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At Bracken Hill, we want to foster a love of reading and stories, while ensuring our children gain this invaluable skill that they will need throughout each day of their lives.


In the classroom

We encourage our children to read by letting them see us reading and ceasing opportunities to share books with them as a whole class, in small groups and even 1:1.  We share stories with our children in many different ways including using props and multi sensory techniques as well as support from technology such as projectors and videos to reach all of our children.  We look for opportunities to use stories and books across the curriculum and maximise our time with the children, reading outside of lessons. additional reading takes place during registration time and an enrichment reading club once a week.  We also look for opportunities to read in the modern world, using technology and other real life situations such as reading a cafe menu to make it relevant to them and their lives.


Reading Strategies

We use Communicate and Print software programme as a way to support reading of words through the use of symbols where necessary. In the classes where it is appropriate, the Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme is taught. This is supported by the use of Jolly Phonics in classes with higher levels of need. We recognise that not every child learns to read through phonics, therefore we have begun to introduce the use of the ‘Whole Word Reading’ approach. For those classes that have surpassed the need of teaching phonics, and early reading skills, reading is taught through comprehension and inference skills of a wide range of texts. In addition to this, children have the opportunity to listen to a class read daily.

We are happy to provide parents/carers with an appropriate book for their child and ways to encourage good reading habits at home.


Reading for Everyone

A wide range of quality texts are available, including those targeted at beginner, catch-up and reluctant readers, plus age-appropriate texts for older pupils with lower reading skills. We use a colour banding system to ensure each child has the opportunity to access a range of books at their level. Some books also have symbols as well as text to support the children appropriately. We ensure that different reading formats are available which include fact, fiction, comic books, magazines, newspapers, and picture books for early readers.


Reading Events

Each half term, each child has access to the mobile library service where they choose their own book that they keep in their classroom to access at appropriate times. Through this service, children are able to suggest the themes of book that interest them for the following visit.

We have a calendar of reading events, including World Book Day and National Poetry Day to celebrate and enjoy reading.

Extreme Reading

At Bracken Hill we believe that reading should not be limited to the the four walls of the classroom. To celebrate this we set a challenge across the school to both children and staff to find the most extreme places to read!

Below are some of the great photos that came back.

Bracken Hill Stories

This section is inspired by 'Cbeebies Bedtime Stories'.


As a way to show our love of books, staff have selected a book to read and share with our children. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed reading.


Follow the link below to find our selection of stories.

We take great pride in the high quality displays that can be seen when walking through the school. These celebrate and support reading at levels which are appropriate across each phase and strand within our school.
Using technology
Technology is a fabulous to support and enhance reading. Below are some examples of how our children have used different forms of technology as a platform for the reading skills.