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W/C 16.09.19 - 30.09.19


In Clumber class, we have been  Learning about different continents, oceans and features of our Earth as part of our topic lesson. We have also been looking at ways to reduce landfill and encourage recycling as part of the Earth Strike day. We have also been creating a mascot out of cardboard newspapers and other household items.

 We have been working with Adventure Service to build a chair and weave the seat and the back portion out of plastic bags – it was tricky but we did a really good job! 


Clumber Class Activities w/c 02/09/19 - 13/09/19

W/C 02/09/19 - 13/09/19

 In Clumber class, we have been doing lots of great learning. We have started our new topic of ‘Where in the World’ and have been exploring natural and man-made landmarks such as the Northern Lights, the Great Wall of China, waterfalls and mountains. We have also been building the tallest structures possible and had great fun making a big mess too!

We have also started our Adventure Service experience and have been working with tools to build a wooden chair.

Welcome back!

Welcome back! 1

 Week beginning 02.09.19


Welcome back everyone! We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and a well earned rest.  We are looking forward to all the new adventures and experiences in this academic year and would love for you to follow us. If you have any personal messages you can use our Seesaw app for parents or if you have a more urgent issue, please ring school. 

Thanks Clumber team 🌿

Week beginning 10.06.19


This week has been a very exciting sports week despite the horrible weather!  We have been preparing healthy fruit kebabs and pitta pizzas, playing mini games like giant snakes and ladders, Boccaccio and darts, practised kickboxing and had football training with Mansfield town football club. We also tried sensory circuits and the pupils really enjoyed using the different equipment and rolling, jumping, balancing and hula hooping!

Clumber class are great at sports of ALL kinds! 

Week beginning 13.05.19


This week Clumber class has been busy doing projects. In Art we have been making clay totems for a giant totem pole. This was a messy but fun business and the totems came out really well.

Our next big project was enterprise and we decorated plant pots before we added plants to them.  Everyone worked really hard as a team to divide the jobs.

Week Beginning 06.05.19

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If you haven't returned your permission slip, please send back to school so that we can send your invitation.


Clumber Team

Week Beginning 29.04.19

This week will be very busy with our Key Stage 3 residential trip to Kingswood and our Space festival  for those not on residential. We had a great time both at Kingswood and at school.

Picture 1

Week Beginning 22.04.19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and our extra few days before a new Summer term.

Week Beginning 01.04.19

This week, our Key Stage visited the National Coal Mining Museum. We walked underground and saw the working conditions and how they changed over the years. We also had a tour around the other important buildings and saw the pit horses too!


Mother's Day

Mother's Day 1

Week Beginning 25.03.19


 This week we have been creating Mother’s Day cards with a special present inside (we are all hoping the mums are in a sharing mood!).

 The pupils put lots of effort into their creations to say thank you for all that you do!

Week Beginning 11.03.19


Our topic this half term is local history and geography.  As part of this we have been finding out about 'Boots', the company founded in Nottingham in 1854.  Mrs Davis, one of Welbeck's TAs, used to work for Boots and used her contacts to get an artefact box of old products.  It was fun trying to guess what they were and seeing how products have changed over the years.

Week Beginning 04.03.19


This week we have been preparing for world book day and our class book Robin Hood. We have really enjoyed learning about our local history in Nottinghamshire and wanted to use the legend of Robin Hood to base our class activities on. We made games and displays for the classes to explore and the staff definitely enjoyed dressing up as Robin Hood, Will Scarlett and Maid Marion!!

 We also had a great time looking at everybody else’s classrooms and learning about the books they have been reading.

Week Beginning 25.02.19

Welcome back! This week we have been busy with our new Topic - Local History and Geography. We used Google Earth to look around different places in the county and to pick out places we have been to. We have learnt about the history of our class names - Clumber, Bestwood, Newstead and will be exploring local myths and legends.

W/C 11.02.19

This week we have been very creative! We have been making rainforest animals to go on our display, using paper mache and lots of imagination - it was very messy and fun!

We also created decorations for the Valentines Disco, organised by the School Council. 

Tasting food from the Rainforest

W/C 04.02.19

This week we tried foods from the rainforest during Topic - it was a mixed reaction (Mrs Rodmell was not a fan of tapioca!).

W/C 28.01.19

This week, we had an exciting visit from Zoo Lab, who showcased animals from the rainforest. We saw giant snails, millipedes, geckos and a HUGE snake! The class were VERY brave to touch and hold the animals and we took some great photos to remember the day.

W/C 07/01/19


Welcome back to our Clumber pupils, we hope you had a fantastic holiday! We are looking forward to all the fun things we will be learning this half term, including Rainforests, Spanish, Music and we will be having a visit from ZooLabs and their furry friends! 

Christmas around the World

W/C 17/12/18


This week we have been planning our 'Christmas around the World' event and our country is Russia! We have been looking at Russian traditions and decorating gingerbread for everyone to try. We had a great time trying all the different foods and finding out about different traditions.


W/C 03.12.18


Making Christmas presents

We have been making snowmen as Christmas presents using rice, socks (clean!) and buttons. We had a great time adding accessories and Mrs Seaford helped us wrap them beautifully so we could add handmade tags. We hope you like them!

W/C 19.11.18

Topic - Vikings

This week in Topic, we have been exploring Viking life - we have been making Viking shields, weapons and designing houses in Minecraft. We all really enjoyed it and our favourite part was turning ourselves into Vikings!

Halloween carving and disco!



We had great fun designing pumpkin faces to carve into our class pumpkin for the school pumpkin competition. Our winning designer was Ethan with his cat design so we carved it and presented it at the Halloween disco.

Our design didn't win but we still had great fun at the disco and dressing up for the day.

W/C 22.10.18


This week we have been learning about climates and biomes in Topic and created a poster to show the main 6 biomes in the world. They are so good, they will form part of our Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Climates display.

W/C 15.10.18

This half term, we have been really busy settling into our class routines and working hard in our lessons. In Topic, we have been exploring Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Climates - we have re-created our own volcano (which erupted!), investigated how tectonic plates cause earthquakes and tried build our own earthquake proof structures using marshmallows, straws and jelly (we didn't eat any, honest!).

We have been out with the Adventure Service to our local area, practiced map reading and using walkie talkies and also created our own paper and built a campfire.

We are all really looking forward to the holidays so we dress up for Halloween (Mrs Jefferies already has her own broom!) and we will be finishing our half term with a Halloween disco organised by the School Council.


Have a great holiday everyone!


The Clumber Team


Welcome back everyone!  You can use our class page to contact the team or look at our learning experiences.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or the team with any questions or worries,  we look forward to another brilliant year!


Mrs Jefferies, Mrs Seaford & Mrs Rodmell

Clumber Team

Transition - July 2018

Our transition topic has been countries in the World Cup.  To celebrate and share their learning each class set up a carnival stall and the school spent a wonderful hour at the carnival and learning about the different cultures.  Clumber class had Costa Rica - they made animals from the country, a volcano and served iced coffee and fruit drizzled in honey.   

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