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Week beginning 4.10.21  Money skills


 For ASDAN Wollaton class have been working on money. We went to the local shop to purchase shopping the group had picked the previous week. We practiced queueing up nicely and waiting our turn. Everyone came back with the shopping on their list

Breathing, money and yoga

Week beginning 20.09.2021

Wollaton have been doing some bubble breathing techniques to help them calm. We have done some chair yoga which they all enjoyed. We have been working on money, recognising coins and matching numbers to coins.


Week beginning 01.09.2021  

 The group had a good summer break. We have started the book  The Girl who thought in pictures. Work experience has now  up and running on a Friday at Yess project, Sam's place, Rumbles cafe and the Acre. Our theme for this term is Taking care of business.


Welcome to our Class Page!

Here you will find updates on what we have been doing in lessons, as well as general information about Healthy Lifestyles, homework and upcoming events. Please have a look around and come back regularly to see what we have been up to. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


PE day: Tuesday 

Students need to come to school in their PE Kit, including suitable footwear!

The Farm: Thursday

Students need suitable footwear boots, wellies etc.

Our theme this term is taking care of business

Week beginning 01.09.2021  

 The group had a good summer break. We have started the book  The Girl who thought in pictures. Work experience has now  up and running on a Friday at Yess project, Sam's place, Rumbles cafe and the Acre. Our theme for this term is Taking care of business.

Week beginning 19th July

Our last visit to the farm!

The group tied up the sunflowers they had grown from seed. They enjoyed holding the animals and reptiles.

Week beginning 7th June

Our two week adventure at NCS Portland College.

As a class team we have done Zip lining, absailing, rock climbing, bush craft, campfire cooking and team building games that were a lot of fun! The students have had an amazing time, building confidence, trying new things, working as a team and having a lot of laughs!

Week beginning 26th April

We have set a variety of seeds, parsley, chives and cress, to see how the seeds grow and how to look after them during their growing period.

In SMSC we have been looking at how much sugar is in a selection of foods and drinks, we measured the amount of sugar in each item and compared it to what should be our daily intake of around 25g. The students were very surprised!

Looking after our seeds

Week beginning 29th March

During March we have been looking at making healthy snacks on a Friday to help improve our independent skills in the kitchen.


Kitchen Skills

Week beginning 1st March

Getting ready for our world book day! We have been reading Harry Potter for our English work and incorporating it into our maths, textiles and art work, here is our pictures!

Week beginning 22nd February

This week we have been working on super sentences using describing words for our super hero's and putting the sentence into the correct order. While in our math's work our groups have been doing lots of different things, using one more and one less, positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd and our last group have been learning their 5 times table.


Week beginning 1st February

We have recently been doing textiles, the students have been practicing on sewing boards before having a go at sewing a butterfly, the results are amazing! Also to go along with our English topic we have created Harry Potter finger puppets.

We have also been working on our internet safety, we created our own avatars and thought about how we present ourselves online and as a group we talked about appropriate sharing of information and photos online.

Spring sewing

Internet safety creating our avatars

Week beginning 18th January

What a strange 2 weeks we have had, finding lots of different ways of working with students at home and in school. We will all get their together!

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on Harry Potter in our English lessons, from trying to remember the characters to choosing what to take to Hogwarts. The students are really enjoying it especially watching and listening to Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone book and DVD.


Hogwarts English work


Chilling after all our work

Week Beginning 14th December

This week we have been doing lots of Christmas activities and including Christmas with our mathes and english work. We have been busy with our Christmas orders getting the orders together ready to send out. We have also been creating decorations and cards to take home. Parents and carers are in for a nice surprise!

We had an amazing Christmas dinner and pudding this week made by our new cook Jo, the students and staff really enjoyed it! After Christmas dinner we all watched the Sleeping Beauty Panto on the big screen in the hall with popcorn and choc ice donated by Mrs Killeen, we thank you very much.

We hope all our students families have a wonderful safe Christmas and a happy new year!

Bet Wishes The Wollaton Team

Week beginning 30th November 

Over the last week in our free time we have been creating our window displays for christmas!

In PSHE we have been working on what makes us angry and to make us happy we all enjoyed putting our christmas tree up!

Our well being activities created these amazing decorations

Week beginning 16th November

This week we have been working on writing questions and answering questions in English and in maths we have been working on subtraction using the column method using two digit numbers.

We have also been finishing our bracelets and badges to sell for the christmas fair.

Wollatons Christmas Fayre Bracelets

Week beginning 2nd November

This week has been our enterprise week, we have been working on items that will be available to buy this Christmas. Wollaton have made bracelets  and  funny Christmas badges for everyone, all the students have really enjoyed making these items to sell.

Also during enterprise week the students took part in a group interview, practicing how to look at people, how to talk to people and how not to fidget! :-) 

Enterprise Week

Week beginning 5th October

This week in English we have been working on following instructions and making our own instructions to make a cup of tea and a slice of toast, simple really??? Students had very different ideas when making a cup of tea or a slice of toast.

We had an amazing day learning about Indian culture, we dressed in Indian clothes, looked at the jewellery, objects and symbols from the Sikh religion plus we designed our own Rangoli patterns. We tasted vegetable samosas, onion bhajis, chicken korma,  poppadoms,  naan bread and mango chutney. Students discovered a liking for Indian food that they didn't expect!


Indian Day Experience

Our Instructions for tea and toast!

Week beginning 21st September

This week in English our groups have been hard at work creating their own stories using their own ideas with some amazing outcomes! Our other groups have been recognizing familiar words and matching them to the correct pictures. 

In math's we have been working on 2D and 3D shapes with some amazing models made by the students. 

Two of our own stories

Working with shapes

Week beginning 7th September

We are back! New Wollaton class have settled into college really well, it's a big change for the new students, but our old students have helped them settle in. 

PLEASE REMEMBER students need to come to school in there full PE kit, we are doing athletics and will be working outside this half term so when its cold they will need joggers and jumpers!

This term for our vocational on Thursdays Wollaton are working in the college cafe, and for our work experience on Fridays we are currently working at Sams Place in Rainworth. At Sams Place the students can help in the kitchen, work with arts and crafts and also work on the allotment weeding and planting when required. 

Here's some pictures of our new Wollaton working this week!

Week beginning 22nd March

This week lin maths we have been working on halving or sharing equally. Students tried different ways of sharing/halving we worked on white boards, drawing dots, number lines counting the same amount and cubes sharing between two people. 

In our asdan work we have been to Morrisons and Superdrug looking for signs for different foods and products.

Week beginning 24th February 

This week during titan we visited the library and chose books to bring back to college. 

Week beginning 27th January

This week we have been working on information texts looking at leaflets, news papers etc to see what was being advertised and whether we liked them. In mathes we have been working on positional language, the students did really well listening to instructions in the practical lesson and absolutely brilliant with the cubes where they were describing the position and colour of the cubes to each other and checking against each other when  they had finished.  

Positional language

Week beginning 20th January 

This week we have been working on shape in maths and speaking and listening in english. We went for a walk in the woods for English, listening to the sounds of nature, describing what we heard, what we touched and what we could see. 

Our shape work and our walk in the Coxmoor woods

Week beginning 13th January 2020

This week in Wollaton we have been working on speaking and listening in english, measuring in maths and designing our locker pages in computing. In PE this term we are doing gymnastics and dance, everyone had alot of fun. 

This week we have been sorting items by size, shape and gender.

W/B 4th Nov

Independent Living Skills in Asdan; we have enjoyed making beans on toast and walking into Kirkby in Travel Training.