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Creswell Class 2021/2022

Mrs Peters - Teaching assistant (Wed-Fri)

Week beginning 16th May 2022

Week beginning 16th May 2022

This week Creswell have definitely missed going out to the woods but have enjoyed their walk round to the cafe, their independent cooking with Mrs Shipley and having a go at being Robin Hood and firing a bow and arrow.  In English we have been using colourful semantics to extend our sentences and the students are really getting the hang of building sentences in this way, all around a focus of Robin Hood.  In maths they have done a great job of halving, engaging wall with practical activities such as cutting things in half.


Week beginning 9.5.22

Week beginning Monday 9th May 2022

We have had another fun week in Creswell, another brill trip to Sherwood forest, this time exploring the forest more and ordering food at the cafe.  We love working on our life skills, and are really enjoying practicing heating up food and increasing our independence.  We are enjoying learning about Robin Hood, and enjoying our attention autism sessions, especially playing games like 'steal the jewels' by creeping up on the sleeping Sherriff and stealing the gold coins. 

Week beginning Monday 25.4.22

Week beginning Monday 25th April 2022

The pupils have loved starting our new topic Secrets of the Forest and focusing on Robin Hood.  This week we have had our first trip out the Sherwood Forest in the afternoon and had a great time, we are thinking we will love to go again soon and for a bit longer.  We have been working on making our own microwave meals and increasing our independence by taking trips to the shop.  We are using our topic to develop our sentence writing, by using Robin Hood as something exciting to write about.

Summer Term Overview - Secrets of the Forest

Wk beginning 28.3.22

Wk beginning Monday 28th March 2022

This week we have been finishing off our Far Far Away topic and made the most of exploring all the different sensory smells, and textures from Asia.  With increased opportunity to get out into the community, we have enjoyed trips to the shop and to our school cafe, working on our confidence and independence.  The pupils have also been using the microwave to heat up food, and showing a great understanding of what to do.

Week beginning 14.3.22

Week commencing 14th March 2022

This week out learning has moved on to India as another part of our Far Far Away - Asia topic. The students really liked the Attention Autism Buckets, trying some rice and trying on some sari's.  In English we have been looking at non-fiction books and exploring contents pages and finding information.

Practicing our buttering skills!

Week commencing 21st February 2022

After a nice half term break (shame about the weather) Creswell class have all returned happy and rearing to go. This week we are learning about myths and legends, in English, which will involve Robin Hood and The Loch Ness monster with the idea to move onto the Yeti as part of our Nepal and Asia focus.


In Maths we will be learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s with the help of 100 squares and other objects. 


We have finished out Thursday morning swimming sessions and will be visiting the Bracken Hill cafe which is located in out Post 16 building. There will be a small menu including toast, buns, juice and biscuits available every week for children to choose from. This will help encourage independent skills and help to prepare the children for adulthood. If you are sending money in please could you send it in an envelope or wallet, with your child’s name on it, and we will keep it locked in a cupboard. £1 will be more than sufficient and any change we will roll over to the next week and we will keep a running tally so that we can let you know how much your child has left in school.

Week beginning 24th January 2022

Week beginning 24th January 2022​

This week our topic has taken us to China and the student s have loved learning about Chinese New Year and looking at buildings and cities in china, as well as learning about the Great Wall of China.  They have continued with their number work in maths, and have enjoyed lots of opportunities such as the OMI floor projector and getting out for our daily walks.  Although it's been cold this week, its been dry and Creswell have enjoyed making the most of it. 

As part of our 'My Independence' work, the students are learning about different job roles and have really enjoyed trying on the fire fighter uniform this week.​​​​​​

Week beginning 17th January 2022

Week beginning 17th January 2022

Creswell are really enjoying our Far Far Away topic, exploring Google Earth with lots of interest and finding there favourite places.  This week we have moved our topic focus over to Asia, and  started to look at some of the key geographical features. 

Our Maths has been number recognition and the students are really showing off how good they are at recognising and sequencing numbers. And in English we have begun to explore non-fiction texts, looking at the differences between them and stories.


Week beginning 5th January 2022

Curriculum Map: Far Far Away

Week beginning 5th January 2021

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely festive period and enjoyed some together as families.  Hopefully dodging all the horrible virus' there are around at the moment.  For the whole spring term our new topic is Far Far Away and we are focusing on Asia.  This will fit in perfectly with Chinese New Year celebrations in February.  Have a look at the topic map below for more information.  


During our first week back the students have really enjoyed their daily gong relaxation and showed themselves to be very switched on when it came to explore the world map,  have a great time identifying different features of it such as oceans, mountains etc.  They've also enjoyed DT, practice rolling and kneading dough.  

Week beginning 6th December

Week beginning 6th December 

With our topic in mind, this week we have been looking at the Queen of Hearts, and had a go at acting out the rhyme.  The pupils have really enjoyed making and tasting some jam tarts and taking some home as well.  And in maths, we have been exploring 2D shapes, matching, making pictures, and exploring patterns of shapes.  We are really looking forward to starting some Christmas celebrations next week.

