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Newstead class 2021-2022

Newstead class have been designing, making and evaluating their favourite meal. We had delicious meals of chicken dinner, pizzas, spaghetti bolognaise and a cheese and potato pie!

In our topic lessons we have been learning about the history of Nottingham castle as a place Robin Hood visited. We have created a piece of art work, the children have drawn a castle using chalk and then collaged the fire on top, we think they look brilliant. The children are super proud!

Week commencing 25th April 2022

Newstead class have been super busy since returning from the Easter Holidays. 

This term we are looking at a new topic - Secrets of the Forest. We've started of by looking at Robin Hood, where he lived and Nottingham Castle. Everyone described what Robin Hood looked like. We then created images of Robin Hood using natural materials. The whole class produced some amazing artwork.

In our maths lessons we have been focusing on sequencing and estimating. Everyone said what activities they do during the day and the order they do them in. The whole class is getting really good now at estimating how many objects there are in a box before counting them to see if they were close.

In English we have started to explore adjectives. We wrote some adjectives to describe Robin Hood and a very scary orange monster!

Week beginning 28th March 2022

This week we have finished off our topic work by learning a Brazilian samba dance which we did wearing our beautiful head dresses!

We have also had an amazing adventure to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! It was such a fun day, Newstead class loved seeing all of the animals, we named them while we were walking around, talked about what they eat and what country they come from. Our favourite animal was the Polar Bears we watched them swim, roll in the mud and fight! 

Week commencing 21st March

Newstead class have had a busy couple of weeks.

We've continued to explore Brazil and the rain forests. In our English lessons we have been looking at the animals that live in Brazil and everyone wrote some interesting facts about some of them independently. We're now all looking forward to seeing some of the animals that call Brazil home when we visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park next week.

Following on from our topic, in Cooking this week we explored some of the fruit that comes from Brazil. Everyone enjoyed trying some strawberries, mango and pineapple.



Week Commencing 28th February

This term in My Independence we have started to look at making food and drink for ourselves. Last week everyone enjoyed a slice of toast and a drink of cordial and this week everyone chopped their own fruit to make a fruit salad.  

In Maths this week we have been looking at 1/2 and 1/4. Everyone should be experts at cutting up pizzas now! 

We continue to look at Far Far Away countries in Topic and have now moved onto Brazil. We've been looking at what animals live in the Brazilian Rainforest and have started to write fact files on some of them in our English lessons.

In Art this week we have been looking at how watercolour paint works and how using wax, water, salt and plastic can have different effects on the paint. 

Newstead celebrated Pancake Day a day late on Wednesday! Most enjoyed eating a pancake with jam, orange juice, golden syrup or chocolate spread cheeky

On Thursday we had a walk around to the cafe at our 16+ building. Everyone did fantastic are adding up how much they had spent and paying the correct amounts.





Week commencing 7th February 2022

Children's Mental Health Week

Newstead, along with the rest of the school have been taking part in activities all week designed to help their mental health.

Each day we have completed some mindful colouring in our doodle books, been outside for a 5 minute breath of fresh air and taken time to learn some lovely, calming breathing techniques designed to help us feel calm and peaceful at times when we may feel upset, anxious or cross.

On Monday we all drew a support hot air balloon. Each member of the class wrote the names of all the people that support them around the outside of their balloon. We think they look great and have made a display of them in the classroom.

In Wednesday's Food lesson we made and decorated some Valentine cupcakes. Some exchanged them in class, some took them home to give a loved one and some eat them!

Week commencing 17th January 2022

As part of our PSHE lesson this half term with Mrs Wright, Newstead are learning about volunteering and voluntary groups.  Today we learned what Scouts do and why people volunteer to help out at a Scout group.  Mrs Davis is a Cub Scout leader and brought in uniforms and camp blankets to look at.  We then made our own tents and set up a mini camp site.

As part of our new Topic "far far away" we have been looking at the country Russia. On Tuesday we had a chance to try some food from Russia. We tried some strawberry biscuits, vanilla cakes, fruit jellies, wafer biscuits and a Russian loaf of bread. Everyone tried a little of each thing and decided that their favourite was bread.

In cooking on Wednesday we made a Sharlotka Russian Apple Cake.

