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Mrs Peters - Teaching assistant (Mon-Wed)

Week beginning 16th May 2022.


This week, some of Bestwood Class visited Ashfield District Council to learn about some of the jobs the people do there. Back in school, the other children practised using the Rugged Robots. It was fun and everyone managed to navigate the robots around the classroom into the quiet room.

In cooking, we made yummy burgers. Bestwood class are becoming very skillful in the kitchen. 

In Art, we have started some clay work based on the work of Kate Malone. Our aim is to produce a pot in the style of Kate Malone which will be fired in the kiln at school. Our star of the week last week was Jack smiley and this week it's Nicholas.smiley Well done to both of you!

Week beginning 2nd May 2022.


Our topic this term is Secrets of the Forests. We will be learning all about our local area and the legend of Robin Hood. Nottinghamshire is a wonderful county to live in and there’s so much to learn about. We’ll be having a history focus for the first half term and then a geography focus for the second half. 

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out and about and visit some of the many attractions around and about our area. 

So far we have been listening to stories about Robin Hood and writing letters in role. We have studied the characters and made decisions about the heroes and the villains.

in DT, we are designing a castle and in cooking we have been cooking a range of delights that will be coming home for tasting. โ˜บ๏ธ๐ŸŒณ

We have attached a number of photos this week and some from our Wonderful trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park last term. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฆ’

Asa is our star of the week this week. Well done! 

Week beginning 24th January 2022

This week, Bestwood have been learning about synonyms and antonyms. We didn’t realise just how many words we know. Bestwood are definitely a group of Wordsmiths.โ˜บ๏ธ

In topic we have been looking at human and physical features of South America. It really is a very beautiful country. We liked the waterfalls, volcanoes and ancient cities. We can all find South America on a map and name some of the countries too.

In Adventure Service, we started to make some jewellery items out of pewter. Everyone is excited to see the finished products.

In PSHE, we continued to learn about volunteering and voluntary groups. This week we looked at Scouts and had a go at making our own campsite. ๐Ÿ•

Jensen was our star of the week on Friday. Well done Jensen for working really hard and for leading by example. ๐ŸŒŸ

Week beginning 17th January 2022

Bestwood have made a great start to the new year!

Our new topic Far, Far Away is taking us all the way over to South America and Brazil ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท is our first stopping point. We have been brushing up on our map skills and are starting to research the rainforest and the many wonderful creatures that live there. Look out for our book on rainforest animals over the next few weeks. โ˜บ๏ธ
Bestwood have also started Adventure Service this term and Textiles. Out first star ๐ŸŒŸ of the week of 2022 was Jake. Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰ 

Week beginning 13th December 2021.

Week beginning 15th November 2021.


Bestwood have had a busy week. They’ve been learning about lines in maths and some new vocabulary including perpendicular, parallel, vertical and horizontal. In topic it’s been all about Henry 8th and his 6 wives. Bestwood now know a little rhyme to remember the ultimate fates of these women. We have also started some Tudor portraits, which we can’t wait to share once they’re finished.๐Ÿ˜Š

Week beginning 8th November 2021

Bestwood have had a very busy start to the term. We launched our new topic and started with the Slimy Stuart’s and the Gunpowder Plot. Now we will travel back in time to the Battle of Bosworth where it all began and the Terrible Tudors started their reign over England. ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ฅ๓ ฎ๓ ง๓ ฟ
As a group, we watched and listened to information about the Gunpowder Plot. We acted out a short play and even considered what might have happened if Guy Fawkes had succeeded! There are some star actors in Bestwood! ๐Ÿ’ซโญ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ซ

Week beginning 4th October 2021.


Bestwood have been learning more about the Black Death over the last couple of  weeks. We have found out about the Plague Doctor and made our own masks. We’ve also made our own buboes which exploded ( a little bit!) Everyone loved imagining they were real - full of blood and pus! Jake and Ashton enjoyed eating theirs. Luckily they were really doughnuts filled with jam and custard!

Jack was our star of the week this week. Congratulations Jack! ๐Ÿคฉ

In cooking, we have made stir fry and noodles and in maths we constructed some 3D nets. The cube was much easier than the dodecahedron, but we gave them both a good go and the results were pretty pleasing๐Ÿ˜‰

Week beginning 20th September 2021.


