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Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Week beginning: Monday 7th October 2019


Thursday 10th October was Mental Health and Wellbeing Day. 

Through out the year we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves and how we can keep ourselves, fit, healthy and happy.

We take part in different activties like healthy cooking, yoga, SMSC lessons and the daily mile.

This week Welbeck have made fruit Kebabs and Fruit smoothies, we have played a range of team games that involve everyone working together and being supportive.  In PE we have taken part in boxercise activities and yoga. 

Week beginning: Monday 30th September 2019


This Term in ART we have been exploring a range of crafts from around the world. We have looked at bristish party hats, Origami from Japan and Aboriginal art from Austrailia. 

This week we made chinese lanterns.

The class all choose a peice of coloured paper and step by step were able to create our 3D lantern.

They were all able to cut and fold paper with some support and say what they were making when asked.



Week beginning: Monday 16th September 2019


This term in science we are looking at our digestive system. We have looked at the key parts of our body that help us to digest food and carried out an experiment to visually see what happens. 


Everyone made a banana sandwich and then chopped it all up to show how the teeth work. 

We put our banana sandwiches in a bowl and added washing up liquid to represent the stomach acid 

Children then put the moshed up mixture into a pair of stockings and squeezed them really tight ot get rid of the mositure like in the intestines. 

Finally a hole was cut in the end of the stockings and the children squeezed out the mixture to make a solid pretend poo. 

Everyone had great fun and was able to undertsand what each part of the process was linked to.

Welbeck`s Timetable 2019-2020

Welbeck`s Timetable 2019-2020 1

Week beginning: Monday 2nd September 2019


Welcome back to the new school year! We are so excited to see everyone again and hear about what everyone has been up to in the holidays. 


Above is a Timetable for Welbeck class this year and we have lot`s of interesting topics planned.

We are starting the year by looking at a variety of countires and reseaching how they are different or the same as England.

If we could have a PE kit in school at all times that would be great and we will ensure this is sent home at each half term for a wash :) 

Sports Week - week commencing 10/06/19

The rain hasn't stopped Welbeck class from enjoying sports week. It's been a busy week with lots of great sporty activities....


We started the week with a Happy Days Walk. All of Welbeck were a credit to Bracken Hill as they behaved impeccably. We all learnt some street dance moves in Dance and put these to practise back in the classroom when we had a boogie to Just Dance.


On Tuesday we started the day learning how to play Cricket followed by Kick Boxing. We have some budding kick boxers in Welbeck!


Wednesday afternoon we had a break in the rain so was able to take part in Football training with Mansfield Town Football Club. There was some interesting dribbling happening! Mrs Wilkinson then gave us a demonstration of Trangia Cooking and cooked up some yummy pasta.


Thursday morning saw us making some pewter key charms with Adventure Services and in the afternoon we split into groups and took part in our alternative indoor sports day -  Boccia, sit down volley ball and basket ball.


Friday morning saw us doing some gentle stretches in Tia Chi followed by some great punches and kicks in Taekwondo. All of Welbeck was very impressed with Belle. She's a natural at Taekwondo.




Week commencing 20/05/2019

In our Topic lessons we have been looking at People and Places. This week we have been focusing on Mexico. Everyone enjoyed having a go at the Mexican Hat Dance and made some fabulous Mexican hats. 


On Thursday 23rd May 7 students from Welbeck and 3 students from Clumber class took part in a New Age Kurling competition at Harvey Hadden Sports centre. In total 8 schools from across Nottinghamshire took part in the competition. We was all extremely proud of our students who all behaved exceptionally well and in the end finished in 2nd place.


Have a great half term holiday and we'll see you all on the 3rd June.

On Monday 29th April to Wednesday 1st May 6 students from Welbeck class joined 14 other students from Bracken Hill on a 3 day residential trip. We had an action packed schedule over the 3 days and all the teachers were very proud of all the students for taking part and having a go at everything. 

The remainder of the class enjoyed a "space" themed 3 days back at school.



