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Rufford class are learning about rocks and the rock cycle in science. We have been on a rock hunt around school and have compared the rocks that we have found. We have learnt how fossils are made and have made our own model fossils with salt dough.

Rufford have fun at Rufford park

In maths we are working on measuring length and will be working on volume and weight next.

In Science Rufford have been making slides of plant and animal cells and using the microscopes.

In maths we are using Numicon to work out place value and odd and even numbers.

This week we have been finding out about acids

Rufford class are investigating metals and acids.

Rufford have been learning about shapes.

Rufford had a trip to the bank this week. Rufford will be doing lots of work on money this half term. We also found out about remembrance day.

Rufford have been out and about travel training this half term. They have all made good progress with finding a safe place to cross the road and following the green cross code.

Titan travel training spooky fun

Rufford made lanterns and Diva lamps on Hindu day. We found out about the Hindu story of creation and how Hindus celebrate Divali the festival of light.

Hindu day fun.

Rufford have been working hard on patterns and times tables.

Rufford have made a fantastic transition into their new class. The class have been finding out about Kenya. The class has found out about how children learn in Kenyan schools and have recreated a Kenyan maths game called Shisima. Everyone enjoyed dressing up as a Massai warrior and making African drums.


Week ending 24-06-16

Well what a week Rufford have had! It has been sports week this week and the students have been able to do lots of different activities. On Monday most of our students went climbing to Nottingham. Some of them were really nervous but they overcame their fears and enjoyed the afternoon. We were very lucky on Tuesday afternoon as we were asked if we wanted to go orienteering in Kingsway Park. I’ve never been to Kingsway Park and I was really impressed with how nice the facilities were. Everyone in the class orientated the map and found the clues we needed to complete the course which was great. Sports day on Wednesday was another success as all the students took part and enjoyed it. Although Lewis was unable to participate due to his injury he was very helpful with the younger students. Jessica was very funny, she wet Andy when he wasn’t expecting it which made everyone laugh.

During the rest of the week the students have taken part in circus skills, football and cricket. The students also worked with the Adventure Service doing problem solving and team building exercises.  I hope we have captured the enthusiasm and the effort that the students gave in the photographs.


The Rufford team

Week ending 17-06-16

Well it has been a very busy week this week. In Maths we have been working on periods of time. They have all made progress and all students could remember some of the facts. The Year 11’s have been completing . In Science we have been looking at vertebrates and invertebrates along with the different groups in the animal kingdom.

In am and pm registration on Mondays and Tuesdays the whole class is completing the Lexia programme. This is a reading programme that has become very popular with our students as they access it via the lap top. The progress they have made has been brilliant and they are all very focused when they are completing their levels.

Star of the week was Lewis. He has been really helpful and caring with new students coming into the school. Lewis has also coped well with the forthcoming changes. All our students have been a little worried about going to their new classes but we know they will all be fine. We have loved having every single one of them in Rufford class and as a team we will miss them.

It is very difficult getting pictures of our students together as they are taught in different ability groups so it is very difficult to get a picture of them working in our classroom.

Week ending 20-05-16

What a good week! All the students have worked really well this week. I have been particularly pleased with their work in maths again. We went out on independent travel on Wednesday afternoon on the mini bus as the cricket competition was cancelled. We went to Rumbles café at Sutton Lawn. Our students were a credit to us they all went and bought their own drinks at sat socialising with each other. Star of the week is Amy-Jayne for her excellent work in Maths. On Monday afternoon all the students worked well on their ICT skills. I have included some pictures of some students working on their Entry Level ICT exam work.

Week ending 13-05-16

We have had a good week again in Rufford. In maths we have been working on subtraction. Our money skills are improving and we are putting this in practice when we go on our Titan travel training. Our star of the week was Callum Spencer for his excellent work in Maths this week.

Last week I forgot to attach the pictures from the farm that some of our students go to every week. Hopefully you will be able to see them now!


Rufford Class

Rufford Class week ending 6-05-16

Most of the students in Rufford class have been working towards their Year 11 exams this week. I was really impressed with all our Year 11students who have been completing their Maths exam. Their money skills have certainly improved which was demonstrated in the answering of the questions.


I am sure that you know that on a Thursday morning Key Stage Four students attend vocational courses. One of the courses that our children access is an animal care course at Floralands in Lambley. Yesterday our students fed the large animals, groomed the donkeys and removed excrement from the fields!

Rufford 29-04-16

Well what an amazing couple of days! On Monday Rufford and Sherwood students got on the mini bus and travelled to Litchfield to Whitemoor Lakes for their residential. First impressions were good and everything just got better. The students were a credit to the school from start to finish. They tried activities which they thought they never would, they ate food that they had never had eaten before and they all managed to keep their room and themselves clean and tidy! We have just put a bit of a slide show to let you see some of the amazing things the students achieved. Well done everyone!

Friday 22nd April

Rufford class

We have had a good first week back after the holiday. In Maths we have been practicing addition and working towards our entry level Maths exam. On Wednesday afternoon we do Titan Travel training. The majority of the class have now passed the red route and acted as mentors for the other students. They were all great walking into Kirkby and socialising with each other whilst having a drink in Morrisons.

Next week is our residential to Whitemoor Lakes in Litchfield. Some students are a little apprehensive understandably but we know we will have a great time.

I’m sure next week we will have loads of pictures on here.


The Rufford Team

Mrs J Hunt

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