Bestwood have been showing off their creative sides this week. They have been looking at famous City Scape scenes and then had a go at planning and making one of their own. Everyone had the same instructions but they all came out a little bit different in some way or another. We think they’re fantastic!

Ava was our star of the week this week ๐Ÿคฉ.  She is setting a perfect example in Bestwood and is working very hard.

In English we have been revising basic punctuation and in maths we have been exercising our brains adding and subtracting larger numbers. In topic, we are continuing to learn about the Black Death and have started to learn about the disgusting symptoms the plague caused and the crazy cures people actually believed would help them. ๐Ÿ€ 



Week beginning 6th September 2021.


Bestwood have worked so hard since returning from the summer break. We have started our new topic 'The Black Death' and have been reading and investigating very large numbers in Maths. In English we have been reading Robert Browning's version of The Pied Piper and have discovered where this tale started out; way way back during the 12th Century!! It's a very old story or is it a legend we asked ourselves....


Our stars of the week this week are Oliver and Asa. Well done to you both!


Please have a look at our topic overview to see what your child will be learning during this first half term.



Week beginning 25th July 


Bestwood have fully immersed themselves in the Olympics this week. We have made some Olympic medals, modelled athletes out of salt dough, designed logos and found out about the traditions of the Olympics. We also watched some of our amazing athletes win their medals online. ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿฅ‰

A big welcome to Bestwood 2021-2022. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Our first week together has been great and it’s been lovely to see our older children welcoming our new pupils from Phase 1 into the class. They’re going to be wonderful role-models.

Check out our class page each week for updates and class information.๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿƒ


Thank you,

Mrs Rigley, Mr Simpson, Mrs Peters and Mrs Stubbs. ( Bestwood class team) ๐Ÿคฉ


Week Beginning 24.-05.2021

To finish our computing focus of writing algorithms this half term the children had to put their problem solving skills to the test! In pairs the class had to direct their Beebot around the maze to the treasure chest. They had to work out how many forwards and turns they would need. They constantly had to reflect on their actions and make changes to their algorithms. 

Week Beginning 24.05.2021

This week the class have been paleontologists and studied fossilised remains! The children had to carefully put the soil and rock away so they didn't damage the fossils and then slowly removed the debris away from the fossil using different tools! We studied the process of how fossils are formed and looked at different dinosaur fossils. The class took some fossils home that they found!

Week Beginning 17.05.2021

To complete our work on fractions in Maths this term, we created pizza fractions! Bestwood were given a range of ingredients to use on their pizza and could pick whatever they wanted on their pizza. Miss Winsor then held up fraction cards and mentioned which ingredient to use. The class had to use their knowledge of fractions to equally split the pizza for the different ingredients. Once cooked the children enjoyed the pizzas! 

Week Beginning 10.5.2021

In Food Technology the children have been creating some wonderful dishes! This week was focused on trying different foods! Whether that meant tasting it, feeling it, smelling it or just looking at it. Each child tried something new and we are all incredibly proud of them!

Week Beginning: 26.03.2021

This term the children have been so lucky to have Adventure Service! An external provider who teaches them how to safely cut wood, build fires and cook food from an open fire. The children have loved this on a Thursday afternoon!

Week Beginning: 19.03.2021

To start our computing focus for this term: writing algorithms, we thought we would explore all the programmable toys we have in the school. The children had to figure out how to turn them on, how to program them and how to move them around the classroom. Bestwood were excellent at this and used their problem solving skills and team work to make sure all the toys could move around the room. 

Week Beginning 29.03.2021

To finish our English work of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children dived into some role play! They had a fantastic time! Some of them dressed up in the characters and then we read some scripts from the book and acted our favourite scene out. 

Week Beginning 15.03.2021

To finish our focus in Maths of volume and capacity, the children created their own potions! They had to measure the different ingredients and carefully pour them into the mixture. Then they made an ingredients list in their book and displayed the different amount. The children loved adding the water beads which turned into an observational science experiment.