Week Commencing 22/04/2019


Welcome back Welbeck class. It sounds like everyone had a lovely Easter holiday.


This term we are starting a new topic - People and Places. We've started the topic by looking at the Grand Canyon and the people who live there. We've all decided that we'd like to go and visit it ourselves.


In English we have started a new book - The Whole Truth. We thought about what we could do to someone who tells lies and we'd like to try some truth drops!


On Thursday's this term we have PE in the morning and Music and Spanish in the afternoon. 



Week commencing 01/04/2019 - Trip to the National Coal Mining Museum

As part of our Local History Topic Welbeck class joined Bestwood and Clumber classes on a field trip to the National Mining Museum near Wakefield on Monday 1st April. We travelled down 140 metres in an authentic mining lift and sang “Baby Shark” as we descended!

Down in the mine we learned about the history of mining from the 1800s to the 1990s. We found out how dark it was when the lamps were turned off and how low the roofs were where the miners had to crawl to get to the coal face.

Back up on the top we looked around the Winding room, the Pithead Baths and the stables where we met some of the pit ponies. We all had a great time and very grateful that we don’t have to work down there!

What a couple of weeks! Welbeck class have been working really hard since coming back from half term.


In our Food Technology lessons this half term we are working on a Sandwich booklet. So far we have looked at the history of the sandwich and sampled four different kinds of bread.


The whole class made us proud when they took part in Race for Life. Everyone did their bit and received a well-earned medal and certificate.


In Adventure Services we have had fun tent building. We split into two groups and had a little competition to see which group could erect their tent the fastest. Last week as the weather wasn’t very good, we made forest flags. We went to the science garden and collected leaves, flowers and moss, and pressed them between blocks of wood. It made some interesting patterns on the fabric!


Our Topic this half term is Local History and Geography. So far we have looked at where we all live within Nottinghamshire, what sorts of jobs people have within the county, the history of the Brambly Apple and this week we have looked at the history of Boots. We all got to look at some artefacts lent to us by Boots and tried to guess what they was used for.


For Wold Book Day this year Welbeck chose The Jungle Book to be our class book. We set up activities for the other classes to do in our classroom. We then had great fun going round the other class’s taking part in the activities they had set up to the theme of their chosen book.

Week Commencing 11/2/2019

We have now finished our Rain Forest topic. We’ve all learnt lots about the different animals and creatures that make the Rain Forest their home and why they are important for the environment. Through the story book “The Shamans Apprentice” we have looked at what plants are used today in our medicines and cooking.


In PE over the last 5 weeks we have been playing Table Cricket and on the 14th February 5 members of Welbeck class were selected to take part in a County competition at The Nottingham Trent University. The team did fantastically and did Bracken Hill proud.


Hope you all have a great half term and we’ll see you back in class on the 25th February.

Week commencing 28/01/2019

What a great week in Welbeck class.


On Monday we had a visit from ZooLab. They introduced us to some amazing creatures, which linked in perfectly to our Rain Forest topic. Everyone was very brave and gave Sally the Snail, Maxine the Millipede, Gary the Gecko and Sophie the Corn Snake a stroke. We was all stunned to see the colour Steve the Scorpion turned when Dave shone a UV torch on him.


The whole class performed a play of the book The Great Kapok Tree on Tuesday. Everyone had a part to play and enjoyed acting it all out.


Linking to our Rain Forest topic, in food tech on Wednesday we made a Mango Tea Loaf cake. And if we do say so ourselves, a very nice cake it was!! It was great to see some of the class who didn’t like trying mango the other week enjoy a nice slice of mango cake.


Andy from Adventure Services joined us in class on Thursday. The whole class made an individually designed bar of soap. We foraged outside for some interesting leaves and flowers to set in our soap and chose either pine or lavender essential oil to give our bars a lovely smell.

Week commencing 14/01/2019

I’m in Welbeck Class Get Me Out Of Here!!

