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Welbeck Class

Science: Light, dark and shadows

Week beginning: Monday 20st January 2020


This term in science we are looking at light, dark and shadows. 

We started off by sorting light and dark and talking about what objects produce light. We then talked about how shadows are formed. 

We attempted to put up a tent on Monday afternoon, however it was a little challneging so we found a dark room instead. We turned all the lights off and then used tourches to make shadows.

Adventure service

Week beginning: Monday 6th January 2020


After the Christmas break everyone has come back in a really good mood and ready to learn. 


This term Welbeck are taking part in the adventure service programme. They will be looking at how to work outdoors with a range of tools and equipment. They will be working together as part of a team to complete tasks and this week the children worked together to make a mallet out of a tree trunk. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were keen to get involved. 



Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert 1

Week beginning: Monday 16th December 2019


This week in Welbeck we have been celebrating Christmas!

We started by taking part in the Christmas concert with the rest of the school. We sang the 12 days of Christmas but in Shrek style with our very own Donkey (Mr Shooter). Everyone had a different part and a picture to hold up for each day. 

For the rest of the week we took part in Christmas around the world, watched the staff school panto and enjoyed having a boogie at the school Christmas disco.

We hope you all have a really good Christmas and a Happy New Year! :) 


Science: Melting solids

Week beginning: Monday 2nd December 2019


This term in Science we have been looking at solids, gases and liquids.

We started off by looking at what a gas, liquid and solid is and how they can be changed from one to another.

We looked at how to turn solids into liquids and liquids into solids focusing on Ice cream, ice and wax. 

Everyone was able to join and watching the different experiments and really enjoyed being able to eat the ice cream at the end. 



New Horizon: Helping others

New Horizon: Helping others 1

Week beginning: Monday 25th November 2019


In our New Horizon lessons, Welbeck have been thinking about other people in our local community and how they may need help and support. We talked about children in need and then thought about children in refuges. We thought about how often these children are removed from their homes without any toys or teddies and what Christmas might look like for them. As a class we decided to make shoe boxes for the children in a local refuge for Christmas. Each child wrapped a shoe box and then thought of 5 items that they could go out and buy to gift to another child. 

Due to the generosity of Welbeck class and their parents we will have hopefully made 10 children in refuge a little more happy this Christmas. 

Week beginning: Monday 18th November 2019


As part of our Topic on World War and conflict, Welbeck class had the exciting opportunity to visit Eden Camp in North Yorkshire. Eden Camp is a history museum that occupies a former Second World War prisoner-of-war camp of 33 huts. After the prisoners left it was then used for storage and then abandoned making it the perfect place for a War museum. 

It was a long day but everyone had a great time and enjoyed looking at all the photos from the war. 

Topic: World War

Week beginning: Monday 11th November 2019


This term Welbeck are beginning to look at World War 1, we are thinking about how it happened, who was involved and how it ended. This week was a perfect week to be talking about WW1 as the Monday was Remembrance Day. Everyone was able to take part in a 2-minute silence at 11am on the Monday. On Tuesday we had a walk to the cenotaph in Kirkby in Ashfield, everyone took turns in laying a poppy wreath and talking about what happens at a remembrance parade. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Week beginning: Monday 7th October 2019


Thursday 10th October was Mental Health and Wellbeing Day. 

Through out the year we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves and how we can keep ourselves, fit, healthy and happy.

We take part in different activties like healthy cooking, yoga, SMSC lessons and the daily mile.

This week Welbeck have made fruit Kebabs and Fruit smoothies, we have played a range of team games that involve everyone working together and being supportive.  In PE we have taken part in boxercise activities and yoga. 

Week beginning: Monday 30th September 2019


This Term in ART we have been exploring a range of crafts from around the world. We have looked at bristish party hats, Origami from Japan and Aboriginal art from Austrailia. 

This week we made chinese lanterns.

The class all choose a peice of coloured paper and step by step were able to create our 3D lantern.

They were all able to cut and fold paper with some support and say what they were making when asked.



Week beginning: Monday 16th September 2019


This term in science we are looking at our digestive system. We have looked at the key parts of our body that help us to digest food and carried out an experiment to visually see what happens. 


Everyone made a banana sandwich and then chopped it all up to show how the teeth work. 

We put our banana sandwiches in a bowl and added washing up liquid to represent the stomach acid 

Children then put the moshed up mixture into a pair of stockings and squeezed them really tight ot get rid of the mositure like in the intestines. 

Finally a hole was cut in the end of the stockings and the children squeezed out the mixture to make a solid pretend poo. 

Everyone had great fun and was able to undertsand what each part of the process was linked to.

Welbeck`s Timetable 2019-2020

Welbeck`s Timetable 2019-2020 1

Week beginning: Monday 2nd September 2019


Welcome back to the new school year! We are so excited to see everyone again and hear about what everyone has been up to in the holidays. 


Above is a Timetable for Welbeck class this year and we have lot`s of interesting topics planned.

We are starting the year by looking at a variety of countires and reseaching how they are different or the same as England.

If we could have a PE kit in school at all times that would be great and we will ensure this is sent home at each half term for a wash :) 

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