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Sherwood class celebrate The Queen's Platinum jubilee.

Sherwood Class 2021/2022

On Monday 23rd May Sherwood class had a lovely day at Newstead Abbey. We spent the morning walking around the gardens and exploring the abbey. In the afternoon we took part in a writers' work shop that was run my a professional writer. He helped use to write a ghost poem and a ghost story.

This is what we wrote together as a group.

Bracken Hill – Spooky Poem!


A little porcelain doll in a white dress,

sitting on an old wooden chair,

waving at me,

saying, ‘Hee, hee hee!’


Sitting alone in my bedroom,

thinking about what might be in the dark,

still like a statue,

my stomach like a rock,

and the wind howling outside


My bedroom door,

creaking open at midnight


Standing on nothing,

as high as the ceiling


Trying to get past

a strange staring cat in an alley,

without it noticing


Feeling like someone’s watching me.

Hearing a knock on the wall from next door,

on the plinth, five times in the night;

when I check at half one in the morning,

nothing’s there!


Blow of a chill wind from nowhere,

in an old, creaky house,

goose bumps starting on my arms.


Sitting in the living room,

thinking I’ve seen something in the dining room

out the corner of my eye


Looking at myself in a creepy, old mirror –

there’s someone behind me who isn’t really there


Fifty spiders crawling out of a hole

in the creaking wooden stairs!


Creepy clowns, laughing.

Three of them.

Surrounding me.



W/B 23rd May 2022 Construction course

This week at construction the pupils have been developing their woodworking skills.

W/B 9th May 2022 - Construction course

On a Thursday morning Sherwood are currently working at Basford Hall College doing a construction course.  This is part of their Skills Builder lessons which develop a range of transferable skills which will help them into adulthood and the world of work.  This week they have been using mortar and starting to learn how to brick lay.

W/B 3rd May 2022 - Working at a Radio Station

Sherwood are currently visiting the radio station at Sutton Centre developing their knowledge of this as part of their Work related Learning.  They are enjoying creating their own segments to broadcast and using the recording equipment. 

W/B 19th April 2022 - Maths work this week

The Entry Level maths group this week have been exploring symmetry in shapes, pictures and objects.  The GCSE group have been developing their knowledge of ratios.  Both groups have worked hard and have shown great progress in their understanding.

W/B 7th March 2022 - Sherwood Class visits Whitemeadow Textile Factory

W/C 21st February 2022

In Maths this week, Mrs Wright's group have been looking at the value of money.  The activity pictured was the group planning an event for school, such as a computing day, then selecting items to buy from catalogues to purchase for the event.  The students then used a calculator to work out the total cost for that event, developing understanding of decimal notation with money and how this can look different on a calculator display.

W/C 7th February 2022

To celebrate this week's theme of 'Growing Together in a Diverse World', we have looked at a range of diversity issues, including racism, LGBTQI+ challenges, gender based violence and stereotypes.  The students have discussed the issues with maturity and explored how a lack of understanding about diversity can lead to mental health challenges for people, linking to their own experiences.

W/C 31st January 2022 - Sherwood's Art Work

 As part of their Personal Development Programme the class have focused on improving and extending their expressive art skills This week they have learnt how to use water colours to paint a mountain scene in winter. The results were very impressive!

W/C 24th January 2022

On Thursday mornings, Sherwood are developing leadership and problem solving skills, and the ability to stay positive through adventurous activities.  They are currently climbing and are progressing so well in these areas.

W/C 17th January 2022

Half of Sherwood class are visiting 'Takeover Radio' at Sutton Centre - to learn how to create their own jingles, inputting music and sound effects, and learning how to use the technology there.  This is part of the class' Work Related Learning lessons - the other half of Sherwood did this last half term.

W/C 10th January 2022

Our project theme this half term is 'X Factor' - students in Key Stage 4 have chosen one performing arts to develop - singing, acting, dancing or music.  Today was our first session and the students are going to have so much fun developing these skills!

W/C: 15th November - Making blackboards and seed bombs for WRL

Week commencing 1st November

 This week in Maths Sherwood have been finding fractions of numbers, shapes, weights and measures.

W/C 10/10/21: Dodgeball festival

Our class went to Harvey Haddon Sports Complex to compete in a dodgeball festival against other SEND pupils from around the County. It was a great opportunity to meet with other young people, see what facilities are available locally and get stuck into some competition. Well done everyone for supporting Bracken Hill!

W/C 4/10/21: Making chapitis for our community meal

Sherwood class have been attending The Acre community centre each Friday to develop their catering skills. The food the create goes to support the community kitchen, which feeds local families.

W/C 6/9/21: Role play cinema staff using money

Students participated in a role play where they were visiting the cinema and purchasing items whilst there. One student was the shop keeping, adding the values of items together to charge, then peer assessing their partners coin addition skills to ensure they pay the correct amount.