As part of our Rain Forest topic we have been looking at what foods originate from the forests and how many of them do we eat ourselves. We also discovered that people living in Rain Forests eat some unusual things!! Bugs and insects! So we decided to see what we was missing.

Everyone was very brave and sampled a selection of Buffalo worms, Mealworms, Locusts and Crickets. Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Stretton both agreed that the nicest one was the Locusts.

We continued with our Rain Forests food in our Food technology lessons. Last week we sampled a selection of fruit, vegetables and nuts that come from a Rain Forest. The banana, mango and pineapple went down very well. The least favourite was the avocado and papaya. Everyone was very surprised at how different the chocolate was to the chocolate they are used to eating.

This week we made Tropical Mango smoothies. Everyone enjoyed making and drinking them.

Week commencing 7/1/2019


Welcome back Welbeck Class and Happy New Year.


We've got an exciting term ahead of us with lots of fun learning activities planned.


In our Maths lessons we are going to be looking at seasons and time, ordinal numbers and shape. We’re planning on doing our Friday café in class as part of our maths lessons looking at money.


For English we have started to look at a non-fictional book about Orangutans. This week we’ve looked at what you would need to know before you adopted an orangutan!


For Topic this term we’re looking at Rainforests. This week we have looked at books on Rainforests and started to look at what creatures come from there, what a Rainforest sounds like and looked up some interesting facts on them. Keep looking on our class page to see what other fun activities we have planned around Rainforests.


Linking into this topic, in Food technology this week we have looked at what food comes from a Rainforest. Next week we will be sampling some of these fruit and vegetables.


On a Thursday afternoons this term we have Adventure Services joining us. Our first week saw us learning how to light a fire safely. Everyone did really well and acted very sensibly. We all look forward to seeing what else we’ll be doing with them.

Wednesday 19th December - our special visitors

Wednesday 19th December - our special visitors 1

Two very special visitors

On Wednesday Welbeck class had two very special visitors to the class room. Miss Selby came in to see us all and introduced us to baby Robin. He was very well behaved. The class performed their Christmas concert dance which Miss Selby said was very good.


Christmas around the world - Sweden

Christmas around the world - Sweden 1

This year Welbeck class chose Sweden as their country for Christmas around the world. In class we looked at what traditions Swedish people have and in Art we made some Swedish Nisse figures. 

On Wednesday afternoon we joined the rest of the school in showing what Sweden is like at Christmas. Everyone was welcome to sample some Swedish Christmas ginger biscuits. 

December 2018

Welbeck class have had a very busy half term.

In Topic we’ve been learning about the Vikings. We’ve looked at where they came from, what their boats looked like and what they did here in England. Half the class made some lovely Viking inspired necklaces and the other half made some menacing looking Viking axes. We even wrote our names in Viking Runes and wrote some secret messages.

In English we’ve been enjoying the book Matilda. We’ve all loved acting out scenes from the book. We even went in the chokey!!

In Maths we’ve been working really hard on our number bonds. We’ve worked on bonds up to 10 and 20.

During our Science lessons Welbeck have all made electric circuits and have even had a go at wiring a plug.

Welbeck have excelled with their practice for the Christmas concert. We all enjoy a good dance so Crazy Christmas – Santa Clones was the perfect choice for us. We all felt very proud when everyone clapped along at the concert.

At the beginning of December we had a very special delivery. Welbeck received their very own class elf. After a class vote it was decided that his name would be William. He’s brought us some nice treats but has also been a little mischievous at times!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you all in the New Year.

The Welbeck Team

Week commencing 12/11/2018

Children in Need


On Friday 16th Welbeck class joined the rest of the school in raising money for Children in Need. 

We started the day with a Pudsey breakfast. We enjoyed either a crumpet, toast, cereal or a bowl of fruit with yogurt. 

In our Maths lesson we played Pudsey Ping Pong. We took it in turns to bounce ping pong balls into different sized bowls. Everyone counted up their scores. Well done to George who won with a score of 40 points.

After lunch we joined in with a whole school 1 mile ramble. The whole class did really well and enjoyed a well deserved drink when we returned to class.

