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Kelham Class 2021/2022

Week of 16th May 


We have started to use the local climbing wall on a Thursday morning as part of our Skills for Work sessions. We are using our teamwork skills to support a 'buddy' whilst climbing. Some of us tried bouldering (moving along the wall without a harness) whilst others put on a harness and climbed to the top of the wall.

Abseiling at Millersdale

9th -11th May 

KS5 RESIDENTAIL TO HAGG FARM ....... it was just amazing. 

3rd May - 9th May 

Just a week to go before we leave for Hagg Farm. We have spent some time learning how to read maps and put up tents in our skills for work lessons. Learning to work together, discuss how to do things and solve problems, skills that are essential to make us employable.

20th  April - 29th April 

Some great work in maths looking at nets and 3 D shapes, we have also really improved our measuring skills and looked at different scales. We also started to prepare for our climbing sessions and our residential by working with harnesses and tents.

14th March - 1st April

The past few weeks we have been busy preparing Enterprise for our Easter sales. We have  made and sold Bush Bunny tubes of sweets. We have also designed and prepared a mystery box for the students to have a go at winning a prize. The students decided what sweets they wanted to put into the prizes and then ordered 10 different types from Sam's Place. Once these had been collected the students made a mini production line to pack the sweets into individual prize bags. A group of Kelham students then took the mystery box around the school classes for the students (who wanted to) have a go.

21st February - 14th March 2022


We had an educational visit to the Whhitemeadows furniture factory. We had a look around the factory and we had a go at sewing a scatter cushion case. Some of us also had a go at attaching a piece of fabric to a foam board with a staple gun. We also heard about the job opportunities at the factory.


Still image for this video

31st January - 11 February


We have been hard at work in PE, we decided to have some fun doing Yoga and some syncronized moves. The students sorted themselves into height order and then laid down to practise, much laughter and fun was had!

Valentines Day Gifts 2022


17th -28th January 

A massive shout out to the students on work experience every Friday at the YESS project. The students work hard every Friday supporting the work of The Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoy. 

This was the message from the lead worker Bev:


Just a quick update 

Since the Xmas break we have had some  changes one of them being a new area gir my clothing project.

The boys spent the first 2 weeks back helping set it up. 

Sorting ladies , Men's & kids clothing 

They have sized, Labeled,  priced and put out on relevant rails . They have done amazing .

Today we were only had half of students in but that did not reflect at all on the others they have worked so hard to get our recycling & storage area back to how it should be .

A massive thanks to for Joe who has been brilliant 👏  he has supported me & students brilliantly.

Could you please pass on my very grateful thanks to them all . They deserve a very special mention within school if possible. 


Thanks Bev 


4th January - 14th January 2022


Welcome back to a New Year and a new term. During PSHE we have been learning about drugs and the consequences of these both good and bad. We have started to make our Enterprise products for

our Valentines day.

13th December - 17th December 2021


For the last weeks of term we have been busy producing goods for Enterprise and learning new skills. Some of the students made a visit to Landmarks college to see if it was suitable to move onto after Post 16. Whilst back at Post 16 we had a visit form the local Police Officers to learn about their work within the local area. We had our Christmas Party on the last Wednesday of the term, lots of banter and laughter was had by all.

We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. We will see you back in the New Year.

29th November - 10 December


Kelham have been visiting the Archers and Boughton recycling centre to gain knowledge about life after Bracken Hill. We asked questions and learned about how both places work.

We have decorated the classroom with the Christmas decorations and painted the windows with festive cheer!


Week commencing 15th November

This week we have been learning and discussing Anti Bullying. We have designed some posters to inspire us to say kind words to each other. 

1st November to 12th November

We have been enjoying ourselves during our JASS and Construction team building lessons. The JASS students have been busy baking for a cake sale later on this month. The Construction students have been working on brick building and plastering skills.


We have also been learning about Remembrance Day and the meaning of this day. We also observed the two minutes silence within our respective groups.

