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Welcome to Kelham class 2017-18

Welcome back to Kelham class. Here you will find news and information  about Kelham.

This year the school have 4 planned inset days. These are day that the school uses for staff training. The 4 days are:

20th October 2017

8th January 2018

29th March 2018

2nd July 2018​​​​​​

Enterprise - 6th November 2017

Kelham have been making more items for their enterprise topic. Some have been making Hama bead designs, others have been decorating jars and the rest have been making stick Christmas tree. These will be on sale soon.



Many students in Post 16 need support to access entertainment in the community. It is so important that they know what is available. Here are a few ideas:


Local Youth Club for students with Special Needs.

Picture 1

Friday night disco at Portland College for 16 +

Friday night disco at Portland College for 16 + 1
Friday night disco at Portland College for 16 + 2

Club Ten Fifty at 'And Why Not' in Mansfield.

For students who are 18+ .

Many of our past Bracken Hill Students attend. Ten Fifty have their own face book page.

The next one is on:

Monday 30th October.

Happy Halloween. -dress up prizes for best costume and other spooky happenings.....


Entrance is £5 Support workers are free.

9th October 2017

Our keep fit campaign continues. We are running every Wednesday for ten minutes as part of our PSHE course. We are doing this for six weeks to see if we can improve our stamina and fitness. Well done to every one who maintained or increased the number of laps they ran this week.

We also ran at Sherwood Pines as part of our PE lessons we are going to be very fit by the end of the year.

Revising fractions this week. 2nd/3rd Oct 2017

2nd October 2017

Getting stuck in to our enterprise work.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Head Teacher's Award (28th Sept 2017)

Well done to Daniel for winning the coveted Head Teacher's Award. This award is given to a student that the Head teacher thinks has shown outstanding behaviour and attitude in school. Daniel won the award for "Always being a consistent role model around school"

Star of the week (28th Sept 2017)

This weeks Star of the week for Kelham is Mathew Pitchford for showing a mature attitude towards his work and his class friends.

Rounding up to nearest 10, 100 and 1000 (25th Sept 2017)

This week Kelham have been learning to round up or down to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some of the students did this by playing a game a bit like snakes and ladders.


Collecting pine cones at Sherwood Pines. 20th Sept 2017

This week Kelham class visited Sherwood pines to collect pine cones for their enterprise lesson.


Projects this term.

The focus this term is on fitness and health. The whole school has been taking part in a countrywide fitness lesson. This has taken place every morning at 10am with the students following a live broadcast on Youtube by Joe Wicks.

As part of our ASDAN model - Keeping healthy we are running every Wednesday around the local park and the students are monitoring any changers over the next 6 weeks. 


P.E lessons will still take place on a Monday afternoon so could we please ask that all students bring their kit. Students are also allowed to bring in some deodorant to use after their P.E lesson. You can find the P.E program, that the students will be following this term, below.


KS5 PE Autumn term planning

Enterprise 2017-18

Students will be working together to design, create and sell items in order to raise money for activities at college.

Please could you save any glass jars and send them into school.

Post 16

For any questions or enquiries please email