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Thoresby Class

Welcome to the Thoresby Class Page! Please have a look at what we have been doing in class. You will also find interesting links and information on important dates. Thank you for looking and come again soon laugh

We do PE on a TUESDAY.

Please make sure you have your PE kit, including shoes, at school to change into.

Dates for your diary:


24.2.20               first day back after Half Term

5.3.20                 Duke of Edinburgh day walk

6.3.20                 World Book Day

16.3.20               INSET day

17.3.20               day trip to Whitemoor Lakes in preparation for our residential in April

1.4.20                 Careers event at Carlton Digby

3.4.20                  last school day before the Easter holidays

Week beginning 2.3.20
For World Book Day this year, we read some stories about witches and wizards, including Harry Potter. Then students designed their own house emblems, made new characters for new stories and created some mythical dragon eggs.
Week beginning 24.2.20
This week, we started to explore non-fiction or information books. We compared lots of different books, discovered some common features and found them in other books. Then we went to the library to find information books there.
Week beginning 3.2.20
Thoresby Class decided to make soup as our enterprise project this year. We researched what kinds of soup people might like, found recipes and wrote a shopping list. On Thursday, we went to buy the ingredients, ready for our first batch.
Week beginning 20.1.20

Our class story this week was 'Not a stick'.

After a trip to Sherwood Forest to search for interesting sticks, we came up with lots of new ideas for what sticks could be used for, and then we wrote new pages to continue the story.

Week beginning 6.1.20
To start the New Year, we spent some time examining how to be welcoming and inclusive using examples from the new 'CATS' film. We worked out how big the props needed to be and learned a dance which we entered the 'Into Film' competition with. Keeping our fingers crossed!
Week beginning 16.12.19

We thoroughly enjoyed our last week of term, especially performing our Christmas dance for parents/carers and the rest of the school.

For 'Christmas around the World', we explored German Christmas traditions: we made Lebkuchen and (non-alcoholic) mulled wine, spiked oranges with cloves to make aromatic decorations and showed other students how children in Germany clean their shoes for St Nikolaus to put sweets and nuts in.

Week beginning 2.12.19
Good news, Egbert is back home! NASA sent us the part we needed, and once we'd attached the rocket balloons, there was no stopping him. It was exciting to have an alien among us, but it's also good to know that Egbert is safely back where he belongs. We made him some friends to keep him company on the journey, and he left behind a soft toy version of himself for us to remember him by.
Week beginning 25.11.19
To everyone's surprise, an alien crashed into our classroom on Monday! His name is Egbert, and his home planet is called Egg. All week we have been trying to get him back home, but our rockets are not quite there yet. We are now waiting for a specialist part from NASA. In the meantime, we're doing everything we can to make Egbert comfortable here on Earth. We made him a bed, green food and some Egg sand to play with.
We have enjoyed a visit to the library bus, where everyone got to choose and borrow a book to read in school.

Week beginning 9.9.19 - Sorting

This week, we sorted lots of different objects, such as stones and pebbles by lots of different criteria and then experimented with comparing the size of the groups by creating charts. At the end of the week, we recorded and compared how many cars of different colours there were in our car park.