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Welbeck Class 2021/2022

PE: Problem solving

Week Beginning: Monday 2nd May 2022


This term Welbeck class have been working on problem solving skills in PE. This week they had an assault course to solve, they had to do this on their own and then help a friend find their way around while being blind folded. Everyone tried really hard and with a little help, everyone made it around the course. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Week Beginning: Monday 21st March 2022


This week Welbeck have joined up with Clumber and Creswell to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. 

We looked at lots of different animals from around the world.  We looked at their habitats, food and facts about each one and their country of origin.

We really enjoyed the visit but we walked a LONG way around all the enclosures!

Week Beginning: Monday 7th March 2022


This term, Welbeck have been learning about Brazil and The Amazon Rainforest. We have looked at the different layers to the rainforest and the animals that live there. 

We then all had a go at painting our very own rainforest picture with animals. 

Maths: Measuring

Week Beginning: Monday 21st February 2022


This week Welbeck have been exploring how to measure length, weight and volume. We started by measuring the length of different objects with a rule in centimeters and with cubes. We then moved on to look at if objects were heavy or light and if we could measure the weight of objects using grams and cubes. By the end of the week we were beginning to measure liquids using jugs and cups. Everyone tried really hard and as a treat were able to make pancakes! This meant that the children could use their measuring skills to weigh ingredients and measure he correct amount of liquids in ml. 

Week Beginning: Monday 7th February 2022


This week Welbeck have been thinking about their health and wellbeing and what sort of things we can do to relax. On Friday we had a mental health and wellbeing day, we enjoyed playing hungry hippos, making pancakes and playing on the Wii. 

English: Story writing using adjectives

Week Beginning: Monday 24th January 2022


This week Welbeck class have been exploring different adjectives and how they can be used to make stories more interesting and exciting. We looked at different fairytale characters and a variety of settings that the characters are from. We then put all our ideas together to write the beginning of a short story. 

ART: Russian Folk ART

Week beginning: Monday 10th January 2022


This term Welbeck are exploring Russian Folk ART as part of our Far Far Away topic. 

We have looked at the different examples of Russian Folk ART and the beautiful patterns that are created. We then moved on to having a go at tracing over examples of Russian Folk ART to create a design on a Russian Doll. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and took their time to create amazing ART work that they could be proud of.

Next week we are moving on to look at the different brush strokes that are used to make the Russian Folk ART so colourful. 

Computing: Algorithms

Week Beginning: Monday 6th December 2021


This term in computing, Welbeck have been exploring algorithms.

They have had a go at identifying, following and creating algorithms in a variety of ways. 

This week we had a go at using all our algorithm skills to program Beebots and Rugged Robots.

Everyone was able to move their toy in different directions and begin to create and follow different tracks and obstacle courses. 

English: William Shakespeare

Week Beginning: Monday 15th November 2021


This week we have started to learn about William Shakespeare and how he relates to the Tudor times. 

We began by reading about who he was and why he is a well known figure. 

We then moved on to look at his sonnet 18.

We were able to break down his sonnet into syllables and came to the conclusion that each line had 10 syllables. 

Everyone then went off and created their very own sonnet by using their knowledge of syllables. 

Maths: Shapes

Week Beginning: Monday 1st November 2021


This week Welbeck have been recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. 

We started the week by completing shape tasks on Education City.

We then moved on to looking at the properties of 3D shapes, including faces, vertices and edges.

Everyone did really well and were able to use physical 3D shapes to help them.  

Amazing Welbeck

Week Beginning: Monday 11th October 2021


Welbeck have had an amazing first term and have begun to build positive relationships as a class. 

They have all worked really hard to overcome different challenges since returning to school and have coped really well with the changes to routine. 

Welbeck decided that they wanted a teddy bears picnic as their treat afternoon and it was very much deserved by all. 

English: Pied Piper

Week Beginning: Monday 4th October 2021


This week in Welbeck class we have started to read The Pied Piper. We have been thinking about what the story is about and if it has a good ending. 

The children were able to answer questions about the story and then begin to pick out key vocabulary including adjectives. 

We then moved on to think about alternative story endings to make the story more interesting. 

