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World Mental Health Day 10th October

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, Bestwood explored positive and negative emotions and feelings. We discussed how both are ok, but when feeling negative, we have to try and think of the positive things to so we have a balance. We played a gamed where we tracked different emotions for different events in a day, then thought about something that made us happy and something that made us feel calm.

Week beginning 7th October 2019

Bestwood and Clumber visited the National Holocaust Centre this week.  They learnt about the holocaust which is supporting their Citizenship curriculum this half term on 'Global Political Systems'.  It will also support our 'World Wars' topic next half term.  While they were there, the pupils met survivors and looked at the various exhibitions.  They also took photos and videos which they will use in Computing lessons to produce a presentation about a visitor attraction. 

Week beginning 30th September 2019

We've been learning all about our planet in topic.  We learnt about at the poles, the northern and southern hemispheres, the equator and the tropics.  Also why the weather is hottest in countries along the equator.  The pupils then made their own planets out of paper mache and painted them in colours to reflect the key areas. 

Week beginning 16th September 2019

We have been learning about where famous landmarks are round the world.  Pupils shared knowledge they already had and also researched where famous landmarks are that they had heard about but didn't know where they were.  They then used this knowledge to create a pairs game using the computers.  The game is played by turning over 2 cards, and trying to match the landmark to the card stating where it is.

Welcome Back week beginning 2nd September 2019

The pupils have had an excellent first week back to school.  They are enjoying their new topic 'Where in the world?', and this year we are trying to link our topic to a wider range of lessons where possible.  This week we started with exploring natural landmarks including waterfalls round the world and the Northern and Southern lights.  

24th July 2019 - Best of British Summer Fayre

The whole school celebrated their learning for their Best of British transition topic this morning.  Classes set up a stall at the summer fayre for all the other pupils to see, taste, try out, make and experience.  Bestwood had a Best of British Music quiz for higher ability pupils, 'make a shaker' for lower ability pupils, and the pancakes they made for pupils to try. I think you can agree that their work is amazing!  What a fantastic way to end the school year.

Bracken Hill's Got Talent 2019 - 23rd July 2019

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in Bracken Hill's Got Talent this year.  We had some amazing songs, jokes and dances.  The winners were Welbeck class for an amazing dance, 2nd place were the KS5 Spice Girls, and in joint 3rd place were Connor and Owls Class.  It's always an amazing afternoon and so much fun to watch.  A special well done to Sky and Ashleigh from Bestwood who told some really funny jokes.  

Week beginning 5th July - Best of British topic

As part of our Best of British transition topic for July, pupils have been learning about British landmarks.  They found out where they were in the country and added them to maps they'd created.  Then they chose their favourite and painted it.  Landmarks included Stone Henge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Loch Ness, Snowdon and the Houses of Parliament.

July 2019 - Adventure Service

Bestwood have been having a great time this month with the Adventure Service.  They have been learning to tie knots and build shelters.  Then they made a pizza, and cooked it on an open fire.  As well as learning new skills, the pupils are also taking risks, developing self esteem and confidence and learning to work better as part of a team.

Week beginning 5th July - Mrs Wright's Maths Group

In Maths this week, Mrs Wright's group have been spies!  Inspired by the code breaking of the Enigma machine, pupils cracked and wrote their own coded messages. They then split into two groups and set a coded adventure hunt round school.  They used a range if calculations and problem solving and were very engaged with the activities. 

Meet the Bestwood Team

Welcome to the new Bestwood Class.  Transition has started and it's lovely to see the new Bestwood pupils settling in so well.  The new Teaching Assistants are Miss Presland and Mr Mills.  New home school diaries and the Seesaw app will be updated for September, but for now please use old diaries and see below for our new timetable.  I am so excited about the upcoming year!  Mrs Wright, Bestwood Class Teacher and Assistant Head.

Bestwood Class Timetable from July 2019 - June 2020

Week beginning 17th June 2019

Bestwood had an amazing resource today - The Parliament Box.  In it were back drops, artefacts and resources to learn about how Parliament works and how Bills become laws.  The pupils acted out different roles within Parliament, including the Government, the opposition and the speaker.  They also created ideas for new laws which were debated, amended then voted on.  They learnt a lot from this experience and loved bringing the house to order during the debates!

Week beginning 10th June 2019

This week has been a very wet, but very fun week trying a variety of sports and other healthy and sporting related activities.  Pupils have been healthy cooking, sports related art, taekwondo, kick boxing, football, first aid, yoga and much more.  

Week beginning 3rd June 2019

Our topic this half term in the Ancient Mayans. We linked computing and topic on Wednesday to research and present information about different Mayan artifacts.  The pupils worked very independently and were able to find lots of images and information.  

Week beginning 13th May 2019

Bestwood had an interesting afternoon on Thursday this week with the Adventure Service making jewellery.  They did this using pewter and melting it on the fire! 

Week beginning 29th April - Kingswood Residential

Five pupils from Bestwood went on the KS3 residential this week.  They took part in a range of amazing and fun activities and were a credit to the school in their attitude and behaviour.

5th April - Best Attendance this term

5th April - Best Attendance this term 1
Well done to Bestwood class who had the best attendance this term!  As a treat they were able to wear non-uniform today.  

Week beginning 1st April - Sensory music afternoon

School had a lovely afternoon on Wednesday off timetable taking part in sensory music activities. 

Week beginning 1st April - Topic trip to the National Coal Mining Museum

Week beginning 1st April - Topic trip to the National Coal Mining Museum 1
Bestwood, Clumber and Welbeck had a fantastic trip to the National Coal Mining museum to learn about one of our local industries.  It was great going down the mine and seeing the pit ponies too. 

