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Clumber Class

Week beginning 09/11/20

Week beginning 09/11/20

 This week in Clumber class we have been making griddlecakes as part of our journey through Stone Age cooking, we had to weigh and measure the ingredients and follow the recipe and work as a team – and we smashed it!

 On Wednesday, we showed our respect for all the brave soldiers that fought for our life today by having a two minute silence.

On Friday, we wore spots and non-uniform to raise money for Children in Need 2020. 

Week beginning 02/11/20

Week beginning 02/11/20

Welcome back everyone! This week we have had excitement on the all-weather pitch – a friendly hedgehog needed our help so we freed him from the fence, gave him a comfy little nest for a while and safely let him back to join his friends (and did a little photo shoot to remember him).

 This week was also our whole school Enterprise Week – in Clumber class we decided to make special Christmas decorations using wooden slices and creating filled baubles for our virtual Christmas fayre.

 Please visit our school website and have a look at our decorations and all the other fantastic class products to make your Christmas sparkle! 

Happy half term!

Week beginning 12/10/20

 Clumber class has been busy over the past two weeks. We took part in #HelloYellow, which was a whole day dedicated to promoting children’s mental health and finding ways to relax and talk about any worries.  We dressed in our favourite clothes and took part in mindfulness activities (and a spot of dancing!). We also thought about things we were thankful for and wrote an acrostic poem.

 One of our favourite activities was a teambuilding game based on a popular puzzle mobile game, suggested by avid fans Lee, Jack and Mr Simpson! We created maps and different activities and worked in teams to complete them whilst working out who was sabotaging each task – it was very tricky to spot the imposters! We had lots of fun working together, figuring out the puzzles and getting to know each other better - it was a great day in Clumber class!

 Finally, we celebrated an amazing first half term in our new class – we acknowledged the hard work of each of the pupils and celebrated our Clumber superstars!

Week beginning 28/09/20

Clumber class has continued the journey through the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Ice ages and we have learned about different house types, role played being hunter-gatherers and using natural resources. 

We have been flexing our multiplication muscles practising our twos, fives, and ten times tables (we like a competition too 😊).

 In English we have followed the journey of Bee, in our class book How to skin a bear, and have met the characters in her tribe and use different adjectives to describe them. 

 In Computing, we have been compiling information about our families to put in a slideshow – we know all of your secrets ha ha ha!


Week beginning 14/09/20

Week beginning 14/09/20


This week Clumber class has been continuing our journey of investigation into the Paleolithic era and what life was like at that time. We have been looking at key events in that timeline,  and ordering according to the year (which was tricky understanding BC and A.D.).

 We have started a new class book called ‘How to skin a bear’, which is all about a character called Bee, her dog (called Dog) and her tribe family.  We have been thinking about how different life was in the Stone Age and how we have more understanding of how things work rather than the traditions, rituals and superstitions of that time.

 A massive thank you for the fantastic homework that was completed this week – the family trees looked brilliant and lots of effort had been put in to the different illustrations!

 New homework has been set with an English focus this week – as we have been discussing traditions we would like to investigate the family traditions that Clumber class has 😊.




Week beginning 07/09/2020

Welcome back!


After a long break it was fantastic to welcome the children back to school. It has been wonderful to see how easy the children have settled back into class and we have had an amazing week. 


Our new topic is called ‘Walking with our Ancestors’ and we are starting with the Old Stone Age. We created some Cave Art from charcoal and berries which we collected from the field. In Science we have started to look into Genes and how they affect the way we look. In Computing, we have been using the Beebots to program sequences and problem solve.


Don’t forget our PE day is Monday and pupils should come to school in their kit.


Thanks Clumber Team 🌿

Stay safe and well

 Week commencing 23.03.20

We hope that all of our class and their families stay safe and well during this partial closure due to the Covid19 virus. All pupils have a home learning pack and various logon details for online resources.  

Mrs Jefferies will be in touch once a week to ensure you are all supported and you can make requests for more work if your package is completed.

Please keep an eye on Seesaw as Mrs Jefferies will be adding interactive activities on there for you to access.