Health and Wellbeing: Personal Hygiene

Week Beginning: Monday 20th September 2021


This Term in Health and Wellbeing, Welbeck have been learning about the importance of personal hygiene. We explored why and when we should wash our hands, brush our teeth and have a shower/bath. Everyone had great fun demonstrating how to brush teeth with the giant teeth and toothbrush. 

Food Technology

Week Beginning: Monday 6th September 2021


Another great week in Welbeck class. We have continued to build new friendships and be a little more tolerant of each other. In food technology this week we have been making biscuits. We started by making sure everyone had clean hands and aprons and then started to gather the equipment needed. We moved on to weighing the ingredients and mixing them to make a dough. Everyone was able to join in and the biscuits smelt really good! 

Health and Wellbeing

Week Beginning: Monday 30th August 2021


Welbeck have had a really good first week back to school. We have welcomed our newbies and started getting to know each other. In health and wellbeing we took the opportunity to practice taking turns within a group game. Everyone worked together really well and we are looking forward to the year ahead. 

Summer Holidays

Summer 2021


Wow! What an amazing summer the pupils in Welbeck have had! It has been lovely to see so many happy photos on Seesaw and messages from parents to say what fabulous memories they have been making as a family. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow ready for the first day of our new academic year. 

Week Beginning: Monday 19th July 2021


For our 3 weeks transition we are exploring the Olympics. In PE we have been showcasing our  individual skills and talents. We have been climbing, balancing and practicing our cheerleading skills. Everyone has been getting on really well and a team and praising each other for our amazing individual talents. 

PSHE: Making new friends

Week Beginning: Monday 5th July 2021


This week has been the first week in our new classes which has been very exciting. 

We have been getting to know all our new friends and teachers and have enjoyed playing some games as a team.

We have been learning how to accept new people and how to overcome changes. 

Welbeck have been fantastic and have tried really hard to work together as a team. 

Welbeck 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Welbeck Class 2021 - 2022


This years team is: 

Miss Wakefield 

Miss Ball 

Miss Croft 


We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks and have some fantastic topics to look forward to in September. 


Sports Week

Week Beginning: Monday 21st June 2021


We have had a great week! Welbeck have taken part in Sports week and have had a fabulous time.

We started the week by going on the bikes which everyone loved. At the beginning of the week Amelia could not ride a bike but by Wednesday she was riding like a pro! 

We also really enjoyed going to the Forest School and making a rope swing and a hammock, along with looking for bugs. 

Towards the end of the week we took part in archery, hungry hippos and orienteering. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Week Beginning: Monday 14th June 2021


This week Welbeck have taken some time out to think about their mental health and wellbeing. We spent the afternoon looking after our lettuce plants and making the other vegetable beds look tidy and weed free. Everyone got really involved and enjoyed using the watering cans to water the lettuce plants. We also spent some time inside listening to music and colouring calm pictures. 

Independent Travel

Week Beginning: Monday 24th May 2021


This term Welbeck have been taking part in Independent travel with Mrs Wilkinson. They have been learning how to cross a road safely, recognise signs and look at the left and right indicators on cars. They take it in turns to go out as a small group to walk around the estate and build their road safety skills each week. 

Topic: Sparkle and Shine

Week Beginning: Monday 10th May 2021


This term, Welbeck class have been exploring coal mining in our topic lessons. We started off by looking at how coal is formed underground over many years. We then moved on to look at the history of British mines and what the coal could be used for. This week we explored the history of miners lamps and how they developed and changed over time. Everyone was able to watch the PowerPoint and then sequence the lamps into a timeline. We then made some paper miners lamps which everyone was really proud of. 

Week Beginning: Monday 26th April 2021


This week some of Welbeck class have started horse riding! Everyone was really excited to get out of school for the morning to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. 

Everyone was allocated their own horse which they will ride each week. 

The horses are called:







It was really good fun getting the helmets on and going for a ride through the woods and forest area. 

We are really looking forward to going again next week!

Week Beginning: Monday 19th April 2021


We have had a really good week back after the Easter holidays. This week have have combined our maths lessons with mental health and wellbeing.

We have been working together in pairs and groups to solve problems using mathematical language.

Everyone has got really involved and it has been lovely to see them working together. 