Verdict.........yummy yes

Week commencing 15th November

It's been Anti Bullying week this week and on Monday Newstead joined the rest of the school in wearing odd socks. They also explored what bullying is and created some fantastic artwork based on kind words.

In RE we have continued to look at the Jewish religion. Everyone got a chance to try on a Kippah/Yarmulke, look at a menorah and the Jewish flag.

Friday this week is Children in Need and the school has been a sea of yellow tops and ears. Newstead class looked great and enjoyed a boogie at the disco.

Week commencing 1st November

It was lovely to see everyone back after the half term holidays. Newstead came back ready for a busy Autumn term.

In cooking we've been looking at using knifes and how to use them safely. Everyone impressed us with their knife skill and made a very tasty fruit salad each. 

In Maths we've been looking at making patterns. We used pompoms, coloured pens and even socks!

Our topic this half term is The Tudors. After a few days Newstead impressed us by remembering who the first Tudor king was and how many wives Henry VIII had. 

Linking into our topic, in music we listened to some Tudor instruments. Some of them sounded very similar to instruments we have today.

In my independence we went for a walk around our local community, looking at things that could link to a job someone could have one day. We spotted bus stops, post boxes, bins, a shop and a post office. Whilst out walking we was very impressed with how everyone behaved, especially when crossing the roads safely.

Week Commencing 4th October

Another great two weeks in Newstead class.


We've continued our Topic on The Black Death and this week we decided to do a life size picture of the symptoms of The Black Death. Hollie was our model. I think the group doing the sick had too much fun! They even included carrots frown.


Linked into our topic, we have started to make some cuddly Rats in Design Technology. Everyone has cut out their templates and this week we started the sewing. Everyone sewed the ears onto their rats on Thursday. We're looking forward to seeing them finished next week.


In our music lesson this week we had fun with the different sized boomwhackers. We explored the different tones the different sized and coloured boomwhackers made. 


We continued our exercise ball fun in PE. Everyone enjoyed making up a bounce routine and bouncing throughout the lesson. 


Over the last two weeks in Maths, we have been looking at measuring using cubes. Nothing in the classroom has been safe from Newstead! They even measured Mrs Davis's coffee cup!


Week Commencing 20th September

What a week!

Newstead class have been learning lots about the The Black Death. They've looked at how it spread around the world and some of the revolting cures people believed in - how would you like to have a bath in peoples wee or rub a chickens bottom on your spots!?

In Maths this week we've ordered our numbers to 20, looked at what number comes before and after and symmetry of shapes. The whole classes made some great symmetric butterflies.

In cooking we looked at rolling out pastry which everyone made themselves and turned into some yummy jam tarts. 

PE on Friday made everyone smile. We all bounced on the exercise balls to music and everyone had a good laugh when Mrs Davis fell off her ball! 


Week Commencing 31st August


Welcome back Newstead!!

It was wonderful to see everyone on Wednesday and it sounds like they've all had a lovely summer holiday. 

Newstead class welcomed three new students on Wednesday: George, Imogen and Hollie. Everyone made them feel very welcome and it already feels like they've always been part of the group!

We've started this terms topic - The Rat Pack. We looked at why doctors wore Plague masks and some of the revolting cures the doctors prescribed frown


Week Commencing 13.07.2021

Transition has been a great success in Newstead class. All the students have settled into the new class and it's been lovely to see the members of Newstead that have stayed welcome the new students and make them feel like they belong.


During the transition period we have been looking at the topic of the Olympics. We have made our own trophies, taken part in our own mini Olympics and had a go at making a Greek leaf headband - a tainia.



Week Commencing 28th June 2021
To finish off our fantastic time in Newstead Class we have had a party this afternoon. We played pass the parcel and musical chairs along with eating lots of yummy party food. I just want to say how proud I am of all of the class and wish you all the best in the future. Enjoy your new classes!! :) 

Week commencing 21st June 2021
A very busy week this week in Newstead class, enjoying lots of different activities for sports week. 
Newstead class have been great and we are so proud of them for trying their best at lots of new things. We had a fab time on the bikes - all trying their very best. The climbing wall was a hit, lots getting much higher than they expected. We enjoyed cooking healthy snacks and of course eating them on our picnic.  Circus skills was great learning lots of new tricks. Joining in with different activities with adventure services was fun, making Owls using sticks and cooking chocolate bananas on a camp fire. This week Newstead class have supported their friends when they have felt a little worried at times and encouraging them to try their absolute best. 
Well done!! :) 

Week commencing 7th June 2021

Newstead class have made a great return after the half term. 