In the afternoon we split into two groups. One half went to a Pudsey Disco / talent show. The other half enjoyed different sports activities.

Week commencing 22/10/2018 - Titan training

In our Titan class we have been working on directions. One person in the class had to tell another person how many steps to take and which direction to turn to enable them to get from one location to another.

Week commencing 22/10/2018

Week commencing 22/10/2018 - Halloween


On Friday 26th October Welbeck class dressed to impress for Halloween. They all enjoyed some Halloween Just Dance in the class room, designed a pumpkin and in the afternoon had a dance at the school Halloween disco.

Week commencing 11/06/2018

Week commencing 11/06/2018 - Sports Week


Welbeck Class have had a fantastic week taking part in lots of different activities, including circus skills,  football, cricket, rounders, climbing, boccia and handball. The class were really polite when visiting different places and enjoyed learning new schools.

Week commencing 14/05/2018

Week commencing 14/05/2018


Hello everybody. Welbeck Class have had an adventurous few weeks in school. In Maths, we have been learning about money and time. As part of this activity we went to the shop to pay for items with the children's money. At the moment we are learning time up quarter past/to, and will begin learning digital times next week.


For English we have just finished the story of Macbeth. As part of our learning experience, Macbeth came into school to answer questions - at this point he had just met the three witches in the story. The children then took part in hot seating activities, dressing up as characters themselves from the story to answer questions from the audience.


As a class we took a trip to the Samaritans in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, to find out more on volunteering. The class were very well behaved and asked lots of insightful questions. The friendly people who volunteered at the shop provided a wonderful experience for children and couldn't have been helpful enough.


Best wishes,

Welbeck Team

Week commencing 23/04/2018


Welbeck class have continued to learn about money in Maths, counting up in 1 and 2ps to work out change. On Thursday, we went to the shop to spend money on treats - putting our practice into action. Every child was brilliant on the trip and very polite to the shopkeeper. Next we will be learning about sequencing numbers before going onto to learn time.


In English, our class have been learning the story of Macbeth. The class have learnt and taken part in a role play based on the story. The performances of the children were excellent and their confidence in playing the roles they did was great to see. On Wednesday this week, Macbeth came into school to answer questions based on how he was feeling after his ordeals. Next week, the children will be taking part in the hot seating activity themselves and will answer questions from their peers.


We have just planted seeds for Science. Mrs Seaford kindly brought in salad seeds for the children to plant, as well as wild flower seeds. We look forward to seeing how they grow in the next few weeks. 


Finally, in SMSC we have been learning about volunteering. The children have asked members of staff at the school to find out whether or not they volunteered. It turns many did, and the children enjoyed listening to what they used to do. On May 9th, the class will be walking to the Samaritans Charity Shop in Kirkby to find out why people volunteer there.



Welbeck Team



Week commencing 19/03/2018

Week commencing 19/03/2018


Welbeck class have been learning about counting money, using our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to count our money and then spend the money at Welbeck Superstore. We will continue with this until half term - the children are making great progress from where we started and their knowledge of different coins and their worth is very good.


In English we are currently in the process of making our shape poems. The different topics for our shape poems include rugby, a sowing machine, Ben the dog, laptops and Aubameyang

( a footballer ).

The children have been learning which content to include in their poems and in which order to put this content.


Welbeck class were involved in a battle this week as they used their training to go into formation for a battle against the Ancient Romans. We have studied different defense techniques and why these are effective.


Finally, the children made chocolate cornflake cakes as part of their science investigation to find which amount of water would melt the chocolate the quickest. 


Have a nice half term

Welbeck Team


Week commencing 12-03-18

Week commencing 12-03-18

As part of our Healthy Eating lessons, we looked at healthier breakfast options. Together, we chose a drink and a meal from the breakfast menu on the 'Change4Life' website. Then we made our 'Blueberry and banana smoothies' and 'Carrot and sultana pancakes'.

Everyone worked together and enjoyed trying new healthy food.