Curriculum Map: Sparkle and Shine

Week Beginning: Monday 26th March 2021


This week we have been exploring pop ART. We looked at different examples on the internet and looked at how pop ART can be set out. 

We then looked at how we could recreated one picture 4 times using tracing paper.

We all chose a picture from the internet to trace over. We then traced that picture four times to create a piece of pop ART. We added lot`s of colour and made them look eye catching. 

Topic: Fair for All

Week Beginning: Monday 8th March 2021


This term we are looking at how the roles of children, women and men have changed over time. We have explored how children did not to go to school unless they were from a wealthy family and that now all children have to go to school until they are 18. 

This week we had to look at the information sheets and pick out the key information about how the role of women has changed over time. We found out about women in the Victorian times, WW1 and today. 

World Book Day

Week Beginning: Monday 1st March 2021


This week we took part in world book day!

We all got dressed up and enjoyed taking part in some different activities. 

Week Beginning: Monday 22nd February 2021


This week we decided to make pancakes in cooking as we had missed out last week. 

Everyone had to have a go at weighing and measuring the ingredients. They had to mix the ingredients and then safely use a hot pan to cook the pancakes.

Everyone really enjoyed making the pancakes but more importantly they really liked eating them! 

English: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Week Beginning: Monday 8th February 2021


This term we have been reading the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have read each chapter and then completed a range of work around each of the characters. 

This week we thought about how different people felt about the chocolate factory closing. Who would be sad and who would be happy? We thought about how a Sweet shop keeper would feel and how a Dentist would feel. The children took place in a role play activity where they took it in turns to be a shop keeper and a dentist. They had to ask each other questions about how they felt and why it was good or bad that the factory had closed. 

Week Beginning: Monday 1st February 2021


This term we have been designing our very own pot pot. We explored a range of materials and picked out the ones we wanted to use on our pots. We then designed our pen pot and labeled it so we had something to follow. This week we began to make our pen pot. We made sure to cover our pot to hide the writing of the jar and then started to add bits on. Everyone was really engaged and made a super pen pot!

Adventure Service

Week Beginning: Monday 18th January 2021


This week we have really enjoyed taking part with the adventure service activities. We wrapped up warm and went outside to start making fires. 

Everyone got involved with lighting the fires and then cooking some bread in a pan. 






Health and Wellbeing

Week beginning: Monday 11th January 2021


This week we have taken extra time to focus on our health and wellbeing. We have explored different ways to settle back into school and to keep ourselves calm. 

We have completed jigsaws, been creative with hamma beads and enjoyed some relaxation time. 

Blended Learning

Week beginning: Monday 4th January 2021


I`m not sure if I`ve said this before but I do think that Welbeck are the best class ever! I am so proud of everyone this week, with how well they have coped with the sudden changes to their education. Regardless if they have been learning at school or at home, Welbeck class have worked their socks off this week. They have completed a range of maths work involving using comparative language and questioning skills. They have designed and created their own theme park leaflets in English and explored a range of other subjects to. I have received some great feedback and photos from parents showing the amazing work that has been happening and this just shows what resilience and dedication Welbeck have to their learning. 

Christmas Dinner Day

Week beginning: Monday 14th December 2020


It is Christmas week in Welbeck! The final week before a much deserved 2 weeks of with family. We have watched The Grinch, made Christmas angels and still found time to complete some math work. On Wednesday it was Christmas dinner day and everyone got involved! (Even Jensen joined us on Microsoft teams) We spent the morning making placemats, party hats and decorating the table. At dinner time we all sat around the table and ate dinner together while chatting to Jensen on teams. In the afternoon we then watched a pantomime online, it was sleeping beauty and we had such a great time. Everyone got involved in the singing and shouting (oh no we didn`t). What a great way to end such a difficult and at times challenging term. Thank you to all Welbeck`s parents and families for supporting us in these difficult times, have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you all in 2021!

Blended Learning

Week beginning: Monday 7th December 2020


What a week! With half of the class at home due to bus bubbles closing down and half of the class still at school, this week has been interesting to say the least. Even with all of the changes Welbeck have continued to learn and be absolutely fantastic. This week (at home and at school) we have been focusing on how to use inverse operations to check our answers in Maths and in English we have been looking at how to use adjectives and contractions within a sentence. Well done Welbeck, keep up the hard work!

