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 Week ending 19th March.


In Creswell it has been lovely to see all the pupils return, we have enjoyed many sensory activities to help us get used to our school day and routine and being around each other again. The children have been fantastic and are coped very well. We have explored all our senses and I am so proud of the children exploring new flavours and touch even when they were unsure. 

This past week we had 2 class birthdays so enjoyed celebrating as a team with snacks and cake, singing and even a bit of dancing. 

For red nose day we built a class robot all children contributed and enjoyed the activity, we have been enjoying snack time as a whole class all sitting together and taking time to eat and listen to a story. Lovely moments to share together. smiley

Week ending 26th February. 

This week after half term has saw Creswell Class enjoy exploring music and playing our instruments loud and quietly. 

We all made our own pancakes, following the instructions to weigh and measure our ingredients, use the electric whisk and even have a go at frying them. They were delicious! 

On a Wednesday we have the sensory room and all children enjoy the time to chill and just embrace the use of the space. 

What a lovely first week back. smiley

This term for our topic we are looking at Fair for all and we will be exploring taking turns playing games. World book day is next week we are doing lots of activities around Charlie and the chocolate factory. We are very excited to see how all the children at school dress up for world book day. 

February Fun, sensory room, pancake making and music.

Week ending 5th February. 


Here we are into week 5 of this half term, what a strange one it has been. Some pupils have been in school whilst the others working from home. I am so impressed with how well everyone is coping during this strange and hard time. So well done to all of you! smiley


This term we have been looking at the Victorian era and natural disasters. The topic has allowed us to explore Victorian toys, work houses and we even made some fantastic volcano's in class. Although we did get a little messy with the flour and water mix!! 


Just dance and gongs are much loved activities in Creswell, we have continued to do these every day, helping us to keep moving and to stop and have a little calm time. I hope you have enjoyed these activities at home. 


As the last week of the term approaches let's enjoy it. 

Week ending 18th December.


December in Creswell.


During December we shared lots of lovely moments, from the hard work during enterprise week. Making our fantastic festive jars, with many orders received. produced and delivered, 


We were lucky enough to return in time for Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner. We shared it collectively in Creswell class bubble, we made party hats and even had Christmas crackers. 


Creswell team hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to a brighter new year!.



Week ending 2nd October 


This week has been another lovely week in Creswell we have had many smiles. In maths we have started to look at shape, we have been looking at 2d shapes and their properties. The pupils really enjoy our together time at the start of maths and working in a group attention in these sessions has been fantastic. 


In English the pupils explored the poem by Michael Rosen 'I was born in the stone age' this saw the pupils looking for key features and looking at the name and photograph of the author. 

We have built some stone age houses out of clay and straw the pupils were very good at following instructions and their builds were a great recreation of the first ever homes. 


In Creswell we have added some lovely new sensory items and these have been welcomed by the pupils especially our black out tent and the new illuminated chalk boards. Some happy smiling faces all round. smiley


Week ending 18th September


End of week 3 is here and the students have had a lovely week all very settled and calm. We have started to look at subtraction in maths and this will continue for a few weeks. In English we have been looking at rhyming words and trying to get the children to hear words with the same sound at the end. our book for our topic 'walking with our ancestors' has been 'The stone age boy'. We have made a stone age musical instrument and looked at modern day vs the stone age. 


In science we have been looking at DNA and inheritance so this has seen the pupils looking at themselves and home learning of looking at family members to see any similarities, resemblances. 

Creswell have had their own cafe with the pupils handing out cups and plates and other pupils helping make toast. it was a lovely time to come together .In the afternoon we take time to calm and focus, the children really enjoy our gong sessions




Week ending 4th September.


Welcome back Creswell, how fantastic to see you all back at school. Over the past few days we have focused on settling into our new routine and I am so proud of all the children, they have settled in beautifully. It has been a strange year for everyone and I know there were many mixed emotions but the children are amazing and have taken it all in their stride. So once again welcome back Creswell pupils and families. 


Over the up coming weeks we are working around the theme 'walking with our ancestors' the first stop is the stone age, there is a fantastic book available to watch online called 'The stone age boy' we will be looking at housing, food, materials and incorporating into our core lessons. 


The Creswell team consists of :

Class Teacher: Mrs King 

TA's: Miss Croft, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Hunt. 


Welcome back smiley





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