If you would like to explore some more healthy food options, have a look at this website:

Week commencing 05-03-18

Week commencing 05-03-18


Welbeck Class celebrated World Book Day in style with lots of different characters coming into class. There was a unicorn, wizard, witch, minion and a princess. Mrs Seaford and I dressed up as Dalmatians, whilst Mrs Wilkinson dressed as the evil Cruella Deville.


We have really enjoyed learning and researching poetry by the brilliant Michael Rosen, including the poem 'Don't' which the children have really liked and enjoyed creating actions to. We are currently innovating the poem 'Shark Attack' using our range of vocabulary to alter the poem. We have been learning about shape in poetry - we have now moved onto coordinates. This week we will be playing battleships and completing a treasure hunt to test our knowledge.


We have just began a new Topic: Ancient Rome. The children have learnt the interesting story of how Rome was created by two brothers Romelus and Remus and have been completing work based on this myth.


It was nice to see you at parents evening.



Welbeck Team

Week commencing 12-02-2018

Week commencing 12-02-18


Hello everyone. This week we have been on a trip to Beeston Hindu Temple to learn about the Hindu Gods. This is part of our Key Steps qualification which our class are working towards. The children explored the artefacts within the centre and asked some interesting questions relating to Hindu culture.


In English we have just finished our guinea pig care leaflets. We have looked at what makes a good leaflet and used examples from pet shops to create our own for our beloved pets. They are now placed above the cage for anyone to read should they need advice. In Maths, we have been learning about how to create bar graphs using accurate measurements. Some of the bar graphs created could be confused for art work - I am really pleased with our Maths group for their attention to detail.


Finally, in Topic we finished learning about France by creating art work based on 'Pointillism'. The children enjoyed using cotton buds to complete a piece of art work linked to France and these are now displayed outside our classroom. The results of a simple technique are stunning and the children are very proud of their masterpieces.


I look forward to seeing you soon for parents evening.


Have a lovely half term,

Welbeck Team








Week commencing 29-01-2018

Week commencing 29-01-18


This week we have been learning about materials and their properties in Science, sorting the materials into different groups and using teamwork to do this. We have finished our class book, Fantastic Mr Fox, and have completed a book review for it. The children have been learning to use contractions and exclamations in their writing.


For Maths we have our new scheme of work - measurement. We started off by recapping our lefts and rights and then moved onto measuring different items in the classroom to practice our skills.


Finally, we celebrated Mrs Wilkinson's 50th birthday on Monday. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely fruit platter and cake.


Have a lovely weekend

Welbeck Team



Week commencing 15-01-18

Welbeck class have been quickly back in the swing of things following the Christmas break. In English, we have continued to read Fantastic Mr Fox and are now moving to the end of the story as things get interesting!


We have been recapping our number bonds in maths, using Numicon equipment to help practice our basic addition. Welbeck class enjoyed trying a variety of french foods as an introduction for our new topic, based upon French culture. Also, our class have been learning about creating patterns through sowing - this relaxing activity has been very well received by our class!


It was nice to meet some of you at the Christmas Fayre and concert for the first time. We look forward to seeing you again soon and updating you of your child's progress.



Welbeck Team

Week commencing 15/01/2018

Week commencing 06-12-17

It has been a very busy few weeks for Welbeck Class as we head towards the Christmas break.

For Maths, we have been recalling our multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the regular practice is really paying off now as the class become more comfortable using resources to count and answer questions. Prior to this we have been learning how to tell the time to o'clock and half past.


In English, we have started a new book - Fantastic Mr Fox. We have been learning about how Mr Fox protects his family and the evil ways of the three farmers. Brandon and Leo were exceptional in the role of Mr Fox as they were put under scrutiny by a tough class!


We have been playing and learning Basketball in P.E, and our class particularly enjoy getting the chance to practice their passing and shooting skills using the new techniques learnt.


On Monday (18th December) our class is part of the school nativity play, singing 'On A Starry Night'.