Week commencing 15th November

Creswell have enjoyed PE this week. All the children really liked using the climbing apparatus in the hall and most of them could climb to the top. 

On Friday the whole school joined in with the Children in Need celebrations that were happening around the country. The children got to take part in some really fun activities like biscuit decorating, mini disco and colouring. All the children loved coming in their own clothes as did most of the staff.

Week beginning 1st November

First week back after half-term and we have done some lovely work around bonfire night looking at key words, poems, making a bonfire supper, Delicious! blush

In P.E we are focussing on ball skills being able to catch, throw and roll. We are building on our skills to be able to wait in a line and wait our turn. This is by no means an easy task!!

Topic is looking at the wonderful history of Henry VIII and the royal family then and now. We will explore the key differences such as clothing, toys and jobs. 

Maths we will reinforce knowledge and understanding around a number frame, and simple number bonds, lessons will involve activities and songs. 

English we will explore simple poems, rhymes and expand with tuff spot activities looking at books, activities and songs. 

We will be doing some remembrance day activities on the 11th. 

Let's enjoy the lovely activities that will take place over the next few week.


Week commencing 18th October. 


Creswell had a lovely first half term with lots of progress made to the new school year timetable. The children have adapted well to going out of school to engage with swimming, the shop all of which has been sadly missed over the previous school year. 

In class we have made some lovely foods in cooking and the children have been really brave to try new flavours! This is not an easy task but they have pushed themselves and tried :-) well done. 


We have been enjoying the new sensory room, the trim trail, and outside to get some core sensory input. We hope you all have a lovely half-term and if you are doing any exciting activities the Creswell team would love to see. 


Week beginning 4th October.


Creswell class have had a lovely few weeks exploring medicines of old and new. We got to mix liquids and describe them. who knew making a mess could be so much fun. 

In our tuff spots we have had some lovely sensory items out which help us to build on our fine motor skills, we have loved the Lego, catch the fish, dominoes, threading of beads. all these help to develop our fine motor skills which help us with everyday activities. 

Maths has recently seen us exploring dice games, we made our own dice then with them we played snakes and ladders not only counting the dots but then moving our counters in multi directions. We used our symbols to specify whose turn it was. Great sharing and turn taking Creswell! 

Cooking we made yummy ancient grain pizzas and we even got to eat them, delicious. 

This next week will see us finishing our recent topic ready for next half term looking at 'Terrible Tudors'. 


Week beginning 13th September.


Creswell pupils have settled well, it has been a strange first week after illness in Creswell. However this hasn't stopped us enjoying some lovely activities. We have started to explore our topic 'Rat pack'  this opened up black death and exploring germs, medical staff and their equipment.

In English  we have been looking at rhymes and poems - we have loved exploring 'ring of roses' and 'Miss Polly had a dolly'. 

Maths we have been looking at more or less, we are using physical objects to see the difference between two groups. 


Outside we have loved using the trim trail and trying to encourage the children to use it a bit more independently. smiley


Week beginning 30th August. 


Hello blush and welcome back to the new school term. We had a lovely start to the term in Creswell, all pupils came back to school happy and calm which was lovely to see. Thank you for all your lovely photographs over the summer it was fantastic to see some of the lovely activities you did. 


Next week we have our first swimming lesson, how exciting! Creswell pupils love swimming and I know they will be so happy to have it back on the timetable. So please remember swimming kits on a Thursday. 


We have some lovely sensory learning planned around our topic 'Rat Pack' which will see Creswell pupil's make masks, their own PPE, fire of London jars, posies and will explore good and bad smells. 


Here's to a fantastic term.

Creswell Team. 

Creswell class in September

Mrs King                                     

   Mrs King                      Mr Poole                 Miss Brown                Mrs Shipley           Mrs Peters

    Teacher                          T.A                            T.A                              T.A                         T.A


This year in Creswell Class we have  Mrs King class teacher, and Mr Poole and Mrs Shipley our full time teaching assistants then Miss Brown and Mrs Peters who job share half of the week each.


We will be doing PE on Wednesday mornings so please ensure your child wears the appropriate kit on these days. Swimming will take place on a Thursday morning so please make sure your child has their swimming kit. 


The theme for our phase in September is the  'Rat Pack' this topic will allow pupils to explore the black plague and the history surrounding it. 


Please ensure your child comes to school in the correct school uniform everyday. For more information on our school uniform please see the Uniform section on the school website.


We all hope you have a lovely summer holidays and look forward to seeing you all in September.

Week ending 25th June 


Creswell have had some fun lessons recently, we have been looking at coal mining and a local miner from our past known as George Bissle, the children had a go at tracing some of his artwork with charcoal. 

In science we conducted some experiments to explore dissolving the children conducted the tests really well, I was really happy with their listening skills. The children have really started to focus and sit for longer periods which is fantastic development. To tie in with dissolving they had a go at making simple foods that you mix with another to get an end result - the instant whip and jelly was a big hit. Not to eat though, to explore with hands. A sensory delight! 