 Take care, from Clumber team 🌿

Week commencing 09.03.20

Week commencing 09.03.20


In Clumber class, we have been exploring different views of how to treat illness over the centuries as part of our Magic and Mystery Topic. We have been looking at the ideas of Hippocrates and the theory behind the four humours.  We tried to recreate each humour using salt dough and slime -  they looked gross and very realistic!

World Book Day


Bracken Hill school celebrated World Book Day on Friday 6th March. There was some fantastic costumes around school and all the children loved reading their favourite books.

Week commencing 24.02.20


In Clumber class, we have been exploring different natural remedies and cures for minor ailments as part of our Magic and Mystery Topic. We looked at mint, vinegar and licorice and tried to decide how they would be used and what they would cure.  The licorice and mint we quite popular but not so much with the vinegar! 

Week commencing 27.01.20

Week commencing 27.01.20


In Clumber class, we have been using Beebots to practice our programming skills in Computing.  We have also been exploring rationing as part of our conflict topic. We looked through different recipes and held a vote on which sounded the nicest, obviously we found a chocolate cake! We made two recipes, bread-and-butter pudding and eggless chocolate cake and both were surprisingly delicious. 

Week Commencing 13.01.20

Week Commencing 13.01.20


 In Clumber class we have been exploring ways to recreate different tempos with different instruments in our music lesson.  In our mental health and well-being lesson, we have been looking at ways we can relax and feel calm when we are stressed. We have been listening to different relaxing music and trying different stretches on our mats. We have also looked at things around us that make us feel better such as snuggly blankets and pillows.

Week Commencing 09.12.19

 Week commencing 09.12.19 


 In Clumber class, we have been preparing for Christmas around the World by looking at Christmas traditions in Sweden. We have made traditional gingerbread to put on our stall and have been looking at the tale of the Swedish elf. We have been making soap in Adventure Service with different natural scents - the  class smelt amazing afterwards! 

Week commencing 04.11.19 & 18.11.19


In Clumber class, we have been very busy with our new topic of conflict. We have been writing remembrance poems in English to read out in our school assembly. We have been exploring the reasons why World War I started and producing mind maps to help us remember. We visited the local War Memorial to place a wreath and to remember our local heroes. 

 In food tech, we have been creating a Greek salad, focusing on our knife skills and remembering hygiene rules. 

New curriculum topic – Conflict

 Bracken Hill are updating and revising our curriculum to a new theme-based approach, and trying to link as many subjects into that theme as we can. The theme this half term and next half term (until February) is Conflict.

The school is also moving to 3 pathways through the curriculum - Explorers, Adventurers and Pioneers. All pathways will follow the same theme but approach the theme in ways that match the needs of their students. Clumber is following the Pioneers pathway.

The aim is for the lessons to have more links between them to deepen understanding, and also the theme is to be more motivating and exciting for the pupils. 

Week commencing 07.10.19 & 18.10.19


In Clumber class, we have been very excited  to visit the holocaust museum to look around the exhibition and listen to stories and facts about the Holocaust as part of our conflict topic. We were all very interested in the speakers and made a PowerPoint about our visit.

Week commencing 16.09.19 & 30.09.19


In Clumber class, we have been learning about different continents, oceans and features of our Earth as part of our topic lesson. We have also been looking at ways to reduce landfill and encourage recycling as part of the Earth Strike day. We have also been creating a mascot out of cardboard newspapers and other household items.

 We have been working with Adventure Service to build a chair and weave the seat and the back portion out of plastic bags – it was tricky but we did a really good job! 


Clumber Class Activities week commencing 02/09/19 & 13/09/19

Week commencing 02/09/19 & 13/09/19

 In Clumber class, we have been doing lots of great learning. We have started our new topic of ‘Where in the World’ and have been exploring natural and man-made landmarks such as the Northern Lights, the Great Wall of China, waterfalls and mountains. We have also been building the tallest structures possible and had great fun making a big mess too!

We have also started our Adventure Service experience and have been working with tools to build a wooden chair.

Welcome back!

 Week commencing 02.09.19


Welcome back everyone! We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and a well earned rest.  We are looking forward to all the new adventures and experiences in this academic year and would love for you to follow us. If you have any personal messages you can use our Seesaw app for parents or if you have a more urgent issue, please ring school. 

Thanks Clumber team 🌿

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