W/C 18/7/21 First Aid Training

W/C 21/6/21 - Sport Week 2021

W/C 10/5/21: Key Stage 4 Survival visit to Robin Hood Adventure Centre

W/C 3/5/21: Building a shelter for our survival topic

W/C 22/3/21: Interviewing a composer via Teams for WRL

W/C 15/3/21: The Butterfly Lion

The novel we have been reading this half term is called 'The Butterfly Lion'. The class has really enjoyed the story and have been able to empathise with the character's experiences of World War One trenches. We are now intending to develop our letter writing skills by pretending we are 'Bertie' writing home to his family about his experiences.

W/C 8/2/21: Sports Leadership

WC 25/1/21 Personal statements - can you guess who wrote which one for their CV?

Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100

Week beginning 30/11/20: Independence skills

Week beginning 23/11/20: Telling the time dominoes

Week beginning 16/11/20 - Anti bullying week drama work

Biscuit production line

Week beginning 5/10/20 - Green screen practice

Sherwood class work on textile skills

   As part of their project challenge work the class have been learning about the textile industry in Nottinghamshire. They have been learning how to weave, knit and make things with wool. They have really enjoyed their lessons and have made some lovely things.

Week beginning 21/9/20 - Pictograms

So today is SUN Day in Nottinghamshire, Stand Up Notts. It is the council's initiative to encourage students to improve their fitness again after lock down.

Sherwood had an active maths lesson where they had to hunt for toys which met certain cost criteria and add their value. We then counted how many star jumps we could do each minute for 5 minutes and plotted the data on a line graph.

To encourage listening to our book, 'Billionarie Boy', we added actions when certain words were read out. If Joe's name (the main character) was mentioned, students stood up but if the Bullies from the story were mentioned, then students spun around on the spot.


Week Beginning 7/9/20 - our vocational work in the textiles industry

Making a start on our new fiction book - Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

The children have been following the work of Bob Ross for their art lessons. They have really enjoyed these lessons.

The school enjoy listening to the band from New College Nottingham

On Wednesday 22nd of January Key stage 4 and 5 students took part in the St. John’s Ambulance Young Life Savers’ Award. Some of our students have been studying for this as part of their vocational option in First Aid and the Duke of Edingbough Award Scheme. All the students learned about how to assess for danger, how to make an emergency call, how to put someone in a recovery position, how to bandage and how to do basic CPR. All students worked really hard and achieved their Young Life Savers’ Certificate.

Sherwood Class wrote some lovely articles for a competition on how they think their school is inclusive. If they win they could have a private viewing of the film Cats! to have a private screening.

Sherwood Class Visit County Hall to talk to professionals from all over the country about travel training

Sherwood class go to County Hall to talk about their Independent Travel Training Lessons


Bracken Hill Students were invited to talk to teachers, councillors and Independent Travel Training Professionals from all over the country as an example of good practice. The students showed a beautiful PowerPoint on their experiences during independent travel lessons. They did a fantastic job at explaining what they actually do during Independent travel lessons and their own progress and learning journey. For our students this was a fantastic achievement because they had to speak to an audience of at least 100 professionals! They all did really well and we are immensely proud of them!

Sherwood Pupils Shopping in Asda

Independent Travel, Maths and Financial Literacy


In Key stage 4 the aim of our curriculum is to improve independence living skills, particularly our understanding of money. So we are going out into the community, checking on prices in certain shops. We have to visit large super markets such as Asda in Sutton and find and buy items on a shopping list. We catch the bus as a group, but once we are in the shop, we have to find and buy the items on our own. At first this was pretty scary, but now we are getting used to it. We are getting better at realising how much things cost because we have to check the prices of things. In maths, we have been learning about ratio and this is very useful to work out which items are cheaper in multi packs.

17th October Mental Health Well-being Day

Sherwood class visit Beacon House Dy Centre for The Homeless

Sherwood class learn about Homelessness



Our class have been reading the story Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. This story is a realistic story about a young boy who finds himself homeless. The students have found the story fascinating and moving and it has helped them to open their minds and imagine what it is like to be homeless. It has inspired them to create some wonderful pieces of writing, as you can see.

The topic of homelessness has also spread into our ASDAN work. One of the Challenges in our ASDAN Personal Development Program is to find out how a local charity supports people. So on Wednesday we went to visit Beacon House, which is a day centre, for homeless people in Mansfield, We learnt about the help that homeless people are given at the shelter such as having a warm meal, receiving warm clothes, having their clothes washed, having a shower and receiving medical help. The shelter aims to get homeless people off the streets by giving them help and advice. We  also learnt what we should do if ever we became homeless, which we think is very valuable information!

We were so moved by the work of Beacon House shelter, that, as a class, we want to support them. We asked them about collecting shoe boxes for Christmas, but the support workers said that the best type of help that we could do for them is help raise funds for them so that they can continue to run the centre all year round and pay fuel bills and other facilities such as new washing machines. We are going to plan how to fund raise for this charity in our future ASDAN lessons.. We hope you will help us with ideas and support.