Week Beginning 08.03.2021

We are so happy to have all of Bestwood back at school! They have all settled back in incredibly well and it is lovely to see them all getting along and working hard together. Over the last few weeks in Art we have been exploring texture with paint. Looking at the difference between actual texture and visual texture and how we can use different equipment to implement texture into paint. 

Week Beginning 01.03.2021

Our Bestwood bubble have been busy in music this week! They have been using their artistic skills and superb listening for beats to create this beautiful art. The children listened to different songs with different rhythms to painted it across the paper. I love how you can see where there were different types of music played. 

Week Beginning 22/02/2021

This week we focused on our punctuation and grammar and how this can affect the way the sentence is presented. The children marked Miss Winsor's work and corrected her mistakes. The children had great fun using our huge punctuation marks to punctuate different sentences. 

Week Beginning 01/02/2021

Week Beginning 01.02.2021

This week we have been busy! In English we have been exploring the Kraken and how we can use our descriptive devices to describe the sea monster! In Maths we have been learning about fractions and how we can find halves and quarters of different things. We then stepped it up and found other fractions! 

Week Beginning 25/01/2021

This term in topic we have been exploring the natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and volcanoes! Both children at home and school have been creating volcanoes and making them explode! I love how they are all different and full of individuality! 

Week Beginning 11/01/2021

This week we have been immersing ourselves in the Victorian era. We started off researching about the different lives of the school children and how the rich differed from the poor. We then had an English lesson as a Victorian school child where Miss Winsor forced us to write lines on slate! The handwriting was very complicated it was all twirly and fancy! 

Week Beginning 16/11/2020

This week we have studied the Ruthless Romans and how they invaded areas of Europe. We have investigated the devastation in Pompeii and have indulged in the learning of the Colosseum and why was it so important in Rome. Bestwood had their chance to get armoured up like a Gladiator to prepare for their battle in the Colosseum! 

We have almost finished our creative writing work! The stories are incredible and Miss Winsor has thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Next week we will be typing up our stories ready for publication and starting our topic of poetry. 

In Maths we have found it tricky this week but like the Romans, Bestwood persevered and fought their way through division! 


Week Beginning 09/11/2020

This week the children have been developing their creative writing of their adventure story, inspired by the Stone Age Boy book. We focused on using descriptive devices like using our senses and using expanded noun phrases to ‘paint a picture’ in the reader’s mind of the Stone Age landscape. We shall be finishing these next week and hopefully will have a catalogue of adventure stories to share with you all. 

Week beginning 12/10/2020

As we are going through the Ages in Topic this week we finished our learning of the Bronze Age.. The children worked as a team to create this amazing miniature Bronze Age settlement. Using their information they could build the houses and sculpt the tools and food to ensure it looks as realistic as possible. They each made signs of the different areas of our settlement so others could learn from us. Amazing work Bestwood, I am very proud!

Week Beginning 05/10/2020

This week Bestwood worked hard with Mrs Waterhouse baking their own flapjacks. They experimented wi9th different ingredients, adding chocolate, and either sliced or grated apple. The flapjacks were delicious and were a great snack!

Week Beginning 28/9

This week we finished our learning of the Stone Age and moved onto the Bronze Age. In Maths we focused on 2D shapes and using lolly sticks to make them. Bestwood excelled with 2D shape building!

Week Beginning 14/09/2020

This week we have worked further through the Stone Age and focusing on more on the Mesolithic period. Bestwood have worked on their colour theory and mixed primary colours to make more earthly colours to continue their work on Cave Art. This week they have started making their Stone Age weapons and we are excited to see how they turn out next week. In English they have began writing their first draft of their autobiographies and we can't wait to hear them! 

Week beginning 07/09/2020

We began our cross-curricular topic Walking with our Ancestors this week where we researched the Stone Age. In Art we focused on Cave Art and how they created the paint to paint these symbolic objects onto rock. We learnt they used types of animal fat, berries, and different spices. The children created their own paints by mashing raspberries, beetroot and blueberries. To create the earthly orange colour the children mixed chilli powder with water. They all worked very hard on this and I was impressed with the thought of a story and the technique they used to create different shades of colour. 

