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Thoresby Class

Welcome to the class page for Thoresby Class. 

We do PE on a Tuesday so please ensure PE kit and water bottles are in school on this day. 


The class staff are:

Ms Lane - Teacher

Mrs Millward - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Rawson - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Walker (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Rogers (Thursday and Friday)

Week Commencing 20.9.21

In work related learning this week students found out about the importance of packaging items for posting. They were given some plates, packaging materials and boxes and asked to package them, these packages were then taken by Bracken Hill Postal Service (Ms Lane and Mrs Millward) who were very clumsy with them. Mrs Askam then unwrapped her deliveries to see how many had survived. 

Week Commencing 20.9.21

In Travel Training we went into the carpark where we practised crossing the road, some students acted as cars whilst others decided if it was safe to cross. 

Week Commencing 20.9.21

In DT we have been making flapjack in order to use our measuring skills. 

Week Commencing 20.9.21

In English we have been practising our spelling skills with a game of scrabble. 

Week Commencing 13.9.21

At the end of the week we had the sensory projector out, the students loved this new experience at the end of the week.

Week Commencing 13.9.21

In maths this week we have been continuing to practice our money work by pretending to shop. 

Week Commencing 13.9.21

In English this week we continued to look at instructions, we wrote our own instructions and then followed them exactly to make pizza. 

Week Commencing 6.9.21 English - Instructions

Students have been learning all about instructions, they have ordered them and then followed their own instructions to make toast.

Week Commencing 6.9.21 Maths - Identifying and Ordering Coins

In maths we have started our work on money with learning about how to identify and order coins by value. 

Week Commencing 1.9.21 English - Following Instructions

As part of our English work on instructions we have been learning to follow instructions by playing 'Simon Says'.

Week Commencing 1.9.21 Work Related Learning

As part of work related learning the class found out about what it is like to work as a team by wrapping a member of their team up as a mummy using toilet paper. Mrs Rawson particularly enjoyed the end of her first week in school - she made a great mummy!