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Half term


We have finally made it to half term and i don't know who will enjoy the holiday more the children or the staff!!! We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year with 2 new students joining us who have settled in really well. We have been learning about different countries from around the world including India, China and Spain and we have been learning about the Solar System in Science and have made some fantastic puppets that the children got to take home.


I hope you all have a safe and great holiday and we all look forward to seeing the children again when they come back on Monday 4th November.

W/C 17th October 2019


This week Newstead have been learning about estimation in maths and have been writing a non-fiction book about a farm. The children have really enjoyed writing facts about the different animals that are found on a farm.

In Topic we have been learning about Spain and we have learnt the colours of the Spanish flag and we did some Spanish dancing,

In science we have been learning about Space and the different planets and we finished our model of the Solar System that we made out of balloons and paper. 

W/C 30th September 


This week in our 'Where in the world?' topic, we have been learning about India. 

First, we looked on Google Earth and looked at how far away India is to the United Kingdom and decided what transport we would take to get there. 

We looked and created our own Indian flag and looked into India's only active volcano, on Barron Island. 

Newstead class then created their own active volcano!

We finished the week by looking at the story of Rama and Sita  - were we created our own puppets for the story. 

W/C 16th September 2019

Global Day of Action!

On Friday we were learning about our environment. We have been learning about plastics in our classroom and around the school and how much better reusable plastic is. Newstead class decided to create our own reusable, biodegradable plastic. We went for more of a plant pot/bowl shape so we can grow something in there in the near future!




Class timetable 2019-2020


Week beginning 9th September 2019


Hello and welcome back!

We are so excited to see everyone again and hear about what everyone has been up to in the holidays. 

Above is a Timetable for Newstead class for 2019/2020.

We are starting the year with our 'Where In The World' topic by looking at a variety of countries and seeing how they are similar or different to England. 


Miss Jones 

Topic: Map Reading

Week beginning: 17th June 2019


This term Newstead have been looking at what a Fun Fair is and what you can find there. They have made lot`s of different crafts relating to the Fun Fair including a carousel, helter-skelter, ice creams and other foods. Newstead were then extremely lucky, one of our lovely parents sent us a real carousel horse! Everyone had a fantastic time sitting on one of the horses and then painting the other. They were able to talk about when they have been to the fair and use lot`s of different colours to make the horse come to life.   

Week beginning: 10th June 2019


Although the weather has not been great, Newstead class have still managed to make the most of sports week and explore a range of sporty activities. 

We created healthy milkshakes using banana, strawberries and raspberries and created our own imaginary ice creams which had very strange foods in!

Throughout the week we joined in with yoga, football, dance and our favourite Wii sport games. We also made some great crafts including flags and keyrings with the adventure service.

Due to the weather, sports day was cancelled however the class enjoyed joining together with the other classes to take part in a inside sports competition which they loved.  


New Horizon: Keeping clean

Week beginning: 20th May 2019


This week in our New Horizon lessons, Newstead have been thinking about personal care and how to keep ourselves clean and healthy.

We explored a range of toiletries and thought about how and where we might use them. Our favourtie activity was the brushing giant teeth! Everyone thought this was really funny and knew that we should brush our teeth with toothpaste to keep them clean. 

Week beginning: 6th May 2019


Wow! What an exciting start to our topic on transport this term. Newstead are looking at different types of transport this term, so what better than a trip to East Midlands Airport. 

We had the opportunity to look around the arrivals section of the airport and pretend to hand in our luggage and boarding passes at the check ins. 

In the afternoon we went into the role play area in the Aerozone. The role play area was fantastic and everyone was able to pretend we were going on holiday.

We had to check in at the desk, walk through security and learn about how to behave on a aeroplane.

It was a great day although everyone was a little disappointed that we didn't actually go on holiday!  

Week beginning: 29th April 2019


Wow what a fun filled week! All of Newstead have really enjoyed residential week, some of the class went to Kingswood while others stayed at school and took part in a space festival themed week. 

The Kingswood group were able to take part in lot`s of different activities from going on a zipwire to playing Aeroball on trampolines. They were able to work together as part of to complete the different

tasks and coped really well with being away from home for 2 nights. 

The Space festival group also took part in lot`s of team building activities including; tent building, making balloons and creating a dance for the dance festival. 



Week beginning: 1st April 2019

This term Newstead have been looking at Fairtrade products in our topic lessons. We have explored the different countries and products and talked about who Fairtrade helps. One of the products we looked at was chocolate so we thought a trip to Cadbury world was needed.

Leading up to Cadbury world we started to complete work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in our English lessons which the children really enjoyed.

Cadbury World was very exciting and we were able to see how all the chocolate is made!  