Week Beginning 02/09/2020

Our first three days were packed full of different activities involving getting to know each other! The Bestwood class designed a jigsaw piece that represented them. Afterwards we discussed our likes and dislikes, fears and dreams and of course our favourite food. We then put the jigsaw together and realised that we are all unique but in Bestwood class we are a team. 

July 2020 - Mini Olympics

Bestwood bubble has had a great time this month improving our athketics skills using javelin, discuss, running and shot put.  The last session they held a mini olympics, then made themselves a medal from air drying modelling clay.  They all competed well and showed excellent sportsmanship.   

June 2020 - Amazing African Art

It has been fantastic welcoming back a small bubble of pupils into Bestwood mid-June.  Our theme is n ow Amazing Africa, and as part of this we have been exploring African masks and making our own from clay (they will be painted when dry).  We have also been learning about African patterns and designing our own using our learning as a guide for colours and shapes.

Home learning May 2020

Well done to all the Bestwood pupils who are working from home at the moment.  This week I set an art challenge to create images from household objects, and was so impressed with these ones I wanted to share them with everyone.  These were made with kitchen utensils (but don't worry there was supervision whilst using the sharp utensils) and I'm sure you'll agree they look fantastic!

Home learning April 2020

Amazing origami skills from one Bestwood pupil!

Week beginning 2nd March 2020 - World Book Day

This week we celebrated World Book Day focusing on Harry Potter. Activities included dressing, swapping books, seeing which house the sorting hat put the pupils in, creating house badges and making butte beer (non-alcoholic don’t worry). It was lovely seeing how engaged they all were and sharing their favourite parts of the stories. But beware...Mrs Wright was placed in Slytherin House!

Week beginning 24th February - topic work

Our theme for this half term is ‘Magic and Mystery’. In topic we are starting to learn about medicine through history and how in medieval times they used herbal potions to cure ailments.  Bestwood worked in pairs to create a mint herbal cure that helps the skin heal. 

Week beginning 10th Februrary 2020 - Computing and e-safety

As part of e-safety day, we have been learning about staying safe online in computing. Last week we explored what is safe to share and what is not safe, and how to deal with issues around this. This week we looked at cyber bullying and how this makes people feel, how to respond and what to do. Remember the key message is to ‘report, but don’t reply, delete or meet.’

Week beginning 3rd February 2020 - RE

Today in RE we have been exploring Chinese New Year in preparation for our class talk in assembly on Thursday.  Some people made dragon paper chains, some coloured dragon masks, some coloured 2020 Year of the Rat posters and some made a dragon from Lego. 

Week beginning 20th January - Computing

In computing we set the tables up in class to create a large grid.  Each pupil had an object that they needed to get to a Lego brick at the other end of the grid.  The pupils had to write algorithms with directions of forwards, backwards, left and right.  They had to plan the algorithm first without moving their object.  Then took it in turns to test their algorithm and de-bug any errors in their code after the test.

Week beginning 13th January 2020 - RE

In RE we are learning about important and inspirational people in religion and in the wider world.  Today we explored the life and lessons of Moses to understand why he is so important to both the Christian and Jewish faith.

Week beginning 16th December - Christmas Around the World

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating Christmas Around the World. Each class had a country to explore how they celebrate Christmas and then create a stall that shared their learning and was interactive for the rest of the school to experience. Bestwood had Poland and had Polish stars to colour and made Polish ginger bread cookies, made with honey.

Week beginning 25th November 2019

This week we had a guest speaker in, Mrs Riley, who told us about local teenage soldiers in The Great War.  It was shocking that some children, as young as 12, went to war.  The children found it interesting to learn about real local stories, and how the Mansfield MP at the time got the law changed to make it illegal for children to fight. 

Week beginning 18th November - Design Technology

In DT with Miss Gladwin, the pupils are working as a group to create a large toy kitchen.  They researched and designed it, and have now started to build it.  They are using lots of measuring skills and learning to use different tools.

Week beginning 11th November 2019 - Remembrance

In Modern British Values we are taking the theme of 'Conflict' and exploring this in relation to remembrance and sacrifice.  This week all made a poppy wreath out of paper and talked about why we use poppies to remember the fallen soldiers of any war.  Then we held a remembrance service in class, talking about anyone we know affected by war.  We read ‘In Flanders Field’ poem and listen to the Last Post, then held a silence to remember and think about people who had lost their lives in the war.  The pupils were very respectful and sensitive when discussing the soldiers.  