Topic: Walking with our Ancestors

Week beginning: Monday 30th November 2020


This term Welbeck have been exploring the topic "Walking with our Ancestors". We started by learning about the Ice Age and how they made shelters, clothing and hunted for food. We then moved on to the Stone Age, we made stewed fruit, drew on the walls outside with chalk and talked about how the Stone Age was different from the Ice Age. From the Stone Age we moved onto the Bronze Age and learnt about how bronze was made. We finished the term by learning about the Romans and how they took over parts of Britain and exploring the Viking Gods. 

Math: Telling the time

Week beginning: Monday 23rd November 2020


This week in maths, Welbeck have been working on telling the time and creating schedules. We have told the time on a analogue clock and began to draw hands on a clock to show a specific time. Everyone made a timetable to show what activities they could do in a morning, during the day and at night for each day of the week. At the end of the week Miss Wakefield told everyone that they could have a day off to watch TV! Using TV magazines everyone made their very own tv guide for the day, we had to think about how long programs were on for and make sure none of the ones we chose overlapped. 

Living in the Wider World: Careers

Week beginning: Monday 16th November 2020


This term in our Loving in the wider world lessons, we have been thinking about our future career options. We have used the internet to search for a range of jobs that we are interested in and to find key information within a job advert. Welbeck were able to think about how many days/hours they would want to work for and what wage they were looking for. We then thought about what qualification`s we would need to apply for our career of interest. We looked on the West Notts College website to search for courses that would support our chosen career path. 

Welbeck`s Gift Tags

Week Beginning: Monday 9th November 2020


This week Welbeck have been completing their enterprise project. They have created 3 different gift tag designs and then packed them in to packs of 3. They carried out market research in maths to see how much other shops were selling gift tags for. They had to work out the price of 1 gift tag, how much our materials had cost and then work out how much we should sell our gift tags for to ensure we made our money back. It was really nice to see such great team work and everyone taking so much pride in their work. 

Computing: Photo Editing

Week Beginning: Monday 2nd November 2020


Welbeck have settled back into school really well after the 2 weeks holiday. This term we are looking at photo editing and social media. Everyone thought the photo editing on the Ipad was really funny and we thought we would share them with everyone. 

Climbing Equipment

Week beginning: Monday 5th October 2020


Welbeck have been looking forward to this week since we started back in September. This week it was our turn on the new climbing equipment outside! At playtimes and dinner times we went onto the climbing equipment and played some really good games. There was a lot of team games and helping each other on the equipment. 

Maths: Counting forwards and backwards from a given number.

Week beginning: Monday 21st September 2020


In maths this week we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards form any given number. We had spent the beginning of the week completing worksheets and playing games on the whiteboard. Towards the end of the week we played a game of hungry hippos in the hall. Everyone had a turn to collect as many balls as they could and then count forwards or backwards from a given number depending on the amount of balls in their basket. It was great fun and everyone asked to do it again next week!

Food Technology: Making a hot drink

Week beginning: Monday 14th September 2020


In Food Technology we are thinking about how to complete simple life skills. This week we have demonstrated how to make a hot drink. The pupils had to write instructions and then follow them to see if they were correct. Everyone had a really good go and a few people noticed that they had made a mistake with their instructions when they had cold hot chocolates!  

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Week beginning: Monday 7th September 2020


This week Welbeck have been making the mot of the nice weather outside. We have been playing lot`s of games including stuck in the mud, cat and mouse and ball games. This has also really helped with our mental health and wellbeing as we have been able to take part in activities that we enjoy in between completing work within the classroom. 

The first week back to school

Week beginning: Monday 31st August 2020


Wow! What a first week back. Everyone has settled back into school really well and has shown great enthusiasm to learning again. We have taken the time this week to get to know each other and focus on our mental health and wellbeing. We have enjoyed completing tricky jigsaws and making the most of the fresh air outside. 

