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Here you can have a look at what we have been doing in class, and we also have some interesting links and information on important dates for you. Enjoy and come back soon!

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday, 31st August                          INSET day

Wednesday, 1st September                first day back at school

w/b 11th October                                  Money Week

11th October                                        SANDance workshop

15th October                                        last school day before Half Term

1st November                                      first day back at school

5th November                                      start of Rufford class' work experience at the Acre Community                                                                 Kitchen

3rd December                                      INSET day

Week beginning 27th September

Rufford Class are very much enjoying the new Build My Skills environmental studies course at Brackenhurst. This week, we made apple juice form apples we picked ourselves in the orchard!

Week beginning 13.9.21

After several weeks of research (before and after the summer holidays), Rufford students gave their presentations on their chosen environmental subject today. We had one group looking into different endangered species, why they are struggling and what we can do to help them survive, and another group researched global warming and some of its effects.

Week beginning 26.7.21

To celebrate the Olympic Games, we took part in our own Measuring Olympics, where we competed in high jump, throwing, weight lifting, balancing and canoe construction.

We also found out some interesting facts about the host country, Japan, and painted these beautiful cherry blossom trees. They are Japan's national tree.

Week beginning 19.7.21

After finding out about some poetic devices, everyone wrote their own riddle using at least one of these devices (onomatopoeia, alliteration or simile).

Can you guess what the answers are?

Work Experience at The Acre Kitchen

On Fridays students have been taking part in work experience at the Acre Kitchen, preparing meals for others. 

Work Experience - The New Kirkby Leisure Centre

As part of our work experience we have worked with Kier designing features for the new leisure centre that is being built in Kirkby. 

Survival Day Fire Building

Students had a go a starting a fire using the materials found around them. 

Survival Day Slack Lining

Students had to put their trust in each other to help them balance on a line strung between trees. 

Survival Day Shelter Building

One of the survival day activities was to build a shelter that could be slept in overnight. The students did a fantastic job!

Role Play Using the Telephone

As part of our English lessons we have been learning how to use the telephone to book appointments and make orders. 

Acting Audition Challenge

Still image for this video
This week Rufford class have been working on the challenge set by Hannah Kimberley a local actor and dancer. She asked them to produce an audition video for a role in TV or film that they were interested in.

Film Composer Challenge.mp4

Still image for this video
Rufford Class were set a challenge as part of work related learning by Daniel White who composes music for films. These are what they said about each of the pieces of music.
In Project Challenge Rufford have been learning about the importance of personal care. We have been practising the skills we have talked about in lessons. 

Christmas crafts at the farm

Students have been very busy with Enterprise over the last 2 weeks, there are lots of dog biscuits, reindeers and plant hangers being delivered to those who have ordered them. 

Week Ending 6/11/20

In maths students have been finding out all about lengths and have been sequencing things according to length. 

Week Ending 16/10/20

Students have been busy in English, some have been sorting letters from numbers and making words from these. 

As part of RSE the class have been finding out about the legal status of different kinds of relationships.  
Week Ending 2/10/20

Work Related Learning

In work related learning we have been busy preparing and making reindeer Christmas decorations, ready to sell in the virtual Christmas Fayre. 
Week Ending 25/9/20

In English we have started reading the Billionaire Boy by David Walliams, in the book Joe (the main character) receives birthday gifts made from toilet roll tubes so we made some of our own and then practised selling them as a Dragon's Den type activity as part of our Project Challenge Work.

In work related learning we have been practising our production skills by making paper trays, students learnt that if they did not meet quality control measures they were rejected, just like in business.

In science we have been learning about the different tissues in the body and we dissected chicken legs to find: bone, muscle, skin, tendons and cartilage.

During vocational at the farm students have been clearing planting areas ready for planting again next year. 

The staff within Rufford class this year are:

Ms Lane Class Teacher​​​​   Ms Lane Class Teacher


 Mrs Maskill - Teaching Assistant


 Mr Lincoln - Teaching Assistant

Timetable 20-21

Rufford class have been kept very bust during the lockdown and have been sending in some amazing work over seesaw. We have read or listened to Ms Lane reading on YouTube Stormbreaker from the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz, if you would like to listen then visit .


We have also read or listened to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone read by Stephen Fry on Audible, students have created new houses, designed wands and written newspaper reports along with other things based on the book. Some of the work is shown in the photographs below. 


In maths we have been practising using numbers in lots of different ways: measuring, time, money, addition and subtraction, multiplication, patterns and fractions. 


The class have also produced a fact file on a pop artist of their choice and have produced work in their style, some of the fantastic examples are shown below. 


Another thing that Rufford has been doing is practising their life skills around the house, they have been completing a number of 'jobs' from painting and decorating to making food, although by far the most popular choice has been gardening. 


It has been fantastic seeing all the work that the students have produced, even if they are a little camera shy themselves. 


It is also great having some of the students back in school and I look forward to a catch-up with rest once we are all back. 

Take Care 

Ms Lane



Work Set Week Commencing 1.6.20

Work Set Week Commencing 18.5.20

Work Set Week Commencing 11.5.20

Work Set Week Commencing 4th May

Please remember that work is being set over seesaw and this is the best way to access it; seesaw has direct links and activities that can be completed directly onto the source. Seesaw also enables me to see the work produced and comment upon it. Ms Lane

Work Set Week Commencing 27.4.20

Timetable for Week Commencing 20/4/20

White Meadows Sofa Factory

Last week some of Rufford class visited the White Meadows sofa factory where we found out about different jobs that may be available to us when we leave school. We found out about the different jobs we could there and watched the sofas being made. 

Dec 2019- Jan 2020

In Rufford Class we have been learning about Christmas around the world. Rufford had Argentina, it is very hot over there at Christmas and we made food that they eat at Christmas time. We have also been busy completing our assessments. However, we have had fun learning how to programme directions in Computing. We used the BeeBot and also gave instructions to T.A.’s to get around the dining room. We have learnt directions including, forward, backwards, left and right.

19th September 2019

Over the last two weeks we have had visits out to Kirkby job fair and to an SEN careers event at Alfreton. During our work related learning time we are working on an enterprise project and would appreciate any donations of old candles (part burnt is fine), old clothes and fabric items in red, green or any Christmas colours, tea cups and saucers and we are also trying to source sticks/logs between 1 and 4 inches in diameter.

Class Information

Rufford class have settled well into the new school year, new friends have been made and students are getting used to the demands of key stage 4. 



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