If you would like a sneak preview of the song before Monday you can click the following link:


We look forward to seeing some of you on Monday.


Welbeck Team


Creswell Crags Trip - 21st November 2017

Bestwood, Welbeck and Clumber went to visit Creswell Crags today as part of our Stone Age topic.  We explored caves they used to live in, found out about how they ate and which animals were about in that era, then became archaeologists and found lots of artefacts.  It was a fantastic learning experience and the pupils gained a better understanding of how people lived in that time.

Week commencing 06-11-17

Welbeck Class have settled back in well following the half-term break. We have been enjoying learning about the Stone Age, researching what a typical Stone Age diet consisted of and creating clay pots similar(-ish!) to those of our ancestors. 

For Maths, Mr Groves's group have been learning about shaping, getting hands on and creating both 2d and 3d shapes from scratch. We have been learning testing ourselves and each other, learning about the properties of different shapes. In English, we have been learning actions to the Judith Nicholls poem 'Wind Ways' and linking it it our senses. Whilst looking at relationships, we have been looking at both the life cycle and the relationships we share with other people. Our class made a chain of Welbeck talents, reflecting on their own talents and recognising each others.

I am delighted to say we now have Mrs Wilkinson working as part of the Welbeck Team and the children have welcomed her to our class in a very friendly manner.

Our Star of the Week is Lauren. Lauren has been putting lots of effort into her handwriting and it has really shown this week. Well done Lauren.

Have a lovely weekend,

Welbeck Team


Welbeck Class week beginning 2nd October - 11th October

We have had a really interesting and fun week in Welbeck class, with lots of activities and learning taking place.

As part of our team project, we are renovating the garden outside our class to become an area of peace and relaxation specifically for the younger children in our school to come and enjoy. We have started today by sweeping and weeding the area. We have lots of work ahead of us and the class have really enjoyed being outside together and working as a team.

As part of our 'Daily Mile' challenge, we have been doing laps of the field. The classes challenge is to do as many as possible in 10 minutes. So far, we have an elite of six athletes who have each pushed themselves to do 9 laps in this time. We are looking forward to seeing who will be the first to make 10 laps. For our art challenge last week we made 3D hedgehogs! Please see the pictures below of creative art work taking place in our class.

In English, we have exploring two different books in our groups; Grandpa's Great Escape and The Lion Inside. We are now up to the part where they have just sent Grandpa to a nursing home, so no spoilers please anyone at home! We have been looking at the different between short and long vowel sounds, and how this alters the spellings of words. For Maths we have been continuing our work on number bonds and dice arrays, and the children have been immersing themselves in quick prediction activities and games of dominoes.

Finally, I am please to say Taras was our Star of the Week. Taras has been given this award for showing good manners and trying hard to think before speaking when it is necessary. Well done Taras!


Welbeck Team

Hello everybody,


My name is Mr Groves and I am the new Class Teacher of Welbeck class. Together with my wonderful Teaching Assistants, Mrs Seaford and Mrs Stanton, I am looking forward to a brilliant year. We have a wonderful class of 11 children, as well as our class guinea pigs, Buster and Ginger, who have been warmly received by the children.


We have been reading Grandpa's Great Escape in English and have really enjoyed the book. We have been creating more wacky recipes to go alongside Grandpa's infamous 'Spam a la Custard', recreating scenes from World War Two and we have created 'Wanted' posters for Grandpa who has gone missing!



Chloe's Wanted poster and Brandon and Leo enjoying Grandpa's World War Two adventures

Our class pets - Buster and Ginger

In Maths we have been doing addition, whilst in Science and Topic we have been learning about the human body and robots respectively. We have learnt a catchy song to remember our five senses, I wonder if the class children can tell you at home?


Already we have had three birthdays in our class for Chloe, Marissa and George respectively. Mrs Seaford very kindly provided birthday cake for each child and we celebrated by playing party games in our classroom. It is wonderful to see how well the children have settled in and I look forward to a great year teaching Welbeck Class.


Mr Groves

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