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Week commencing 2nd December 


Using ordinal numbers in Maths

This morning in Maths the children have been learning about Ordinal numbers. The children got to race cars in the corridor and they had to label which car came 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. All the children enjoyed this activity with a little bit of ‘discussion’ to find out who was the winner.

Week commencing 25th November 2019


War Horse

In English we have been learning about the story of War Horse. The children have been creating their own stories about a soldier and his pet and writing about their adventures.

Week commencing 11th November 2019


Newstead class have started a new book in English which is the story War Horse and will run alongside our topic which is about Conflict. As part of our topic and English lessons we visited the Trenches at Sherwood Pines where the children got to walk through the Trenches and learn about some of the Soldiers that fought in the 1st World War. The pupils have been making poppies out of card, felt and clay and have been talking about how they would feel if they went to war.

Visiting the WW1 Trenches at Sherwood Pines

Half term


We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year with 2 new students joining us who have settled in really well. We have been learning about different countries from around the world including India, China and Spain and we have been learning about the Solar System in Science and have made some fantastic puppets that the children got to take home.


I hope you all have a safe and great holiday and we all look forward to seeing the children again when they come back on Monday 4th November.

Week commencing 17th October 2019


This week Newstead have been learning about estimation in maths and have been writing a non-fiction book about a farm. The children have really enjoyed writing facts about the different animals that are found on a farm.

In Topic we have been learning about Spain and we have learnt the colours of the Spanish flag and we did some Spanish dancing,

In science we have been learning about Space and the different planets and we finished our model of the Solar System that we made out of balloons and paper. 

Week commencing 30th September 


This week in our 'Where in the world?' topic, we have been learning about India. 

First, we looked on Google Earth and looked at how far away India is to the United Kingdom and decided what transport we would take to get there. 

We looked and created our own Indian flag and looked into India's only active volcano, on Barron Island. 

Newstead class then created their own active volcano!

We finished the week by looking at the story of Rama and Sita  - were we created our own puppets for the story. 

Week commencing 16th September 2019

Global Day of Action!

On Friday we were learning about our environment. We have been learning about plastics in our classroom and around the school and how much better reusable plastic is. Newstead class decided to create our own reusable, biodegradable plastic. We went for more of a plant pot/bowl shape so we can grow something in there in the near future!




Class timetable 2019-2020

Week commencing 9th September 2019


Hello and welcome back!

We are so excited to see everyone again and hear about what everyone has been up to in the holidays. 

Above is a Timetable for Newstead class for 2019/2020.

We are starting the year with our 'Where In The World' topic by looking at a variety of countries and seeing how they are similar or different to England. 


Miss Jones 

Topic: Map Reading

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