4th – 15th October


Kelham class went out to a Cross Country race, our team came third out of all the teams. The rest of the class went along to support the runners.


We have also begun a bike maintenance course to learn how to keep our bikes safe to ride. We have learnt how to take off the wheel and replace an inner tube. We are learning to compare the difference between a mountain and a road bike.


29th September - 1st October 2021


This week we have been learning how to clean and take care of our teeth. We have been brushing  with our own toothbrush after we have eaten our lunch.


We have ventured out to Sherwood Pines collecting the cones for our upcoming Enterprise projects. 

13 September – 25 September


At Post16 we have been trying to build models in teams, by playing the Sneak Peek game. This is where one member of the team goes and looks at the model in the office then comes and describes it to the rest of their team to build it. If that person runs out of ideas the team sends another person to look and come back to describe the model.


We have also been looking at the ‘Happy Minds Journal’ and learning how our minds work. (Photos to follow)

Welcome back 1st September - 10th September


After the summer break we have come back to Post16 and started to get back into our routines. We have decided the ASDAN programme we want to follow including a bike maintenance course (photos to follow). We have discussed what we are planning to make for Christmas within Enterprise and had a go at making prototypes using a sewing machine. We are starting to enjoy reading with our new reading buddies.

Welcome back

Transition weeks 6th July - 28 July


We said Goodbye and Good Luck to our leavers as they go off to learn more at various further education colleges.

We have had good transition weeks, we learnt how to iron different pieces of clothing. We also did some team building games and had a hair and nails session.  


Saying goodbye

Sports Week 21st June - 25th June


We have had lots of fun trying out different sports.

Sports week

7th -20th June

Our two week adventure at NCS Portland College.

As a class team we have done zip lining, absailing, rock climbing, bush craft, campfire cooking and team building games that were a lot of fun! The students have had an amazing time, building confidence, trying new things, working as a team and having a lot of laughs! A massive thank you to all the staff who made it possible 

19th - 30th April 

After a well earned Easter break we have been back working very hard, below are some of the highlights of the last two weeks including what we have been up to in PSHE, PE Enterprise and Vocational Studies. 



The Planters Enterprise Project - we are building these to sell 

Some English work this week really captured our imagination. Students were developing their creative writing by inventing their own superheros.

A new term means a new experience in vocational learning and this term we will be using our creative and artistic talents with Miss Gladwin. Its lovely to get a chance to develop our skills and see what we can achieve. All the students were surprised and pleased with how relaxing textile work could be and were impressed with what they could create.

Kelham have been very sensible in their RSE lessons. Keeping ourselves safe in relationships is very important and learning how to do this has certainly given us a lot to share and laugh about but everyone has taken the lessons seriously and much was learnt. 

22nd -March - 1st April 

Its been a busy couple of weeks as we un up to Easter. We have planned and made Easter bags and will being making cakes to take to our families for Easter. We have had a lot of fun with the Adventure service even making ice cream in a bag. Preparation for Functional Sklls Exams is fully underway and some of us have found the practice English and maths papers quite a challenge but the class has a super attitude and everyone tries their hardest. Well done to Liam Jayden and Lloyd for excellent work in their level 1 functional skills English Presentations .


English Presentations

Making Ice Cream in a bag with the Adventure Service

8th - 19th March 

Tackling working out the inverse, not easy but we cracked it. 


Tackling those words that we always find it hard to spell.

22nd Feb - 5th March 

Using ICT to back up our maths skills with shape and carroll diagrams .

The Friday catering group are really making great progress. Some of the students in this group not so long ago couldn't butter a slice of bread or make a sandwich. Here they are cooking up a delicious chicken Tikka they are also learning about food safety kitchen hygiene and presentation. Some students have so enjoyed this that they intend to follow careers in this area,

LLoyd and Ethan cook up a storming chicken tikka

1st - 12 Feb 2021.

We had some very unusual helpers in maths last week , each guinea pig was weighed and measured. We were able to work out the heaviest and lightest longest and shortest and some of our more expert mathmaticians had a go at working out how fast they move. 

