumber Class Second Week

Clumber Class Second Week 1
Clumber Class Second Week 2
Clumber Class Second Week 3
Clumber Class Second Week 4
Clumber Class Second Week 5
Clumber Class Second Week 6
Clumber Class Second Week 7
Clumber Class Second Week 8

The new Clumber class


It is our second week back and we have been working really hard. In Maths we have been working on addition to make sure the students are secure in their calculations. In English we are working on three different areas; fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Most of the children seem to really like the fiction book that we are reading at the moment. One of the twins is fairly ordinary and the other not! When we did some role play on Wednesday it was lovely to see lots of laughter when the students were in character. PE was really good this week as you can see from the photos. We were doing individual and partner balances. There was some lovely controlled balances, even Andy’s!

Last year the majority of Clumber class were in Thorsby class which is why the previous updates are from the last academic year. Now we are a mixture of students who were previously in Welbeck, Foxes and Thorsby classes. Clumber has also been very pleased to welcome two new boys to school; Harry and Connor. They are both settling in really well making new friends and working well in class. Connor has especially had a good second week. He is our ‘Star of the Week’, for settling in really well to his new school and for helping other students with their work.

On a Monday afternoon we take part in TITAN travel training. At the moment we are following the ‘red route’ into Sutton. The students are allowed to bring a small amount of money so they can buy a drink at Morrisons. The children practice their social skills by getting their own drink, speaking to the cashier and sitting and chatting with their friends. It is also supporting the maths addition work we have been doing in class when students have paid for their drink.

We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend,

The Clumber team

This has been Sports Week at our School. Thoresby have had a great week taking part in lots of activities such as team building, rounders', cricket and rock climbing.

Topic - Mayan Childhood Skills (14.6.16)

We found out about how children learned crafts and skills from the older generations in their lives.  We compared this with things we have learned from our parents and grandparents.  One of the skills the children learned was weaving.  We tried this skill for ourselves creating our own woven mats.

Week beginning 13th June

This week we have been looking at the characters in Harry Potter during our English lessons. Our class have had to skim read text to find information and answer question about the different characters.

In maths we have been re-capping our work on time; in which we are doing really well.




Week beginning 23rd May 2016

In the last few English lessons, students have been drawing together many of the English skills we have been developing over the course of the year. They have been composing fantasy stories which use instructional language; a range of adjectives; extended noun phrases; conjunctions and their best presentational skills. I'm really proud of the results and have shared a couple of pieces of work.

Instructional stories based in a fantasy land

In maths on Thursday we used our Numicon to work out some using and applying maths words puzzles. Every member of the group could recognise and complete addition and subtraction word questions with many recognising multiplication, division and fractions questions. Using the Numicon to move the pieces around gives the students a feel for the size of numbers. 

Using numicon to complete word puzzles in maths

To contact Thoresby Class staff

If you would like to contact Miss. Selby or Mrs. Brown through email then please complete the form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thoresby Class Timetable

Unfortunately the swimming gala Thoresby were due to attend was cancelled at the last minute, so we took the opportunity to practice our independence skills on a visit to Kirkby. First off was some social time at Morven Park, where Tyrel and Connor were really kind helping Jayden on the zipwire. Later we warmed up with a drink in Morrison's café. Leo and Jake were chatting away and Freya was explaining her birthday plans to Jamielee.
Thoresby all participated in a class discussion about fairness in preparation for their assembly next week. In the next few days they will begin to practice their acting and what they will say.

Preparing for our assembly on fairness