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Clumber Class

Week commencing 04.11.19 & 18.11.19


In Clumber class, we have been been very busy with our new topic of conflict. We have been writing remembrance poems in English to read out in our school assembly. We have been exploring the reasons why World War I started and producing mind maps to help us remember. We visited the local War Memorial to place a wreath and to remember our local heroes. 

 In food tech, we have been creating a Greek salad, focusing on our knife skills and remembering hygiene rules. 

New curriculum topic – Conflict

 New curriculum topic – Conflict  1

 Bracken Hill are updating and revising our curriculum to a new theme-based approach, and trying to link as many subjects into that theme as we can. The theme this half term and next half term (until February) is Conflict.

The school is also moving to 3 pathways through the curriculum - Explorers, Adventurers and Pioneers. All pathways will follow the same theme but approach the theme in ways that match the needs of their students. Clumber is following the Pioneers pathway.

The aim is for the lessons to have more links between them to deepen understanding, and also the theme is to be more motivating and exciting for the pupils. 

Week commencing 07.10.19 & 18.10.19


In Clumber class, we have been very excited  to visit the holocaust museum to look around the exhibition and listen to stories and facts about the Holocaust as part of our conflict topic. We were all very interested in the speakers and made a PowerPoint about our visit.

Week commencing 16.09.19 & 30.09.19


In Clumber class, we have been learning about different continents, oceans and features of our Earth as part of our topic lesson. We have also been looking at ways to reduce landfill and encourage recycling as part of the Earth Strike day. We have also been creating a mascot out of cardboard newspapers and other household items.

 We have been working with Adventure Service to build a chair and weave the seat and the back portion out of plastic bags – it was tricky but we did a really good job! 


Clumber Class Activities week commencing 02/09/19 & 13/09/19

Week commencing 02/09/19 & 13/09/19

 In Clumber class, we have been doing lots of great learning. We have started our new topic of ‘Where in the World’ and have been exploring natural and man-made landmarks such as the Northern Lights, the Great Wall of China, waterfalls and mountains. We have also been building the tallest structures possible and had great fun making a big mess too!

We have also started our Adventure Service experience and have been working with tools to build a wooden chair.

Welcome back!

Welcome back! 1

 Week commencing 02.09.19


Welcome back everyone! We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and a well earned rest.  We are looking forward to all the new adventures and experiences in this academic year and would love for you to follow us. If you have any personal messages you can use our Seesaw app for parents or if you have a more urgent issue, please ring school. 

Thanks Clumber team 🌿

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