Welbeck`s Timetable 2020-2021

Welbeck 2019-2020 Team work

Week beginning: Monday 15th June 2020


This year Welbeck class have worked as an excellent team. They have looked out for each other and supported each other with different tasks. UNO has been a huge love in our class this year and we have often all played a game together which is lovely to see. We have supported each other when learning magic tricks, having fun in the snow and making shoe boxes at Christmas for a local refuge.

Although it has been a very strange few months I am really proud of all the achievements Welbeck have made this year.  

Welbeck 2019-2020 life skills

Week beginning: Monday 18th May 2020


While the home learning continues Welbeck are doing a great job of completing their work at home. As well as completing their work at home, I have also been told about lot`s of helping around the house and trips out to the park. I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of the life skills we have taken part in at school since September.

This year we have looked at healthy foods in our healthy living lessons, made cups of tea and sandwiches in our New Horizon lessons and carried out little tasks like taking the register.  

We have practiced crossing the road when out in the public and had a tour around our local morrisons where we were all able to have a go on the tills.



Home learning continued

Week beginning: Monday 27th April 2020


Week 6 of lockdown and Welbeck class are still going strong!

I am really proud of all the hard work that I am seeing at home from all pupils. There has been a lot of children making the most of the nice weather with long walks and trips to see the ducks. There has also been a lot cooking and baking happening with parents and carers which is great to see.

On top of all that I can see that Welbeck class are also finding time to complete the maths and English work set for each day. 

Above you can see a few more pictures of home learning taking place at the children`s and staff`s home. 

Well done Welbeck and keep being fabulous! 

Home Learning

Week beginning: Monday 30th March 2020


What a strange few weeks it has been with everyone staying at home, keeping themselves safe from the virus. Although it has been a completly new routine for us, I have been very proud with how well Welbeck class have been coping with the changes. I have had a lot of positive feedback from parents and carers about the quality of work being completed at home. 

I have really enjoyed recieving the pictures and videos via SeeSaw to show what everyone has been doing. Above you will see some of the home learning that has been taking place by staff and pupils in Welbeck. 

Well done Welbeck and keep up the hard work! 

PSHE: Washing Hands.

Still image for this video

Week beginning: Monday 16th March 2020


With the growing increase of the Coronavirus, Welbeck class have been taking extra precautions to ensure that we keep ourselves clean to avoid spreading germs.

We have created posters to go around school and now have the hand washing symbols on our timetable.

We thought it would be a good idea to show everyone what we have been up to in a hand washing video.


English: World Book Day


Week beginning: Monday 2nd March 2020

Welbeck class have had lots of fun for World Book Day today. This year our book was Harry Potter. 

This morning we took part in a variety of Maths and English activities based around Harry Potter and the wizard world. 

This afternoon we traveled around visiting Newstead, Clumber and Bestwood classes and made Butter Beer, was all sorted into houses by the Sorting Hat and listened to a tale about three brothers. 

Well done everyone for taking part.

Week beginning: Monday 10th February 2020


This term Welbeck class  have bene looking at different job roles as part of our New Horizon topic. 

On Wednesday we had a trip to our local Morrisons.

We had a tour of the store and got to learn a lot of information about the different job roles within the store. 

We met the pizza man, Butcher, Fishmonger, Baker and  Cashier. We were treated to our very own Bracken Hill Cookie and a loaf of freshly baked bread. 

Finally before we left we were all able to have a go at using the tills! This was very exciting and everyone was amazing at scanning items through and understanding that you have to look for the barcode. 


Healthy living: Life skills

Week beginning: Monday 27th January 2020


This term in Healthy living we have been working on our skills in the kitchen. We have had a go at measuring amounts, mixing ingredients and using an oven. 

This week we focused on a really simple life skill, making a jam sandwhich and a cuppa tea.

All the children were able to independently make a sandwhich and cuppa tea with close supervision. They were able to talk about how to keep themselves safe when using a kettle and could wash up after themselves too. Well done Welbeck class  :) 

Science: Light, dark and shadows

Week beginning: Monday 20st January 2020


This term in science we are looking at light, dark and shadows. 

We started off by sorting light and dark and talking about what objects produce light. We then talked about how shadows are formed. 

We attempted to put up a tent on Monday afternoon, however it was a little challneging so we found a dark room instead. We turned all the lights off and then used tourches to make shadows.