In Maths we have been looking at different board games.  Newstead class enjoyed playing lots of different board games focusing on taking turns and supporting friends when they win or loose. 


In English we have been looking at biographies and autobiographies. We have been answering different questions from the information we have been given.


In science we are looking at Chromatography and how it can be used in real life.


We have been looking at different types of rocks and putting them in groups depending on colour and texture. Along with looking at different types of rocks we have been decorating our rocks with kind positive words and they all look great. We have also been looking at how the Earth is made up of different layers of rocks and soil and we created our own dirt puddings which were delicious. 

PSHE (Living in the wider world)

In PSHE (living in the wider world) we have been looking at team building and ways we can contribute to team building with our friends by playing lots of team games and helping our friends. 

New Horizon 

In New Horizon we made orange shortbread biscuits using our great cooking and cleaning skills they tasted fab. 


Week commencing 17th May 2021

We have had a great couple of weeks in Newstead class. 


In maths we have been doing about time. Newstead class enjoyed playing ‘what time is it mr wolf’ using the correct time vocabulary. We have been learning o’clock and half past. 


In English we have been looking at a poem called ‘blast off’. We have made our own rockets to use to act out the poem. Newstead class did a fab job of taking in turns and acting the poem out using different actions, expressions and props. 


In science we have been doing about soluble and insoluble. We have been looking at different materials, experimenting are they soluble or insoluble looking at different factors eg different temperatures.


We have been continuing to explore the history of miners looking at the different equipment they used and what protective clothing they wore and why. 


In computing we have been looking at using the BeeBots and programming our BeeBot to get to a destination using the beebot mats. 

New Horizon 

In New Horizon we have been learning all about healthy eating and did a super job using different fruits to make our own fruit kebabs.


Hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you all on the 7th June. 



Week commencing 3rd May 2021

Here in Newstead class we have continued to enjoy our rocks and mining topic. We made our own mine in the classroom and explored different light sources they used in the mines, also we have made our own lanterns. We have also been looking at “half” in maths and different methods we can use to help us work out half. In English we have been making up our own stories, thinking of names for our own planets, names for the aliens and storylines. We have had some great names power ranger planet, doughnut the alien and many others. 

Week Commencing 26th April 2021


It's been a lovely couple weeks here in Newstead class. This week we have started to look into our rocks and mining topic. We looked into coal and where it comes from, we started to use it to colour in some pictures. After this, we used spoons to mine the chocolate chips out of the cookies. The children really enjoyed doing this! We had some fantastic miners in Newstead class! In computing, we have started to look into programming the bee-bots using positional language. The class have really enjoyed using these!

Welcome back for the Summer Term!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and managed to get outside and spend some time together.  We are really hoping for a full term in school so that we can work on getting everyone happy, calm and back into routine.  This term our topic is Sparkle and Shine and for Newstead class, the focus will be mostly around rocks and mining. Have a look below at what we will be working on.

Week Commencing 29th March 


Wow! What a fabulous week we have had here in Newstead class to finish off the half term. 

This week in topic we have finished our Fair For All theme with the 10 main properties of Fair Trade, the children focused on one area each and then spoke about this to their peers. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the sun this week and hope this weather continues! The children have enjoyed receiving their Easter treats from Ashton and their Easter eggs from school.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and we will look forward to seeing you on the 19th April 2021. 


Week commencing 15th March 


This Friday we celebrated Comic Relief. We had some fantastic costumes in Newstead class, from Superman to Captain America T-shirt’s. In the afternoon we took part in some games such as who can keep the balloon in the air for the most time and who can keep a Haribo on their tongue for the longest. Newstead class also made a box troll and out Matthew in! In art, we created eye masks for everyone who wanted to be a superhero! 

We have raised around £70 through the just giving page. Thank you to everyone who donated. 


Week commencing 1st March 2021

Newstead have been enjoying their new topic about Fair Trade especially since the book that week have been following is Charlie and the chocolate factory.