Week beginning 18th March 2019

This term in science we have been exploring electrical items and circuits. 

We started the term by thinking about electrical items in the home and how to keep ourselves safe around them. 

We then gave everyone a battery, bulb and some wires and asked them how they could make the bulb light up. After a few minutes of trial and error everyone managed to light up their bulb. Some children went on to make a motor work and others made switches for their circuits. 

World Book Day!

Week beginning:4th March 2019


Newstead really enjoyed World Book Day this year and it was great to see so many faces in costumes as we know this can be really challenging for some of our pupils.

In the morning we looked at a book called The Day the Crayons Quit. We turned ourselves into crayons and thought about what each colour crayon could be used for.

In the afternoon we moved around the different classes to see which books they had been looking at. We all enjoyed Creswell`s role play area, Bestwood`s word searches and Clumber`s Robin Hood bingo!

Week beginning: 25th February 2019


This week Newstead have been exploring their senses. We have smelt different candles and bath bombs, felt  a range of toys and fabrics and tasted a range of foods. We have listened to a range of sounds and started to say what we like and how they make us feel. We will now begin to look at turning our thoughts and feelings into poems. 

Week beginning: 28th January 2019


Today Bracken Hill had some very special visitors. While Miss Wakefield hid herself away in the classroom the rest of Newstead enjoyed meeting the animals brought in by Zoo Lab.  Everyone had the chance to see and touch a cockroach, millipede, scorpion, gecko and a snake (The reason Miss Wakefield hid!)  Once back in the classroom we wrote sentences about each animal and looked at the pictures. 

Week beginning: 21st January 2019


This term in Newstead, we are exploring stomp the musical in our music lessons. So far we have watched some clips from Stomp and had a go at using different pots and pans to make different sounds. 

Everyone has tried really hard and been able to demonstrate playing different objects fast, slow, quiet and loud. 

Maths: Shapes

Week beginning: 7th January 2019


Newstead have had a really good week back at school after the Christmas break. We have started the year by exploring shapes and beginning to recognise their properties. We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, turning them into dinosaurs and monsters as well as racing them in cars! 

English: Elf

English: Elf 1

Week beginning 3rd December 


Today Newstead came in to school to find a parcel in our classroom! 

We waited until after break time and then had a think about what could be in the box. 

We thought of lot`s of different ideas like a Bee Bot, Chocolate cake and dinosaurs but when we looked inside it was an elf!

We then all decided to call our elf Chuck.

Chuck will be with us through December to help us get up to lot`s of mischief


Science: Rocks and soils

Week beginning: 12th November 2018


This term we are looking at different rocks, soils and natural materials. We have walked around the local environment to identify different natural materials and what they can be used for. 

We then made our very own sensory gardens from rocks, soils and other natural materials that we found outside. 

Week beginning: 22nd October 2018


Wow! What an amazing day out to see the dinosaurs at Wollaton Hall. 

As soon as we pulled into the car park we saw the beautiful deer's that live in the grounds, we parked up and had a walk through the leaves to the dinosaurs. 

The dinosaurs were fascinating and all the children were so excited to see as much as they could. 

We saw and heard loads of different dinosaurs from a Velociraptor to a Stegosaurus.

After an exciting morning of exploring the dinosaurs, we spent the afternoon playing on the park.

We had a fantastic day and it was a pleasure to take such a well behaved class out and about :) 


I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing half term! If your struggling for things to do then an event in Nottingham has been brought to my attention as being really good for children that enjoy all things sensory. Here is the link and is defiantly  worth a look at :) 


Maths: Shape

Week beginning 1st October 


Newstead class have started to look at different 2D shapes this week. 

We started by identifying different shapes and then went on to look at lines of symmetry and right angles! 

Newstead are becoming such independent learners already, so here are some pictures of our maths lessons to show off how fabulous we all are! 


Science: Light and Shadows

Week beginning 17th September 


In Science this term, we are exploring light and shadows. We have been learning about the different types of light sources  and what a shadow is. 

This week we got rid of the books, pens, desks and tables and together constructed a tent in the classroom! 

Everyone worked really well as a team and we were able to create shadows in the tent using torches. 

Picture 1

Welcome to Newstead class 2018-2019!


I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and are getting ready to come back to school on the 5th September. 

I thought that this was a perfect time to say hello and let you know some key information for this year.  This year your class teacher will be Miss Wakefield and your helpful and friendly teaching assistants are Miss Brown, Miss Price and Mrs Oduba. 

Our topic this term will be looking at Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Man and our overall focus will be on becoming independent young individuals. 

Above is our Timetable for this year and can I please ask that we have a full PE kit in school at all times :)


Enjoy your last week of the holidays! 



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