Working on some new independence skills .

18th - 29th January 2021.

As lock down continues we have been unable to get out for independent travel so we have decided to look at working on our independence and are working on a AQA unit in home independence skills. There is a lot that students can learn about doing as much for themselves as possible to prepare for a more independent life. 

Learning all about vacuum cleaners

4th - 14th Jan 2021

Well its not quite what we had in mind but when the going gets tough..... Kelham class rise to the challenge a massive well done and shout out to all out students who are at home but accessing their on line learning so well. 


Christmas Week - 14th -18th Dec.

We were very lucky to spend some very special time together as a class this week, preparing for and then enjoying our school Christmas dinner. COVID 19 meant we could not go out to a pub or restaurant as we would normally do but that did not stop us making it as special and festive as we could .


30th Nov - 11th Dec 

Well done to the students who have had to isolate over the last few weeks. All work has been completed and we have even had students join in the lessons via MS teams. We have really enjoyed some group time together, things getting serious with Uno. 

Christmas Windows all students own work

16th - 27th Nov

Lots of preparation going on to make our enterprise goods ready for sale. 


Christmas Enterprise

Working on our CVs for the future. We looked at real examples and looked at what we thought. First impressions are very important.

2nd - 13th Nov 

Wow 'Enterprise Week' we have really worked hard on our products and designs this week. We had already had a head start from the Dragon's Den project but there was still so much more to do.

Order forms. Company names and logos. TV adverts.... So much so that we have run in to week two to perfect scripts, learn about filming, think about how we have worked together, and look at the qualities we have to bring to the work place. Its been fab. 

Our Order Forms lots of fun with IT

12th - 16th October 

Just a week to go till half term its been very busy. Learning at Post 16 has many different forms. Preparing for Adulthood and independent living are high on the agenda. Here we are perfecting our skills at making and changing a bed after practicing at home. 

The bed change challenge

Great work in Blue group in Maths keeping up the hard work to master out tables as they are so important and help us in lots of other areas in maths.

28th September to 9th October 

The last two weeks have been very busy preparing for Dragons Den when we presented our Enterprise products to our enterprise mentors. It was very exciting and though technology was not on our side this did mean we had to present live rather than using our filmed pitches. Both groups rose to the occasion and did fantastic pitches. A massive well done. Both enterprise projects were named in the mentors top three though we were not the overall winners. 

Our products are 'home made pet treats' and 'eco christmas decs''.

Home Made Pet Treats

Money Matters

14th - 25th September.

We are very excited to be working with local business leaders to help us with our Enterprise projects this year. We had an initial meeting with them on teams where they introduced themselves. 


Enterprise is a major feature in our work this term as we explore our topic 'Money Matters' Here we were working on a manufacturing exercise set up by one of our enterprise mentors from industry. Our team came up with some amazing ideas as to how to adjust the manufacturing process to accommodate people with different abilities and needs. 



Working on the Paper Tray Challenge

Tackling Anxiety and Mental Health.

This display is the end result of some very hard work we have done over the last four weeks looking at anxiety in our class. What triggers it for us and how we can help each other though. Kelham have shown what sensible young people they are and how they are so committed to helping each other. So proud to be their teacher.

Our Anxiety Display

 2nd - 11th September .

Welcome back to all our students in Kelham Class. We have grown in number from 8 to 12 so we are learning to get a long together. 

This terms Topic is 'Money Matters' and so it does in so many ways from how earn it to how to manage it and how to count it. Our lessons this term will all have a link to this topic.

For our first week back we have been looking at place value in number so we can prepare for looking at money. Though we cant get out at the moment Independent Travel lessons are underway looking at maps of our home areas and planning routes using technology. We have also made a good start on addressing our fitness or lack of it over lockdown. 

Independent Travel

Great PE lesson

Great work in maths and English.

More from our home learning

Amazing images of our home learning

We are now on lock down and not in school. Please stay safe Kelham boys. 