The children have been learning to write instructions and as we are reading Charlie and the chocolate factory it made all the children happy when the had to write instructions to make a chocolate bar. They really enjoyed Tuesdays lesson when they had to follow their instructions and made a chocolate bar. They decorated it with popcorn, marshmallows and sprinkles. Hopefully they will get to eat it during Fridays lesson.



In Maths we have been learning to make and follow patterns. They had to complete a pattern, spot the mistake in a pattern and creat their own pattern.



For science the children had a go at making chocolate slime using glue, cocoa powder and starch. It was a bit sticky and messy but it smelt fantastic.


World Book Day

Everyone really enjoyed dressing up for world book day. We had Wally from where’s Wally, a doctor, Dennis the Menace and Scooby Doo.


Birthday celebrations 

It was a very special day for Matthew this week as it was his birthday. We all made him a Birthday card and we all had sweets and cake. It has been a very healthy week in Newstead classπŸ¬πŸ°πŸ«πŸ­πŸΏπŸŽ‚



Week commencing 8th February 2021

Last week in English the children continues writing non-chronological reports about Victorian times. They wrote about Victorian Workhouses but this week we have been learning about poetry. They rewrote the nursery rhymes Polly put the kettle on and Mary, Mary quite contrary.


In Maths we have been been matching socks and pyjamas as well as identifying different times of the day. We have also been learning about the days of the week and months of the year.


We would like to thank all parents who have been helping their children working at home. Whether you have joined us on Teams or helped you child with their work if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be able to help you child to continue with their learning.



Week commencing 25th January 2021

This week we have been recognising numbers to 30 in Maths. The children really enjoyed using objects and pictures to support them.


In English we have been writing non-chronological reports about Victorian schools. They really enjoyed learning about the toys and games Victorian children played but they didn’t like the punishments that Victorian children got for being naughty. 


For Topic this week we have been learning about physical and human geography. The children were given pictures and they had to order then in groups of physical and human geography.

Week commencing 11th January 2021

Having starting back to a strange environment, with some children working from home and the new arrival of Charlie to Newstead class, the children have settled in really well. They have started their new topic about Victorian Britain where the have been looking at the differences between school in Victorian times and school now.

Some of the children working from home have been joining us on Teams which has been fantastic especially all the help that their parents have been giving. If it wasn’t for all your help we wouldn’t be able to give lessons via Teams. As some of you who are working on Teams may have realised that the internet is struggling to cope in school. This is being looked into and hopefully it should be sorted soon.

A Message From Santa!


As Newstead class missed out on the virtual visit from Santa Claus this year.

Santa has very kindly sent through a message!

Merry Christmas!

Santa's Video.MOV

Still image for this video

W/C 14th December 2020

This week in Newstead class we watched an online pantomime, it was Sleeping Beauty and everyone enjoyed getting involved with the the singing and the dancing (oh no they didn’t). We had popcorn and ice cream treats to tuck into whilst watching. 

I would like to like to personally thank all of Newstead parents and families for their support throughout these difficult times. Have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you all in 2021! 

In Maths we have been practicing our addition and subtraction Skills using different visual aids like dice, dominoes and blocks.

Week commencing 7th December 2020


During art this week we have been making Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa’s. The children thoroughly loved it but I don’t think the cleaners will be happy with us!!!

For New Horizons the children learnt how to be safe in the community. As part of this the children learnt a bit of first aid. They really loved turning each other into Mummies!!!

Week commencing 23rd November 2020


We have started learning about the Romans this week which they have all enjoyed. We have made the colosseum out of Lego and have made mosaics which the children have painted.

Week commencing 16th November 2020


This week Newstead have been learning about the Iron Age and have been tasting the type of food that Iron Aged people ate. They made stewed fruit which they all liked.

Week Commencing 2nd November


This week Newstead have been taking part in the Bracken Hill Enterprise week. We have been designing and making Reindeer chocolate brownies which will be for sale at 50p each. There is an order form in the News section of the school website. You will also find information about the products that are being sold by the other classes. If you would like to by any of the other products you will be able to find the order forms in the News section.

Week commencing 5th October 2020

Some of the children from Newstead class started their weekly horse riding lesson on Wednesday and the all thoroughly enjoyed it even though a few of them were a bit nervous at first. This will be continuing up to Christmas when a new class will get the chance to go horse riding.