29th March 2019

29th March 2019 1
Well done to Bestwood who won the class attendance award for last week.  This is a new initiative in school to celebrate attendance.  As best class we gained an extra break this afternoon, which was lovely to get out in the sunshine.  

Week beginning 11th March - Topic work

Our topic this half term is local history and geography.  As part of this we have been finding out about 'Boots', the company founded in Nottingham in 1854.  Mrs Davis, one of Welbeck's TAs, used to work for Boots and used her contacts to get an artefact box of old products.  It was fun trying to guess what they were and seeing how products have changed over the years.

Week beginning 4th March 2019

Week beginning 4th March 2019 1
Race for Life - well done to all Bestwood pupils who took part in the Race for Life today for Cancer research.  An excellent event for a worthy cause.

Week beginning 11th February - Rainforest Topic

Bestwood finished their rainforest topic this week by displaying their learning.  They were particularly proud of their diorama models of the rainforest layers.  

Week beginning 4th February 2019

In Citizenship this half term, Bestwood have been exploring the functions and uses of money.  Last week the pupils prepared a script to explain a particular type of payment system, such as credit cards, Apple pay or PayPal.  This week they practised their presentations then shared them with the class.  It was lovely to see such good understanding of different and new ways of paying for things.

Week beginning 28th January 2019 - Zoo Lab!

Zoo Lab came into school today to help us with our 'Rainforest' topic.  They showed us lots of different animals, where they live, what they eat and told us facts about them.  The pupils got the chance to feel them (except the scorpion!).  An amazing hands on experience!

Week beginning 21st January 2019

Week beginning 21st January 2019 1

The pupils created a rainforest with all 4 layers out of paper and pastel drawings.  They researched which animals and plants were in each layer, and labelled the display with the information.All pupils were able to use pastels effectively to draw plants or animals.  They used books to research the information independently.  

Week beginning 14th January 2019

All of Bestwood have come back from their holidays with an amazing attitude to learning. We have started a new topic on 'Rainforests' and have already learnt about where they are in the world and how they are made up of different layers.  In Citizenship we are exploring the uses and functions of money.  So far we explored Christmas spending by making models of things they were bought, and this week pupils created their own forms of early money and bartered with each other to buys items.  

17th December 2018 - Christmas Concert

17th December 2018 - Christmas Concert 1
Well done to Bestwood and all the pupils at Bracken Hill - the Christmas Concert today was amazing!  Bestwood led a song then played the hand chimes to 'Walking in the Air'.  

23rd November 2018 - Writing Stories

Our class have been writing stories based on the Spiderwick Chronicles with Mrs Jefferies. There have been some fantastic ideas and we really enjoyed listening to each others' adventures.

Well Being Day - 21st November 2018

The whole school had an amazing day away from lessons to promote 'well being' and feeling healthy and happy.  Each class experienced something a bit different.  Bestwood made superfood smoothies, went to a sound and gong therapy session, went to a drama workshop and a magic workshop.  They also started a 'gratitude diary' to consider what they are thankful for and all the good things in their lives.  This will be something we look at each week in class.  

Week beginning 19th November 2018 - Topic 'Vikings'

The class split into small groups and researched different elements of Viking life.  One group looked at ‘Weapons, Armour and Tactics’.  The other group looked at ‘Beliefs and Culture’.

In their groups they read the information and highlighted important and interesting pieces of information.  They then presented this information to the other group to share their learning.

Week beginning 12th November 2018 - Children In Need

Week beginning 12th November 2018 - Children In Need 1
Bestwood had a great day for Children In Need.  They dressed in spots, went for a sponsored mile ramble, hunted for Pudsey and had a healthy breakfast.  The school raised over £1000! Our biggest amount ever.  Well done everyone. 

Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week in maths, Mrs Wright's maths group have been developing their number skills.  The black group worked on place value in numbers - comparing and ordering and using the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols.  The red group have been developing calculations and written methods using different operations and problem solving.  

Week beginning 24th September - Citizenship

Our citizenship topic this half term is 'Participating and Contributing to School'.  This week we have been working to contributing to the school's Macmillan coffee morning.  We created a 'Pin the cherry on the cake' game and made cakes to sell.  

Week beginning 5th September 2018 - Topic Work: The layers of the Earth

We've had a great first week back.  The pupils have returned ready to learn with lots of lovely stories about their holidays.  Our new topic is geography based: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Climates.  Today we learned about how the Earth is constructed with the different layers.  We used Play-doh to make a model and cut it in half to show the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.  

Week beginning 23rd July 2018 - Street Carnival Time!

Our transition topic has been countries in the World Cup.  To celebrate and share their learning each class set up a carnival stall and the school spent a wonderful hour at the carnival and learning about the different cultures.  Bestwood class had Egypt - they made butter cookies and pyramids, made information posters and created coded messages with hieroglyphs.    

Week beginning 16th July 2018 - Egyptian biscuit making

As part of our transition topic 'Egypt' we have been making Egyptian biscuits so give out to the school next week on our street carnival day.  They were very buttery, but not as sweet as ones we are used to.  The children all worked well together to make them.   

Week beginning 2nd July 2018 - Transition time

This week has seen Bracken Hill start the transition to their new classes.  We like to do this in July to allow all our students time to get to their new class team and friends before the holidays start, so there's no need to worry over the summer.  It's sad that our five Y9s have moved on, but they are now ready for the challenges of KS4, and we all wish them well.  However, Bestwood have had fun welcoming 4 new students to the class, who have all settled in really well.  It is going to be a fantastic year! Mrs Wright and Miss Kirk

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