You are being set work every week and this is being delivered to your home. You can contact staff via the link at the bottom of this page or by using SEESAW.

Missing you all X

11th March 

Some very sensible discussions in SRE as we start to tackle our knowledge of contraception.

2nd March 2020

A really successful visit to Portland College.

27th February. - We had a fantastic experience at Portland College testing out their new climbing wall.

24th Feb 

Testing our knowledge of 2D and 3 D shapes at college

3rd -14th February 

Valentines day is approaching so we have been busy getting ready for selling our enterprise valentines day gifts.

11th Feb - here are group 2 with their cooking experience 

28th January  

Our Asdan Personal Development course teaches us many important skills and we can amaze our selves and what we care capable of. Here is a meal cooked from scratch this week by Caola,n Daniel, Luke and Beau and amazing achievement and it tasted great.

20th - 31st January 

Time is one of the hardest concepts for us to learn and yet it is so important so we spend a lot of time working on it here in post 16.

6th - 17 January 2020

Happy New year and welcome back. This term we are very lucky to be working again with the Evolve Transitions Trust helping us to work on our employability skills. We have two sessions with them this term. We have been working on our team working skills and how taking in part in exercises where we need to work together to achieve an outcome.

18th December 


Despite the level of illness over the last two weeks we managed an amazing Christmas Concert supported by so many parents thank you. Our puppet show was great. We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner and thank you to Landmarks College @ The Archer pub for hosting.

Merry Christmas one and all.

2nd - 20th December 

Mastering 3D shape 




Thinking about our futures

A visit to Vision West Notts 

18 - 29th Nov -

Working very hard to develop our team work and social skills.

Team work

18th - 29th November 2019


Its been very busy over the last two weeks.

On Tuesday 19th November the whole class visited Landmarks College to look at how it runs, and the courses it provides. Many Bracken Hill students go on to Landmarks and it was good to bump in to some old faces 



4th - 16th November 


On Wednesday 13th November Kelham class visited Mansfield Museum as part of our Personal Development course. We learnt such a lot about how Mansfield was in the past and how industry and manufacturing are such a big part of our heritage.

Maths over the last few weeks has focused on measuring, looking at different units of measure and how we use these in our everyday lives.

Wednesday 16th Ocotber.

We hope everyone enjoyed our half term treats that we made for our enterprise project. Thank you to all who bought them we made a good profit for our enterprise fund. We also used all the orders to create tally charts and pictograms to help us with our understanding of data in maths.

1st October 2019 


Happy Birthday Luke !

1st October - PSHE As part of the Keeping Safe and Healthy Module in our ASDAN PSHE short course we are learning how to deal with minor injuries safely. We may need some more bandaging practice.

1st October - Maths-  Can we identify the value of all the money we use to pay for things?

We know we can if we can do it blind folded, Kelham refining their money skills today.

30th September 2019


Massive congratulations to the Kelham cross country running team, Ethan, Jordan, Connor and Luke. It was a testing course around Colwick park lake. We're not sure how far it was but it felt like a lot! Each runner ran one circuit to make up a four relay team. All four runners put in a sprint at the end. Huge thank you to the amazing support from the rest of the class. Mrs Swain, who loves a bit of running, managed to run half of each of the four legs with each runner so we gave her a cup of tea when we got back.

25th Sept 2019 - ordering decimals today by visualising what they actually were.

18th Sept 2019 - After two weeks planning, our enterprise projects are underway.

Working together to solve maths problems

4th - 13th Sept 2019

Welcome back. We've had a great holiday but now its back to work. Well done to everyone for all your hard work over the last two weeks. Settling in to your Friday work placements at The YESS project, SAMS work place and Morrisons.

End of term wouldn't be the same without Bracken Hills got Talent. Well done to Post 16 with their own take on the Spice Girls. In the end they came a very respectable second. Well done all.

Happy Holidays and I'll see you in September 

Post 16

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