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Week commencing 06-12-17

It has been a very busy few weeks for Welbeck Class as we head towards the Christmas break.

For Maths, we have been recalling our multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the regular practice is really paying off now as the class become more comfortable using resources to count and answer questions. Prior to this we have been learning how to tell the time to o'clock and half past.


In English, we have started a new book - Fantastic Mr Fox. We have been learning about how Mr Fox protects his family and the evil ways of the three farmers. Brandon and Leo were exceptional in the role of Mr Fox as they were put under scrutiny by a tough class!


We have been playing and learning Basketball in P.E, and our class particularly enjoy getting the chance to practice their passing and shooting skills using the new techniques learnt.


On Monday (18th December) our class is part of the school nativity play, singing 'On A Starry Night'.


If you would like a sneak preview of the song before Monday you can click the following link:


We look forward to seeing some of you on Monday.


Welbeck Team


Creswell Crags Trip - 21st November 2017

Bestwood, Welbeck and Clumber went to visit Creswell Crags today as part of our Stone Age topic.  We explored caves they used to live in, found out about how they ate and which animals were about in that era, then became archaeologists and found lots of artefacts.  It was a fantastic learning experience and the pupils gained a better understanding of how people lived in that time.

Week commencing 06-11-17

Welbeck Class have settled back in well following the half-term break. We have been enjoying learning about the Stone Age, researching what a typical Stone Age diet consisted of and creating clay pots similar(-ish!) to those of our ancestors. 

For Maths, Mr Groves's group have been learning about shaping, getting hands on and creating both 2d and 3d shapes from scratch. We have been learning testing ourselves and each other, learning about the properties of different shapes. In English, we have been learning actions to the Judith Nicholls poem 'Wind Ways' and linking it it our senses. Whilst looking at relationships, we have been looking at both the life cycle and the relationships we share with other people. Our class made a chain of Welbeck talents, reflecting on their own talents and recognising each others.

I am delighted to say we now have Mrs Wilkinson working as part of the Welbeck Team and the children have welcomed her to our class in a very friendly manner.

Our Star of the Week is Lauren Grummet. Lauren has been putting lots of effort into her handwriting and it has really shown this week. Well done Lauren.

Have a lovely weekend,

Welbeck Team


Welbeck Class week beginning 2nd October - 11th October

We have had a really interesting and fun week in Welbeck class, with lots of activities and learning taking place.

As part of our team project, we are renovating the garden outside our class to become an area of peace and relaxation specifically for the younger children in our school to come and enjoy. We have started today by sweeping and weeding the area. We have lots of work ahead of us and the class have really enjoyed being outside together and working as a team.

As part of our 'Daily Mile' challenge, we have been doing laps of the field. The classes challenge is to do as many as possible in 10 minutes. So far, we have an elite of six athletes who have each pushed themselves to do 9 laps in this time. We are looking forward to seeing who will be the first to make 10 laps. For our art challenge last week we made 3D hedgehogs! Please see the pictures below of creative art work taking place in our class.

In English, we have exploring two different books in our groups; Grandpa's Great Escape and The Lion Inside. We are now up to the part where they have just sent Grandpa to a nursing home, so no spoilers please anyone at home! We have been looking at the different between short and long vowel sounds, and how this alters the spellings of words. For Maths we have been continuing our work on number bonds and dice arrays, and the children have been immersing themselves in quick prediction activities and games of dominoes.

Finally, I am please to say Taras was our Star of the Week. Taras has been given this award for showing good manners and trying hard to think before speaking when it is necessary. Well done Taras!


Welbeck Team

Hello everybody,


My name is Mr Groves and I am the new Class Teacher of Welbeck class. Together with my wonderful Teaching Assistants, Mrs Seaford and Mrs Stanton, I am looking forward to a brilliant year. We have a wonderful class of 11 children, as well as our class guinea pigs, Buster and Ginger, who have been warmly received by the children.


We have been reading Grandpa's Great Escape in English and have really enjoyed the book. We have been creating more wacky recipes to go alongside Grandpa's infamous 'Spam a la Custard', recreating scenes from World War Two and we have created 'Wanted' posters for Grandpa who has gone missing!



Chloe's Wanted poster and Brandon and Leo enjoying Grandpa's World War Two adventures

Our class pets - Buster and Ginger

In Maths we have been doing addition, whilst in Science and Topic we have been learning about the human body and robots respectively. We have learnt a catchy song to remember our five senses, I wonder if the class children can tell you at home?


Already we have had three birthdays in our class for Chloe, Marissa and George respectively. Mrs Seaford very kindly provided birthday cake for each child and we celebrated by playing party games in our classroom. It is wonderful to see how well the children have settled in and I look forward to a great year teaching Welbeck Class.


Mr Groves

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