Bracken Hill are updating and revising our curriculum to a new theme based approach, and trying to link as many subjects into that theme as we can.  The theme this half term and next half term (until February) is 'Conflict',  see the curriculum map above to show how the different subjects are approaching the theme.  The school is also moving to 3 pathways through the curriculum, Explorers, Adventurers and Pioneers.  All pathways will follow the same theme but approach the theme in ways that match the needs of their students; Bestwood is following the Pioneers pathway.  The aim is for the lessons to have more links between them, to deepen understanding and also the themes to be more motivating and exciting for the pupils.

World Mental Health Day 10th October

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, Bestwood explored positive and negative emotions and feelings. We discussed how both are ok, but when feeling negative, we have to try and think of the positive things to so we have a balance. We played a gamed where we tracked different emotions for different events in a day, then thought about something that made us happy and something that made us feel calm.

Week beginning 7th October 2019

Bestwood and Clumber visited the National Holocaust Centre this week.  They learnt about the holocaust which is supporting their Citizenship curriculum this half term on 'Global Political Systems'.  It will also support our 'World Wars' topic next half term.  While they were there, the pupils met survivors and looked at the various exhibitions.  They also took photos and videos which they will use in Computing lessons to produce a presentation about a visitor attraction. 

Week beginning 30th September 2019

We've been learning all about our planet in topic.  We learnt about at the poles, the northern and southern hemispheres, the equator and the tropics.  Also why the weather is hottest in countries along the equator.  The pupils then made their own planets out of paper mache and painted them in colours to reflect the key areas. 

Week beginning 16th September 2019

We have been learning about where famous landmarks are round the world.  Pupils shared knowledge they already had and also researched where famous landmarks are that they had heard about but didn't know where they were.  They then used this knowledge to create a pairs game using the computers.  The game is played by turning over 2 cards, and trying to match the landmark to the card stating where it is.
The pupils have had an excellent first week back to school.  They are enjoying their new topic 'Where in the world?', and this year we are trying to link our topic to a wider range of lessons where possible.  This week we started with exploring natural landmarks including waterfalls round the world and the Northern and Southern lights.  

24th July 2019 - Best of British Summer Fayre

The whole school celebrated their learning for their Best of British transition topic this morning.  Classes set up a stall at the summer fayre for all the other pupils to see, taste, try out, make and experience.  Bestwood had a Best of British Music quiz for higher ability pupils, 'make a shaker' for lower ability pupils, and the pancakes they made for pupils to try. I think you can agree that their work is amazing!  What a fantastic way to end the school year.

Bracken Hill's Got Talent 2019 - 23rd July 2019

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in Bracken Hill's Got Talent this year.  We had some amazing songs, jokes and dances.  The winners were Welbeck class for an amazing dance, 2nd place were the KS5 Spice Girls, and in joint 3rd place were Connor and Owls Class.  It's always an amazing afternoon and so much fun to watch.  A special well done to Sky and Ashleigh from Bestwood who told some really funny jokes.  

Week beginning 5th July - Best of British topic

As part of our Best of British transition topic for July, pupils have been learning about British landmarks.  They found out where they were in the country and added them to maps they'd created.  Then they chose their favourite and painted it.  Landmarks included Stone Henge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Loch Ness, Snowdon and the Houses of Parliament.

July 2019 - Adventure Service

Bestwood have been having a great time this month with the Adventure Service.  They have been learning to tie knots and build shelters.  Then they made a pizza, and cooked it on an open fire.  As well as learning new skills, the pupils are also taking risks, developing self esteem and confidence and learning to work better as part of a team.

Week beginning 5th July - Mrs Wright's Maths Group

In Maths this week, Mrs Wright's group have been spies!  Inspired by the code breaking of the Enigma machine, pupils cracked and wrote their own coded messages. They then split into two groups and set a coded adventure hunt round school.  They used a range if calculations and problem solving and were very engaged with the activities. 

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