In computing the robots they could programme to move around the floor caused lots of excited noises and body movements. What lovely learning opportunities we have had. smiley

Science experiments, exploration of rocks.

​​​​​​Week ending 28th May​


All the children have been adjusting well to being back in school. We have shared some lovely moments both inside and outside of the classroom. The children have all participated well with our lessons looking at the Victorian's. The children got to explore toys from our past and to the present day. Their faces lit up at being able to handle and play with a variety of new and interesting items. 

In cooking we made some lovely scones which the children were able to taste. Delicious! 

In PE the children really pushed themselves and had a go with the apparatus the new classroom feature of an exercise bike is a big hit! :-) 

Fun in Creswell

 Week ending 19th March.


In Creswell it has been lovely to see all the pupils return, we have enjoyed many sensory activities to help us get used to our school day and routine and being around each other again. The children have been fantastic and are coped very well. We have explored all our senses and I am so proud of the children exploring new flavours and touch even when they were unsure. 

This past week we had 2 class birthdays so enjoyed celebrating as a team with snacks and cake, singing and even a bit of dancing. 

For red nose day we built a class robot all children contributed and enjoyed the activity, we have been enjoying snack time as a whole class all sitting together and taking time to eat and listen to a story. Lovely moments to share together. smiley

Week ending 26th February. 

This week after half term has saw Creswell Class enjoy exploring music and playing our instruments loud and quietly. 

We all made our own pancakes, following the instructions to weigh and measure our ingredients, use the electric whisk and even have a go at frying them. They were delicious! 

On a Wednesday we have the sensory room and all children enjoy the time to chill and just embrace the use of the space. 

What a lovely first week back. smiley

This term for our topic we are looking at Fair for all and we will be exploring taking turns playing games. World book day is next week we are doing lots of activities around Charlie and the chocolate factory. We are very excited to see how all the children at school dress up for world book day. 

February Fun, sensory room, pancake making and music.

Week ending 5th February. 


Here we are into week 5 of this half term, what a strange one it has been. Some pupils have been in school whilst the others working from home. I am so impressed with how well everyone is coping during this strange and hard time. So well done to all of you! smiley


This term we have been looking at the Victorian era and natural disasters. The topic has allowed us to explore Victorian toys, work houses and we even made some fantastic volcano's in class. Although we did get a little messy with the flour and water mix!! 


Just dance and gongs are much loved activities in Creswell, we have continued to do these every day, helping us to keep moving and to stop and have a little calm time. I hope you have enjoyed these activities at home. 


As the last week of the term approaches let's enjoy it. 

Week ending 18th December.


December in Creswell.


During December we shared lots of lovely moments, from the hard work during enterprise week. Making our fantastic festive jars, with many orders received. produced and delivered, 


We were lucky enough to return in time for Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner. We shared it collectively in Creswell class bubble, we made party hats and even had Christmas crackers. 


Creswell team hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to a brighter new year!.



Week ending 2nd October 


This week has been another lovely week in Creswell we have had many smiles. In maths we have started to look at shape, we have been looking at 2d shapes and their properties. The pupils really enjoy our together time at the start of maths and working in a group attention in these sessions has been fantastic. 


In English the pupils explored the poem by Michael Rosen 'I was born in the stone age' this saw the pupils looking for key features and looking at the name and photograph of the author. 

We have built some stone age houses out of clay and straw the pupils were very good at following instructions and their builds were a great recreation of the first ever homes. 


In Creswell we have added some lovely new sensory items and these have been welcomed by the pupils especially our black out tent and the new illuminated chalk boards. Some happy smiling faces all round. smiley


Week ending 18th September


End of week 3 is here and the students have had a lovely week all very settled and calm. We have started to look at subtraction in maths and this will continue for a few weeks. In English we have been looking at rhyming words and trying to get the children to hear words with the same sound at the end. our book for our topic 'walking with our ancestors' has been 'The stone age boy'. We have made a stone age musical instrument and looked at modern day vs the stone age. 


In science we have been looking at DNA and inheritance so this has seen the pupils looking at themselves and home learning of looking at family members to see any similarities, resemblances. 

Creswell have had their own cafe with the pupils handing out cups and plates and other pupils helping make toast. it was a lovely time to come together .In the afternoon we take time to calm and focus, the children really enjoy our gong sessions




Week ending 4th September.


Welcome back Creswell, how fantastic to see you all back at school. Over the past few days we have focused on settling into our new routine and I am so proud of all the children, they have settled in beautifully. It has been a strange year for everyone and I know there were many mixed emotions but the children are amazing and have taken it all in their stride. So once again welcome back Creswell pupils and families. 


Over the up coming weeks we are working around the theme 'walking with our ancestors' the first stop is the stone age, there is a fantastic book available to watch online called 'The stone age boy' we will be looking at housing, food, materials and incorporating into our core lessons. 


The Creswell team consists of :

Class Teacher: Mrs King 

TA's: Miss Croft, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Hunt. 


Welcome back smiley





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