Adventure service

Week beginning: Monday 6th January 2020


After the Christmas break everyone has come back in a really good mood and ready to learn. 


This term Welbeck are taking part in the adventure service programme. They will be looking at how to work outdoors with a range of tools and equipment. They will be working together as part of a team to complete tasks and this week the children worked together to make a mallet out of a tree trunk. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were keen to get involved. 



Christmas Concert

Week beginning: Monday 16th December 2019


This week in Welbeck we have been celebrating Christmas!

We started by taking part in the Christmas concert with the rest of the school. We sang the 12 days of Christmas but in Shrek style with our very own Donkey (Mr Shooter). Everyone had a different part and a picture to hold up for each day. 

For the rest of the week we took part in Christmas around the world, watched the staff school panto and enjoyed having a boogie at the school Christmas disco.

We hope you all have a really good Christmas and a Happy New Year! :) 


Science: Melting solids

Week beginning: Monday 2nd December 2019


This term in Science we have been looking at solids, gases and liquids.

We started off by looking at what a gas, liquid and solid is and how they can be changed from one to another.

We looked at how to turn solids into liquids and liquids into solids focusing on Ice cream, ice and wax. 

Everyone was able to join and watching the different experiments and really enjoyed being able to eat the ice cream at the end. 



New Horizon: Helping others

Week beginning: Monday 25th November 2019


In our New Horizon lessons, Welbeck have been thinking about other people in our local community and how they may need help and support. We talked about children in need and then thought about children in refuges. We thought about how often these children are removed from their homes without any toys or teddies and what Christmas might look like for them. As a class we decided to make shoe boxes for the children in a local refuge for Christmas. Each child wrapped a shoe box and then thought of 5 items that they could go out and buy to gift to another child. 

Due to the generosity of Welbeck class and their parents we will have hopefully made 10 children in refuge a little more happy this Christmas. 

Week beginning: Monday 18th November 2019


As part of our Topic on World War and conflict, Welbeck class had the exciting opportunity to visit Eden Camp in North Yorkshire. Eden Camp is a history museum that occupies a former Second World War prisoner-of-war camp of 33 huts. After the prisoners left it was then used for storage and then abandoned making it the perfect place for a War museum. 

It was a long day but everyone had a great time and enjoyed looking at all the photos from the war. 

Topic: World War

Week beginning: Monday 11th November 2019


This term Welbeck are beginning to look at World War 1, we are thinking about how it happened, who was involved and how it ended. This week was a perfect week to be talking about WW1 as the Monday was Remembrance Day. Everyone was able to take part in a 2-minute silence at 11am on the Monday. On Tuesday we had a walk to the cenotaph in Kirkby in Ashfield, everyone took turns in laying a poppy wreath and talking about what happens at a remembrance parade. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Week beginning: Monday 7th October 2019


Thursday 10th October was Mental Health and Wellbeing Day. 

Through out the year we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves and how we can keep ourselves, fit, healthy and happy.

We take part in different activties like healthy cooking, yoga, SMSC lessons and the daily mile.

This week Welbeck have made fruit Kebabs and Fruit smoothies, we have played a range of team games that involve everyone working together and being supportive.  In PE we have taken part in boxercise activities and yoga. 

Week beginning: Monday 30th September 2019


This Term in ART we have been exploring a range of crafts from around the world. We have looked at bristish party hats, Origami from Japan and Aboriginal art from Austrailia. 

This week we made chinese lanterns.

The class all choose a peice of coloured paper and step by step were able to create our 3D lantern.

They were all able to cut and fold paper with some support and say what they were making when asked.



Week beginning: Monday 16th September 2019


This term in science we are looking at our digestive system. We have looked at the key parts of our body that help us to digest food and carried out an experiment to visually see what happens. 


Everyone made a banana sandwich and then chopped it all up to show how the teeth work. 

We put our banana sandwiches in a bowl and added washing up liquid to represent the stomach acid 

Children then put the moshed up mixture into a pair of stockings and squeezed them really tight ot get rid of the mositure like in the intestines. 

Finally a hole was cut in the end of the stockings and the children squeezed out the mixture to make a solid pretend poo. 

Everyone had great fun and was able to undertsand what each part of the process was linked to.

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