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Week Ending 17th January 2020

The first 2 weeks back have flown by! Creswell class have been very busy!

In maths some of the children have been focussing on subtraction and they are really getting good at it! Sequencing and representing numbers has also been a focus for some of the class and they have made some good steps forwards!

In English we have been reading a new story based around the diary of Anne Frank! In the story Anne has to practice what to do in an air raid and Creswell has a go at it too! They were experts at putting on their gas masks, turning off the lights, shutting the curtains and hiding under the table when the siren went off! They even made a poster to tell other children what to do!

In Topic we are exploring maps and we have used google earth to find Germany and the Untied Kingdom (linking to our Conflict theme) and went on a virtual tour of some of the key locations in the countries!

We've got lots more planned over the next half term and can't wait to share it with you all!

Week Ending 20th December 2019

Wow! Where has the first term gone? Creswell class have had a very busy run up to Christmas! Last week the class worked really hard to make things for our Christmas around the world stall for which we had Switzerland! We made Christmas crowns to represent the festive marches which they hold in Switzerland around Christmas time, Christmas biscuits, advent windows (each person in the village decorate a window of their house and holds a party for the rest of the village) and mulled apple juice! We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner this week and it was great to sit and eat as a class!


Our topic of Conflict is continuing after the Christmas break but we have been busy this last half term looking at different things relating to it. In English we worked on a sensory story focusing on a soldier! The children were great at acting our parts of the story including a black out and sequencing the events along with matching captions to them!

To show the children what life in the trenches would have been like, we visited the trenches at Sherwood Pines, the weather was very wet which really helped us to get an understanding of how life would have been for the soldiers!


We are all looking forward to the Christmas break and wish you all a fantastic holiday! We hope Santa brings you everything you asked for!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Creswell Class!

Week Ending 29th November 2019


Creswell have had a great 2 weeks since our last update! Last week was active maths week and we spent the week focusing on our money skills. We did lots of different activities to help us recognise the different coins including running our own café in school and visiting the café round at college! In topic we had a look at the WW1 soldiers uniform and had a go at putting all the pieces of clothing in the right place. The children are really enjoying the computing topic of programming at the minute and are really becoming confident at programming the BeeBots!

Over the next few weeks and with the run up to Christmas we will be doing a few more festive activities and enjoying the season as much as we can!


Week Ending 15th November 2019

Creswell Class have had a busy first 2 weeks back after the half term break. Our theme for this half term is Conflict! We are going to be focusing on WW1 and exploring things such as; the trenches, soldiers uniform and wartime foods. For remembrance day we had a go at making poppy pictures using a cut up pumpkin and a potato (sounds strange but the pictures look great!).

In English we have been reading a story about Stubby! During WW1 Stubby became a hero for helping on the front line! We have had a go at acting out some scenes from the story including marching and saluting and also sequencing some events from the story.

Our maths focus has been on recognising and representing numerals and adding! It's practical maths week next week and we are going to focus on money skills!

In computing we are going to focus on programming, we have already had a go at being robots and have been following the forwards, backwards, left and right commands. We are also starting to program the Beebots!

For Children in Need we completed a scavenger hunt and created a Pudsey picture with the leaves we had found! They look brilliant!


Week Ending 18th October 2019


Wow! Nearly the end of the first half term!


We are really beginning to settle into our new classroom, which is amazing! We have the main classroom area with interactive white board, a separate work room for those tasks that require some  quiet and concentration and we are lucky enough to have a calm room where we can take some sensory breaks when needed.


We have been very busy this half term, in maths we have focussed on number (counting, ordering and sequencing numbers), shape (identifying 2d shapes and their properties) and repeating patterns (including making Halloween themed repeating garlands (although a little early!).


English has kept us busy too, we started the half term looking at a sensory version of Wind in the Willows. We then moved onto the great story: We're Going on a Bear Hunt and focussed on describing the different settings within the story. We have finished off the half term with a little bit of poetry! Focussing on the poem The Worm That Wouldn't Wiggle by Steve Atwell and trying to identify different rhyming words.


The children have enjoyed computing this half term, we have focussed on using cameras and finished by using them to create a short stop motion animation! Great fun!


All in all a good half term had by everyone and we are looking forward to more exciting activities after the break! 

Creswell Team





Week Beginning 15.7.19

Creswell Class have had so much fun these last few weeks. We've been walking in the woods, we've visited Crich Tramway Village and Wheelgate Park. All of the class have been courageous trying new things, and have been incredibly well behaved.

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