@Hello Yellow happened on Friday where all the children in school learnt about raising awareness for mental health in children. A lot of the children wore yellow and all the children joined in games and activities throughout the day.

Week commencing 28th September 2020


Newstead class have been discovering the properties of 2D and 3D shapes this week. The children looked at which 3D shapes can roll and counted the edges and sides of 3D shapes.


For our topic work this week we have been making Stone Age houses from clay and hay that was kindly donated by Miss Jones’ guinea pig Peanut.


All of the children thoroughly enjoyed our Life Skills lesson as they all had to make a sandwich which they all got to eat. They will be writing the instructions on how they made their sandwich next week.


In DT the children were practicing their sowing skills ready to sow together the material birds.


At playtime and Lunchtime the children have had a change this week and have been playing on the new playground that was installed during the summer. Due to covid restrictions only one class can play on the new equipment each week and luckily the weather has stayed fine so that the children can enjoy the climbing frame and tunnel. We will be back on the new playground before Christmas and I’m sure all the kids can’t wait.

Week beginning 21st September 2020


Everyone in Newstead are settling back into school and are really enjoying our topic about the Stone Age. We have been making Bullroarers in music and working on our family trees in Art. Next week we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and about animal classifications in Science. 

Week beginning 07/09/2020

Welcome back!


After a long break it was fantastic to welcome the children back to school. It has been wonderful to see how easy the children have settled back into class and we have had an amazing week. 


Our new topic is called ‘Walking with our Ancestors’ and we are starting with the Old Stone Age. We created some Cave Art from charcoal and berries which we collected from the field. In Science we have started to look into Genes and how they affect the way we look.


We would like to give a massive welcome to our new students, Ruby and Kaizen, to Newstead class.


Newstead Class Team

Amazing Africa!


In the last few weeks we have started our new topic, Amazing Africa!

In English we started by looking into the book Lila and The Secret of Rain, we looked into the different types of weather Africa has compared to us and African homes. In Science we looked into how to grow our own plants and we each planted one each! After this, we read the story Handa's suprise and we discussed the different type of animals and fruits that are in the story. 

In art, we have created our own African masks and have painted them. In music, we have created instruments to sound like the animals in the jungle!


A big welcome to a new addition to the class - Ashton! Welcome to Newstead!


I am super proud of the last couple of weeks with Newstead class, they have tried incredibly hard with their work and the changes that has happened around school. Well done and keep up the good work!



Home Learning

It has been a very strange time recently and I would just like to say a big well done to all of the Newstead class for continuing to work hard and a huge thank you to all of the Newstead parents for staying so positive and just being amazing through such challenging times. 


It it has been great to see pictures of what the children have been getting up to at home and it has been lovely to work with some children again in school recently. I have selected some of our best pictures to share on here that show just how amazing you all are! 


World Book Day


Bracken Hill school celebrated World Book Day on Friday 6th March. There was some fantastic costumes around school and all the children loved reading their favourite books. πŸ“š

Newstead World Book Day

Week commencing 2nd March 2020


This week the children have been enjoying their new topic about magic and mystery. This children will be studying this topic in all their lessons from Maths to Art.



Newstead have been learning about time in Maths. The have played What time is it Mr Wolf and Time Bingo. They have been learning about analog clocks and discovering what numbers are on a clock and what the different hands mean.



This week the children have been making potions to help them learn about time connective like after, next, finally and imperative verbs like add, mix and pour. The children love the different concoctions that they create but aren’t fond of the smells!!!

Half term holidays


We've made it through another half term and it seems this year is flying by. The children have really enjoyed their topic work about conflict. All the children loved learning about Anne Frank and the second world war especially when we had the VE Day party.


We break up this Friday 14th February and are back on 24th February. Also another date for your diaries is Monday 16th March which will be an Inset day and the school will be closed to all students.


Hope you all have a fantastic week off.

Week Commencing 10th February



This week some of Newstead children have been learning about 3D shapes. They have been describing the shapes and investigating whether they roll or not.



In English this week all the children at Bracken Hill have been focussing of Phonics. They have been learning the initial sounds of words and matching the letters of the alphabet to pictures.



In topic we had a little VE Day party to finish of our Conflict topic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the first and second world war and where fascinated about Anne Frank and her diary. The topic for the next half term will be Magic and Mystery.


