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Creswell Class 2022/2023

Week beginning 17th June 2024


Sports Week!


Creswell have enjoyed a range of activities throughout sports week, 

They have enjoyed dancing, yoga but most of all loved Forest Schools they enjoyed being outside in the fresh air, building with sticks and playing in the mud. 

Week beginning 13th May 2024


Creswell have enjoyed making scrabbled egg on toast as part of healthy eating,

They were able to break the eggs, mix and watched them cook in the pan, they have enjoyed eating the scrabbled eggs at the end. 

Healthy Breakfast

Week beginning 29th April 2024

This week in Math's we have been exploring our left and right directions. We have absolutely loved using the Beebots and controlling them to move around the classroom. We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar in English this week and we have been matching symbols to the book and writing short sentences. This week in our cooking lesson we made scrambled eggs on toast, our kitchen skills are really coming along and we have shown some great independence! It was so yummy, some of us even had seconds!



Week beginning 15th January 2023

This week in Math's we have been exploring creating full and empty amounts using different sensory textures. We loved using the water to pour the water in and out of different containers. We had so much fun during our attention autism lesson when the water was being poured over us onto the umbrella! We also used different food textures such as rice to pour over the xylophone to create different noises. 



CHRISTMAS DINNER DAY - What an absolutely fantastic time we had as a class celebrating Christmas dinner together!

Throughout December we have created Christmas crafts and taken part in Christmas activities. We have enjoyed baking, play doh, wrapping gifts and decorating the classroom. Creswell have all participated really well and enjoyed all the activities. It was lovely to see some parents during the parent crafting afternoon!

Week beginning 13th November.

We have been looking at emotions in PSHE and English this week. Both what the emotions look like and how we feel and how we can deal with emotions. Creswell enjoyed taking selfies of themselves with happy faces. In maths we have been looking at the properties of shapes and if they roll or stack!

Week beginning 16th October 2023

This week we have been focusing on Halloween!! We have loved all the different activities with the pumpkins, we have created a pumpkin face, pumpkin patch and painted our own pumpkin. We have create our own tissue ghosts and we loved going to the Halloween disco!! We all hope you have a fabulous half term, make sure to send us some photos from Halloween! 

Week beginning 9th October 2023

Creswell loved 'Hello Yellow day'. We enjoyed choosing activities which makes us happy, we had a lot of happy faces this week. It was lovely to see the classroom full of yellow to support the mental health day!

Week beginning 2nd October 2023

This week Creswell really loved the sensory story 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We followed the instructions and washed our own woolly mammoth, we then tried to create our own instructions. In Math's we focused on our counting skills, we loved building the tower up to 20 and knocked it down. We also loved to create our own wraps in food, they were delicious!! 

Week beginning 18th September 2023

Wow! I can't believe we are almost 2 weeks in! I am so proud of Creswell class! We've had to deal with lots of changes and you have all done amazing! We have certainly been busy over the last two weeks! In maths we have been exploring and sorting 2D shapes. We've been exploring the stone age, following the story 'Cave Baby' and doing lots of different crafts! This half term we are learning all about stone age and what an exciting Topic this is! 


Week beginning 3rd July 2023

Welcome to Creswell! 

We have had a lovely first few days getting to know each other, learning our new environments, routines and what we all need to help us feel happy and calm.  It's been great to see all the children getting to know each other, and know the staff.  Our topic will continue to be Through the Decades with a focus on the 1980s as it has been so far this term in Creswell Class.  Have a look at our timetable below for more information on our days in Creswell class:

Creswell Timetable 2023

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