Week commencing 27th January



This week Newstead have been learning about Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc). The children loved playing games in the hall and saying who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd.



In topic we have been learning about Anne Frank's diary. The children have wrote about the emotions that Anne would have been going through and they also had a go at role playing where the pretended to be either Anne and he family or German soldiers.



In Art we have been been making War art by using materials that we have found in the garden. In DT we have been making masks using recycled materials.



Week Commencing 13th January 2020 




In computing lessons this week, Newstead class have been exploring Algorithms. 

An Algorithm is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.

Newstead class created an Algorithm on how to make a jam sandwich!








Week Commencing 16th December

What a fantastic term we have had in Newstead. The children have really enjoyed learning about the First World War in our English and topic lessons. 


We have visited the trenches at Sherwood pines and thoroughly enjoyed out visits to Morrisons Cafe. We got to visit Santa at MacArthur Glen where the children got to give Santa their toy lists.


Hopefully we will have and equally fantastic term next year when we are planning more trips out and some exciting work.


Hope you all have a great Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you in the new year.

​​​​​​Week Commencing 9th December


Newstead have had a great week learning about rhyming words in English and Eat Well plate in Science. We have been practising for our Christmas Concert and we hope to see some of you next Monday at the Ashwood Centre. 

Just a quick reminder that the school's Christmas dinner is next Wednesday 18th December where the children can wear their Christmas jumpers and next Friday is none school uniform day.


Luckily we have managed to escape the flu that has swept through the school as it has only effected one of the students. If any of the children show any signs of the flu please keep them at home until they have fully recovered.

Week commencing 2nd December 


Using ordinal numbers in Maths

This morning in Maths the children have been learning about Ordinal numbers. The children got to race cars in the corridor and they had to label which car came 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. All the children enjoyed this activity with a little bit of ‘discussion’ to find out who was the winner.

Week commencing 25th November 2019


War Horse

In English we have been learning about the story of War Horse. The children have been creating their own stories about a soldier and his pet and writing about their adventures.

Week commencing 11th November 2019


Newstead class have started a new book in English which is the story War Horse and will run alongside our topic which is about Conflict. As part of our topic and English lessons we visited the Trenches at Sherwood Pines where the children got to walk through the Trenches and learn about some of the Soldiers that fought in the 1st World War. The pupils have been making poppies out of card, felt and clay and have been talking about how they would feel if they went to war.

Visiting the WW1 Trenches at Sherwood Pines

Half term


We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year with 2 new students joining us who have settled in really well. We have been learning about different countries from around the world including India, China and Spain and we have been learning about the Solar System in Science and have made some fantastic puppets that the children got to take home.


I hope you all have a safe and great holiday and we all look forward to seeing the children again when they come back on Monday 4th November.

Week commencing 17th October 2019


This week Newstead have been learning about estimation in maths and have been writing a non-fiction book about a farm. The children have really enjoyed writing facts about the different animals that are found on a farm.

In Topic we have been learning about Spain and we have learnt the colours of the Spanish flag and we did some Spanish dancing,

In science we have been learning about Space and the different planets and we finished our model of the Solar System that we made out of balloons and paper. 

Week commencing 30th September 


This week in our 'Where in the world?' topic, we have been learning about India. 

First, we looked on Google Earth and looked at how far away India is to the United Kingdom and decided what transport we would take to get there. 

We looked and created our own Indian flag and looked into India's only active volcano, on Barron Island. 

Newstead class then created their own active volcano!

We finished the week by looking at the story of Rama and Sita  - were we created our own puppets for the story. 

Week commencing 16th September 2019

Global Day of Action!

On Friday we were learning about our environment. We have been learning about plastics in our classroom and around the school and how much better reusable plastic is. Newstead class decided to create our own reusable, biodegradable plastic. We went for more of a plant pot/bowl shape so we can grow something in there in the near future!




Class timetable 2019-2020

Week commencing 9th September 2019


Hello and welcome back!

We are so excited to see everyone again and hear about what everyone has been up to in the holidays. 

Above is a Timetable for Newstead class for 2019/2020.

We are starting the year with our 'Where In The World' topic by looking at a variety of countries and seeing how they are similar or different to England. 


Miss Jones 

Topic: Map Reading

Contact Miss Jones